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oh my god, he's dead!

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Flames ripped through the air and millions of loud BOOMS filled the once clear air as the whole world seemed to end for a moment.

Wilbur promised Tubbo would be okay. He said he would. He promised.

Well, he promised Tubbo would be alright. And he kept that promise.

But Ranboo was dead. Ranboo Underscore Beloved was fucking dead.

And all because of Wilbur.

Tubbo cried, huddled into the corner as he felt heat burn the side of his white uniform, burning off parts of his apron. He shut his eyes tight, thinking about Ranboo down on the pressure plate. Did they just sacrifice his life for him?

Tubbo prayed to XD that Ranboo would be alive. That they would be okay. That they wouldn’t be too badly injured. He cried harder.

Smoke began to clear. The acrid stench filled his nose as he coughed, a bit of blood coming up from his lungs. He fell onto his hands weakly, sniffing silently. He tried to open his eyes.

Ranboo was dead. They were fucking dead, right below him. Their whole right side was burnt, blood pooling from their eyes and face. Tubbo was horrified.

“R-Ra….” Tubbo cried, standing up. He finally got to his hooves, knees threatening to give way. “Ranboo….” he wanted to yell, but it sounded more like a timid cry. He ran over to the half burnt ladder and climbed down it.

And there was Ranboo’s dead body, lying over the stone pressure plate. Tubbo stared in horror.

He quickly got down to his knees, sitting on the left side of Ranboo’s torso. Their hand rested over their chest, but the suit covering it was almost gone, only a few bits of clothing remained on their black side. Tubbo cried.

“Ranboo!” he yelled, grabbing their dead, white hand. It still had his golden wedding ring on it in tip-top shape. It only made Tubbo more upset and angry.

“Oh my God!” Wilbur shouted from across the room. Tubbo turned around, only to see the deranged man… smiling. Was he fucking happy about this?

“Yes! Yes! It exploded!” Wilbur cheerfully yelled. He was happy about this. “Las Nevadas is exploded! Aha!”

Quackity got up from where he laid, a bit of blood dripping from his mouth from when Wilbur hit his jaw with a rock.

“You manical bastard!!!” Quackity yelled, weakly stumbling to get onto his feet. His beady black eyes were glistening with anger toward Wilbur. “Tu estas estupido!!” he yelled in Spanish. “Fucking idiot!! You just fucking killed Ranboo! And blew up my country!” He threw a punch at Wilbur’s stomach. While it did hurt, it wasn’t as painful as he’d like it to be. It only made Quackity more angry. “You… you…” he struggled to get to his words. “You did all this because I wanted you to be vice president? Were you that offended??” he screamed at the terrorist.

Wilbur had no reply.

Tubbo could only watch the whole fight go down. Wilbur said nothing as Quackity scolded him.

Wilbur did this on purpose. He wanted to blow up the country. And really, all because Quackity wanted him to be his vice president? What a monster. And Ranboo, his husband and love, was the sacrifice in all of this.

“Wilbur?” Tubbo screamed, a sob choking him. “Y-you did this? Why did Ranboo have to die?? T-they trusted you! They cared about you! You just manipulated them again and they had to die!” Tubbo cried, holding Ranboo’s hand.

Wilbur seemed to snap back to reality. “I didn’t exactly….” he muttered.

“Didn’t what?” Tubbo continued, gripping Ranboo’s dead hand tighter.

“Ranboo wasn’t supposed to di-”

“Well they did!” Tubbo yelled, standing up furiously. “You killed them! You bastard! You made them sacrifice their life for me! And for what? Getting revenge?” Tears beaded in the corners of his eyes.

“I never knew Ranboo would want to sacrifice themselves for you,” Wilbur quickly replied in defense. “I didn’t know you were so close to them!”

“Ranboo’s my fucking husband!” Tubbo screamed at the top of his lungs. The statement took Wilbur aback. Tubbo continued. “I loved them! They loved me! I’m on my last life!!” He cried even harder. “And-and the last time I saw them we argued, we fought. If I only knew they were going to die the next day….”

He stared at Ranboo’s corpse. He tried to mentally picture what their last day together would’ve been like ideally.

Ranboo and him would wake up, as usual, then go down to wake up Michael. They could spend the whole day together, just having fun and enjoying the little time they had left.

“Ranboo believed in you, Wilbur.” There was a sudden change in Tubbo’s voice, from loud and angry to soft and mellow. “They really thought you could redeem yourself. B-but you- you let them die.”

“You and Ranboo are… married?” Wilbur asked. “I didn’t realize.” he glanced at Quackity. “You knew this?”

Quackity rolled his eyes. “Isn’t it obvious?”

Wilbur shrugged. “Well, Ranboo still has two more lives left, if that makes you feel any better.”

Tubbo’s eyes shot open, then he immediately stood up, facing Wilbur, rolling up his burnt sleeves.

“Oh, Wilbur,” he said, approaching him, fists balled up. “You absolute bastard. You took away Ranboo’s first life. I’m going to kill you.” He grabbed Wilbur’s collar. Although Tubbo may have been short and a goat, he could be intimidating when he wanted to. He gave Wilbur a hard punch across his nose. “I’m going to nuke you and your fucking van- you took advantage of my husband’s kindess and I-” his voice cracked, “-I dunno what I’m going to do…..”

Tubbo let go of Wilbur and walked backward, holding his face in his hands. Quackity walked over to him, hugging his friend tightly. He looked up at Wilbur, who had blood dripping down his shoulder and only his brown coat.

“Wilbur,” Quackity said, his voice almost a whisper. “Leave.”

“What?” the man asked. “Big Q, Tubbo-”

“Are you not getting it?” Quackity asked. “Vamos, adiós, salir- you’re just so fucking stupid, aren’t you?” He squeezed Tubbo tighter, his best attempt at comforting him. “I offered to let you become my vice, and instead you blew up my country?” he asked. “And I actually might’ve loved you.”

Tubbo cried harder in his arms.

“Leave my country, Wilbur Soot,” Quackity yelled. “Don’t take advantage of me ever again. Don’t get anywhere near me ever again, or Tubbo. I think I might just file a restraining order against you, you asshole.”

Tubbo didn’t try to listen, the words just went in one ear and out the other.

His husband had lost their first life, and XD only knew when they’d lose the others.