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Dancing Along

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Aiura Mikoto moves as though she is constantly energized. She lives, breathes, and just simply exists to the fullest of her ability.

Whereas Kusuo is a steady and constant flow, she is a fast and ever-turning river threatening to sweep him along head over heels if he lets his guard down.

The problem being… he kind of, almost wants her to.

He’s never met someone so… invigorating. Someone who’s alive the way she is. 

Dancing to her own tune, making it up as she goes along. 

She follows her own rules.

And, like a moth drawn to the flame, he’s pulled to her in a way he can’t explain. 

In a way that he hates at first, but slowly, oh so slowly, finds himself coming to accept. 

To appreciate.

Because she’s beautiful. 

Not in the head-turning, skin-deep beauty of Teruhashi Kokomi, but in the more electrifying beauty of a soul who knows its worth and lives up to it.

And- good grief- he thinks he might be falling in love.