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Ten couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching his every move, each step he took and every breath he made. He stopped dancing, the feeling grew too strong. He rushed to the speaker to quickly disconnect his phone, his sneaker’s causing a terrible squeaking to rip through the air. Ten picked up his bags, rushing to put on his sweatshirt to enter the cold night. The door creaked open, Ten nearly thought he would die. The hair on his neck stood up, a cold sweat formed on his skin.


"Ten?" Taemin's voice bounced off the walls, "I didn't mean to spook you, they said you didn't return to the dorms. I had a feeling you were here."


"Heh, sorry about that. I'll go let the manager know." Ten wiped the sweat from his forehead, letting out a sign of relief.


"Are you alright?"


"Yeah, I think I'm just scaring myself." Ten lets out a half-hearted chuckle. 


“Do you find yourself doing that often?” Taemin questioned him, his shoes creaking on the wooden floor as he walked into the room. 


“Only recently.”


“Then maybe it isn’t just you scaring yourself.” Ten looked at the elder man. “But, I wouldn’t worry too much, the SM building is pretty secure you know?” 


“Is home safe then.” This was a joke mainly, but at the same time it wasn’t. 


“Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not. I can take you home if you want, apartments are safer than house.” 


“I live in a house.” 


“Oh.” The silence grew for a minute, and in those moments Ten could see his own death. 


“Hyung …”


“I could sleep over?” Taemin suggested. Ten could hardly believe his ears, it was already good enough dancing on stage with him, but now they were close enough for this. Taemin waited patiently for an answer, all Ten could do was vigorously shake his head yes. 


Taemin drove, of course, and he ordered food, of course, he was treating Ten as if he was a guest in his own house. He watched him sit out the food and watched his dark eye lashes glitter under the kitchen lights. Taemin was beautiful, something that handsome and pretty couldn’t even begin to describe. He smile, his eyes, his everything. Ten knew sometimes his mind would wonder too much when he thought of the man that saw him a mere child.


“Ten, you should eat.” Taemin was caring, a lot less intimidating than what he seemed when recording. Ten ate slowly, watching the other man speak about his day. “Do you have a break coming up?”


“Yeah, WayV isn’t planning anything anytime soon. I’ve been told my next two weeks are free for once.” 


“That’s good to hear, I’m free for awhile as well. It would be nice hangout with you, I hope we become friends.” 


“Hyung ! I thought we already were friends-“ Ten laughs. Taemin joins him with a belly laugh, his shoulders bouncing lightly. The night continued on smoothly, Ten was just enjoying spending time with someone he could feel free around. It’s hard to do that with 23 other people all the time, there’s still some members Ten hasn’t spoken to more than a handful of times.


Night came in a hurry, it went from cold to colder. Ten let out a yawn that made his body shake, eye feeling heavy as he lifted himself from the couch. 


“I have a guest room hyung, the bed a pretty small though…” Ten turned around to find Taemin already asleep on the couch, he smiled before throwing a blanket over the elder man. Ten decided it was best for him to hop into the shower, he’s defiantly not the type of person to be able to go to sleep without doing his skin care and avoid breaking out the next day. He let the water fall down his body, lathering up from his neck to his feet. It’s been a long time since he has felt this relaxed, he let out another sigh of relief. He was really living up to his childhood dreams, in his own house, taking a hot shower, and friends with Taemin. He dried his body and stood over the sink, splashing a bit of water on his skin. He looked up in the mirror, soap clouding up his vision. 


Something was looking back at him, just above his shoulder, Ten’s knees buckled beneath him as he fell to the floor. He grabbed his towel and rubbed his eyes quickly, only to find himself alone. A cold sweat grew across his forehead, he collected himself and quickly escaped the bathroom. 


Taemin still was asleep on the couch, his chest heaving up and down slowly. Ten let out a huff of air, his body jumpy from the adrenaline pumping through it. He made his way to his room and dumped his dirty clothes into a hamper, before hopping into his bed, the blankets swallowed him whole. The warmness enveloped his body as his eyes fell heavy, its been a long time since he’s had a rest like this. Even getting home before it hit midnight was rare in this career, Ten’s eye’s fell closed. 


Then he was awake again, the hardest thing about sleeping was how short it seemed. Ten sat up, nearly wanting to hide back under the bed after noticing Taemin was sitting at the foot of it with his back turned to the other. He must have just gotten out of the shower. Ten couldn’t speak, he wanted to say at least good morning.


Ten? Are you awake.” Taemin’s voice seemed to come from everywhere in the room, everywhere but him. Ten’s nerves felt unsettled, Taemin’s voice reverberated through the walls nearly shaking them, it echoed until it was the only thing the younger could hear. “Ten.” 


“Hyung?” Ten let out a squeak, his voice barely passing over the echos that Taemin’s voice created. “Why do you sound like that, is this a prank?” Ten tried to laugh off his unease. 


Ten.” Ten felt the energy drain from his body, his limbs fell heavy, he found himself slipping back onto the sheets. Unable to hold himself up without using all he had. Ten heard steps move closer to him, Taemin came into his vision. A smile played on his face, his eye closed in a friendly grin. They opened. 


Ten could feel the whole world slip from his fingers, the room faded to black. All he could see was Taemin, and the void of his eyes. Taemin’s eyes were black, no shine of life nor a gleam or flicker. The man hovered over him for a moment before reaching out, his nails were dark, his finger tips too, Ten wanted to snatch away from him. This wasn’t his hyung. 

“Who are you-“ It wasn’t a question, Ten nearly spat at the being. It only smiled reaching further towards Ten, its sharp nails caressing his face, cold and rough hands. 


You know who I am.” The being spoke to him calmly, his voice penetrating Ten’s eardrums. “The one who has been watching, waiting, and cultivating you. The one you so happily invited into your home.” 


“Taemin-hyung wouldn’t try to scare me like this, how did you get into my house.” 


You choose not to understand where you are, you want to be ignorant. Then I’ll show you.” It reached to his chest, it’s hand pressing lightly on his chest until it begun to hurt. Ten felt like his ribs would break under their pressure, but he couldn’t bring himself to shout or fight back. Its hand pressed through his skin, he couldn’t breath, tears poured from his eyes profusely. He wanted to scream, he had to be melting away by the touch. His back arched off the bed, he huffed dry heaves of air. “You understand child.” It slowly removed its hand, the worse pain imaginable to a human. Ten coughs and chokes on his own slob, his face flushed a pained red. This was no human. 


Ten let out a pained whine, the being continued to caress his face, hands slipping down his arms until is was grasping his wrist. It pulled him to sit up, Ten couldn’t control his movements, he couldn’t do anything. Ten thought it could only be a nightmare, one that he wanted to end so badly and seemed to last an eternity. The being examined him while holding him up, it tight grip leaving a red ring around his wrist. Ten couldn’t help but look at how much it looked like Taemin, beautiful lips, his daring eye shape, and even his elegant fingers. His brain was playing cruel jokes on him. Ten’s eyes never stopped shedding tears, even as the being pulled his shirt over his head. It stripped the Thai nude. 


“P-please don’t hurt me, p-lease.” Ten voice shook as it traced it’s nails up and down his torso. Once again it only gave him a smile. It brushed against his cock, he let out another sob, he didn’t even notice he’s been crying so much. It looked like the being enjoyed it, decided to brush against it again, and again, teasing and prodding at him. Soon its hand was wrapped around his semi-hard member, pumping slowly, Ten tried to escape. Writhing and scratching at the sheets, he finally was able to force a louder sound from his stressed vocal chords, a pathetic scream. “Hyung please don’t hurt me-“ 


It stopped for a moment, its dark eyes punching into his soul. 


I won’t my child.”


Something else moved along his legs, it slithered, more and more of them, his stomach felt queasy. Suddenly the being was atop him, pumping his member slowly, smiling at every twitch and reaction Ten gave. It leaned down, a long dark tongue falling from it’s mouth, forcing its way through Ten’s lips and down his throat.


I wish to give you pleasure.”


Whatever it was slithering, settle themselves around his ankles and wrist, tightening each time Ten thought about moving. His body betrayed him, his cock was an angry red. His entire body was a slave to pleasure. It pulled away from his mouth, leaving a sting of saliva connecting them. It licked down the length of his torso before its tongue joined its hand, licking the head before wrapping around the entire length.

“a-Ah!” It’s tongue slipped downward to his puckering hole, licking in circles before pushing passed the ring of muscles. “No I can’t! Please, don’t p-please.” His voice broke again, he found himself whimpering useless words as the thick tongue pushed into and out of him slowly. His body feeling like it was ready to be undone, the hand pumped his cock repeatedly. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, tears pouring down the sides of his face. “I’m go-nna cum!” He screamed. His cock let out a spurt of cum, it dirtied his stomach up to his chest, his screams increased as the being continued pumping and thrusting it tongue in and out. “Nn~AhH!”


The being snatched it’s tongue away just as his body readied for another orgasm, it brought it’s tongue back up his  body, Ten wanted to call out his name so badly, the being smirked at him, a low laugh rumbling the room. 


Then call it. 


The being lifted Ten slightly, raising his hips to meet his as he spread the Thai’s legs further apart. Ten let out a spur of whimpers and begs, some asking his to stop and some begging for him to continue. The beings member pushed against his ass, he could feel it pressing eagerly. Ten reached down, whatever was restraining him now gone, the being knew it had him. He wrapped his hand around the beings throbbing erection, it seemed like it was growing in his hand. It said nothing, it let him act on his own lust. He had to taste it, he couldn’t resist, even with how worn his body was. He pulled himself forward, moving to his stomach to admire the large member that adorned it, it was long and thick, his eyes were hazy, he brought his lips to it slowly. Then Taemin’s fingers ran through his hair, the pointed nails scratching along his scalp. Before they clasped on the back of his head, fingers interlocking with each other as it pushed Ten’s head down. His mouth stretched wide, it laid hot and heavy upon his tongue, he couldn’t even get it down halfway before it was making him gag. Taemin, no, the being continued to press his head down, a low growl poured from its mouth. Tears brimmed his eyes, it pressed down his esophagus, then finally he hit the base, unable to breath. His lips were stretched painfully, each time he tried to breath it was blocked, his body began to shake at the loss of oxygen. 


He was suddenly pulled up, only enough time to take in a breath before it was shoved back into his mouth. Over and over, he could feel the bulge move down his throat. Brushing against parts of him he didn’t even know he could get to, it thrusted deeper, and deeper. Taemin snapped his hips forward once more letting out a long growl, Ten felt his stomach fill as it over flowed from his mouth, some even pushing through his nose. It pulled out letting him cough up cum and heave air on the bed, he looked a disaster, he lips red, bruises littering his arms, cum all over his body. 




Taemin picked Ten up under his arms, lifting him with no effort before laying him on his back. Bringing his hips to Ten’s once more, he rubbed the head of his cock against Ten’s hole.


“It- it can’t fit.” The head pressed against Ten again, before he realized it, he was crying out as the man pushed deeper and deeper into him. His back arched aggressively, he came on himself again, he cock twitching uncontrollably. Taemin’s eyes glowed a threatening red, dark wings sprouted from his back. “TAEMin aH, I can’t, please no, please!” 


The man pushed deeper, letting out a rumbling moan. Another smile playing across his face as Ten continually cried out, he ran his sharp nails over the bulge in Ten’s stomach. His hole twitched around the thick appendage, it rubbed right against his prostate. 








Each thrust grew stronger, he grabbed Ten’s wrist and pulled him towards the thrust. Ten shook wildly, a dry orgasm wrecking his body as he cried out once more. The man kept thrusting, digging so deep into the younger that he thought he would die.


“uhhhAHH TAEMIN!” Ten shouted out, his cock dribbling a near constant stream of him cum. “I can’t -please I-i can’t!”


You can. 


Taemin continued to thrust into him, his cock stretching the younger out impossibly. His 3rd orgasm hit, sending lighting up his spine and stars into his eyes. His body twitched, as tingling radiated over his skin. Taemin’s hips began to stutter, the thrust became more reckless than the last, he slammed against the younger males prostate 3 more times before he shot ropes of his cum in him. Ten whimpered again, his eyes unable to process what was going on around him. Taemin pulled out from the abused hole, his cum leaking from Ten as the other whimpered softly. 


Wake up.


Ten’s eyes snapped open, his breath heavy and his underwear wet. What a strange dream, Ten rubbed his eyes before sitting up. Almost afraid he’d see Taemin or, that Taemin sitting at the foot of his bed again. But it was empty, just the shallow sounds of pot and pans banging around the kitchen. He hurriedly grabbed some tissues from his desk, wiping himself off and changing into a fresh pair of briefs before getting dressed for the day. A simple tracksuit with a bucket hat, besides he was supposed to be relaxing for the next week or so. He straightened his clothing out before taking a deep breath and opening his door, Taemin sat at the kitchen table, his back was turned. Ten feared for when he spun around, flinching away hoping the eyes would be back to normal. 


“Ten? Good morning! Did you sleep well?” Taemin’s usual happy voice sprang through the sunlight. 


“I- yeah, I slept alright.” Ten laughs awkwardly, knowing he definitely do not. 


“I did as well, we should do this more often. I hate being alone.” Taemin spoke softly and truthfully, so warm, and comforting. Ten’s legs moved towards the other man without a second thought, the smell of sesame oil floating in the air. “I hope you don’t mind that I cooked.”


“No I don’t mind, unless you didn’t make me some as well.” Ten sat next to the elder man. 


“What type of guest would I be if I didn’t.” Taemin slides a bowl over his way, it looked pretty simple, just a bowl of rice porridge and shrimp. It was so simple yet so delicious, it been months since he’s had a home cooked meal. Taemin just watched him happily, it was rare he got to cook for anyone. 

“Thank you, uh, I know you may be getting back home soon-“


“I’ll go pick up some more clothing, I wanna spend a couple of nights over here if that’s alright.” 


“I-i of course hyung, I would love that, to- you to spend a night.” Ten stumbled over his words.