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The Witch Uniter

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Chloe smiled widely as she posed for the cameras quickly. She was wearing sky high black heels, a fitted knee length red Amanda Wakeley dress with accented hips and a double belt. She walked into the restaurant, ignoring the way the paparazzi parked themselves in front so that they could spy on her through the restaurant’s window.

Spotting a group of rowdy men in the back, Chloe smiled and made her way over, “Hey, boys,” She smirked, her tone sensual as she leaned down to kiss the blond man’s cheek.

“Hey, Baby Girl,” The tall, brunet leader responded easily as Chloe took her seat amongst them, “How did your interview go?”

“Eh,” She rolled her eyes easily, reaching out to snag one of the boys’ beers. She was aware of exactly how juxtaposed she looked in her professional, haute couture dress surrounded by boys in ripped jeans and t-shirts in a bar. If it were up to her, she’d be in ripped jeans too, “It wasn’t bad; same old generic questions. ‘What are you doing next?’ ‘Are you seeing anyone’? Blah, blah, blah,” She made a face as she took a sip of beer, aware of the nonstop camera shuttering going on outside. Chloe was aware that her life was under constant scrutiny and it wouldn’t be the first time the paparazzi scored pictures of her and her friends drinking underage and it wouldn’t be the last. But unlike other models and actresses, she’d never stumbled through the streets drunk. Not only did she know how to control herself, but leaving herself vulnerable even for a minute could spell disaster. Most girls just had to worry about being taken advantage of, but Chloe had to worry about more sinister plots courtesy of her enemy The Order.

Sighing as once again her thoughts wandered down the depressing alley that was her life, she turned to look at the boys by her side. She had grown up with these guys and trusted each one with her life.

First, there was Caleb. He was gorgeous at 6’1 with dark brown hair, kind brown eyes and an amazing body. It didn’t help that Caleb was easily the nicest person she had ever met. Growing up, he was considered the oldest and the leader. Despite finding out later that he wasn’t really the oldest, the others still considered him to be their leader and followed his orders without question. He was one of Chloe’s best friends and her first love.

Then came Reid. Reid was 6 foot with slightly longer blond hair and the clearest grey eyes she had ever seen. He was gorgeous and the worst part was that he knew it. Reid was the biggest player she had ever met and as a model, she had met a lot. But he was also the most loyal man she had ever met, despite his dislike of anything resembling authority- especially anyone who thought they had authority over him.

Growing up, there had always been two sides: Caleb’s and Reid’s. Caleb was their big brother. He led them, he made the decisions and he always did what was right. Reid was the rebellious brother who never did what was told, always screwed up, but always had your back. The two would butt heads over anything and everything. She remembered one time, Reid and Caleb didn’t speak to each other for a week because they were fighting over what jam they liked better. Granted, they were 9 when this happened, but the meaning was still the same.

Pogue was the oldest after Caleb and because of that, was closer to him and generally took his side. He was majorly built with dark blond hair and hazel eyes. If Reid was the rebel then Pogue was the wild child. His hair had been grown out in the 8th grade because his father made a comment on how long hair on men made them look absurd. He got a motorcycle because he knew how his mother would freak out about it and moved out of his house at 16 because he knew it would drive his parents crazy.

Tyler was the youngest and nicknamed Baby Boy with dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He was sweet and kind and was generally considered meek because he had a long fuse and was hard to anger. He was closest to Reid and was constantly stuck calming the blond down or talking him out of stupid things.

Lastly, there was Chase. Until a little less than a year ago, it was thought that his family hadn’t survived the Damnation. He had light brown hair and light blue eyes with a smirk planted perpetually on his face. He, like Chloe, didn’t have a determined Reid vs. Caleb side, preferring to pick which ever side would stir the pot more. Chase was adopted and growing up, had never known anything about magic. He had been forced to muddle along, figuring things out as he went. It wasn’t until later that he met his birth father and found out the truth.

All five of them were warlocks. Their families had immigrated to America and formed The Covenant of Silence, swearing never to reveal magic to outsiders. They had kept that silence for hundreds of years. Chase’s ancestor, John Putnam, was accused of witchcraft and executed during the Damnation- known to humans as the Witch Trials. The other four families thought that this was the end of the Putnam line until Chase showed up proving to be descended from Putnam’s bastard son Hagen Goodwin-Pope. When Chase first appeared, he was sick with addiction and tried to kill Caleb. Caleb won their fight during his Ascension- his 18th birthday.

Warlocks were normal until their 13th birthday where they gained the use of some of their magic. It wasn’t until their 18th birthday- their Ascension- that they gained all of their power. But the magic is addictive and the more a warlock uses, the more they age, the power being too strong for the human body.

After Chase ascended he gained twice the normal amount of power from his father. There would have been no way for Caleb to defeat him if it hadn’t been for Caleb’s own father William willing his son his power too. After the Ascension, the power becomes your life. Will it away and you die.

After Chase lost, he retreated into the magics that he never got to study as a child. After several months, he returned to Ipswich, Massachusetts and begged the other four families to allow him to study his family’s books. Caleb was against it, but despite being the official leader after his father’s death, was overruled by the older generation who wanted to renew the Covenant with the Putnam name. Chase was allowed access to the books Caleb and the others had spent their whole lives studying on the condition that Chase’s magic be temporarily bound, both to keep him from being a danger but also to rehabilitate his addiction. As time wore on, Chase’s addiction ceased to fuel his behavior and he gradually became an accepted member within the families. Despite technically being the oldest, Chase was not given leadership of the Covenant, but was allowed to into the Covenant as Head of his family (though he was the only member of it).

The official Covenant consists of the Head members of each family line. In theory that would have been William Danvers, Reynold Parry, Alexander Simms, Scott Garwin and hypothetically Jacob Goodwin-Pope, Chase’s father. The Danvers were always the leaders and always gave birth to the oldest (disregarding the unknown Goodwin-Popes). William Danvers was leader of the Covenant and when he grew too sick (a mixture of addiction and the aging that comes with it), Caleb unofficially took his place with the other three Heads taking most of the burden. After William’s death, Caleb was given the full burden as was his duty as the official leader. When Chase returned, he too took up the mantle of Head.

That just left Chloe. She was not a Danvers, Parry, Simms, Garwin or even a Goodwin-Pope-Collins-Putnam (as the others teasingly called Chase). She was just a girl left on the Danvers doorstep 10 years ago with a letter from her father explaining her situation. Chloe King was the Uniter. The one prophesized to unite the underworld, filled with witches and Jackals and Mai, with the human world. She would have 9 lives to accomplish this goal. 9 Lives to Live and 9 Lives to Endure.

Francis King had spent most of his life working against The Order, an organization bent on the destruction of all species not human. He had received a tip that The Order believed that the Uniter had been born and had begun to wage a massacre on all the villages of non-humans where there were lots of children. Chloe had been in one of these villages in Ukraine. Her entire town had been wiped out, including her family. She was the lone survivor. What no one knew was that Chloe- then known as Katya- had not survived. Katya Anstas had died… and then she had come back. The Uniter had been found.

Francis then took Katya back home with him to America and renamed her Chloe King, vowing to protect her from The Order, but it was too late. Word of a survivor had reached them and they began to suspect that it had been the Uniter. Francis kept Chloe as hidden as he could while still giving her a normal life with his wife Meredith. But 10 years ago, The Order found them and killed Meredith. Francis was able to take Chloe away, but knew that any child connected to him would be suspected of being the Uniter. So he brought her to the strongest of the underworld- The Covenant- for protection while he fled, hoping to send The Order on a goose chase.

Chloe spent a few years being raised by “Uncle William” and “Aunt Evie” but as William’s addiction to the power worsened, Evelyn decided Chloe needed to be raised by more stable parents and so Chloe began living with the Simms. Chloe grew up as if she were a member of the Covenant- reading the books, learning the rules, studying magic. Despite being two years younger than the other boys, she never felt left out.

As they all grew up, her feelings for the boys began to change. It was only natural for a someone to wonder about the line that separated best friends from boyfriends. She was 14 when Caleb became her first boyfriend. Well, he was really her first everything. First boyfriend, first love, first time… They broke up because they realized that there was no passion in their relationship. They loved each other, they were fond of each other and they cared about each other, but they were all those things as friends too.

Then Chloe dated Pogue. That lasted all of three weeks. It was fun and unlike her relationship with Caleb was all about passion, but having all passion and nothing else didn’t make for a very good relationship.

Chloe dated a few human boys after that, but on her 15th birthday received a drunken kiss from Reid. The next morning the two played it off as nothing, but it continued to happen. They’d be talking one minute and making out the next. They refused to admit they were dating, in fact going out of their way to prove that they weren’t. They would both go on dates with other people and yet those other people never lasted very long. Reid was Chloe’s longest relationship. They were passionate and fond and cared and it was probably the best relationship either of them had ever had, and yet it was like something was missing. Both of them felt it and yet neither of them could figure out what it was. They broke up mutually but their closeness never faded.

Then Chase came breezing into town. He was fun and exciting and Chloe fell pretty hard. When she found out the truth about him, she was pretty heartbroken: her first heartbreak, really. The “Sons of Ipswich” ruled the entire town and since she was pretty much considered one of them, she ruled as well. She broke others’ hearts, they didn’t break hers. When he came back, he apologized for hurting her. He had actually grown to care about her, but she couldn’t let him back in. Despite that, they became very good friends and she found that she could tell Chase anything.

But now The Order was building momentum and starting to increase their attacks. It was looking like they were readying for another round of massacres and Chloe knew that she couldn’t let that happen. It was time for her to begin her duties as the Uniter. It was the summer before the boys were set to start college. Originally, Caleb was to head to Harvard, Reid: NYU, Pogue: Dartmouth. Tyler: Princeton and Chase… well, no one really knew what Chase was planning. But now they were all to go to Stanford. Chloe hated that they had to give up their dreams for her, but she needed to be protected and they refused to back down on the issue. San Francisco was the hub of the underworld; the meeting grounds for Jackals, Mai, Warlocks and all the other species. All six of them would be moving to San Francisco soon.

When Chloe was young, she wanted to be a model, as most girls were prone to wishing at some point in their life. Unlike most girls, however, Chloe’s families were rich, well connected and hated to let their little girl down. They all debated the issue. At first the Heads decided against the idea. The Covenant was to remain a secret and it wouldn’t do well to draw attention, but the women persuaded them. Chloe was wanted by a deadly organization. Wouldn’t it be safer to put her in the spotlight where she would always be watched? That way The Order would have an even more difficult time getting to her. It was finally agreed and Chloe was allowed to become a child model… which led to child acting which led to where she is now. Chloe King, at 16, was a successful actress, but preferred modeling. She never did anything but short guest appearances in movies and tv shows and doing a few commercials. Now that she was taking up her Uniter duties, her lifestyle made it even easier for her to travel the world to meet with the other species and create ties.

She and the boys were on the last leg of their journey. They had returned to Boston a few days ago and were packing the last of their things for their new house in San Francisco. Their house- well, really more of a mansion, was a little outside the city. This meant Chloe had a 20 minute drive to the public school recommended by Valentina, the leader of the San Franciscan Mai. However, this also meant that there would only be a 30 minute drive for the boys to Stanford.

“Chloe, you ready?” Chase asked, a hand going to her back as he leaned down over her. While Chloe had been spacing out, the boys had all stood up and gotten ready to leave, “Our flight leaves in an hour. We have to head to the airport.”

Smiling tightly, the strawberry blonde nodded and stood up. On the drive to the airport, she took a good look around. She was leaving home for the first time really and wouldn’t be back until winter at the earliest. She would miss this…