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stewie, stewie, you're the girl for me

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Doug sat on his bed, tapping his foot on the floor. He had been ready to call Stewie, but of course his sister had to snatch the phone. She was calling some friend from their hometown, and those conversations usually lasted for hours.

~I tried to call you before
But I lost my nerve
I tried my imagination
But I was disturbed~

Of course, once Zoe hung up, Doug had lost his motivation. Stewie was probably busy anyway; after all, she was a nine-year-old college student.

~Stewie, I got your number
I need to make you mine~

Since Stewie had gone off to college, Doug hadn’t seen her much. He had loved her ever since she was a one-year-old baby boy at his preschool. He knew her number by heart.

~Stewie, don’t change your number
867-5309 (867-5309)
867-5309 (867-5309)~

They were friends. Very close friends. But Doug had no idea if his Stewie felt the same way.

~I got it (I got it)
I got your number on the wall
I got it (I got it)
For a good time
For a good time call~

Why was he so nervous? Stewie would be happy to get a call from him. Or at least he hoped so. He pictured her smiling; her green eyes illuminating the whole room. He thought of her when she was happy; her dark brown pigtails bouncing.

~Stewie, don’t change your number~

Stewie Griffin.

~I need to make you mine~

He loved Stewie Griffin.

~Stewie, I’ll call your number~

He dialed her number.

~867-5309 (867-5309)
867-5309 (867-5309)~

He heard her voice. Her beautiful voice.

“Doug! I thought you’d never call!”

~Stewie, Stewie, who can I turn to? (867-5309)
For the price of a dime I can
Always turn to you (867-5309)
867-5309 (867-5309)
867-5309 (867-5309)~