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Why are we watching Xie Lian's future!?!?

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Xie Lian’s head pounded as his vision and hearing came to once again. The room was bright, not the same type of brightness from the sun or candles, the ceiling seemed to have the light coming from. It did hurt Xie Lian’s eyes when he looked at them, but didn’t blind him like the sun. It doesn't seem like a natural light.

He could hear the goans of others throughout the room, it seemed that they were forcefully brought here as well. Ruoye seemed to be agitated on Xie Lian’s arm. A tap was on his shoulder.

“Excuse me, but are you okay gege?” The person asked, he wore a maple-red loose but high quality clothing. His hair is in a carefree pony tail while confusion was on his face. He seemed to be around sixteen or seventeen years old. The teenager's voice was quite pleasant to Xie Lian’s ears.

Xie Lian nodded his head before saying, “Yes I am, young master.” The small smile on the teen’s face faded a little. 

“Ah,” He chuckled a little, “Please call me San Lang, gege.”

It has been a long time since Xie Lian has been called gege, especially by a mortal he has never met before. Most mortals ignore him unless he is of use to them. “Third son?” Xie Lian mumbled out loud.

San Lang smiled a little, “It’s a nickname as I am the third son in my family.”

Xie Lian froze for a moment as he didn’t think the teen heard him. Before he could respond he heard the complaints of others.

“What are we doing here!?!?” One panicked god asked.

“Don’t ask me! I don’t know!!” Another responded. 

As Xie Lian listened, he felt a tug on his clothing. He looked down to see a familiar face of a little girl. Ban Yue. Her eyes had tears in them as her black clothing seemed to be covered in dirt.

“General Hua…?” She asked hopefully but also not wanting to believe the man she looked up to was truly alive. Could this man be General Hua’s reincarnation? “How…? I thought…”

Xie Lian gave her a small smile before placing his hand on her messy hair, “Yes, I am alive. Ban Yue, I apologize for leaving you alone.” 

Ban Yue’s tears started to fall a little as she shook her head, “No, I'm sorry! I didn’t do what you said.”

Xie Lian was confused, “What I said?”

Before Ban Yue could respond a yell was heard from some of the others in the room. “WHY IS THERE A CALAMITY HERE!?!?!”

An annoyed laughter was heard, “Oh shut up you idiotic man-child!” Few could recognise that it was the calamity that the god mentioned. 

Qi Rong looked over the crowd of gods and goddess, he spotted two other calamities there as well and a savage ranked ghost too. Though he glared at the man next to one of the calamities in disguise and the savage ranked ghoset, he stopped when he saw a glare return with a familiar voice saying through a communication array, ‘Stop glaring at him, you have no right too.’ Qi Rong rolled his eyes when he realized that the other two calamities were in disguise, not to be detected by the gods. He was grossed out by them but he didn’t show it on his face.

“Uhhh… excuse me.” An unfamiliar voice called out to all of the gods and a few ghosts. 

Many of the gods looked towards where the voice came from only for the male gods to look away to not look at the young woman dressed inappropriately. 

“What do you have a probl-” The girl paused her sentence before looking down at her sweatshirt and sweatpants. She realized why the gods were not looking at her. “OHhhhhhh, oh well. Not my problem.” She rolled her eyes.

“Anyways,” She started out before turning to the screen behind her, it wasn’t a huge tv like in the movie theaters but it wasn’t tiny. “I have some rules before anything.”

Everyone stayed quiet.

“No fighting, if you have an argument go through that door to the left of the Wind Master.” The girl pointed over towards Shi Qingxuan who was in their female form. “If you wish to eat, even though you don’t have to, there is food across from that room.”

“Don’t destroy the place, it's a rental.” The girl said annoyed. “And when you find out things, do not try to kill anyone.” 

“That’s it?” A god asked.

“Hmmm…” The girl thought to herself before responding, “if I need to add more rules, I will come in here to tell you in between breaks.”

“Any questions?” With that question, many of the gods started to yell out why they were there, who she was and similar things.


The sound of a bell rang out throughout the air. The girl looked up and smiled at someone that none of the gods could see as the glass was tinted for privacy. 

“Thanks!” The girl yelled out towards who knows. “I will answer questions one at a time.” She saw the wind master raising their hand. “Wind Master, your questions?”

“Who are you?”

“Uhhhhh… call me Snow.” The girl obviously lied, but the gods didn’t push her further due to her having the ability to bring them all here. “Anymore?”

Shi Qingxuan nodded, “Why are we here?”

“I was bored and wanted to procrastinate on school work.”

“Parden, but you brought all of us here because you were bored.” They asked which they received a nod from Snow.

“Ye,” Snow partly said ‘yeah’, “another question?”

Snow saw another hand raise, “Yes, San Lang?” 

The man put his hand down and asked, “What are you going to show us?”

Snow smirked a little, “The future.” 

“Of what.” 

Okay, he was starting to annoy Snow.

“Don’t ask! Secrets will be revealed.” Multiple gods and ghosts froze.

“The readers already know but it will be a surprise for you!” Snow said breaking the fourth wall, completely confusing the gods and ghosts. “So you know, it will take place in about… hmmm… if i’m correct then about 70 to 80 years from your time.”

Before answering any other question, Snow made her way towards the back of the room then yelled out, “The floor is safe to sit on! Though there are some places labed for certain people, you side characters I don't care about.” Snow went up a set of stairs, “And don’t come up here… unless someone is dying.”

Eventually each of the gods made their ways to their locations. Xie Lian sat near the front with San Lan and others. 


San Lang | Xie Lian | Ban Yue | Feng Xin | Mu Qing 

Ming Yi | Shi Qingxuan | Shi Wudu | Pei Ming | Ling Wen

Qi Rong | Yin Yu | Quan Yizhen | Lang Qianqui | Yushi Huang | Pei Xiu

All the other gods are behind them and Jun Wu is not here.

When all of them finally settled down, the lights dimmed a little like a movie theater but they can still see at the end of the row, so San Lang and Mu Qing can see each other. And they can see multiple rows behind them. The screen slowly turned on to not startle them.

An Unknown voice rang out throughout the room as text on the screen appeared. “Eight hundred years ago, there was an ancient country called Xian Le.” A single flower falls into a pond as some of it’s petals blow gently in the breeze a little before falling near the flower.

Many of the gods who knew about the country either tensed or got annoyed as Xie Lian is the last crown prince of that kingdom. There were three who already started to dislike this, one less than the other two. Many of the newer gods weren't sure what the country was.

As if it was an overhead view, much of the town was shown but it had a somewhat of a golden tint. The voice rang out again, “The country of Xian Le was vast, bountiful in natural resources, and rich in customs and festivals.”

“It had four treasures:” A woman was shown dancing gently, her outfit seems to have a tint of gold while her sleeves were long, her shoulders were exposed. “Beautiful women,” 

Many of the male gods agreed that the woman was beautiful despite her face not being shown. There was one who would disagree, why? Because his eye were already on someone.

“Music,” Two women were seen playing two different instruments, one played a guqin while the other played a pipa. Again both tinted with gold. “Riches,” A chest filled with golden coins and diamonds was shown. There were piles of the riches sitting next to the chest, piling up so that it almost reached the top of the chest.

Four of them knew what was next.

“And an illustrious crown prince.” The back of a mentally younger Xie Lian was shown. He was dressed in white and gold with many hair accessories. Golden colored flowers were shown surrounding him.

The image of the backside of the prince was turned slowly to a side view as the voice continued to speak, “Prince Xie Lian was an extremely talented man who greatly cherished the world.”

Xie Lian tensed up slightly as he listened to the voice when he heard that. Only four people noticed. 

“During the grand ‘offering to the gods’ parade on martial god main street, he saved a child who fell from the imperial city walls.” A child was shown looking out, half of his face was covered in badges and dirty, clearly an orphan. The small smile of hope on the child fell as he was pushed off the walls by the crowd. The child’s scream was heard throughout causing a panic, but instead of hitting the ground Xie Lian caught the child. The scene faded out with Xie Lian going further from their sight.

Many of the gods who saw it remembered how they all thought that the child was going to die but was saved. Those gods didn’t want to think of how Xie Lian was before being banished. 

Xie Lian noticed how San Lang’s breathing paused. It seemed that San Lang was worried for the child but couldn’t ask when he felt a hand tap on his shoulder. 

Shi Qingxuan told the god in front of them, “You moved extremely fast despite being in the process of a parade!” They smiled at him.

Xie Lian returned the smile, “Thank you… uhhh?” He didn’t know that god's name.

“Wind Master, Shi Qingxuan.” They told the older person their name, as it’s obvious that he didn’t know it.

The screen turned dark which drew each of their attionstions. “When his wandering led him to the southern parts of the yellow river, he defeated the evil spirits that were plaguing the mortal realm at “Yin Nian Bridge.” Xie Lian was seen walking on a bridge before running towards a spirit there. 

Xie Lian remembered the fight against the Demon of Yi Nian Bridge and how long it took. He then remembered the eight words he’d rather forget. 

“In the course of his youth, he became the subject of grand stories and praises, before overcoming the heavenly trails and achieving immortality at the age of seventeen.” Two of the golden flowers were shown with a pair of red orb earrings. Suddenly the petals started to fall and the earrings snapped. “However, whether by fate or bad luck, three years later, Xie Lian was demoted from heaven.” The earring crumbled to dust while the flower petals were on fire and quickly turning to ash.

Many of the gods stayed quiet but some whispered to each other. The newer gods that never met Xie Lian lowered their heads as they only heard about the failures of the former god, they never learnt about anything good but none knew how long Xie Lian was a god. 

‘Only three years…’ Was what went though many of those newer gods' minds.

Feng Xin and Mu Qing couldn’t look at Xie Lian. They couldn’t even think about talking to him, it’s been hundreds of years since they did and the last time they did, they argued. 

Xie Lian ignored all of the whispers, nor did he notice the multiple eyes one him. 

“In the blink of an eye, the ‘Pleasant glaces and praises of the material gods after his feats at the Yi Nian Bridge’ …all became a distant memory.”

The voice seemed to take a small break before saying, “When Heaven felt remorse for this, Xie Lian ascended again.”

The gods who were there either shivered in fear as they remembered the fight between Xie Lian and the emperor. Some remember the power they felt in the air that day but it only lasted less than an incense burner. Other gods are annoyed at that, thinking that Xie Lian should have never been allowed to ascend again.

The sound of two swords clashing was heard, “Xie Lian crossed swords with heaven’s strongest martial god. In less time than it would’ve taken for a stick of incense to burn, he was demoted once more.” The two figures couldn’t be seen as the two were too fast, but multiple gods were there not being able to do anything.

Xie Lian remembered the fight and everything that happened during that small time. He remembered asking for his spiritual energy and luck to be sealed. 

Shi Qingxuan wanted to say that it was cool for Xie Lian to fight against the emperor but they didn’t as their brother was sitting next to them and didn’t want to get yelled at by all the gods for not knowing how bad it was to go against the emperor. The worst from their brother would be hit on the head and they didn’t want him to mess up their hair in their female form!

The slight sound of amusement was in the voice, “The other other gods and goddesses were very vigilant towards the newly-demoted Xie Lian, afraid he would give in to temptation and retaliation against the common people.” A crowd of gods watched Xie Lian leave, there was a tint of light blue. 

San Lang chuckled to himself softly to not let any hear. It was such a pity that Xie Lian didn’t have any spiritual power due to the cursed shackles as Xie Lian at this point of time would definitely be one of the strongest.

“But none of them would have guessed that, instead of embracing the path of evil, Xie Lian would actually start working earnestly in the mortal world.” Xie Lian could be seen selling and trading items to mortals, then he was seen playing the hulusi on the ground for money while a… bandage? Was dancing and swishing as if Xie Lian was a snake charmer. 

Xie Lian could feel Ruoye move a little.

Feng Xin and Mu Qing wanted to look away from the screen but couldn’t as they didn’t want to believe that Xie Lian had been practically begging for money.

“Well-versed in everything, he sold goods, played instruments, and sand songs in the streets.” The screen showed Xie Lian with his hand on his hip as he huffed a little in front of a cart. “Because of the hardships of life, he even pushed carts and collected trash.”

Qi Rong would have laughed out loud if it wasn’t for the stronger calamity practically protecting his elder cousin. ‘That’s what he gets…’ He thought to himself, still hateful towards Xie Lian for the fall of Xian Le.

“As a result, the prince of Xian Le became the laughing stock of the three realms.” The screen turned dark before showing two black out figures.

“The two guards that served Xie Lian before his ascension to immortality had since both ascended to heaven as well, and became two guardian martial gods of two regions,” 

Both Mu Qing and Feng Xin froze, neither expected to be introduced like this. 

Most of the gods who knew them pitied them for having to serve under the laughing stock of the three realms when they were all mortal, a little over 700 years ago.

“God of the south-east Feng Xin.” A picture of Feng Xin was shown, he was drawing back his bow. His face wasn’t shown though, but he wore the same armor as the current Feng Xin wore. 

“God of the south-west Mu Qing.” Right next to Feng Xin, a picture of Mu Qing was shown but instead he was sheathing his sword. His face wasn’t fully shown as well and he wore the same armor as the current Mu Qing as well. Mist seems to surround the two before lifting over them and removing the two from the screen.

“And the crown prince that the two served under,” A statue of Xie Lian was shown from an overhead cast, the statue had a mask on as how he used to have. The flower in the statues was the same type from the flowers mentioned before. 

“Had been completely forgotten by the world.” It was the same room but now it was full of spider webs, dust and many things indicating that it hasn’t been touched in years and was abandoned as if it was a reflection of the actual person.

Many of the gods laughed at how the statue’s room was as it was clear that no one cared for the former god. Though laughs and thoughts were paused when they felt someone glaring at them but was unable to locate where. 

‘That probably is the last statue left,’ Xie Lian thought to himself a little, ‘I want it to be gone… there is no point in staying there as it would be impossible for me to go to heaven once again.’ The smile that was once on his face turned sour but no one besides three people noticed.

Ban Yue placed her hand on Xie Lian's, causing him to lose his thoughts before turning to her and smiling a little, “It’s alright.” He told her.

“Are you sure, gege?” San Lang asked, looking over at the duo. 

Xie Lian turned his head and nodded towards the ‘mortal.’ “Yes, I am sure. I’m fine.” He smiled at San Lang.

Pink eyes narrowed towards the (former) prince, the ghost girl, and the 'mortal' boy. ‘That’s odd… why would he say that when he’s obviously not…? His highness is a strange one.’ The male looked around but not by much to seem suspicious. ‘Did no one else besides us three see him do that… I wonder.’ 

He was one of the more further away people, so if he noticed then doesn't it make the ones closer to him to blind to see, though he couldn’t say anything about Ming Yi, Shi Qingxuan, and Shi Wudu as the three was unable to see Xie Lian’s face. Though all he saw was the prince’s cheeks go from smiling to a sour look from the side, other than that he couldn’t see the other’s face besides the side view. It didn’t help that the two didn’t know each other much.

A crackle on the screen stopped everyones thoughts. The clouds in the sky seemed to be a storm while lightning hit. The voice sounded smug, “However, the three realms didn’t laugh for long.” Rumbles were heard as more lighting stuck. “As the crown prince ascended once more!” A final lighting stuck creating a loud ‘BOOM’ throughout the room before the screen fading. 

No one knew what to say. None of the gods. None of the ghosts. And especially not even Xie Lian himself.

“So how was the introduction?” A familiar voice of the woman who brought them there. 

San Lang screamed a little as the woman sat next to him. He had no idea that the woman was even there, he didn’t sense her. The woman screamed, as if she was mocking him, back for no reason before asking, “Why are we screaming?” 

If he was a mortal, his heart would be racing so much. He leaned down holding his clothing above his chest as if he needed to breathe after being scared, normally he wouldn’t have done this but Xie Lian was rubbing his back to ‘calm’ him down. 

“Where did you come from!?!?” San Lang yelled out.

“From hell.” Snow sarcastically said before rolling her eyes before saying the truth, “The room up there and down the stairs, duh.” She said as if she was talking to a child.

San Lang turned to the woman and noticed that she was wearing the same outfit as the Wind God’s female form’s outfit. He rolled his eyes as it was the same outfit the woman wore when she brought them all here.

“Why are you down here. I would have thought you would be in that weird room back there with that other person.” San Lang told her. He knew that the woman was there for a reason and he would draw it out.

“I was bored.” Snow told the other while holding a bored, slightly smug, expression. “Pocky?” She held out the biscuit stick covered in chocolate to the male. San Lang rolled his eyes but took one and ate it.

“Wait! Wait! Wait! How do you two know each other!? And are you in the same outfit as me?” Shi Qingxuan asked the first question but the second question just sounded like they were intrigued. 

Snow turned to them. “Well, Wind Master. I brought the ghosts and San Lang here first so that the ghosts first instinct when seeing you guys wouldn’t be to fight or hide. Though it was also because for the…'' Snow looked like she was counting them, though she made eye contact with Ming Yi and San Lang for some reason but not many gods noticed that. “The three ghosts would be harder to track down as none of them were in the same places or near each other, unlike you gods.” 

Pei Ming spoke up, “Then what about… that mortal boy next to you.” He pointed towards San Lang not knowing his name.

“Oh he’s San Lang and he’s just here for the ride.” Snow told the pink eyed god. “And technically, he isn’t even born yet for your time.”

All of them wondered what a ride was but that question stopped when they heard the last thing. Ling Wen spoke up, “Lady Snow, what do you mean by ‘time’?” 

“Please don’t call me that. Just Snow is fine.” Snow said looking away embarrassed, “BUUTTTTT- it’s called San Lang is from another time. More specifically, the future.” How she quickly got over the embarrassment made San Lang roll his eyes.

The gods couldn’t tell what the goal of the woman was. They only could tell that the woman seemed extremely powerful or so what it looked like.

Snow remembered Shi Qingxuan’s second ‘question’, “Also, Wind Master, yes I am in the same outfit as your current form because I just love your fashion sense.” That seemed to peak their interest. She received a smile. Reality Snow truly does love the outfit but Shi Qingxuan’s outfit is one of the many cosplays that her friend owns, she usually cosplays Shi Qingxuan while her friend cosplays Ming Yi at times. Personalities fit as well.

“Anywayyysss…” Snow looks behind the gods and towards the room above them. “Bestie!! Start the next part please!” 

A window was opened but no one could see the person in the room but they saw a hand sticking out… and holding up a finger before saying something in a language that they couldn’t understand but Snow could understand.

“Awww! I love you too!” Snow held up her hands in a heart shape to the other person. 

Curiously Ban Yue asked, “What did they say?”

Many of the extra gods wanted to know what the other person said but froze at the answer. Snow simply smiled and said, “They cursed me out.”

San Lang hit his forehead with his hand at the bluntness while others like Pei Ming, Qi Rong, and Lang Qianqui laughed at the bluntness and uncaring tone.