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Fill me with sweetness and cream

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It was by design that the only two TV gaming consoles in the household lived in Seto's and Mokuba's bedroom, respectively. Mokuba obviously had one for his exclusive personal use, though he sometimes invited Jounouchi to be his second player. As for the one in Seto's room, Jounouchi played it most often, but Seto kept the game library up-to-date.

It was a sound investment, as well as providing enrichment, so his dog didn't get too antsy when left alone. Something innocuous to lure Jounouchi to loiter in his room under the illusion of free will. It saved Seto from wasting his time and energy in tracking down his wayward pet after a long day.

An investment that continued to pay off in dividends today when he returned from a late evening meeting with Daimon and a few of his under-lieutenants to find Jounouchi enthralled with the brand new fighter brawler he picked up just days ago. The other boy was lying on the floor, a seating cushion wedged under his stomach. Seto lingered in the doorway, his gaze fixed on the swell of Jounouchi's ass and the flex of his thigh muscles visible through his loose sweatpants every time he idly swung or kicked his legs.

Jounouchi remained oblivious to his approach until Seto set his things on the table beside him. After pausing the game, Jounouchi twisted onto his side to greet Seto, flashing his belly button when his shirt rode up. "Hey, you're back. We already ate without you, by the way."

Seto reluctantly tore his gaze away from the other boy's navel. Jounouchi pinked and hastily tugged his shirt hem down again before he noticed the plain white pastry box on top of the table. When he rose on his hands and knees, Seto's attention gravitated back to his ass and legs.

"What's that?" asked Jounouchi.

"A classmate gave it to me," Seto lied through his teeth.

"What? Like a female classmate? And you took it?" Disbelief colored Jounouchi's words.

Seto smirked. "Why not? I do have a mutt with a bottomless pit at home. He'll eat whatever scraps I throw at him."

Jounouchi's hackles rose. "Fuck you."

He ignored the swear and went through his closet in search of a change of clothes. By the time he turned back, his impertinent pet had already opened the box to reveal the cream puff pastry within. Jounouchi eyed the sweet covetously. As he padded past the other boy, Seto reached down and ruffled his unruly hair.

"I'm going to bathe," he announced.

"Ya really don't want it?" Jounouchi called after him.

"No. I don't have much of a sweet tooth."

At least not for pastries. There was only one cream filling he was interested in tonight.

Per his plan, the cream puff was long gone by the time Seto returned from his evening bath. Crumbs littered the bottom of the empty container, and a fleck of cream was smeared on the far corner of Jounouchi's mouth. Not even the agile tongue that periodically darted out the side in concentration reached it. With his eyes still glued to his game, Jounouchi made a brief noise of acknowledgment when Seto took a seat beside him. He jabbed at the controller buttons as if that'd make him a better player.

"Dogs are such messy eaters," Seto admonished. Using his thumb, he collected the dollop and pushed it into his pet's mouth. Other than a faint noise of protest, Jounouchi dutifully licked his finger clean and gave several sucks before Seto finally withdrew. "That's better."

Now red in the tips of his ears, Jounouchi ignored him. Seto let him be for now. After retrieving his phone, he went through his emails, filing the ones that warranted longer responses for later and marking the less important as read until his inbox read zero. It was a task that only required a fraction of his attention, so he could keep one eye on the boy next to him. Every time Jounouchi shifted or squirmed sent a tingle of anticipation through his system. It should kick in any moment now, especially as sweat dampened Jounouchi's forehead.

Seto couldn't wait to see Jounouchi's reaction when it did.

Smiling, he tugged on Jounouchi's long sleeve. "You should take this off if you're getting hot."

Without even questioning it, Jounouchi shed the hoodie with a complaint. "Yeah, what's with the heat today?"

Seto hummed noncommittally, snaking a hand under Jounouchi's t-shirt to rest his palm flat across the small of his back. The action earned a full-body shudder, but Jounouchi stayed stubbornly fixated on his game.

"Lemme finish this part before you try anything funny," Jounouchi negotiated. "I'm so close to beating it. I can feel it."

Seto considered flat-out telling him no. But that'd likely sour the fun to come. He withdrew his hand and rested it in plain view atop the table. Jounouchi took that as a sign of his non-verbal agreement.

Jounouchi didn't get very far, though. Yet as the minutes ticked away, his face grew redder and redder, while his motions grew jerkier. His game character stumbled from one encounter to the next with less and less health. Soon, his entire body thrummed with restless, anxious energy as he died in-game several times in quick succession.

"Too hard for you?" Seto mocked. This time, he leaned close and spoke directly into Jounouchi's scarlet ear. He flicked his tongue across the shell. "Maybe you need a break before you become too frustrated."

Something akin to a whimper slipped out of Jounouchi's parted lips. On-screen, his character met yet another violent death. This time, Jounouchi didn't immediately reload the last checkpoint. Seto pried the controller from his pet's white-knuckled grasp and placed it aside.

One look at Jounouchi's wildly dilated eyes and his arousal-stricken expression sent Seto's blood rushing south. Wrestling Jounouchi to the floor, he spread his legs wide to expose the erection that now tented his sweatpants. A weak punch landed squarely on Seto's sternum when he settled between his quivering legs. Seto shrugged the half-hearted blow.

"Ya bastard!" Jounouchi groaned, his hips automatically bucking upward in search of friction. "Ya did something to that cream puff."

Seto chuckled. "Added an extra treat, especially for my pet. You should thank me."

He captured Jounouchi's flailing arms and pinned his wrists to the tatami mat. A high-pitched whine ripped out of the other boy when Seto ground their clothed groins together. They were both fully hard. No groping or foreplay even needed.


"If you insist."

The sweatpants came off in one fluid pull.


Jounouchi's body was on fire. He felt like he'd drunk lava. Heat congealed in his throat, rendering him unable to make any noises beyond choked moans. It seared his lungs and consumed the very oxygen he greedily gasped for with each panting breath. He couldn't stop sweating. Perspiration drenched his body, pooled in his armpits and navel, and dripped down his balls to his entrance. At this rate, even the inside of his ass was probably sweating.


That was the lube Kaiba was working and smearing inside his throbbing hole.

Unlike the time Kaiba roofied him—that night remained a blur, every detail felt painfully crisp and clear, branded into his brain matter. The warm weight of Kaiba's body trapping him against the floor. The heavy metal pulse of the video game's menu screen drumming against the inside of his skull. The needy noises pouring non-stop from his lips as he rutted against the delicious intrusion stretching his ass open. But instead of satisfaction, each stab of the kumicho's long fingers only whetted Jounouchi's hunger until it was sharp enough to cut.

It took him painfully long to gather the facilities to ask his question.

"What did ya feed me?"

"A mild aphrodisiac," Kaiba replied. His tone indicated there was nothing strange about his answer. As if he wasn't a fucking psycho for drugging Jounouchi. Again. "Shouldn't you worry more about what I'll feed this hole?"

Jounouchi moaned, and his ass squelched as it constricted around the third finger that Kaiba worked into him. Reflexively, he tightened his legs wrapped around the kumicho's waist, desperately humping Kaiba's hard cock. The added stretch of his rim drove him over the edge, and his orgasm exploded between their rutting groins and stomachs. He protested when Kaiba extracted himself, leaving Jounouchi's ass wet and empty and wanting.

The aphrodisiac was similar to roofies in one way: how it made Jounouchi too weak-limbed to resist Kaiba's manhandling. Here, it was his inability to stop Kaiba from unwinding his legs from his hips.

Jounouchi didn't want to let go of Kaiba, and this time, he knew exactly what he wanted. What he needed.

"Kaiba, fuck me," he begged. He both hated his weakness and reveled in being unable to resist. "Split me open on your dick."

"Clean up this mess you made first," Kaiba commanded sternly, pointing to Jounouchi's cum coating his erect cock.

Shaking, Jounouchi lowered himself onto his stomach, ignoring the sticky mess there to address the one on Kaiba. He ran his tongue over the hard dick, lapping at his own cum to taste the clean skin underneath. Before long, he was enthusiastically sucking on the entire shaft as the head breached his throat. He'd rather take Kaiba's cock in his ass, but the hand on the nape of his neck clinched him in place. With drool dribbling down his chin and neck, he whined pitifully around the flesh.

"Who's a good, eager cocksucker?" cooed Kaiba, rolling his hips to the rhythm of Jounouchi's sucking.

Jounouchi moaned. He was, and he loved sucking Kaiba's.

Kaiba's hand drifted north, knotting his fingers in Jounouchi's hair. A soft tug on the strands finally gave him the permission he needed to release Kaiba's cock. He did so reluctantly.

Kaiba tutted as he swiped his other thumb across Jounouchi's spit-slicked lips. "Like I said earlier, messy eater. But you can't help slobbering everywhere, can you?"

Jounouchi shook his head, nudging his skull more firmly against Kaiba's grip. He didn't even bother closing his panting mouth. A waste of energy if Kaiba wanted him to continue blowing him. He almost cried in relief when Kaiba shoved him onto his back instead, pushing one leg out as he hooked the other one over his shoulder. The positioning stretched him wide open, allowing Kaiba's cock to slide into him with one smooth thrust.

"Yes," Jounouchi slurred. He convulsed around Kaiba's dick, relishing how its girth stretched him. "So good. Kaiba. Kaibaaaaa."

A breathy laugh sounded above him. "You're so needy. Always ready to spread your legs for me."

Jounouchi nodded vigorously. He clung to the other boy's forearms, hoping to draw him close. "Need more. Gimme more. Plow me. Fill me with your hot cum."

A shudder wracked through Kaiba. "A reward for my pet then, since he begs this prettily."

A lusty, triumphant moan tore out of Jounouchi as Kaiba bent forward, bracing his hands on his splayed legs, and began to move. He bucked and arched up to meet every thrust, addicted to the cock's slick but rough glide. Each rub against Jounouchi's aching walls made him want more. Harder. Rougher. Until the inside of his ass burned as much as the rest of his body. It didn't hurt, though. Few things could hurt as much as being without Kaiba's cock.


The aphrodisiac worked even better than expected. Jounouchi was so deliciously responsive that Seto could hardly contain himself.

Everything from the lightest touch to the filthiest whispers made his dog whine and cling. Scrambling hands flung around his arms and shoulders. Trembling legs wrapped around his waist. His slippery ass hugging and squeezing his cock. The world could end, and Jounouchi would still cling to him.

Jounouchi climaxed for a third time. Thick jets of cum splattered across his filthy and quivering stomach.

Seto bit back a groan. His pet was incredibly sensitive, too. He brushed aside Jounouchi's damp bangs to drink in his glassy-eyed expression. The simple touch set off another string of sweet, breathless pleas.

"Look at you," he muttered, working to keep his voice steady. "My well-trained bitch, coming just from having your ass fucked. Your cock hasn't even been touched."

Jounouchi keened wordlessly. His entire body shuddered as he clenched even tighter around Seto's cock. In return, Seto sank his teeth into Jounouchi's neck, eliciting more guttural sounds and shivers from the body beneath him. What a sweet, addictive heat. His own rhythm was falling apart. It was increasingly difficult to hold his own orgasm at bay when Jounouchi felt this incredible.

Despite his nearly incoherent state, Jounouchi sensed this. He arched his back and dug his fingers into Seto's hair. "Want your cum. Feed me a big, hot load and breed me. Breed me."

Seto slammed inside one last time and emptied himself into Jounouchi's boneless body. The other boy writhed, producing such drawn-out and pleased sounds that Seto wondered if he'd come again. The begging started anew as soon as Seto peeled free. As always when given the chance, he took a moment to admire Jounouchi's glistening, winking hole. Nothing was better than making a cream pie inside his pet.

He groped for his phone and snapped several photos of the cute pink pucker and the thick white globules oozing from it. Before images to compare to later—after Seto had fucked him until he was red and gaping. Jounouchi didn't close his legs, but the noises he made became increasingly urgent.

After a beat, he shushed his pet. "Quit whining, unless you want the entire house to hear you."

"But Kaiba," Jounouchi protested, albeit more quietly. "Don't stop."

"Still not satisfied?" he purred. "I've bred you, as requested."

"Noooo," Jounouchi moaned, pawing at any and every part of Seto he could reach. "Want more. It felt so good, and it hurts without you. Wanna cum again."

Jounouchi didn't fight him as he drew him into his lap and shoved two fingers into his leaking hole. It greedily swallowed the intrusion, trying to suck the digits as deep as possible. He pumped his hands several times, encouraging the cum to flow and drip out. The puffy rim contracted in a vain effort to defy the stretch of Seto's fingers.

"Stop! Not like that! I wanna be full."

Jounouchi's petulance was downright adorable. Seto shouldn't allow that from him on principle, but it was so delightfully brazen and novel. Even his pushiness, an unforeseen effect of his heightened libido, was more cute than annoying.

"Full of what?" Seto asked as he withdrew his fingers.

Jounouchi dug his nails into Seto's shoulders, almost to the point of breaking skin. Seto would punish him later for that. Until then, he clasped Jounouchi's chin and forced the boy to meet his gaze.

Jounouchi still maintained enough presence of mind to glare at him. "Y'know what."

"Use your words," said Seto patronizingly.

"Stuffed full with your cock and cum."

"That's a good boy." He gripped Jounouchi's sticky hips and lined his hole up to his cock again.

Jounouchi threw his head back, hastily lowering himself as soon as he felt the tip spread his entrance open. His face screwed in a momentary show of confusion before he looked at Seto with rounded eyes. "Yer still hard."

Seto impaled his befuddled pet with the entire length of his erect cock. A slow smirk spread across his lips. "You're not the only one who took something. I intend to make use of you for the entire night."

Jounouchi's eyes widened. A touch of fear strained the corners, but the more prevailing emotion seemed to be delight. Jounouchi licked his lips hungrily, vibrating with excitement. After an experimental and enthusiastic wiggle of his hips, he started bouncing up and down on Seto's cock, moaning unabashedly. Pleased, Seto sat back and let his pet do the work for once.


Jounouchi had long lost count of their orgasms, though Jounouchi's outnumbered Kaiba's by a healthy margin. All that mattered was that Kaiba continued to fuck him. Every second without something of Kaiba's—his cock or his fingers—inside him was pure torture. Layers of dried semen coated his stomach while his inner thighs remained slippery and damp. Lube and cum and more lube sloshed inside him with every breath. Every piston of Kaiba's delicious, rock-hard dick. He would've been embarrassed by his messy, wanton state if he could think beyond his desperate need to feel full.

After the third or fourth round (again, who was keeping count anymore?), they collapsed into bed in one sweaty tangle. Kaiba's cock had gone soft inside him, but Jounouchi disliked the idea of being without. Even if it was limp, the organ prevented everything accumulated inside him from escaping soon. So despite his self-consciousness, he burrowed his face into Kaiba's neck and hoped that the kumicho didn't dislodge him.

Under him, Kaiba's chest quaked with amusement. Long fingers combed through Jounouchi's sweat-matted hair. "Do you want to be my cock warmer, too?"

Jounouchi squeezed his thighs still braced around Kaiba's hips. He hoped that was answer enough without having to debase himself further.

Cock warmer. Cum dumpster. Jounouchi wanted to be both at once if it meant he'd stay warm and full.

"Do you best," laughed Kaiba while patting his head.

Not caring if Kaiba punished him later, Jounouchi bit the kumicho's collar in retaliation.

It wasn't the most comfortable position to sleep in—curled on top of another body, aching legs spread wide enough to expose his asshole, but not so wide that Kaiba slipped right out. But after multiple rounds, the howling hunger that ravaged Jounouchi for much of that time finally calmed. That combined with physical fatigue lulled Jounouchi into a light but much-needed sleep.

Unfortunately, that same itch and stabbing need woke Jounouchi from his slumber later. He cast a bleary glance toward the clock on Kaiba's nightstand. Past three in the morning. Shit, he'd hoped that whatever aphrodisiac Kaiba laced him with would've worked its way through his system by now.

Every muscle in his body ached, but that pain didn't hold a candle to the hollowness present inside him. It throbbed like an open wound. Jounouchi feared he'd bleed out if he didn't find a way to plug it.

Predictably, Kaiba's cock had slipped free from his ass. Cum and lube had trickled down around his balls, leaving a tacky mess on his scrotum. Biting his lips, Jounouchi reached behind and prodded his asshole. His rim felt swollen and obscenely loose. When he inserted his fingers, a fever ignited in his body. Within seconds, he was panting like a bitch in heat again, while his dick hardened against Kaiba's pelvis. But no matter how many fingers he fed his gluttonous hole, nothing seemed to satisfy it.

Carefully, he slid lower on Kaiba's body to saddle his thighs. In the dark, he could barely make out the soft swell of Kaiba's flaccid penis. Jounouchi gently caressed Kaiba's crotch, hoping for an immediate reaction.

No such luck.

Kaiba slept on, limp and unaware of Jounouchi's predicament.

But when he started stroking Kaiba's dick, the sleeping boy twitched several times before finally stirring. Freezing, Jounouchi's heart leaped into his throat when Kaiba lifted his head in his direction.

Kaiba's voice was gravelly with sleep when he spoke. "Go on. You obviously have something in mind."

But no matter how much he rubbed and stroked, Kaiba never got more than half-hard. Then he must have pulled too roughly, because Kaiba hissed in pain, sat up, and slapped his hands away. His face burned with thwarted humiliation when the bedside lamp flicked on. At least the kumicho didn't push him away when he climbed into his lap and rubbed their cocks together, partly as an apology but mostly as an act of desperation.

"Why ain't you hard?" Jounouchi growled. Frottage took the slightest edge off his need. Only one thing could satisfy him now.

"Because only one of us is a bitch gone into heat."

"Not fucking fair. Why am I still so horny?" Jounouchi demanded, fighting tears of frustration and betrayal. He was going to die if he couldn't get rid of this emptiness soon. "You said you took some too. So get hard already. Get hard so I can fuck you again."

Kaiba fed two fingers into his mouth, and he diligently sucked them.

"No, you took the aphrodisiac. Mine was a little blue pill."

Indignantly, Jounouchi glared at the kumicho. Viagra?

Kaiba continued, unconcerned. "It must've worn off. Unlike yours."

Not willing to give up, Jounouchi released Kaiba's fingers from his mouth. Instead, he licked the length of each digit from top to bottom to top again so he could suck on their tips. Entirely demeaning and obscene. But it was the perfect mix that made Jounouchi's head spin and Kaiba's eyes darken.

After more than a year of warming Kaiba's bed, Jounouchi knew his preferences and kinks as well as his own. Had come to enjoy most of them as his own. Now he could leverage that knowledge to his advantage. As he rubbed himself against Kaiba's torso and cock, he pleaded for Kaiba to breed him. To fill him with so much cum until he was ready to burst. He whined about his desire to feel Kaiba's load dripping out of his abused hole for the coming hours and days between instances of suckling at his fingers.

Professed a need for Kaiba to own him wholly and completely as no one else ever could.

It worked too.

As soon as Kaiba became hard enough, Jounouchi sank onto the shaft with a lewd whimper. Either he was completely fucked loose or Kaiba really was worn out. He could barely feel Kaiba inside him. Still, he tried his best, desperately riding Kaiba's cock even though it did little more than scratch the yawning itch inside him. A tiny band-aid to stem the gushing wound of his need. It was as if he was drowning in saltwater. Each briny gulp made him thirstier.

"'S not enough," he cried, arms flung around Kaiba's neck and face buried in the crook of his shoulder.

Kaiba stroked his hair. "My poor pet. I've never seen you this desperate and frustrated."

He beat a fist against the headboard behind Kaiba. "Do something! This is your fault. Make it stop. Make it better."

Under any other circumstance, he'd never be allowed to talk to Kaiba like that. If he wasn't out of his mind with lust, his stomach would've sunk in fear after his outburst. But the kumicho had chosen to indulge him tonight. Instead, Kaiba gripped Jounouchi's erection. It took less than a handful of strokes before Jounouchi came, crying against Kaiba's shoulder. His entire body convulsed as his orgasm punched the air from his lungs. This time hurt. He didn't even have much to spill either.

"There. Better?" asked Kaiba. His smug tone suggested he already knew the answer.

Tears streaked Jounouchi's heated cheeks. His ass clenched furiously around Kaiba's cock. He likely couldn't even get hard again, even if he wanted to.

Humiliation and want crushed his chest with equal weight. No matter how much his hole and muscles burned, that still wasn't enough. Not by a long shot.


Whatever lucidity Jounouchi previously possessed had flown out the window. His pet was now reduced to nothing more than a mewling mess of overstimulated nerves and delirious need. The dildo that Seto dug out of the toy chest was on the girthy side, featuring prominent veins that were guaranteed to rub Jounouchi's inner walls raw. It was the sort of toy that ideally took careful and lengthy prep before insertion. But Jounouchi didn't have that patience and had impaled himself on the phallus mounted on the low table's corner after one quick coat of lube.

Seto reached out and twisted one of Jounouchi's swollen nipples. "When I called you a bottomless pit earlier, I meant your stomach."

Words were beyond Jounouchi. His pet swayed unsteadily, caught between the opposing desires to ride the dildo and arch into Seto's touch. In the end, he uttered a faint whine, sitting back on his haunches to continue fucking himself. Every bounce of his body caused the furniture to shake and rattle against the floor. He'd expected Jounouchi to stop after his last painfully hard-won dry orgasm, which happened within the first ten minutes of mounting the formidable dildo. Though Jounouchi was clearly exhausted and wrung out, he was also incapable of slowing or stopping. Once again, Seto doubted his tenacious pet would do either for even the apocalypse.

Taking pity on his pet's miserable state, Seto moved within arm's reach, even though Jounouchi couldn't let go of the table without tipping it over. He skated his fingers up and down Jounouchi's trembling body, playing with his perky nipples, tickling his ribs, and grazing his overstimulated cock as it flopped around.

Jounouchi was positively filthy, stained with sweat and lube and the crusting remains of their many orgasms. His eyes were glassy, giving the distinct impression there was nobody home.

And he'd never looked better.

Seto couldn't resist palming his own arousal. "But let's not lie to ourselves. You were born a greedy cock slut."

Jounouchi whimpered.

"Tell me. Do you prefer this fat toy?"

He panted uselessly, tongue lolling out of his mouth. His thigh quivered when he rose off the toy, and his abdominal muscles rippled before he slammed himself down on it again.

Seto smirked. "You must love it. You can't stop riding it, even though you're edging yourself at this point."

After two gulping gasps, Jounouchi opened his mouth to reply, but Seto chose that very moment to push his pet flush to the dildo's base, squashing Jounouchi's testicles against the fake balls. Wetness leaked from the corner of his wide eyes, rolling down his clammy cheeks in big, fat tears. For Seto, the sight of Jounouchi silently sobbing worked more effectively than Viagra or any aphrodisiac. Few things were more arousing than his pet's entire body spasming, completely overwhelmed by his ass being mercilessly stretched and plundered—pushed to his very limits.

"Does it fill you enough? Is it everything you wanted? It never gets soft. It can keep fucking you even when you're nothing more than a gaping hole." He wiggled Jounouchi's hips, ensuring the dildo's head stabbed impossibly deep into his pet and stirred his oversensitive insides. "Maybe I should break out one of the squirting dildos next? You'll let anything breed you."

The move punctured Jounouchi's cock-dumb silence, and the words poured out of the boy. "No more toys. I want you. I want your dick. I want your cum. No one else can breed me. Please. Oh my god, please breed me."

If Seto wasn't already hard, Jounouchi's shameless admission would've done it. He roughly yanked his pet off the toy, tearing another wretched sob from him at the same time. After another shove in the bed's direction, Jounouchi collapsed on the mattress in a heap, but Seto was on top of him in seconds. He writhed as Seto hilted his cock in one savage punch.

"No, too much!"

But his tune and the tenor of his begging quickly changed after another few thrusts. His dog really was defenseless against a good, hard fuck.

"That's it. Be a good, obedient dog. No one else can give you what you need."

Jounouchi's movements were sluggish, and his limbs heavy. Yet he still tried his best to wiggle and match Seto's rhythm. Unfortunately, his ass was also nowhere near as tight as when they started. In its current state, Seto could probably fit an entire finger alongside his cock. But as entertaining as that idea was, it wasn't what he was currently after.

"Tighten up," Seto ordered. "What use's a loose saggy hole?"

Jounouchi tried but only managed a few feeble squeezes. Seto pulled out. His pet called for him, an insistent whine rumbling from deep in his chest as he chanted "sorry" repeatedly.

"This should help," Seto said soothingly and retrieved the other lube from the nightstand drawer. He pressed the bottle's mouth into Jounouchi and squirted the gel directly into his ass.

Turning red from his face to his chest, Jounouchi made a pitiful sound in response. But within seconds, he started squirming. "It's hot."

When Seto sank back into his pet, he didn't stifle his groans. The warming lubricant worked wonders. Jounouchi already felt so much hotter and tighter around his cock.

"Burns," Jounouchi sobbed when he moved again.

Seto didn't slow, knowing that every thrust he made into his pet spread the lube. Instead, he twisted Jounouchi's nipples to offer a sharp counterpoint to the ache that must be building inside him. Jounouchi clamped around on his dick, howling from both sensations.

"That's more like it," Seto groaned.

"Too hot!" Jounouchi whined. His thighs squeezed weakly around Kaiba's waist. It was unclear if it was done in protest or the result of ecstasy.

"You're a bitch. You're in heat," he replied matter-of-factly. With a wicked smile, he rubbed his hands across Jounouchi's heaving torso, continuing to tweak and play with his nipples until they were sore. "It's why you're dying to be bred. You'll feel better afterward. Unless you want me to stop," he offered, even though he had no intention of doing so.

Not that Jounouchi ever refused him anymore.

"Don't stop," Jounouchi demanded brokenly underneath him. His angry red hole rippled and spasmed in turns as each push of Seto's cock displaced the mess of cum and lube inside him, forcing drops out of the loosened orifice to catch on his rim and splatter the sheets. "Put more cum into me. Make me big and round with it."

Seto barely stopped himself from cumming then and there. Growling, he rearranged his grip on his pet's thighs, nearly folding him in half. "More? You're already stuffed with more cream than the treat you devoured so greedily. Guess it's true what they say, you are what you eat. And you make one sweet, delectable cream puff, Jounouchi." He laughed as his pet whined, mouth agape and drooling.

Hands clawed at the bedsheets for purchase. Jounouchi's entire body vibrated with a painful-looking tension. "Yes. Yes. Cream me. Cream my hole good. Kaiba. Kaiba. Please. Please. Please."

Seto rewarded his cum-drunk dog's pretty and shameless pleas with more well-aimed jabs, grounding harshly against Jounouchi's ass to ensure he felt every centimeter of Seto's cock driving into him. To his delight, his pet positively squealed when he rammed against his abused prostate.

He reached around Jounouchi's trembling legs to palm his quivering stomach. Once upon a time, Jounouchi balked at the demeaning belly rubs. Now he rolled and arched into them needier than an affection-starved animal. Seto felt himself harden even more as he recalled the transformation his pet had undergone thus far—going from ribs-visibly thin to plump. Jounouchi was still soft in his middle, but there was a new firmness there and trimness to his waist from regular gym days.

Seto couldn't help but wonder about more anatomically impossible changes. "You're lucky you can't get pregnant. Any other bitch would be after the sheer amount of the cum I've pumped into you tonight."

Jounouchi keened. His inner muscles convulsed and pulsed to massage Seto's cock so snug and deliciously.

Excitedly, Seto pressed his pet's limp body deeper into the mattress until Jounouchi's ass was nearly vertical in the air and his feet spasming next to his head. It only made Jounouchi tighter. "Seems like you'd like that. To be bred like a proper bitch with a litter inside you."

Bobbing between his legs, Jounouchi's erection was an angry red. Every rock of Seto's hips forced another dribble of pre-cum to ooze from his slit. His head rolled back and forth, sweat-soaked hair splayed as limply as the rest of his overstimulated body. Seto knew he wasn't likely to get any coherent response from his pet at this point.

Between the aphrodisiac and the hours of exhaustive fucking, Jounouchi was far too gone.

But few things delighted Seto more than pushing his pet to new highs and lows. Jounouchi's body always betrayed what he claimed to not want with his mouth or words.

"All you'd need to do is lie here while I keep pumping cum into you day after day. You'd never be rounder or fuller than that."

"Kaiba aaaah! Cum. Cumminggg!"

When Jounouchi came, his cum ran so thin and clear that it could be mistaken for water. Seto rubbed his fingers through the small puddle.

The incessant and high-pitched keening also ended abruptly. Seto manipulated the limp Jounouchi flat on his back to peer at his face, his eyes closed and brows no longer furrowed with tension. He didn't even twitch when Seto pressed a cum-slicked thumb to the corner of his mouth, meeting no resistance as his digit drove past the slackened lips. Nor did he beg or protest when Seto rocked his hips to give a few vicious jabs. Jounouchi jostled like a rag-doll, completely unresponsive save for the steady rise and fall of his chest.

Literally fucked and milked dry until he passed out from exhaustion.

Despite his own fatigue, Kaiba pushed through, fucking Jounouchi's sloppy hole, which occasionally spasmed and tightened through no conscious effort of its owner. It wouldn't do for his pet to wake up dry and unfulfilled later. While Seto preferred being privy to Jounouchi's every reaction, the idea that, even when unconscious, Jounouchi's body was his to use carried him to his climax.

"You'll always be mine," he cooed to his unconscious pet when he finally found his release. "My sweet pet."

Jounouchi wasn't awake to argue otherwise.


Seto was unwillingly awoken by the mattress jostling. Lifting his weary head, he caught sight of Jounouchi stealing a yukata before limping out of the bedroom. After checking his alarm clock and seeing it was only six, Seto tugged the covers to his neck and drifted off again.

The next time it was the soft snick of his door shutting that pulled him from his sleep. The time was almost 6:45. Jounouchi flopped back into the bed with even less grace than with which he left.

"What were you doing?"

Jounouchi's response was muffled by the pillow he'd buried his face in. "Pissing."

"For 45 minutes?"

"No. That was because my legs gave out afterward and I couldn't move."

Unable to resist, Seto snuck a hand under the yukata and pinched Jounouchi's buttock. The other boy jolted as if he'd been electrocuted.

"Oh god, if you wanna screw more, kill me instead," Jounouchi groaned unhappily. "Shit, everything hurts like hell. I think the knots in my back have knots of their own."

Frowning, Seto shuffled closer to the other body. "I'm not into necrophilia," he informed Jounouchi.


"I thought you said everything hurt. Although I can see why your asshole's especially sore."

Jounouchi lifted his head high enough to pin him with a fierce glower. "I hope your dick falls off."

"You act as if that's not terribly inconvenient for you." Seto grasped Jounouchi's hips, turning him on his side to slide his hand around to fondle him through the yukata. When Jounouchi's ass bumped his crotch, Seto flinched. It seemed he was also extremely sore. Instead, he trapped Jounouchi to his chest and nipped at his pet's earlobe. "Don't pout. Didn't you enjoy your birthday treat?"

Jounouchi froze in his arms. "Wait, how did you know it was my birthday?"

He rolled his eyes and turned the other boy to face him. "Why wouldn't I? I know everything else about you." He flashed a sharp grin before latching his teeth into Jounouchi's throat. His pet was already black and blue from his attention, but Seto couldn't resist adding to the canvas.

Jounouchi squirmed, taking deep, shuddering breaths. "And you thought drugging me made a good present? Next time, get me a card. Or a gold Rolex."

Seto paused to review last night's events. "That was a fairly standard birthday celebration, wasn't it? I fed you. You played your new game. Then we had sex. The aphrodisiac helped with that last part. Didn't you come plenty because of it?"

When Jounouchi made no snappy comeback, he looked up into the other boy's stunned expression. He furrowed his brows. Was he wrong? Last night met conventional standards. If you discounted the drug use. But it wasn't Seto's fault if most people lacked the imagination, resources, or guts to break the law.

Jounouchi broke eye contact first. His gaze darted to somewhere behind Seto as he mumbled, "That sounds more like a gift ya gave to yourself."

Seto ignored the petulant complaint. Jounouchi would be less sore about it soon. Not too quickly, though, if he chafed anywhere as badly as Seto did. The momentary spike in discomfort prompted him to re-evaluate.

Maybe he'd miscalculated—the aphrodisiac, the dosage, the extent to which Jounouchi reacted to both. And how angry he'd be after the fact.

But when Jounouchi hesitantly nudged against his side, Seto decided no. His intention was to spoil his pet, and that was exactly what happened.

"I still hope your dick falls off," Jounouchi repeated, but there was no venom—no bite to his words.

Lips twitching, Seto maneuvered the other boy onto his back as he rolled to face him again. Then, very deliberately, he ran his hand down Jounouchi's front, stroking all his known sensitive and erogenous zones briefly before reaching his crotch. Seto groped him until he felt familiar, telltale shudders, before slipping under the yukata to cup and roll Jounouchi's balls. A pinch to the scrotum made Jounouchi yelp and squirm, but his pet didn't otherwise protest as his fingers drifted backward, grazing his perineum lightly to prod at his asshole. Slowly, Seto slipped a fingertip in. Jounouchi's inside remained as soft and as welcoming as the previous night.

"See? You don't mean that at all," chuckled Seto. "Didn't you have fun? Didn't you enjoy coming again and again?"

His only responses were full-bodied tremors and Jounouchi grounding his ass down until Seto's knuckle eased past his entrance.

Seto peeled away briefly for the lube and returned with newly slicked fingers to find Jounouchi had hiked up the yukata's ends to expose his bare thighs and hairless crotch. His cock was still only half-hard, but the moist head was dripping for more attention.

"Haven't you had enough?" Jounouchi finally panted when Seto edged two fingers into his ass. The hammer of desire struck his voice so hard that it threatened to crack. He canted toward Kaiba, pushing his twitching hips against Seto's own growing arousal pressed against his side.

"Have you?" Seto challenged in return, crooking his fingers inside his pet to unleash a breathy moan. With his other hand, he reached up and stroked his pet's bedraggled hair, enjoying the blissful sounds and expressions he made.

For both of them, the answer appeared to be no.