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Roller blades and pizza

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Becoming an adult was not easy. You wished you had figured that out once you had left home but oh well,here you are working at The Pizzaplex. A greedy company made to entertain grubby spoiled children. Children that you were forced to cater to in a small dress and Roller blades. You worked in the dining pavilion of the mall. The faces of the plex were plastered everywhere,videos of the band playing while children argued who was best while teenagers gushed about which band member was the cutest.
You found it funny how a company like Fazbear entertainment managed to make its robots so advanced. It all began with some Shitty versions of the robots and now look,They made perfect human Androids who served as the Mascots. They looked for the most part,Human. and acted very human as well,With having their own personalities and programmed to have conversations with curious children and families who visited the plex.
If you didn’t know any better you’d just think they were some performers and not just a walking box of bolts with artificial intelligence. You had to admit,you could see why the company went down the route they did. The robots attracted more than just excited children,it also attracted curios teenagers who thought Roxy was hot.

You couldn’t help but stifle a laugh every-time a group of then came into the diner;The part where you worked in the pizza plex as a server. You had already learned how to maneuver the Rollerblades by now and were doing exceptionally well with carrying trays of food and drinks to tables,all while taking orders and being friendly at the same time. It was tiring. Very Tiring,but rewarding nonetheless. The only Android that you had met from the Mascots was the daycare attendant. The cheerful And bright Android was just so happy anytime someone other than a child came down to visit him. His human face would contort into the brightest smile as he asked about your day. You made an effort to visit him every now and then. As for the other Androids,the ones apart of the main group…you couldn’t say much. They were interesting yes. And you had heard how their programming was much more advanced and they were much more expensive.Considering how human like they were,they could even eat food and hang out with any special birthday guests that paid a heavy fee.

It was terrifying to think these robots had a brain that worked like a humans.But you shrugged it off,highly doubting that they’d take over the world soon.

The pizzaplex was entering its closing time,the rest of your coworkers had already left as well as it was your turn to close the diner tonight.You still had your uniform on,seeing as everyone had just recently left and you still had to clean before heading out.You preferred to change after you were done. The Rollerblades made everything easier. You had taken off the white hat you were to wear as part of your uniform,the two pigtails you wore still standing high. You were surprised to see how your hair looked perfectly fine, The thing to stand out most was the bright neon of your favorite color that almost blinded you every time you looked at your hair.The company had encouraged its employees to keep the Glamrock theme within the plex.

meaning they were fine if you wore crazy hair colors and makeup. And you did just that. You liked your uniform,it was cute and the rollerblades made it even better. You were aware that your dress’s skirt was rather short and that your white thigh high socks were a little to tight-but it’s not like you were meant to catch anyone’s eye.

That’s what you had told yourself at the beginning.But after a while you couldn’t help but shake the feeling someone had their eyes on you at all times while you were working.Low and behold you found you were right,as you had been skating to a family of three that sat outside the diner and found yourself locking eyes with a familiar dark skinned red eyed Android.You remember seeing him flash you a dangerous wink with his star sunglasses down before pulling them back up and walking away. He’s a robot. He’s a robot. You had to remind yourself,but you couldn’t help the blush that appeared on your face as you immediately asked the family for their orders.

Since then it’s just been hectic,constantly seeing the Android while you worked.Wether he just hung out by the fountain or walked into the diner to speak with some kids you couldn’t shake the feeling he was doing it just to get a good look of you.Then again you could be wrong,I mean sure they were really advanced robots but he couldn’t be purposely trying to see you right? Right?

Your suspensions were confirmed as you heard a knock at the diners open doors.You flinched as you were cleaning the bar counter,turning around to see the same red eyed Man that had been stealing glances from you and sending winks your way for the past two months. He leaned against the doorframe,his fiery red locs falling slightly in front of his face.The way they had designed him was just-wow. His lips were perfectly full but had sharp- shark like teeth that would poke occasionally when he smiled or spoke and his skin was dark. His face perfectly chiseled and-god you were staring weren’t you? A deep rumble came from his throat as he caught you staring

“Cat got ya tongue? Whats wrong sweetheart? Surprised to see me?” Why they programmed a Jersey accent into him you’ll never know.All you knew was that it was hot.God and him calling you sweetheart,it was enough to make you weak at the knees.But you relented,quickly turning and going back to cleaning the bar counter and skating behind it to rearrange cups. Your way of not looking at him.
“What do you need Monty? Cant you see that I’m still on the clock.” Your voice sounded annoyed,good.You wanted to make it seem like he was bothering you so he could leave.

Instead you heard the pull of one of the bar chars and looked up to see Monty sitting on the bar with a sly smirk,Sharp teeth poking out of his smile as he slowly took off his sun glasses.Your breath hitched as he stared at you,hooded red eyes boring into yours.You nearly let the glass cup in your grip slip when he let out a low chuckle.

“I think you know why I’m here darlin” there he goes again.with the pet names. God it was driving you insane.You stiffened ,your roller blades absentmindedly sending you back and forth as you attempted to look at him without bursting into a love struck giggle.God you hated how sugary he made you feel,like those teen girls who would gush over Freddy.It made you want to throw up.

Monty simply stared.Watching your inner turmoil happen as he sucked his teeth to get you out of your trance.You looked up to him and he smiled once more.
“Come.” He motioned to the seat beside him “sit with me.” Almost as if on command your feet skated quickly to the seat beside the Musician. You plopped down on the seat beside him,your lips pursed together in an unsure facial expression.shouldn’t you be cleaning? Why were you fallowing the words of an android Guitar player??

His deep voice rang out again as he called to you.
“You keep spacin out Doll ‘fraid I’ll need you down to earth for this” he whispered lowly,getting way to close to you.His breath fanning on your hot cheeks.Why didn’t you pull away? This was so wrong.But he was so hot and god the pet names and accent was just to much.He didn’t say a word as he grabbed your chin with one of his extremely large hands,Your eyes quickly raked down his figure.shit.They made him muscular.
If you could combust now you would.

You peeked up at him through half lidded eyelashes,your eyes going big and doughy as you realized just how stimulating the small gesture was.He had hardly spoken but just being beside and him with his hand cupping your chin was enough to have your body on fire.

“Your body temperatures rising babe.And your heart rates increased to…don’t tell me,is it because of my touch?” He slowly pulled his oddly warm hand away,almost causing you to fall forward on the chair as your face fallowed.You picked your head back up in shame.Just how needy were you?

“Oh sweet thing” Monty purred,reaching a hand out to play with your neon hair.Your eyes were glued to your skates.You realized your feet didn’t even touch the ground when you sat on the bar stools.
He inched closer to you.You could feel his breath close to your ear now,any lower and he’d be at the base of your neck
“Can’t have you going cold now can we honey?” He hummed as one of his hands came to very lightly stroke the side of your neck.It instantly sent goosebumps down your body as he gently stroked your neck back and forth.A Loud exhale in pleasure escaping your lips as he pressed a soft kiss to the side of your neck.You tilted your head entirely as he kissed again,and again,until he was just above your earlobe and lightly bit down.You let out a wanton whimper,not at all used to the feeling of having someone huge and warm be towering over you and giving butterfly kisses to your neck.

“I think we both know what you want.” He rasped into your ear.It was enough to make you clench your thighs together.He chuckled lowly again,other hand going to rub at your thigh.The place he caressed instantly igniting with warmth.It was becoming to much-His butterfly kisses-the whispers of how beautiful you were-his hand rubbing your thigh;It felt like your body was on fire.And soon you couldn’t Help but pull away for a minute.Having to recollect yourself.Monty stopped,giving you a look.Almost as if asking if you were alright,you nodded shyly before getting up from the stool

“I-um..sorry it’s just that um..I” you couldn’t find the right words as you skated slightly away from the Android.Embarrassment engulfing you as you realized you had basically encouraged and egged on the robot to touch you.It felt wrong.You didn’t even realize he had come up behind you until he grabbed you by the waist,your rollerblades making it easier for him to push you back against his warm chest.Your body was igniting again as he whispered into your ear.

“There’s no need to be shy or embarrassed sweetheart,Just let me take your worries away..” he pressed a kiss to your neck from behind,one hand on your waist while the other trailed down to grab at your hips.You whimpered again.

“You’ll be good for me won’t you doll?” You couldn’t stop yourself from nodding so quickly.He had already managed to create a tiny pool in your panties-all that was needed was another soft whisper of encouragement and you were Down for the count.You didn’t even register it as Monty shoved you into a booth,cornering you in between the table as his lips smacked to yours.Your arm’s immediately wrapped around his neck,his abnormally large figure completely engulfing yours as he shoved his strangely human tongue into your mouth.Everything about him was so human.To the warmth of his body and to the thing poking at your leg,he was just all to human.

He broke the kiss,watching as you desperately gasped for air as he focused himself to your neck.Assaulting and biting down just beneath your earlobe as you cried out to him-his teeth were sharp.You we’re sure he drew blood from you as you felt him licking a long stripe up your neck.This causing the fire in your stomach to burn even brighter.Every touch he gave,every word he spoke.Even the way he looked at you as you clawed at his arms as you helplessly whimpered and whined beneath him was enough to drive you off the edge.It was when he slowly inched your skirt up that you found just how hot your body could get.You broke from his lips,looking down slightly to see how he has completely lifted your skirt up,your blue and white striped underwear completely out.You let out a whimper as he let out a low groan while stroking your inner thigh.Your core was hot,and already oh so wet.The thought of him being so close to your center was to much to

handle,goosebumps littered your skin as he stroked the bundle of nerves from your underwear.You flinched under his touch,thighs tensing as his finger kept slowly going up and down your slit.Your breathe turned heavy as you slightly moaned at his feathery touch.He was hardly even touching you and you were already writhing underneath him-God you were pathetic.

“So pretty,moaning so sweet just for me”
Ok maybe you weren’t pathetic.I mean who wouldn’t unravel at the most slight touch from a rockstar like this?
His fingers stopped.And you whined at the loss of contact,your underwear was most definitely soaked now if it wasn’t before.

Monty moved to slowly slip your underwear off your bare thighs,you helped lifting yourself off the bench of the round diner table and watching as he slipped one of the leg of holes of your panties off,the other being slowly taken off your ankle as he looked you right in the eyes the entire time.He slowly spread your knee’s apart,lowering himself eyes still on you as he licked one long stripe along your core.You moaned,his tongue was warm and wet as he ran languid licks on your clit.Your own wetness not aiding you as he moved quicker,you were moaning like mad now.He slowly reached up to the folds of your core and separated them,allowing him full access to your clit.The pearl was glistening and erect as he latched his mouth onto it.Your body jerked in response,thighs tensing as you whimpered helplessly to the assault on your pussy.

“I’m gonna! I’m gonna!-“ you let out breathlessly as you squeezed yourself around Monty and came,it crashed on you like a wave.Monty immediately picked his head up as your body went limp.Still trying to catch your breath as he leaned over you and kissed your neck
“You did so good for me doll” he kissed hotly uou whimpered in response
“Think you can go one more time?” It was them that he began to grind on your thigh.And it was then that you noticed the bulge.You groaned internally why did they give the Android a dick!?

You don’t even know when it happened but you had been flipped onto your stomach,gripping the glass of the window of the diner that faced the booth you were currently getting railed on.You moaned as Monty rubbed you for a split second-just for good measure before you heard the sound of a belt being unsheathed and a zipper going down.You turned to look behind you but stopped as you felt the head of Monty’s dick at your entrance.You moaned as he slipped himself in,slowly and carefully.He bent down to your ear and spoke in a low groan

“How does it feel princess? Am I going to fast?” It was enough to make you come undone then and there.You simply let out a disheveled ‘Uh Huh’ before he began pumping into you slowly.He kept the same pace until you whined,wanting him to go faster,harder.But to afraid to say it out loud.
“What is it you want baby? I won’t know if ya don’t tell me.” He growled into your neck.Biting down hard as he gave painful solid thrusts into your pussy,your ass smacking with his abdomen every time he did so.

“P-please” you begged “fa-faster!” And with that the monster was unleashed.Your face pressed against the glass as Monty rammed into you from behind.Each thrust
Somehow better than the last,your vision began to go white.You arched your back as far as it could go,Monty had been gripping your ass painfully as you moaned like a bitch in heat.So close yet so far from your orgasm.The buildup was to much,both of your hot breath combined was making the glass against your face fog up and the squelches from your pussy being pummeled were much to sinful for a kids entertainment center.The coil in you finally broke as you reached your high,it was better than before.More drawn out and it felt like the best thing in the world.

Monty continued thrusting until finally,he finished with a loud groan and a smack to your ass.You could feel liquid fill up inside you,and you couldn’t help but press against his dick.Balls deep trying your best to keep the liquid in,whatever it was.Monty laughed in response as he slowly pulled you off him.You slumped on the booth,completely fucked out and closing your eyes trying to catch your breath.You opened your eyes once more to Monty,the Android already having put himself back together and reaching a hand toward you,who was laying on the booth.Skirt flipped up and pussy oozing with his weird fluorescent cum.He carefully helped you up,reaching to the table and grabbing napkins.Carefully cleaning you up and making sure to be gentle as you were overstimulated.

“Put on such a show,just for me doll” he praised,you couldn’t help but let your head rest against his chest.He helped pull your panties and fixed your skirt down.He helped you to your feet and grabbed ahold of your hand before spinning you in circles with the roller blades that you still had on.
He smiled.And spoke with his low and sultry voice,

“Do a little spin for me baby”