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wildfire that burns in your veins

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Tonight, she didn’t want to hurry their love-making. 

He was a vision of delectability, all splayed out before her. Dark auburn curls were askew, round face flushed as he panted. Wide, hazel eyes stared up at her with his mouth parted slightly as if she had come down from the Heavens herself. As she bent to gently tap his mouth with a finger, Camilo swallowed heavily and his pupils dilated. 

Mirabel traced a finger down his chest, his body arcing into the touch and a small noise emitting from his throat. If it weren’t for the restraints around his hands holding him back, he would have probably pinned her to the floor himself. The reason?

She was currently wearing a very thin, very translucent ruana that went down to her ankles. Normally, she would be using it as she came out of the shower in her nightgown. Tonight, it served a very different purpose. It draped across her chest and followed the curves of her body, perfectly fitted to Mirabel and trailing after her as she rounded the bottom corner of his bed.

A gift from the tesoro in front of her. 

“You have been a very good boy, ‘Milo,” she murmured, dropping her voice an octave lower. He shivered, the sight of him making her eyes go half-lidded as she zeroed in on his flushed, wide-eyed expression. The ruana slid down from her shoulders to her elbows, and a low, throaty sound escaped him at the sight of it sliding softly against her skin. 

The fabric dropped completely to the floor. Mirabel slowly walked up, putting in some emphasis as her eyes dragged across Camilo’s body. Her mouth watered as she bent over the bottom half of the bed and crawled her way up to him. He trembled under her breath, his rich caramel-toned skin being touched so very lightly under her fingertips. Another throaty whine emitted from his throat, full and desperate. 

“Camiiiilo,” she whispered tenderly, kissing his navel and then all the way up to his jawline. Her slightly older cousin whimpered and shook as her lips met his body, tongue flicking out to taste salt as she nibbled his skin gently. “Mi tesoro precioso.”

“M - Mira, ” he moaned her name so deliciously, heat pooling in her abdomen as she pressed soft, butterfly kisses to his face and the corners of his mouth- not quite touching him there yet as her fingers danced across his torso. Ever so lightly, she twisted one of his sensitive, rock-hard nipples and Camilo bucked upwards with a desperate-sounding gasp. 

He came alive under her touch, like a fire just waiting to be stroked at the right moment. Rising under her careful touch, and burning like a wildfire just under his skin. Camilo was an utter vision of wrecked pleasure when she finally deigned to kiss him gently, soft whines and pants coming from him as she savored his taste. Just like a candle flame could swiftly become a house fire, she slashed her tongue into his sweet, hot mouth and pressed her waist down firmly against his to ease some of that pressure building.

Her arms cradled his head between them, rolling her hips across his and enjoying the way that Camilo’s eyes nearly rolled back into his head. Mirabel pressed gentle kisses to the corners of his eyes and mouth, wordless sounds of pleasure escaping him in an incomprehensible babble as she continued her slow hip roll. 

“Ay, tesoro,” she crooned softly. “You’re so good to me, sí? I’ll take care of you,”

Mirabel eased her way down his body, kneeling in front of his rock-hard, weeping cock and considering it. A hot breath against the tip and his back arched as her fingers fluttered down its sides in feather-light motions. With one swift motion, her hand rubbed his leaking precum down and her hot mouth engulfed him in another quick movement. 

“Hah!” he shouted hoarsely, panting and writhing as her tongue pressed up against his firm head. Her fingers dug into his trembling thighs as she bobbed her head, peering up at his sweating face with half-lidded eyes. Mirabel wanted to clench her thighs together as her entrance clenched around nothing. The next time she sunk her head down, she pressed the flat over her tongue against the side. Saliva dripped from her mouth as she ‘popped’ her mouth off of his tip. 

Loud, pleading whimpers and nearly distorted moans of her name nearly sent Mirabel in paroxysms of pleasure herself. The heat in her abdomen was rising steadily, the pressure hard and swirling. The young woman found herself nearly heady as she pulled herself back over the top of Camilo to press a firm kiss to his mouth. Their tongues collided and teeth clashed as she did so, but Mirabel couldn’t bring herself to care as long as she brought him over the edge. 

Hands pressed down onto the bed, he watched her dazedly as she carefully maneuvered both of them to where she was sinking slowly onto his length. Camilo shuddered underneath Mirabel, more inconsistent babbles escaping him as her walls clenched tightly around his cock. She nearly sobbed aloud herself at the relief of feeling so full , dark brown eyes locked on his own teary hazel of pleasure. 

“Soon, mi tesoro,” she whimpered herself, rocking back and enjoying the shock of wildfire that licked at her insides. It was like mini-arcs of fiery lightning, piercing and tumbling around her abdomen. It only coiled tighter and hotter as she locked eyes with him again, grabbing his chin to fiercely press a boiling, open-mouthed kiss on his own open lips. The fire licked underneath her own skin, a transfer between the two of them as they rocked together.

With each push and pull of her trembling, nearly weakened thighs, she gasped. “You feel so good, ‘Milo,” As the fire grew hotter and her vision sparked with crackling pops, she reached for his bound hands blindly and tore off the binds that restrained him. Mirabel wanted him to grab her hips and meet her pace for pace- 

His lips met hers in a surge of high, blazing flames. Camilo’s hands roughly grabbed her at the hips, twisting Mirabel over in a gasp and a rush of spots that flooded her vision. She whined and keened around him as he pushed into her in a frenzied manner, her own tears spilling from her eyes from the torturous pleasure they shared. Mouths and tongues twisted together fervently, demanding more, more, more-

“Ay, Dios!” she sobbed as the pleasure hit just there- a shout of his name spilling from her lips as the hot, fiery coil released in an explosion that whited out her vision and made her walls clench impossibly tighter around Camilo’s cock. He moaned , a nearly painful sound as he shuddered over top and finally spilled into her.

Just like that, the fire had been drenched as they lay trembling in each other’s arms for a few minutes in comfortable silence before sitting up. 

“I have never been so glad that the new rooms come with soundproofing,” Camilo said hoarsely from next to her, exhausted from the sheer bewitchment that his vida had put him under. He gently wiped at her face and body, her thighs trembling from exertion as she did the same to him with a similarly damp rag from next to them. 

Mirabel merely smiled softly at him, finishing up the cleanup on his body rather quickly and tossing it into the laundry bin near the door. 

“You are... You’re a bruja ,” he grabbed her around the waist teasingly, rolling her underneath him as she let out a loud laugh. “That is the first and last time I will ever let you take charge, mi vida .

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that, tesoro,” she purred out, a wicked gleam in her eyes as she cuddled closer to him. Camilo swallowed involuntarily at the look on her face, and at that moment Mirabel knew she had a spot secured sometime in the future. “Maybe I need to start calling you that. You’ve had me under your spell the entire time.”

Camilo tapped her nose tauntingly. “Next time, you’ll be the one with restraints. That was torture.”

The pearly laugh that came from her was just as torturous.

“I think you rather liked it,” Mirabel’s grin was all mischief and play, body stretched out next to him like a rather sated feline. 

Huffing in faux offense, Camilo dramatically flung an arm over his face. He rolled over to pull her close to him, kissing the top of her head softly. “Sleep, mi vida,” he murmured, allowing his heavy-feeling eyes to groggily close as she curled into him.

It wouldn’t be the last time he let her take charge.


tesoro - treasure

mi tesoro precioso - my precious treasure

mi vida - my life