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July 16th, 2011
Interviewee: Lester Gregson
Auditioning for Role: Police Sargent (alias Gregory Lestrade)
Function: Rehabilitation, Mentorship

Mr. Gregson has had a moderately successful acting career to date, chiefly as a protagonist or secondary love-interest in a number of BBC period dramas and a few well-received but commercially insignificant films. Salient features of his personality include natural altruism, compassion, leadership. His similarity in voice and facial features to S’s favorite paternal uncle may have beneficial subliminal effects. Improvisational ability is strong.

Points of Interest:
Mr. Gregson is in debt to the tune of £450,000. Debt is currently owned by Blue Line Asset Management, and collection has been licensed to the Long Zi tong. While Gregson’s interviews to date do not indicate any objections to the premise of
Sherlock, this knowledge could become valuable should he threaten to become unmanageable.

Transcript Excerpt:

MH: Mr. Gregson, hello. First of all, I’d like to establish some basics. Do you watch Sherlock regularly?

LG: ‘Course, yeah. I never miss it. Not for ten, fifteen years.

MH: How would you summarize recent developments on the show?

LG: Well, it’s a disaster, innit? We’re all rooting for Sherlock to finally have a chance to prove his abilities, but between the drugs and the bad crowd, seems like it might never happen. Everybody knows it’s a controlled environment of course, but, Jesus, sometimes it seems like he could really get into trouble.

MH: What sort of trouble concerns you most?

LG: That he’ll damage himself, seriously. I mean, he must be taking actual drugs, or he’d know something was up. He could get addicted, he could ruin his mind. That would be really tragic. Nobody wants to see that.


MH: In order to maintain credibility, the training has to be quite rigorous. At first, of course, you’d have to improvise, but in your off-screen hours you would be enrolled in an intensive course in police work. Would you be available for such training?

LG: Of course, yeah. I thought it might be something like that. I’ve been reading up. I’d love to play a cop. Nice change from Victorian pretty-boys. Sign me up.