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Say My Name

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Yosuke spends the better part of a month trying to get Shima to call him by his first name. Every time Shima calls him "Togawa-san", Yosuke teasingly corrects him by saying, "Don't you mean 'Yosuke'?" He pesters Shima about it constantly, even when they're in bed together.

Sometimes Shima glares at him for it, but most of the time he gets flustered and flushes all the way down to his neck in a way Yosuke finds utterly adorable.

Shima also refuses to let Yosuke call him by his first name. Every time, Yosuke experimentally tries to call him "Toshiaki", Shima blushes and tells him it's strange.

After weeks of Yosuke's pestering, Shima asks him to stop bothering him about names, so Yosuke lets the issue go temporarily. He plans to bring it up again after Shima comes home with him for Obon.

Shima agreed to the trip, and seemed comfortable with the idea of meeting Yosuke's grandmother, but as the trip gets closer, Yosuke notices that Shima appears increasingly anxious. Shima seems tenser than usual, and he also he seems to randomly become distracted and blush when he's talking to Yosuke. When Yosuke asks him what's wrong, Shima avoids answering, even though Yosuke is pretty sure he knows what's bothering him.

The night before the trip, as Yosuke cuddles up behind Shima in their bed, Yosuke tells him, "If you don't want to come home with me, that's okay. I want you to be there, but I don't want to force you."

Shima rolls over to face him and stares at Yosuke with wide eyes, like he's surprised. He simply says, "I want to go with you."

Shima's words do nothing to explain his recent behaviour so Yosuke asks, "Then why have you been so nervous recently?"

"Oh," Shima says, and he flushes. He sinks deeper into the covers, hiding the bottom half of his face under the blankets. He looks so cute that Yosuke wants to kiss him, but he restrains himself and waits for Shima's reply.

Finally, after a few minutes, Shima says quietly, "I've been trying to get used to it."

"Get used to what?" Yosuke asks, shifting so he can run a comforting hand down Shima's back.

Shima is silent again, so Yosuke continues to gently rub his back until Shima says, so quietly that Yosuke has to strain to hear, "Calling you by your name... Yosuke-san."

Yosuke's hand on Shima's back goes still as it hits him what Shima said, and then he feels a giant grin form on his face.

Shima tries to burrow even deeper under the blankets, seemingly embarrassed.

"Did you just--" Yosuke starts, but then he gives up on words, and slides under the blankets until he's face to face with an extremely red Shima. He cups Shima's face with his hands, and brings their lips together. Despite his apparent mortification, Shima responds instantly, kissing him back softly and eagerly.

When they finally manage to stop kissing each other, Yosuke can't keep from grinning at Shima. "Does this mean I can start using your first name?" he asks cheekily.

Shima huffs. "Don't push your luck," he replies, his tone stern, but Yosuke notices the way the corners of his mouth quirk ever so slightly upwards as he flushes even more. Yosuke laughs, delighted, and leans in to kiss him again.