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"You sure you wanna do this, dude?" You asked your (unfortunately) childhood friend as he was writing a letter, (he was writing it with a those fancy ass pens and you wondered where the fuck his broke ass got that from) for this 'Saiki dude', that you two (more like he) heard from a ghost.

"Yeah obviously! I want to know if this dude is legit and if he can help me," Reita said excitedly as he folded the letter and put it in mail of the poor psychics house. You roll your eyes as you have known Reita for a long time to know he would ask the psychic how to use his ability to get rich of it or something.

Toritsuka Reita is your best friend since you were 10, you first approached him since you somehow got lost and asked him to help you. He thought you were a ghost and cried about how young you were. You were wondering what the hell he was talking about and like any sympathetic kid, asked him if he was ok and patted his shoulder trying to comfort him.

The most ear splitting, headache inducing scream that little Reita let out was the worst moment to have ever happen in your life, no future events could ever top this. The worst day of your life but not for Reita, he has the date marked on his calendar to celebrate that day and your friendship every year.

"Welp he could be here any minute so we better leave now," You draped your arm around his shoulders dragging him away from the psychics home to look for a nearby grocery store, cause you missed dinner and you're fucking starving.

"But we have to hide until he comes back, where are we going?"

"No, dude, that's creepy as fuck. And as to where we're going," You jab a finger into his chest, "You are going to buy me food, ok?" You smirked as he protested at the statement. "You do realize you owe me for missing dinner, right?" He closes his eyes sighing in defeat.

After he bought the snacks you wanted, you both went back to the psychics house to check if he got the letter already. You were a few feet away acting like you didn't know the creepy guy rummaging through someone else's mail. You were shaking the doritos bag above you hoping for some more crumbs, Reita called out your name saying the letter isn't there.

"Ah, that's cool, so lets get back home and... What the fuck are you doing, you moron?!" Reita was ringing the doorbell before you could finish your sentence, he flinched as he looked at you apologetic. "Nope, you're dealing with this on your own, Holy King out," You made peace signs with both your hands walking backwards facing him, away from this pervert moron.

"H-Hey! You can't leave, you know i'll mess up. Also, we both know you're not holy either," You rolled your eyes as you turned around walking straight making your way home, which is a bit far from where you are. You sigh, i wonder if my friend is online on genshin...

-- -- --

The next day, your first day attending PK Academy, you are oh so excited for the new annoying people who are going to bother you and Reita since, obviously, he's going to tell everyone (the girls) that he can see ghosts. Reita begged you to transfer schools with him, the two of you are in Year 2 class 2, oh joy...

You, looking out the window as Reita was being surrounded by a group of students, were not so happy to be at school. You regret sitting next to Reita as it was getting annoying that these people's butt were on your face.

You groaned as you stood up walking away, before you could touch the sliding doors a pink haired kid with weird antennas and Green glasses shoved the door, startling you. "Master! Thanks for yesterday," Reita, having noticed the pink haired weirdo, made his way over to you two.

'Did he just fucking call him master?? what kind of kinky shit is this?!' The rather attractive pink haired boy, not that you're checking him out or anything (cough cough), gave you a look before dragging Reita to the boy's restroom.


Contemplating if you should follow them and break a posible fight that might leave Reita injured, that kid can obviously not fight, or be showered in disgusting affection by Reita if you manage to save him. Hmm... Nah, momma raised a well-behaved boy to mind their own business.

After waiting around in the halls for a while Reita comes back looking like he got caught by the bully on the first day of school, and the pink kid looking a bit irritated. Honestly can't blame him, Reita can be annoying.

You notice a girl passing by them as Reita seems like he just saw a god- Holy shit she IS a goddess. She walked past you winking, you cleared your throat avoiding eye contact.

You look back at Reita as the beautiful goddess walks away, he's annoying the pink head but before you could get close to hear them a group of girls surrounded them. "What the fu-"

“Ladies, ladies! I’ll get to all of you, one at a time.” Reita seems happy of all the attention. Making your way over to Reita while bumping into a few of the students who want to know their guardian spirits. He told two girls about their guardians, the first being a samurai and the second a royal lady of a European house, or somewhere with blond people. When a third girl asked for hers he started stuttering saying her guardian spirit is a bard from France, it looked like he was avoiding eye contact. Taking a mental note to ask him about it later, you are always curious about other people's Guardian Spirits and making fun of them.

A group of guys pushed past you asking Reita about their guardian spirits, he ignored them, obviously. You pushed past the guys and smacked the back of Reita's head, “Come on, what did i tell you?” He laughed nervously rubbing his head.

“Lets see now, old dude, old hag, old hag, really old hag, done.” He turned around going to another girl not caring about the guys.

“At least pretend to care!” You and the four guys yell at Reita.

Reita suddenly gasped when he saw a red head with his sleeves rolled up and- is he sweating? The temperatures not that hot. But he does have muscle and is really jacked, damn. Reita went over to him, "You're guardian spirit is incredible," That made the red head interested, "He's a passionate man. Tennis? He's full of energy, his name may be Matsu..."

Before he could finish, a light blue haired boy came over, with his hands in his pockets. Are those bandages? Is he injured? "Guardian spirit sounds dumb, still suppose it'd be rude not to hear you out. So tell me about mine or whatever, I don't really care." You didn't notice the music in the background. He definitely cares.

"Let's see, oh wow your guardian spirit is kind of abnormal." Reita seemed serious so that made you curious.

"So- what is it? Go on, tell me!" Bandages seems real excited for someone who 'doesn't care'.

"A chihuahua."

Reita said with such a deadpan expression pointing to Bandages, that that for real cracked you up and started laughing, almost falling while clutching your stomach.

"A-a chihuahua?!" The flustered look on banda- chihuahua made you laugh even harder. Chihuahua looked at you even more flustered and embarrassed.

Wiping a tear of your face you walked over to Chihuahua and said, "I haven't laughed that hard since Reita got absolutely humiliated by a girl he was trying to ask out. Thanks for the laugh, Chihuahua." You winked, making Chihuahua cover his face with his hands, you walked to class, ignoring Reita's cries of embarrassment.

Maybe it wont be so bad after all.