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Morning Star

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Donghyuck’s wings set alight, blazing as he falls from the heavens. He hurtles to the ground, his wings failing him as the feathers turn to ash, crumbling in the wind. His breath grows shallow and rapid, panic filling him as the maws of hell open their ugly dripping fangs. In the darkest depths lies an icy grave.

Donghyuck now knows his fate to be sealed. So few fallen angels survive the fall to hell, their wings burning to a crisp just as Donghyuck’s do now. With nothing to catch them, nothing to slow their descent, they will surely meet their demise, the cost of their sins so much higher than simply being banished from the heavens.

He should have known he could never be one of the lucky ones.

He watches on in horror as he passes the entrance of hell, a wall of heat slamming into him like a shock wave as the earth swallows him. His skin bubbles and boils, burning and turning red as he descends. The ground rushes to him. He accepts his fate as his vision begins to fade, terror causing him to pass out. At least he won’t feel his own demise.




Donghyuck slowly comes to. His head spins even as he lies still, his head pillowed atop a soft, warm cushion. Donghyuck groans, raising a hand to his face, yet he stills when he feels not his own soft fingertips but something sharp and hard. Slowly, he opens his eyes, lifting his hand to inspect it.

Rather than tanned skin and pale trimmed nails, is a clawed hand, skin tinted red with black fingertips. His stomach drops as he gasps, yanking himself into an upright position in shock.

“Hey, hey,” A voice behind him whispers softly. “Lay back down, you need to rest.”

A light touch rests upon his shoulder, easing him back down into the position he had been in previously. He looks up at the person who spoke and realizes where his head rested upon, was the lap of a man, his head resting on his thigh.

“I’m Renjun,” He says gently. “My partner YangYang caught you before you could hit the ground.”

“Caught me?” Donghyuck chokes.

“Yeah!” another voice speaks up. “You nearly hit the ground but I saw you falling before you entered hell.”

“You saved me?” Donghyuck questions quietly, glancing around the room for the source of the other voice, his head turning where it rests upon Renjun’s thigh.

“Yeah, it wasn’t easy. I only managed to stop a few feet away from the ground.” YangYang says, appearing in Donghyuck’s vision. He hovers above him with wide ebony wings, tips clawed much like those of a bat.

“Why?” Donghyuck asks. “Why did you save me?”

“Why wouldn’t he?” Renjun responds rhetorically, drawing a gentle hand through Donghyuck’s hair. “We’re demons, but we aren’t heartless.”

“I didn’t―”

“It’s okay.” Renjun laughs. “I know you didn’t mean it like that, I was joking.”

Donghyuck relaxes again, looking up at them and sighing. “Thank you.”

“Don’t sweat it,” YangYang replies, waving his hand dismissively as he smiles down at Donghyuck.

Donghyuck nods as his eyes travel up to Renjun. He looks much more human than YangYang, his skin barely tinted pink. He has tiny black horns, barely peeking out through his chestnut hair. His eyes are amber with cat-like pupils. He also has short fangs that just show through the seam of his lips, pushing his lower lip down into a permanent pout. He’s absolutely adorable.

YangYang however, seems larger than life. He hovers above him in ripped black shorts, shirtless. He has dark red skin and his wings are longer than his actual body. He has a thin red tail, flicking back and forth behind him. His eyes are large, a black sclera surrounding blood red irises. His pupils are shaped like those of a goat and he has hoofed feet to match. His hair is pitch black, with large black ram horns curling from the front of his face, swooping to the back of his head and the tips coming back next to his cheekbones. Donghyuck had never seen someone like him in heaven but he can’t bring himself to be frightened. The demon’s hauntingly beautiful.

“If you’re done staring,” YangYang laughs, dragging Donghyuck out of his reverie. “I think we have something serious to discuss.”

“Yangie, let him rest,” Renjun admonishes, glaring at him.

“Nope, we can’t ignore this.”

“Ignore what?” Donghyuck asks, tone laced with confusion.

“What got you cast out of heaven,” YangYang says seriously, finally lowering himself to the couch from where he had been hovering in the air.

“Why does my sin matter?” Donghyuck asks defensively, sitting back up.

“Because your sin will determine what kind of demon you’re going to be,” YangYang replies.

“Will I get assigned stuff?” Donghyuck asks. Renjun lays his hands on Donghyuck’s shoulders. Donghyuck expects to be laid back down; instead, Renjun pulls Donghyuck into his lap. Donghyuck allows himself to be hauled onto the other. They adjust and Donghyuck relaxes against him. He has never been comfortable being touched by strangers but Renjun’s touch is so comforting that he can’t help but welcome the skinship.

“Not exactly, we just know what kind of behavior to expect from you. Like, I attacked God, so when I turned into a demon harassing the saints became my purpose. It’s really fun actually, no one makes the pope's life harder than I do.” YangYang smirks.

“And you just―decided to do it one day?” Donghyuck asks.

“Yup. It’s the impulses you get. As an angel you can control your impulses, keep yourself from committing sins unless you truly want to. Demons―fallen angels―we can’t control our impulses,” YangYang explains.

“So telling you what sin I committed will prepare us for my… impulses?”

“Yeah. You should begin having them once you sprout new wings.” Renjun says.

“New wings?” Donghyuck questions, glancing over his shoulder to look at Renjun as his eyebrows jump in surprise. “I’ll be able to fly again?”

“As long as they’re big enough.” Renjun answers. He traces a hand down Donghyuck’s hip and the close proximity fills him with a warmth it never had in heaven. He almost feels like he’ll start purring, however when Donghyuck looks down, his innards turn to ice, colder than the ninth level of hell. Dread fills him as he gets his first look at his body, realizing his hands and skin were not the only thing that changed during his descent into hell. His feet, now shaped like that of a lizard, had gray skin merging into red halfway up his legs. His white robes are burned and tattered; beneath them a thick long gray tail peeks out. He brings a shaky hand down to it, carefully caressing it as he stares down in shock.

“Is this―” Donghyuck chokes. “I can’t be―” He shakes his head rapidly, accidentally knocking it against Renjun’s shoulder in his dismay.

“Hey, hey, hey, shhhh.” Renjun whispers, stroking a careful hand against Donghyuck’s arm. “You’re okay.”

“But I―”

“Shh, you’ll adjust to the changes soon.” Renjun encourages, wrapping him up as Donghyuck begins to shake, the gravity of his sins finally hitting him. Renjun rocks Donghyuck back and forth, drawing a clawed hand through his hair. “You haven’t told us your name yet,” Renjun whispers, attempting to distract him.

“It’s Donghyuck.”

“You’ll be okay, Donghyuck,” Renjun whispers.

Donghyuck nods, curling against Renjun as YangYang comes over from his end of the couch, wrapping his large wings around the three of them and enshrouding Donghyuck in the dark. Their presence works to calm him down and he closes his eyes, falling back against Renjun and YangYang, passing out from exhaustion.




When Donghyuck wakes up, he’s resting on the couch alone, curled into the fetal position. He sits up and looks around the home; it's his first time truly taking in his surroundings and it’s much different from his home in heaven. The architecture is similar, wide archways with strong pillars, following the trabeated building style that was seen in the heavens. It was darker; no external light coming in. There are no houseplants the way many homes in heaven were apt to have. The windows are small, only big enough to look at whatever lays outside the walls. The room is enclosed with heavy doors rather than open archways that would permit anyone to enter. The tiles are made out of a dark brown marble. The pillars are made out of a different type of marble, coming in a beautiful menagerie of brown, light pink, and lilac. The walls are painted a deep purple, a shade of wine that could rival what he drank in heaven.

He’d never thought hell could be so beautiful.

An itch starts to grow at Donghyuck’s shoulders but he ignores it, not bothering to scratch it. As Donghyuck turns his gaze to the kitchen he sees Renjun and YangYang standing together. For the first time he notices Renjun’s tail and small set of wings. He has a thick scorpion tail, with a sharp stinger on the end, and his wings are like an imp’s. Renjun and YangYang’s heads are bent towards one another, exchanging soft whispers. They glance over at Donghyuck as they speak and begin to smile. YangYang’s wide grin practically splits his face in two, whereas Renjun’s is much smaller and delicate.

Donghyuck is suddenly overcome by an overwhelming hunger as he looks at the two of them, but for what he’s unsure. The itch in his shoulders grows stronger as he shifts uncomfortably in his seat. Renjun and YangYang head to the couch slowly, both setting themselves on either side of him as Donghyuck glances back and forth between them.

“How are you feeling?” YangYang asks.

“Better, but I’m hungry,” Donghyuck says, placing a hand to his stomach.

“Hungry? Demon’s don’t really get hungry,” Renjun informs him, tilting his head to the side. “We eat, but when we get cravings, it’s not for food.”

“It’s not?” Donghyuck asks, glancing between the demons at his side. However the itch turns into a burning sensation and spreads across his back, strongest where his wings were once rooted. Donghyuck twitches, trying to hide his discomfort.

“No, it’s like we said earlier. This is your sin manifesting as an impulse, a craving. Once your wings sprout you’ll become overtaken by your desire, and you won’t be able to stop until you satisfy it,” YangYang says, quirking an eyebrow at Donghyuck as the fallen angel shifts in his seat. Donghyuck rubs his shoulders against the couch he sits on, the ache growing as his shoulder blades flex involuntarily. Donghyuck groans, panting as the pressure builds rapidly. Suddenly there's a pair of rough hands pulling him away from the couch. YangYang is speaking to him but Donghyuck can’t process a word coming from him as the pain overwhelms him.

He collapses to the floor, his knees giving out as he falls, bracing himself with his hands as he kneels. Heat pours out from his back, spreading across his whole body as he feels his shoulders split open, his bones cracking as he writhes on the floor and screams from the pain. He howls as his wings spring from his back, tearing his skin apart and shredding his robes.

He pants harshly as the last portion of the wings push themselves from his open wound, blood pouring from his back and dripping off his wings. They lay atop him, heavier against his body than his wings had been when he was an angel. His angel wings were bird-like, long feathers pouring gracefully from his back. These were thicker and scaly.

It’s like his body has been pulled apart and strung back together, only for the process to be repeated over and over. He lays there, staring out blankly until Renjun’s pretty face enters his line of sight, the other demon crouching down and laying in front of him.

“Are you okay?” he whispers, reaching forward to stroke a hand through his hair.

“No,” Donghyuck croaks. “I feel like I’ve been through hell.”

That pulls a small laugh from the other two demons, prompting Renjun to shake his head from where he lays on the floor. “Do you think you can sit up alone?”

“Not really.” Donghyuck sighs.

“Do you need water?” YangYang asks.

Donghyuck nods, leaning his weight against Renjun as he helps him sit up. Renjun runs a delicate hand down Donghyuck’s arm, tracing his skin in tiny soothing circles. Donghyuck closes his eyes at the gentle ministrations, letting the comfort wash over him. His heavy tail begins to flick softly behind him, slowly wrapping itself around Renjun’s body. The tail pulls Renjun against Donghyuck with a small tug, holding him flush against him.

YangYang comes back and sits beside Donghyuck, pulling him from his trance as YangYang’s hand touches Donghyuck’s arm, setting his skin alight. Donghyuck gasps at the sensation, goosebumps rising on his skin at the contact as he leans into the touch. YangYang and Renjun share a glance as Donghyuck carefully pulls the water from YangYang’s hands, taking small sips in hopes of reducing the heat overtaking him, yet it does no good.

“Donghyuck,” YangYang says carefully, “What was the sin you committed?”

Donghyuck hands the cup back to YangYang, nearly dropping it as their fingers brush. “I was a guardian angel, but I led my human into sin.” He draws closer to YangYang, pulling Renjun along with his tail.

“What sin?” Renjun asks, placing a hand on Donghyuck’s shoulder and squeezing it.

“Lust,” Donghyuck chokes, staring at YangYang with wide eyes.

“Oh boy.” YangYang chuckles, sliding a hand onto Donghyuck’s neck.

“You’re an incubus,” Renjun whispers into his ear, wrapping his arms around Donghyuck’s waist. “That’s probably why you didn’t pull away from my touch earlier.”

“Is this―” Donghyuck struggles, reaching out to place a hand against YangYang’s pectorals and digging his claws into the skin. “Is this okay?”

“Yeah,” YangYang says, flicking his tail against Donghyuck’s cheek and leaving a light scratch, small droplets of blood forming along the cut. YangYang doesn’t apologize for it, but Donghyuck doesn’t care. He could do it again if he wanted to and Donghyuck would thank him for it.

“Do you want to keep going?” Renjun asks, petting Donghyuck’s tail, sending chills up his spine.

“Please,” Donghyuck practically begs, leaning forward and placing a gentle kiss against YangYang’s throat.

“Hey, careful with your horns,” YangYang teases, pulling away and rubbing a hand against the base of Donghyuck’s horns. But he stills at the admonishment, looking up at YangYang with wide eyes.

“Are they big?”

“Not really. They’re actually on the smaller side, but you have four of them to make up for it,” YangYang says, gently rubbing the nubs and eliciting a purr from Donghyuck.

“They’re pretty.” Renjun leans forward, placing a kiss on Donghyuck’s shoulder where his robe slipped off. “But you’re even prettier.”

Donghyuck turns away from YangYang to look at Renjun. YangYang chases after him, placing kisses along the top of his spine, careful to avoid his wings.

Renjun brings a gentle hand up to Donghyuck’s cheek before leaning forward and licking the tacky blood from his face. Donghyuck gasps at the sensation, arching into the combined touch of the two surrounding him as the sensation overwhelms him.

Renjun carefully traces a claw down Donghyuck’s neck, a gentle line of red forming on the skin, small droplets forming. Renjun leans forward, licking along the cut and tasting the blood.

Donghyuck pulls away and looks at Renjun hungrily before surging forward once more. He pulls Renjun’s body against his with his tail, slamming into him as their mouths meet with a clang. Renjun bites Donghyuck’s lips with his small fangs, breaking the skin as they kiss. The taste of iron fills his mouth, blood dribbling down his chin.

The kiss is wet, sloppy, rough; a battle of push and pull as the two of them fight for dominance. Another gentle nip sends Donghyuck reeling and he submits to Renjun, allowing Renjun to push him against YangYang. No pain comes from his wings like he’s expecting as YangYang wraps two strong arms around him. Renjun pulls away and uses his thumb to clean up the blood dripping from Donghyuck’s lips, carefully pulling the digit into his mouth as his eyes bore into Donghyuck’s.

Donghyuck tries to kiss Renjun once more but YangYang pulls him away. Donghyuck whimpers as YangYang roughly turns him around. Donghyuck stares up at him, desire pooling in his gut as YangYang runs a hand down Donghyuck’s chest, stopping just below his belly button. YangYang flicks his tail against Donghyuck’s cheek again, leaving another small cut next to the previous one, leaning forward to lap up the blood. He trails gentle kisses from the cut to Donghyuck’s lips, kissing softer than Renjun had, mindful of the blood still pouring from the puncture wounds in Donghyuck’s lips.

YangYang gives into Donghyuck’s desire for dominance easily. He overpowers him as he pulls himself into YangYang’s lap. Renjun comes up behind him and circles his arms around his waist, dropping his chin against Donghyuck’s shoulder and pressing soft lips against his neck as YangYang and Donghyuck kiss.

Donghyuck sighs, pulling away from the kiss, a thin string of saliva and blood connecting them before it snaps. Donghyuck rubs rough hands down YangYang’s bare chest, admiring his toned muscles as Renjun and YangYang work what remains of his robes off of him, tearing them apart with their sharp claws.

“We weren’t allowed to do stuff like this in heaven,” Donghyuck whimpers as the air hits his freshly exposed skin. He leans back against Renjun.

“Well then.” YangYang smirks, drawing a claw down Donghyuck’s unmarred cheek, splitting his skin open and leaving him gasping in pleasure. Blood pours down his face from the gaping wound, quickly trailing down to his neck. “Welcome to hell.”