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if the world ends, we’ll spend our last night together

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Sunlight shines on Mu Qing’s face, he was in deep sleep while Feng Xin admired him.

Feng Xin peppered Mu Qing's face with kisses and kissed all over the lovebites he placed on him yesterday night.

"Mmph," Mu Qing huffs as his eyelids start to open, he is greeted by his husband's face. Overcame by sleep, he ultimately whined.

"Kiss.." Mu Qing said while pouting, his voice was strained because of yesterday.

Feng Xin let out a low chuckle, "Still so needy? Did you not get enough yesterday, darling?"

Mu Qing whined and pulled him in for a kiss, he sighed contentedly as his tongue sloppily runs over Feng Xin's bottom lip.

"Hm, it seems like you really didn't get enough last night, hm?" He then proceeded to nibble at his boyfriend's earlobe.

"Mhm," the man hummed.

He was met with kisses yesterday night and today will be no different.

"Mph, I missed you." Mu Qing said as he nuzzled closer to Feng Xin. Feng Xin wrapped his arms around him as if he was protecting him and nibbled at his earlobe, looking at Mu Qing moaning softly made his heart go fuzzy.

Feng Xin never knew there would be someone that could make him feel like that. Someone so gentle and loving.

Even though this person is very much like his own personal sun, he can't help but fall deeper for him. It took awhile, but eventually he finally gave into the feelings that have been burning inside of him for years and now, he wants to do everything that he can to show his love to him.

And so he does, he shows it through actions and words. He wants nothing more than to be the person who gives Mu Qing happiness.

He loves the way his eyes shine when he smiles brightly, the way he hugs his arm tighter whenever they sit together in bed, the way he laughs happily at his jokes.

And even though he didn't want to admit it, he wanted to see Mu Qing happy forever.

He couldn't stand the thought of him being lonely anymore, especially when he knows that the only thing that he wants more than anything else is for Mu Qing to smile brightly at him every time he sees him.

That's why he's going to try every possible method to make Mu Qing smile like that.

He's sure that it won't take too long before they are married. Maybe not even that long until they get their own children. The thought brings a smile to his face. That will surely bring joy and happiness to them both.

"I love you," he murmurs softly, pressing his lips against Mu Qing's neck, leaving little pecks here and there.

Mu Qing hums happily as he wraps his arms tighter around his Feng Xin and presses a soft kiss against the back of his neck.

"Mmm, I love you too. More than anything."