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Getting Ann to pose for him nude was not an easy thing to achieve, but once she finally agreed to it, Yusuke found the experience to be quite rewarding. So much so that it left him with new curiosity, wondering just how much inspiration he could glean from this sort of experience. Simply seeing her pose nude has worked wonders, but what else can she do, and how might his paintings turn out if he gets to observe these things?

Or is this just an excuse to get her to pleasure herself while he watches?

He shakes that off, reminding himself that this is strictly artistic, before he decides that he should definitely ask her to do that for him, certain that she will understand. At the same time, Ann is wondering about the feelings that this has brought up in her, not sure what to do about them.

She never expected to actually enjoy posing nude, and now, he has no idea what to do about such feelings. Ann is turned on by the idea of dong it again, so much so that she finds herself fantasizing about when she is alone at night. She is not sure if she could actually handle doing it again, not without losing herself to her growing desires, and what would she do then? She is not sure, all she knows is that it would be a bit too much to expect Yusuke to put up with.

At least, until he actually asks her to do it again, and she realizes just what he has in mind.

“I’d really like it if you do more with your body,” he says, and though there is that part of her that is worked up over the idea of posing, she is still a little skeptical about this. Is this really just about the painting? She knows that she must be perverted, to even consider liking it, but now that he has gotten this far with his expectations, he is taking a hard left into seeming like a pervert as well.

“You want me to touch myself while you paint me?” she asks, watching his face flush as he asks. At least he seems to realize what he is asking for.

“Only if you’d be okay with it,” he replies quickly, but she can tell that he really wants her to say yes. Though the idea of it turns her on, a fantasy is different from actually doing it, and she is less sure by the moment. However, she has already gone this far, and she knows if she refuses and simply poses as she always has, she is still going to end up turned on over it. Perhaps it would be better to just try it out, just this once, and see how it goes. She could always stop things if it was too much, and she is sure that he would back off if she told him that she was no longer comfortable with this.

So the time finally comes for him to paint her, and she is stripped down like he wants her to be. Following his directions, she puts one hand between her legs, bringing the other up to her chest. Her excitement has been growing since the moment she first undressed, and now, she can’t help the heat that continues to rise up in her. She definitely wants to do this just for her, not just because it is what he wants to paint.

She never would have expected to have an exhibitionist streak, but she supposes that is the fun in learning more about herself, and whatever the case, she has already agreed to go this far with him. She might as well continue learning about herself, continue discovering just what gets her so excited. Her body is tingling already, and when he directs her further, Ann has no trouble when it comes to touching herself.

As she begins to finger herself, she also starts playing with one of her nipples, pinching and teasing it, gasping out at the feeling. It is even better than she expected, much better than when she just does this on her own, better than how it felt even while fantasizing about doing this. And this is just the beginning, when she has only barely started to touch herself. She knows that she is in for one hell of a treat with this.

Meanwhile, Yusuke enjoys the sight quite a bit, inspiration hitting him all at once. He is hard at work while Ann works herself into a frenzy, getting more worked up by the second, getting closer to her climax faster than she ever has, surprised by just how much she enjoys showing off like this. He enjoys the sight quite a bit, and even while he works, he is able to focus quite a bit on just how much he enjoys that, aching with how excited it gets him.

By the time Ann has reached the edge, the expression on her face giving him the finishing touches that he needs, he knows what he wants from her next. While she is still shivering from her pleasure, trying to recover from her climax, he makes the suggestion to her, and now that she knows just how good it can be, she does not really see any reason to try and resist like she did at first. She knows what she likes by now, and she wants to feel that good over and over again.

“Next time, you shouldn’t be alone,” he tells her. “You should try it with other people, don’t you agree? I can paint you with all sorts of partners. You’re very beautiful, so I don’t think it will be hard to find people willing to do it with you. What do you think?”

Ann does not actually have to think about it. Immediately, she nods and says, “I’d love to. Let me know when we can get started, alright?”


Her first partner is a young boy that they meet behind the arcade. The boy is eager enough to have a chance with someone like her. Just as Yusuke said, she is beautiful, and to a horny kid, she is the ideal girl, especially when she makes it obvious that she is willing to put out, just as long as he is fine with Yusuke watching and doing sketches to perfect his painting. That barely seems like an inconvenience to the kid, who is eager to do whatever she wants.

“I think you should suck him off,” Yusuke suggests. “I’d like to figure out the posing for that, if you don’t mind.”

“Sure thing,” Ann replies, mouth already watering at the suggestion. She definitely did not expect to get quite this excited for it, but she is, and she wants it more than she could possibly hope to express. Of course, that is nothing compared to the excitement of the boy, who is already tenting his shorts even before she gets down on her knees in front of him.

His cock springs free when she pulls them down, and she parts her lips, licking them first before she moves forward, to wrap them around the tip. He shudders immediately, not sure what to make of such an intense feeling, only knowing that he loves it. Ann, at the same time, feels so filthy to do something like this, and knows that she loves it as well, that she is very glad she agreed to this.

She sucks at the head gently at first, taking her time before she begins to move further down, taking him deeper into her mouth. All the while, he is left breathless and amazed, still not sure how he got to be so lucky, trying to fight against his rapidly growing pleasure so that he can enjoy this for as long as possible. Ann does not slow her pace, soon bobbing her head along his cock, and he whimpers and cries out for her, shuddering as he is pushed closer and closer to the edge.

And while they both do that, Yusuke studies them intently and sketches, letting his inspiration take him once again. This is every bit as perfect as he imagined it would be, and he is glad that Ann was so willing to go along with it. At first, he had been worried that this might be bordering on too much, but she seems eager to take things as far as possible, with no desire to stop.

Soon enough, the boy can’t handle it anymore, and he moans out as he gives into his pleasure. Ann pulls back so that he can make a mess of her face. Yusuke hurries to do a quick sketch of that as well, not sure what to think of how much that inspires him. The boy is happy to have had his fun, Yusuke made good progress, and Ann has enjoyed getting to show herself off even more.


After she has had her way with someone younger for Yusuke’s inspirational purposes, the decision to do it with someone older seems very obvious to both of them, and the next time they set out, that is what they are looking for. It does not take them long to come across the perfect target, an older man that they often see in the park, who more than likely does not have a home. He is easy to find, and even easier to convince to take part, considering the way he is eying Ann even as they approach with their proposition.

Ann is ready to go a lot further than just sucking dick this time, wanting to do something that will get her off as well, since it just left her all keyed up before. This old man is more than happy to fuck her, to lay her down on a park bench, naked, and spread her legs while he presses his cock up against her pussy. He barely even pays attention to Yusuke watching them, getting ready to start his next round of sketches, excited to see how this painting is going to turn out.

The last two looked lovely, once he was able to finalize them both at home, and he can only hope it will get better from here. He makes sure to capture each pose that catches his interest, as the old man thrusts forward and fills Ann’s pussy with a low and ecstatic groan, making her scream out in the process.

In no time at all, he is fucking her with all that he has, pounding into her pussy and letting himself get carried away in the motions. She makes such gorgeous faces while she is being fucked, all faces that Yusuke is eager to record in his sketchbook, faces that he can’t wait to paint when he gets home. Ann makes the perfect muse and model, losing herself to her pleasure without the slightest bit of concern for how she may look. It is hard to believe that she was once so reluctant to let him do this with her, when she is now so eager to indulge him in whatever lewd desires that he may have.

She is the first one to come, and her expression there is truly magic, absolutely inspiring. Yusuke only hopes that he will be able to do it justice in his painting. All the while, the old man continues to fuck her, harder and faster as he approaches his own orgasm, until he can’t hold back anymore. Hilting himself within her, he erupts, and Ann moans, orgasm prolonged by all of this, and leaving her that much more eager to keep things going.

Yet another perfect encounter has left them both hungry for more, and Yusuke wonders what they can do that will top all of this, that will leave the opening for even more gorgeous paintings. Soon, he starts to form an idea that he is sure Ann will go along with.


Sojiro is on board as well, as it turns out. It seems that he has been eying Ann for quite a while now, and once he actually has the chance to do something with her, he is not going to resist it. It is surprising to Yusuke, but Ann is not all that surprised, apparently already aware of her admirer. Either way, when he brings up her fucking someone she knows, she is made even more eager when he suggests Sojiro, which is when she admits that should be easy.

And it is easy, the three of them deciding to do this after closing in the cafe, one night when Ren is going to be out for a while. The three of them can do whatever they want without worrying about being interrupted like this, and Sojiro does not mind the fact that he and Ann are going to have an audience. It seems that most people are not bothered by the fact that Yusuke is there making sketches of what is going on, perhaps even enjoying the chance to flaunt in front of someone else.

The two of them strip down, and Sojiro bends Ann over one of the tables. Yusuke is glad that he has a good angle for this, watching as Sojiro slowly eases his cock into her tight pussy. Ann moans out indulgently, even pushing back a little bit to encourage him to do more with her, to give it to her a little faster. Though the older man was trying to be gentle with her, he is able to tell that she can handle more than he is giving her, and is not one to deny the girl what she wants.

And so, he thrusts forward, completely burying himself inside of her, earning further moans from her. The two of them look so good like this, and Yusuke sketches furiously, unable to help how turned on he is getting during all of this. He has always dealt with that just fine on his own before, not getting involved in the process, but right now, he is getting more worked up than he ever has before, and is not sure what that says about him, or what it says about what has changed.

Is it just because of how long they have been doing this, a natural reaction that he was bound to experience eventually? Or is this because he knows both of them, and that makes it that much dirtier? Whatever the case, he can’t help his excitement, and tries to focus on his art, rather than the way he aches to be a part of things. Still, his eyes wander and linger for too long at times, and he knows that resistance is going to be quite difficult.

The harder Sojiro gives it to her, the more her breasts bounce, and Yusuke finds that all to be so mesmerizing. She really does have a lovely chest, something that he has made sure to highlight every time that he paints her. This time, though, he is not looking at it as something to be put down on paper, but rather, something to indulge himself in. Resistance is not just difficult, but actually impossible, and his aching erection is more than he can deal with right now.

If Ann has been willing to go along with everything else that he has asked of her so far, it would probably not be too extreme to interject himself in their encounter. He doubts that she would be bothered by it, and he just can’t stop staring, knowing exactly what he wants to do with her. Getting up in front of her, his sketchbook forgotten for now, he puts his cock in front of her mouth.

Ann looks up at him for a moment before rolling her eyes, clearly amused by the whole situation. She must be wondering what he expects to get done like this, but he will simply commit it all to memory. She takes his cock in her mouth and begins sucking him off, accepting the fact that she is now getting spit roasted by the two of them.

Yusuke can’t stop looking down at her tits, though, and he soon pulls back from her mouth so that he can push it between them instead, squeezing them together so that he can fuck them. Ann dips her head down to suck on the tip at least, and it feels so good to him that he really does not know how much of this he can take.

That is when he remembers the boy at the arcade, and the way Ann’s face looked, covered in his seed, and how much Yusuke loved painting that. He can’t help but think of that as another form of painting, and he very much wants to paint her face, as he gets closer and closer to his climax. Once he is there, while Sojiro is still pounding her from behind, he pulls back, so that he can aim at her, shooting his load all over her face. This thrills him to no end, and he can’t wait to try and recall this, to try and draw and paint every bit of this.

“Are we done with your painting now?” she asks him in a teasing tone of voice, before she leans forward to start sucking at his cock and balls, to make sure that she gets him nice and cleaned up. In the middle of this, she loses herself to her orgasm, moaning around him, and once again, he tries to commit the expression on her face to memory. He is not sure if he will ever be able to get this perfect, not if he can’t sketch in the moment, but he is at least pretty sure that he will be able to have multiple chances to get it right.

Ann is the perfect muse, and as long as she is willing to cooperate, he will keep taking inspiration from her.