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You, Me And A Fire…

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It’s rare that Dani gets a chance to go over to Dana’s home, it’s rare they get time alone but when it’s just the two of them watching the fire in the fireplace and talking, it feels right. Dana has never once pushed Dani away, even when all of the past came out.

Dani surprises Dana with how open and vulnerable she is when she talks but Dana listens to all of it, not once hushing the woman or talking over her, merely stroking a light hand down Dani’s arm, reassuring and sweet.

The longer they sit in front of the fireplace, Dana quietly content, the more Dani relaxes, starting to believe she has a chance to be happy. The proposal had been months ago, Dani had said yes but they had both gotten busy as stuff picked up in the run into Christmas week. Now, alone and relaxed, Dani feels sure she made the right choice.

Dana’s voice is softer when she speaks next, her voice suddenly warm, her accent deeper as she spoke.

“You know I’ll always look after you, my Dani…”

It’s a promise that they both know means their lives will have to change.