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Trapped Within

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   Jughead had just walked into Southside High and was about to walk up to Toni when everything around them went mad and the doors were crashing open to let in Sheriff Keller, a bunch of his deputies, and Mayor McCoy. Before he could get his head around what was happening Jughead was being slammed face first into the lockers and his hands were being cuffed behind his back, before he was jerked upright again. 
   Once that was done he watched helplessly as the same thing happened to Sweet Pea, Fangs, Toni, and a bunch of other Serpents that he didn’t know yet before they were all dragged out of the building. Just as he was being pulled away he saw Archie out of the corner of his eye and wondered what his “friend” was even doing there in the first place. 
    As soon as they were out of the building he, Sweet Pea, and Fangs were shoved into one police van while he saw Toni being ushered into another one with the other female members. Once the van doors closed Jughead shifted uncomfortably since with his hands cuffed he couldn’t use his normal habits for dealing with his anxiety which caused him to start bouncing his leg anxiously, which in turn had Sweet Pea snapping at him. 
“Knock it off Jones, You’re acting like you’ve never been arrested or something.” 
    At that Jughead frowned because other than the thing when he was eight and when he’d been questioned about Jason he hadn’t actually been arrested before and he’d never been handcuffed before, which was throwing off his sense of equilibrium. 
“I haven’t been, I mean I got in trouble for accidentally setting a fire at Riverdale Elementary when I was eight, and I got questioned during the whole Jason Blossom thing, but I’ve never actually been arrested before.” 
    Upon hearing all of that Sweet Pea sighed heavily before moving his cuffed hands as much as he could to squeeze Jughead’s reassuringly as he spoke. 
“It’s okay Jones, juvie is definitely no joke, but you’re a Serpent now; for real so we’ve got you.” 
   Jughead heaved a sigh of relief at that before speaking up again. 
“Thanks, I guess. As long as I have you guys and my beanie I’ll manage, though I’m not gonna lie, I’m really scared.” 
    At that Sweet Pea sighed heavily once again before speaking. 
“Yeah, well like I said you have us, but they’re definitely not gonna let you keep your beanie; What’s the deal with that thing anyway?” 
    At the question Jughead sighed heavily because he wasn’t ready to tell someone that he still didn’t really know about the significance of his iconic accessory.  
“I’m not gonna get into that right now. I need to think and try to mentally prepare for what’s coming.” 
   At that Sweet Pea laughed dryly because there wasn’t a lot anyone could do to prepare for the hell that was juvenile detention, so instead of speaking again the boys lapsed into silence for the rest of the drive to Leopold and Love, knowing that once they got there things were going to get harder. 
   Before Jughead could think about what to do next the van was stopping, the doors were being opened, and the boys were being pulled out into the processing yard at Leopold and Loeb. When that happened Jughead was shocked to see Reggie Mantle standing with a bunch of other boys as they were forced to line up and go through the process of handing over their personal items. 
   After emptying his pockets, removing his suspenders, his Serpent jacket and his flannel, and setting those things in the bin he’d been given Jughead’s hands shook as he reached up to take off his beanie which he reluctantly set in the bin with his other things. Once that was done and they were all in their prison sweats the head guard Captain Golightly walked over and spoke to Jughead. 
“Jones, the warden wants to see you.” 
    Jughead sighed heavily before glancing one last time at Sweet Pea, Fangs, and even Reggie before following the captain into the wardens office. As the captain left and shut the door the warden spoke; as he looked over Jughead’s file that had been sent over by McCoy and Sheriff Keller along with the others. 
“Forsythe Pendleton Jones the third, more commonly known as Jughead, born and raised on the Southside of Riverdale, parents Forsythe Pendleton Jones Junior or FP and Gladys Jones née Roberts, sister Forsythia Penelope Jones or Jellybean. At age eight you almost burned down Riverdale Elementary.” 
   Before continuing Norton took a deep breath and studied Jughead over the top of the file. 
“Apparently your father is also in prison. I can tell not just from this profile, but also from looking at you that you’re going to be a handful. So what you say to my next offer will directly impact how easy or hard things will go on you from here on out. Please lock the door.” 
  Jughead looked at him with a lot of questions in his eyes but listened. 
“You’re going to be my new sex slave; I had to kill the last one because he kept giving me a hard time, by trying to escape even after saying yes, but I can tell that you are a smart boy Mr. Jones so I-.” 
   Jughead choked out a response to that as he cut the man off. 
“Oh God, Why would I ever agree to something like that?” 
   Warden Norton smiled gently at that, even though Jughead could see that there wasn’t any gentleness in the man’s eyes as he spoke his next words. 
“Because, if you don’t than I will choose from one of your three friends that arrived with you today. Either Daniel Li, commonly known as Sweet Pea or Jackson ‘Fangs’ Fogarty from Southside High or Reginald ‘Reggie’ Mantle from Riverdale High. It’s your choice but make it quick because I’m not a patient man.”  
    Jughead trembled at those words because while he had just learned his new friends real names he couldn’t imagine Sweet Pea or Fangs being used like that, and even though he and Reggie didn’t really get along he couldn’t knowingly subject the guy to being used like that, because nobody; not even a neanderthal like bully deserved to be used and abused like that. 
“No, please! Please don’t hurt them!” 
     Norton smiled at that as he spoke, because he’d had a feeling when he’d picked Jughead that he was the kind of person who would sacrifice his own well being for the safety of others; in fact that feeling had been exactly why he’d picked him in the first place. 
“Than I take it that we have a deal?” 
    Jughead whimpered as he slowly nodded yes because as much as he didn’t want his friends to get hurt, this wasn’t how he wanted to lose his virginity, he’d been saving it for Betty, for when they both felt ready, but now that choice had been taken away from him, at the motion Norton spoke again. 
“Very good, that’s what I thought you’d do. Now strip, because we’re starting right now.” 
    Jughead shook the whole time as he stripped while Norton was doing the same, until they were both naked. Once that was done Norton cleared his desk and spoke up. 
“Get on the desk, and lay on your back.” 
    At those words Jughead slowly walked over and did as he was told. Once there he whined as Norton started lapping at his cock, tonguing it from the leaking tip to the quivering base. Norton wrapped his mouth around the pink head of the boys cock, scraping the underside of the tip with his teeth pressed against his tightening balls. He lapped at it, and sucked on it in dozens of different ways that had stars dancing behind Jughead’s closed eyes as he begged for his Daddy to magically appear and get him out of this nightmare. 
“Please Daddy, come save me.” 
    Soon he came so forcefully that it was like the world around him had stilled and gone white. He grunted helplessly, as streams of his cum shot from his slit and onto Norton’s face and his own quivering stomach. When that happened Jughead laid there gasping, with one arm thrown over his face, feeling as if every bone in his body had vanished.
   As he laid there dizzy and weak he let out a pained scream as Norton grabbed his hips and started thrusting slowly at first. It felt like it was going on forever as the older man thrusted in and out of him with increasing force and violence as his knot grew, until finally he forced his fully formed knot into Jughead’s barely open hole, stretching him open and filling him up by force alone.
   When Norton finally released stream after stream of cum deep inside of him it burned and flooded into him, filling him up to brimming, and spilling out of him onto the desk, and dripping down his legs and onto the floor along with his blood when that happened Norton finally pulled out causing even more blood and cum to spill out of him, leaving him sprawled out on the desk he redressed before crossing the room to retrieve Jughead’s clothes before throwing them at him as he spoke. 
“Get dressed, we’ll be doing this again soon but for now Golightly will take you back to your friends. However if you say anything about what’s happening than not only will I have your friends killed, but I’ll make a call to ShankShaw and have your father killed.” 
    At those words Jughead felt tears streaming down his face as he finished redressing and soon Golightly was walking back into the room to escort him back to the prison yard and his friends. Twenty minutes later Jughead was led out to the prison yard and when he got there he took a shaky breath before walking over to join his friends and the other Serpents. When he walked up to the table Sweet Pea was the first to spot him and speak up when he saw how pale his Serpent Prince was and the way he was holding himself that was setting off alarms in Sweet Pea’s head. 
“Hey Jones, Are you okay? What did the warden want?” 
    At the questions Jughead took a shaky breath before sitting down and speaking up despite the pain vibrating through his body. 
“I’m okay, just a bit on edge. He just wanted to flex and show how much power he had over us. He basically gave me a rundown of my own records to show how much he knew about all of us including telling me your and Fangs’ real names.” 
   When he heard that Sweet Pea sighed heavily before speaking because he’d been here before so he knew exactly how twisted Norton was, and that there was definitely a lot more going on than Jones was saying, but for now he’d let things go and wait until Jughead was ready to talk. So instead of addressing his real concerns he went with commenting on the fact that Jughead apparently now knew his and Fogarty’s real names.  
“Well we’re here for you no matter what, but I’m telling you right now that if you even think about using my real name than I’ll probably end up punching you, since the only one that calls me that is my dick of a Dad. Even my Mom doesn’t call me that since she’s the one that came up with my nickname.” 
   Fangs spoke up at that. 
“I’m with you on that because while we’re definitely here for you and I don’t have as much of a problem with my real name, the only people that are actually allowed to call me that are my Mom, my Nana, and maybe my sisters otherwise Y’know just don’t.” 
   Jughead finally managed to speak again. 
“Yeah I get it, after all I have the same name as my Dad and technically my sister and none of us actually use it so we’re good. So when do we eat?” 
    At that question Sweet Pea laughed because he may not know Jughead well yet but he did know that the kid was always hungry. 
“Don’t worry Jones, we’ll be getting called for dinner soon but before we do I should tell you that they assigned Mantle as your cell mate so unfortunately you’re gonna be stuck dealing with him in private.” 
   When he heard that Jughead sighed heavily before speaking. 
“Good because I haven’t eaten since before we got dragged to this hellhole, but as far as Reggie I can deal after all I’ve been dealing with his bullying since I was eight.” 
    That said the group went back to talking about other things until they were brought back inside for dinner. Jughead sat through dinner shoving in as much food as he could get, making conversation, and putting a fake smile on knowing that as much as he wanted to ask for help he wasn’t going to be saying anything anytime soon. 
    After dinner was over all of them were led back to their cells and after watching Fangs and Sweet Pea be led into theirs Jughead walked into his and just as he was sitting down on the clearly unused cot despite the pain that was still vibrating through his body Reggie walked in and saw him speaking up as he moved to sit on his on cot. 
“Hey loser, Did you already get in trouble? Is that why the warden wanted to see you? Y’know it’s kinda weird seeing you with that stupid hat right, and that even without it you’re still a rat boy?” 
  Once Reggie finally stopped talking Jughead tried to drum up the energy to fight but he just didn’t have it in him to try and defend himself against Reggie’s classist bullying and the fact that he knew that he was going to be subjected to more attacks by Norton. With that in mind Jughead finally spoke. 
“Mantle, normally I enjoy our verbal sparring since you have all of the intelligence of a brick, and you wouldn’t know an original insult if it hit you in the face, but for the time being while we’re stuck in this literal hellhole can we just call a truce?”  
    At that Reggie took a shaky breath because he knew enough to know what could happen to him in a place like this without protection; he’d seen the way some of the other boys had been looking at him earlier that day, but he’d also noticed that the other people here tended to avoid conflict with the Serpents if they could. 
“If we call a truce, than I want Serpent protection because I’d rather not get fucked in the shower or really anywhere else just because some delinquent is trying to prove a point by messing with the big boy. I also know that my money and status out there mean less than nothing to the people in here. So if you and yours look out for me, than I won’t mess with you.”
     Before continuing Reggie took a deep breath.

“Also despite what you may think I’m not just some meathead jock who doesn’t know a book from a box of Tic Tacs, I happen to like reading, I just prefer to keep my intellectual endeavors on the down low, and to play my part at school, rather than making waves.”  
    After hearing that long speech from someone who referred to himself as ‘Mantle the Magnificent’ and rarely said anything that wasn’t about football, his car, or girls Jughead was actually impressed by his eloquence. 
“I think we can do that, the others might have a problem with it at first but if they realize that I’m endorsing it they’ll back my play.” 
    Reggie was confused by that because he had no idea why who Jones was would make any difference to a bunch of gang members who didn’t know him.  
“Why does you endorsing me matter so much? Who are you? Are you like Prince William, or Kanye, or the King of the North or something?” 
    At the scattershot pop culture references Jughead had to laugh before speaking up, as he wiped the tears of laughter away. 
“Jesus Mantle, you wanna throw any other pop culture references in there, because that was a lot. In answer to your question though I’m the Serpent Prince, my Dad is the Serpent King aka the leader of the Serpents so that gives me status in the ranks and grants me a certain level of protection. Now I need to try and sleep so can we table this?”   
   Upon hearing that Reggie sighed heavily because he had just learned a lot about Jones that he hadn’t known before and now he understood a lot more about someone that he’d known for years but that he hadn’t bothered to get to know for real until now. 
“Yeah okay, that sounds like a good idea. We’ll talk in the morning.” 
    That said the two boys settled onto their cots and prepared to go to sleep, or to pretend to sleep in Jughead’s case since he was afraid of what he would see if/when he closed his eyes. Soon the lights went out as he laid on his cot facing the cell door and Reggie. 
   As he watched Reggie sleep and listened to him breathing Jughead couldn’t help but think about how hot Reggie was when he wasn’t being a jerk, and it had been really hot listening to Reggie using big words like “intellectual endeavors” and all of his talk about not wanting to make waves had been really sexy.  
    As he laid there drifting towards sleep out of pure exhaustion Jughead realized that while he had no idea where these thoughts about Reggie in particular had come from, he wasn’t really surprised to be thinking about a guy that way because he’d known for awhile now that he liked both, he just didn’t know what to do with those feelings right now, given everything else that had happened and what was going to happen while they were trapped within these walls. 
   The next morning Jughead and Reggie walked into the mess hall for breakfast and as soon as they had their food Reggie followed Jughead over to where the Serpents were sitting as soon as they got there Sweet Pea was the first to spot them and speak up. 
“Jones, I know that you’re stuck in a cell with Mantle but why is he here now?” 
    At that question Jughead sighed heavily before speaking. 
“Last night Reggie and I talked and called a truce, but part of the deal on his end was that he gets Serpent protection while we’re in here, and I agreed so….” 
   Upon hearing that Sweet Pea sighed heavily himself before speaking up. 
“If you say so Jones, why don’t you guys sit down and eat breakfast before we get pulled outside for yard time.” 
   After breakfast ended Jughead lined up with the others to head outside for morning yard time. Once they were outside Reggie managed to convince Jughead to play a round of basketball with him and as they moved onto the court Sweet Pea and Fangs ended up joining them so it was two on two. As they were playing Jughead went for a shot that ended up missing the hoop and rolling away. 
   When Jughead went chasing after the ball he ended up tripping over his own feet, and in order to stop him from face-planting into the fence Reggie leapt forward and caught him before pushing him against the fence as he spoke. 
“Geez Jones, Who knew snakes were so bad at sports!” 
    At those words Jughead looked up into Reggie’s beautiful chocolate-brown eyes and when he did he felt his heart racing so he took a deep breath before speaking up.  

“Maybe, or maybe like Kevin I’m just better at contact sports.” 
    When he heard that Reggie couldn’t hold back anymore so yanked Jughead forward by his shirt; causing their lips to smash together. At first Jughead tried to pull away but eventually he sank into it and before anyone else could say anything they were absorbed in a full on make out session. As they made out Jughead moaned as he wrapped his arms around Reggie’s neck, and Reggie grabbed Jughead’s legs so that they were wrapped around his waist. Eventually they pulled apart and when they did they saw Sweet Pea and Fangs standing there smirking as Sweet Pea spoke up. 
“Now I see why you wanted him protected so badly Jones, you coulda just said that you were, y’know-.” 
   Before he continued they got serious as Fangs spoke up. 
“Look we won’t stop protecting him, he’s with you so he’s one of us now, and if we ever get out of here we’ll make it official. Just be careful that you don’t upset the warden or any of his guards. Trust me if you give Norton any excuse he’ll hurt someone that you love just to hurt you.” 
    At those words Jughead couldn’t stop himself from spitting out a sardonic reply that revealed more than he meant it to and that would have consequences that he couldn’t imagine. 
“Yeah I know, he already threatened me with that.” 
    Sweet Pea broke in at that as he studied his Serpent Prince, because he’d seen the wounded look in Jones eyes yesterday after his meeting with the Warden so he knew something was wrong. 
“He’s already done something, hasn’t he Jones? That’s why he called you to his office when we got here? It’s why you looked so shaky when you joined us in the yard? What did he do?” 
     At those questions Jughead’s hands shook and he desperately wished for his beanie, but he decided to tell them the truth, something he could tell by the look in their eyes that they’d mostly figured out, since he was going to get hurt no matter what and at least this way they would know they were in danger. 
“Yeah he has-When I went to his office he read off my file and told me I was going to be his new sex slave because he had to kill the last one. He said if I didn’t agree that he’d pick one of you guys or Reggie.” 
   Before he continued Jughead took a shaky breath. 
“Once I agreed he r-raped me! I hadn’t-before-it hurt so much! After he was done he said that if I told anyone he would have you guys killed, and that he would call ShankShaw and have Dad killed. I know he’s gonna send for me at some point today to do it all again but I wanted-.” 
    Once he finished talking Sweet Pea and Fangs were in shock but Reggie just pulled Jughead close to his side and when Jughead snuggled his head into Reggie’s neck the bigger boy kissed his forehead before speaking up. 
“If that psycho and his WICKED men want to touch my Prince they’ll have to deal with me first.” 
    That said the quartet went back to doing other things for the rest of their outside time, completely unaware that Norton had seen everything that just happened and that he was making plans to punish Jughead later that day. Meanwhile back in Riverdale Fred and Archie were talking about how to help Jughead when Archie spoke. 
“Dad, We have to tell FP what’s happening, and we have to find a way not just to help Jug and the Serpents but FP too.” 
    When he heard that Fred sighed heavily before speaking. 
“I know Arch, we’ll go to ShankShaw today and tell FP what’s happening, and I’ll call your Mom to get her to help with both of their cases. Jughead’s might be easier because they took all of those kids without just cause, but we’ll do whatever we can to help all of them.” 
   That said the two Andrews men went out to the truck and drove to ShankShaw to tell FP what had happened. As they were arriving FP was sitting in the prison yard with his Serpents thinking about his boy, and hoping that Jughead was adjusting to things at Southside High. At that moment a guard approached and spoke to FP. 
“Jones, you have visitors, move it or lose it.” 
    At those words FP frowned towards his men before following the guard inside and when they got to the visitor phones he saw a very familiar head of red hair and smiled slightly as he sat down on his side of the glass until he saw their faces and it was in that moment that he knew that something was very wrong. 
“Fred, Red, What’s going on? Where’s Jug? Is he-?” 
    FP watched both Fred and Archie take shaky breaths before Fred spoke up. 
“FP-Jug and the other teen Serpents got arrested yesterday when Keller and McCoy did a raid on Southside High. From what I was able to find out the boys were taken to Leopold and Loeb and the girls were taken to an all girls detention center in Greendale. Before you ask I called Mary and she’s working on trying to get you and the kids out.” 
  Once Fred finished talking FP was horrified, not just for Jug but for the others as well, although the idea of someone as sensitive as Jughead being subjected to a place like Leopold and Loeb was terrifying.  
“What? Why would there have been a raid at Southside High and why would they just take the kids without-? Actually never mind, I don’t need an answer to the second question because it can probably be summed up in because they’re from the Southside, but I would like an answer to the first question.” 
   At that Archie spoke up. 
“Kev said that Mr. Keller was trying to find out where the Jingle Jangle was coming from and Reggie said something about getting his drugs from someone on the Southside and now that I think about it I haven’t actually seen Reggie since Keller questioned everyone and I’m wondering if he got arrested too-it’s not like his Dad would care, since Reggie says his Dad abuses him really badly.” 
   When he heard all of that FP frowned but he managed to speak up. 
“Okay Freddie I know that you’re not gonna like doing it but I need you to go to the Wyrm and look for Mei and John Li, Molly Fogarty, and Anna Topaz to tell them what’s happening with their kids, and to let the Serpents know what’s going on. I’ll call ahead so they won’t give you to hard a time when you go in. Than I need you to get me the hell out of here so we can get my boy and those kids out before it’s too late.” 
    That said after agreeing to FP’s requests the two Andrews men left the prison and went to do what had been asked of them while FP went to rejoin his men after a quick call to the Wyrm to let Hog Eye know the deal. As FP went to rejoin his men thoughts of his boy being trapped in juvie, where they would most likely have taken his beanie away leaving him without his shield circled through his head, and he prayed that whatever was happening to the kids that they were leaning on eachother to get through the mess that they had been tossed into. 
    As FP was rejoining his men in the yard Jughead, Reggie, and the others were heading back inside for lunch when they were stopped by Golightly as he spoke to Jughead. 
“It’s time to go Jones.” 
     At those words Reggie moved to try and stop Golightly from taking Jughead away only for Jughead to shake his head slightly to keep him back, before walking away with Golightly leaving his friends and his boyfriend feeling helpless. Ten minutes later Jughead and Golightly walked into the wardens office to find the man leaning on his desk with a dark smile on his face. Jughead was so lost in his fear of what was coming that he didn’t realize that Golightly was still in the room until he heard the door clicking shut. When he realized that Jughead spoke up. 
“What’s going on? Why is he-?” 
    Norton smiled at that as he spoke. 
“Because Mr. Jones you talked and now you need to be punished, so Golightly will be joining today’s session.” 
    That said Jughead was thrown forward causing him to stumble before he caught himself on the edge of the desk, and the next thing he knew his clothes were being torn away. When that was done he could still feel Golightly standing behind him ominously, causing Jughead to shake anxiously as he gripped the edge of the desk to try and prepare for what was about to happen. Before Jughead fully registered what was happening his hands were being pulled back and tied tightly behind his back. 
    The next thing Jughead knew Golightly was shifting and taking the boys hips firmly in his hands as he pulled Jughead onto his length, causing Jughead to cry out in pain. With only a few thrusts Golightly was deep inside of him, filling him to the core. Jughead could barely breathe from the stabbing pain that Golightly’s enormous dick was causing him and he hadn’t even started thrusting yet! 
    Golightly only gave Jughead a few minutes to adjust to the huge foreign object within him than he began moving, thinking “this is paradise”. Golightly closed his eyes and thrusted deeper, alternating between fast and slow and gentle and rough, needing to prepare the boy for what was about to happen. 
    At Norton’s signal he pulled out almost all the way before grabbing Jughead by his arms and yanking him backwards so fast he was basically impaled as Golightly’s entire length entered him all at once. As that was happening and Jughead was sobbing from the pain Norton spoke up as he stood and moved closer to them.  
“You’re doing so well Jughead.” 
    When he got there he pulled Jughead’s head forward and kissed the other side of the boys neck before taking off his clothes and speaking to Golightly. 
     At that word the captain stopped his movements long enough to grasp the boys legs and lift them up so that he was holding the boy up in midair by only his hands and his dick. Norton stepped between Jughead’s legs and pressed the tip of his length against the boys opening and pushed in alongside the captain. Jughead let out a desperate cry as his head fell back against Golightly’s shoulder as he was stuffed so full it felt like his stomach was going to explode as he was practically folded in half like an accordion and sandwiched between the two men.  
   They moved as one, pushing in and out, bouncing him on their lengths while their fingers caressed and stroked his chest. Their lips brushed over his face and neck, and Jughead was panting and trying to push back, even though he couldn’t. He had absolutely no control, or maneuverability his thighs were being held against his chest and his arms were still bound. All he could do was shake his head no or throw it back when the pleasure became maddening. 
    It was in that moment that Jughead realized that he needed to cum, his hips kept pumping forward as the pressure in his groin became unbearable. He tried to speak to make the men understand that he couldn’t take this anymore but they were too consumed in pounding into him while littering him with kisses to care. 
    Something hot shot up inside of him and filled his stomach, causing a strange bubbling sensation, but neither of the men stopped moving. If anything their movements became even more erratic and forceful. Norton purred into his right ear, his tongue running over the lobe. Jughead whimpered as Norton grasped the back of his head and pulled him in for a deep kiss, leaving no part of him untouched or untainted by their ministrations.
    Both men began thrusting even harder into the boy, slamming against his prostate from both sides as their orgasms were nearly upon them. Jughead screamed into Norton’s mouth, his body jerked and thrashed as his own orgasm consumed him. His insides squeezed around their cocks, milking their juices from them as his seed spilled into Norton’s hand as the man stroked his length coaxing him to spill every last ounce of cum within him until Jughead had nothing left to give. 
   Once that happened he slumped between the men his chest heaving as he fought to catch his breath. Slowly the men pulled out of him and his weakened body was lowered to the floor, as he laid there in agony he heard Norton speaking somewhere above him. 
“Very good….very good indeed.” 
    As he spoke Norton trailed a hand down Jughead’s front causing Jughead to choke out one broken word. 
  Norton just smiled at that as he whispered in Jughead’s ear before he began redressing him. 
    Once Jughead had passed out the redressed him and Golightly carried him back to his cell knowing that while they had fucked the kid through lunch and into dinner the brats boyfriends would be back soon and he wanted them to see how badly they’d wrecked the little Serpent so that they would know not to get in Norton’s business. 
    An hour later Reggie, Sweet Pea, and Fangs were coming back from dinner and as Reggie walked into his cell worrying about Jughead he nearly had a heart attack when he saw his boyfriend laid out on his cot, covered in blood and bruises causing him to cry out. 
“Jug! Oh God! Jug!” 
     At Reggie’s cry Sweet Pea and Fangs rushed to stand in the doorway to the cell to see Jughead’s unconscious and blood-soaked form lying on the cot. If it weren’t for the fact that they could see the slow rise and fall of his chest they would have thought he was dead. Before they could say anything a guard shouted at them sending them back to their cell and leaving Reggie alone with Jughead. 
   After another hour Jughead started whimpering, and shifting on his bed causing Reggie to push up from where he was sitting on the floor next to his boyfriends bed so he was kneeling and facing Jughead as he spoke. 
“Jug? Jug, wake up, please!” 
    At those words Jughead blinked his pain filled eyes open and when he did he saw Reggie which caused him to move a hand towards Reggie, reaching out for him even if he didn’t move anything else. When that happened Reggie took Jughead’s hand in both of his and kissed it gently to comfort his beloved. As soon as that happened Jughead drifted back into unconsciousness and Reggie spent the rest of the night even after lights out sitting next to the bed holding Jughead’s hand as he prayed that someone would get them out of here soon since he had no idea how much longer Jughead could survive Norton’s attacks and he didn’t want to lose his man so soon after finding him. 
    A week later FP Jones found himself walking out of ShankShaw with no idea how or why he was suddenly being released but all he could think about was saving Jughead and the other kids. When he walked out the door he saw Fred and Red on the other side of the gate, and despite the circumstances he couldn’t help but smile and pull each of them in for a hug once he was through the gate. Once that was done FP asked the questions that he needed answered. 
“Freddie, Red? Do either one of you want to tell me how I’m out right now, and what’s happening with the kids?” 
    At that question Fred spoke up. 
“Mary was able to convince the judge that since your confession was coerced that it doesn’t stand, and for everything else she got you off with time served. As far as the kids their release has been ordered, effective immediately since they were all taken in without cause or evidence. So Sierra and Tom are going to Greendale to get the girls and we’re taking you to Leopold and Loeb to get Jug and the others out.” 
     When he heard that FP was flabbergasted and relieved at the same time, but all he really wanted was to get Jug and the kids out of that hellhole, but he also needed to know if the Serpents knew that their kids were coming home. 
“Okay, let’s go! We need to get the kids out of there now! Did you talk to the Serpents and tell them what’s going on?” 
   Fred nodded at that as they climbed into the truck. 
“I did, Hog Eye said that he’d meet us there since we might need multiple vehicles to get the kids home.” 
    That said the trio drove out of town to head for Leopold and Loeb to save the kids. As that was happening Norton had just been informed that he was going to have to let the Serpents go, which meant that he was going to lose his toy, so somebody needed to be punished. Which is why they were currently in the back courtyard with Golightly preparing to hurt Jughead’s new boyfriend. As Jughead walked the halls looking for Reggie who had disappeared after dinner he stopped a Serpent boy named Spider. 
“Hey Spider, Have you seen Reggie?” 
    At that question Spider looked around quickly to make sure that no one was listening before whispering to Jughead.  
“Go look in the back courtyard, I heard the warden wanted to chat with him.” 
    With that said Jughead made his way to the back courtyard, as he got closer to the courtyard entrance he heard cries of pain and the sound of a whip whistling through the air and making contact with flesh. As he made his way through the crowd he was surprised that while the guards kept the rest of the boys back they let him through no problem. 
   Once he got to the front of the crowd and saw where the sounds were coming from his heart shattered, and his eyes filled with tears, it was Reggie! His beautiful boyfriend was shirtless on his knees with his hands tied to a post and his back bleeding from the multitude of whip marks that covered the exposed area. Reggie continued to cry out as more hits came, and Captain Golightly wasn’t done yet. Thinking only about protecting Reggie, and being willing to do anything to protect his beloved Jughead surged forward; begging and crying. 
“No! No! (he ran in front of Reggie trying to shield him) Don’t!” 
    Jughead was cut off as the whip hit his right cheek and his forehead, narrowly missing his eye, causing him to fall to the ground as he cried out in pain, clutching at his bleeding cheek. Reggie let out a pain filled plea as he addressed his man. 
“Jug, I’m okay. Go, please go!” 
    But Jughead shook his head no before definitely standing up and shielding Reggie once again, causing Golightly to speak up. 
    Jughead shook his head no even as Golightly raised the whip again, speaking to Jughead as he did. 
“Do you want another?”  
    Jughead scoffed at that because compared to having his virginity stolen by a power hungry maniac and than being gang raped by that maniac and the man standing in front of him a few hits of a whip weren’t that bad, and he wasn’t going to let them see him break again. 
“Go ahead! After everything else you’ve done, and everything else that you’ve taken from me I can take it!” 
   Before Golightly could do anything more Norton grabbed the whip and spoke up. 
“I got what I wanted, throw them back in their cell, and no matter what they say they get nothing for the pain, they need to suffer to learn their lesson.” 
    That said Reggie’s hands were untied and both he and his boyfriend were dragged to their cell with their still bleeding wounds, not knowing that they were going to be released from this hellhole not long after. As they sat together with Jughead held against Reggie’s chest Jughead couldn’t help but worry about Reggie, and as if he knew his man was thinking about him Reggie spoke. 
“Jones, If we get out of this place I need you to promise that I can move into the trailer park! I won’t move out of one hell only to be thrown back into another one!” 
     At that Jughead took a breath taking Reggie’s hand and bringing it up to his lips to kiss it gently before speaking up. 
“I promise, I won’t let someone else hurt you! I love you Reggie, so much and if we get out of this I want to be with you in as many ways as possible!” 
     When he heard that Reggie smiled before gently tilting Jughead’s head back and leaning down to kiss him on the lips before speaking again. 
“Than that’s what we’ll do! I love you too Jug, it’s us against the world now!” 
   Jughead nodded at that before snuggling against Reggie even more as he repeated what had just been said like a sacred vow. 
“It’s us against the world.” 
    Two hours later as Jughead and Reggie continued to sit together on Reggie’s cot their cell door opened causing them to straighten up quickly which had pain erupting through both of their bodies as a guard walked in and spoke up. 
“Jones, Mantle, you and your snakes are free to go, so go and collect your shit before we decide to ignore the court order and keep you here, I’m sure the warden would love to have more of you Jones.” 
    At that Jughead shivered as he helped Reggie to his feet and they limped out of their cell to find Fangs and Sweet Pea waiting, and soon the quartet was recollecting their personal items before walking out. The second that Jughead had his beanie back he pulled it down over his ears protectively as Sweet Pea and Fangs helped Reggie. Once they all had everything they walked out and when they made it outside Jughead was shocked to see not just Hog Eye, Fred, and Archie, but his Dad as well! His Dad was back!   

   As soon as the gate opened Fangs and Sweet Pea moved to settle Reggie in the back of Hog Eyes van before taking their own seats in the vehicle as Jughead hugged Fred and Archie before moving to his Daddy who pulled him into a tight hug and let out a tearful gasp as he held his baby close. 
“Juggie baby, It’s okay Daddy’s here!” 
    When he pulled out of the embrace FP got a good look at Jughead’s face and he could clearly see the dark circles under his eyes that indicated a lack of sleep and the still bleeding cut on his cheek from the whip. But as he stroked his baby’s cheek lovingly he saw something in Jughead’s eyes that he recognized immediately from his own eyes a long time ago, and that told him a small and terrible piece of what had been done to his boy. 
    Taking a shaky breath FP led Jug over to Hog Eyes van and they climbed in for the drive home with Fred and Archie driving behind them. Once they got back to the trailer park everyone went their own way except for Sweet Pea and Fangs who helped get Reggie inside. As the four of them rushed into the trailer FP grabbed what he needed to help Reggie as the poor, battered boy whimpered in pain as he was laid on his stomach on the couch. As soon as Sweet Pea and Fangs left to go home to their own worried parents FP spoke to his boy. 
“There’s an ice pack in the freezer for your head Juggie.”  
    A tear rolled down Jughead’s cheek adding an extra sting to his already stinging cheek.   
     FP sighed at that before he spoke trying to reassure his baby. 
“He’s gonna be okay baby boy.” 
    That said he walked over to Reggie and slowly poured something on his badly damaged back trying to be as gentle as possible, but knowing that the wounds needed to be cleaned, but this action caused Reggie to scream out in pain and to clutch the pillow under his head hard. Once he was done cleaning the wounds FP moved to get Reggie some medicine speaking to his son as he did. 
“Put some gauze on his back Boy, I’m gonna give him some medicine.” 
    Reggie whimpered as FP injected a syringe into his shoulder as Jughead finished wrapping the gauze Reggie slowly passed out. Once Reggie was out FP and Jughead moved to sit on the other couch so that they could watch over Reggie while they sat together. Soon Jughead felt his Daddy rubbing his cheek lovingly, causing him to instinctively turn into the touch as his Daddy spoke. 
“Thank God we’re both out of our hellholes! I love you so much baby.” 
    At that Jughead jumped into his Daddy’s arms; clutching him tightly even as one of his hands reached up to play with his Daddy’s dog tags in an old habit as he spoke.
“I love you too Daddy, (Jughead paused for a moment before speaking again) Daddy?”
     At the clear question in his baby’s voice FP prepared to speak willing to promise Jughead anything that would make him feel safe. As he looked down at his baby he saw tears running down his cheeks from those beautiful blue eyes that were a mirror of his own, except that Jughead’s eyes had always been full of curiosity and love whereas FP’s eyes were closed off to all but a select few including his baby.
“Yes baby boy? What is it?”
   Before continuing Jughead took a shaky breath.  
“Speaking of hellholes, Reggie and I talked and we agreed that he should move into a trailer here. We’re all out of that hellhole because of Fred, please don’t make Reggie move back to another one! He told me how his Dad abuses him! Please help him Daddy!”
   FP smiled gently as he kissed Jughead’s forehead before speaking up.
“Of course he can baby, The Serpents and I are here for him anytime he needs something. We won’t let that asshole touch him, but tell me something Jug.”
    He started running his fingers through Jughead’s hair before he continued.
“Did you two end up together while you were in there? Do you two love eachother?”
   Jughead slowly nodded yes with a shy smile causing FP to speak up.
“I’m glad you’re happy with someone baby, and that you were able to find solace in someone while you were trapped in there. Anyone would be lucky to have you weather you’re a Serpent or just a cute little penguin.”  
    Jughead laughed lightly at that nickname which came from when he’d first learned to walk and it had been more of a waddle than a walk. As he thought about all of that he took in the beauty of his sleeping man’s face. At that moment Jughead was jolted out of his reverie by his Daddy’s words. 
“It’s late, but since I know that you don’t want to leave him, we can move the coffee table and set you up in a sleeping bag next to the sofa. It’s okay baby I may have missed sleeping with you but we’ll have plenty of time for that and he’ll need you when he wakes up.” 
   That said FP helped his baby get settled for the night knowing that there was still so much that he didn’t know about what had been done to Jughead in that hellhole but also knowing that Jughead would tell him when he was ready. The next morning as Jughead slowly woke up he once again admired his boyfriends sleeping face. As he sat up Jughead smiled before leaning forward and giving Reggie’s lips a kiss, like Prince Charming waking his Sleeping Beauty. But just as he stood to grab Reggie a glass of water he suddenly felt Reggie grab his wrist as he spoke.  
“No stay! Please stay, my beautiful Serpent Prince.” 
   Over the next couple of days Jughead and Reggie stuck close to the trailer and close to eachother knowing that eventually they would have to get back to reality. As Jughead and Reggie sat watching TV a news broadcast came on announcing that Southside High had been shut down which meant that when Reggie went back to Riverdale High the following Monday Jughead and all of the other Serpents would be going with him, which meant facing Betty and telling her the truth. 
   The Monday after Jughead, Reggie, and the Serpents got out Jughead and Reggie left the Jones trailer to meet Sweet Pea, Fangs, Toni and the rest of the Serpents to head for school together. Once they got to school and after they had gotten their locker assignments and class schedules Reggie and Jughead were leaning against Jughead’s locker making out when a voice spoke up from next to them, causing them to pull apart only to see Betty standing next to them looking furious and hurt.
“I don’t believe this! I knew that you going to Southside High would change things, but this-Reggie! What did you guys screw while you were in juvie, and it was so good you decided that you’d rather be with someone that you claimed to hate than be with someone that you actually love?”
    At that as everyone in the hall watched Jughead managed to speak because he hadn’t ever wanted to hurt Betty, but things had gotten complicated and before he’d had a chance to seek her out and explain they’d gotten caught.  
“It’s not like that, Reggie was my cellmate so we ended up becoming friends and things escalated after a bunch of shit that I’m not gonna get into happened and he protected me, but I never meant to hurt you! I was gonna tell you today but-.”  
    At that Betty let out a furious growl before speaking again.  
“Whatever! We are so done! I don’t just mean as a couple because clearly that doesn’t matter to you anymore! I mean as friends, and partners on the paper, and whatever else we were it’s done! I may have to see you in classes and at Pop’s but I never want to speak to you again, and I don’t want you talking to me! I hate you, and I wish you were still rotting in hell!”
     That said Betty walked off leaving Jughead reeling even as Reggie squeezed his shoulder reassuringly, and with that drama done the new couple did the best that they could to get back to some semblance of a normal day. Later that day during lunch Jughead and Reggie snuck off to one of the boys bathrooms to get some privacy.  
    As the two boys kissed and groped eachother, they were so lost in their make out session that they didn’t hear the door or even realize that anyone else was there until Jughead was grabbed by the arm and slammed headfirst into one of the sinks; and dropped on the floor not only breaking the sink but Jughead’s arm as well and giving him a nasty concussion. As Jughead laid on the floor dazed and hurting, with his vision blurred by dizziness and pain he heard Marty Mantle yelling at Reggie.  
“What the hell are you doing with this trash? I never would’ve sent you to that center if I’d known that you would catch gay from that little Serpent fag! I’ll teach you!”
   At those words Jughead vaguely heard Reggie speak through the fuzziness in his head.  
“What do you care you homophobic ass! You’ve been beating me, and belittling me for my whole life, but I won’t let you hurt Jughead, and I’m done letting you hurt me! I didn’t catch anything from Jughead except for kindness, and love and when FP finds out about this he’ll kick your ass! Just get the hell out before the Serpents show up and beat your miserable ass into the floor!”
   Upon hearing all of that Marty took off running, because he may act like he was tough and strong, but he knew that FP could wipe the floor with him without even breaking a sweat in the best of circumstances so a pissed off FP and the Serpents would destroy him. Once Marty was gone Reggie helped Jughead up and led him out of the school because there was no way that either of them would be able to get through the rest of the day with Jughead as beaten down as he was.
    Twenty minutes later the duo walked into Reggie’s new trailer and after Reggie got Jughead settled on the couch he texted Sweet Pea, Fangs, Toni, and Archie so that they would know why he and Jug had just disappeared. As soon as the text was sent Reggie moved around the trailer getting everything he needed to treat Jughead’s injuries including a bandage and an ice pack for his head, and a sling for his arm. 
    Once that was done they moved carefully into the bedroom and Reggie gave Jughead pain killers to help with the pain and dizziness; and to give Jughead a chance to sleep and close his dizzy eyes, knowing that because of the concussion he’d have to wake him up every couple of hours to make sure that he hadn’t slipped into a coma. As Reggie laid next to his badly injured boyfriend he started massaging and kissing him to soothe him. 
   Later that night Jughead woke up with a whimper as he rolled onto his bad arm, causing Reggie to sit up and study him with worry in his eyes as he spoke. 
“Are you okay Jug?” 
    Jughead nodded at that as he pushed up into a sitting position. 
“Yeah I’m just sore, and I don’t really want to go home yet since Dad’s gonna want to know what happened, and I’m not ready to tell him.” 
    At that Reggie leaned over and kissed Jughead’s temple before speaking up. 
“Than we can wait on that, but Jug did you mean what you said back at L&L about wanting to be with me in as many ways as possible?” 
     At the question Jughead smiled before speaking up. 
“Yes I did, I need to know that sex is about more than just power and pain. I need to be with someone who I love, and who loves me back.” 
    Reggie smiled at that. 
“Than here’s the plan, you’ll text FP and tell him that you’re spending the night to help me get settled into my new place than we’ll spend the night together and I’ll take you home in the morning.” 
    At that Jughead smiled before grabbing his phone to text his Dad who sent him back a text saying that he’d gotten a job with Fred at Andrews Construction, and that they were out celebrating that and everyone being free; alcohol free of course and that he’d see him in the morning. Once that was done and Jughead had set down his phone Reggie gently pulled Jughead so that he was straddling his boyfriends lap before lining himself up and gently pushing forward speaking up as he did.  
“Don’t worry Jug, I’ll be gentle and if you want me to stop you just say so.” 
    Jughead nodded at that so Reggie continued to slowly push forward until he was entering Jughead’s front hole. There was very little resistance as the head popped in, making them both gasp. Reggie slowly pushed forward taking Jughead’s low drawn out moan as a sign of assurance. Reggie began to slowly move as his sweet Serpent made tiny sounds of pleasure. 
    The heat, the friction, the hard yet soft feel of Reggie’s dick was so much better than anything he’d ever felt and the slow thrusts were driving him crazy. Jughead grasped at Reggie’s arm with his good arm and threw his head back when his lover suddenly thrusted in pushing harshly against his prostate. The Serpent Prince felt very well taken care of right now, unlike with Norton and Golightly, and voiced his pleasure out loud. 
“Reg yes, Please more! Yes there! Aw fuck! Nnng!” 
     Reggie picked up speed and did his best to slide in deeply, pressing his hips firmly against Jughead’s, he was doing his best to make sure that his smaller lover felt no pain. Reggie grunted as he pressed his hips once more into Jughead and held them there as he rotated his hips, grabbing hold of the Serpent’s leaking dick. Jughead wrapped his legs around Reggie, hooking his ankles together behind his lovers back. With each rotation and pump of Reggie’s hand drawing the Serpent closer to orgasm. Taking a shaky breath Reggie grabbed the Serpents shoulders and dragged him down until Jughead was fully pressed against his body, wrapping his good arm around his lover as he spoke. 
“God I love you!”  
    Reggie smiled at that as he spoke after giving Jughead a gentle kiss. 
“I love you too Jones.” 
      Reggie suddenly pulled his hips back and began to fuck Jughead earnestly, snapping his hips forward roughly and quickly. Jughead gasped in surprise before letting out a plethora of moans, cries, and gasps while onto Reggie tightly. The pleasure started to become too much until finally his smaller lover exploded between them. Jughead’s vision went white as he orgasmed and his whole body shook at the intensity of it, clenching down around Reggie. Reggie stilled beneath him and let out small moans as he came not long after. 
    Reggie relaxed beneath Jughead cradling his beloved so that he wouldn’t hurt himself and they both panted as they enjoyed the afterglow of mind-blowing sex. Their bodies were damp with sweat and their combined cum and sweat were starting to cool between them. Jughead rubbed Reggie’s back as he smiled gently to himself, swallowing thickly. After a few more long seconds Reggie pulled back and slid his cock from Jughead’s entrance. When that happened Jughead grinned down at Reggie and when he did Reggie reached up and stroked the damp black bangs from Jughead’s forehead, still trying to catch his breath. Reggie sat up slightly and captured the Serpent’s lips with his own, keeping it soft. Jughead ran his own hand through Reggie’s thick black hair and clutched at it trying to deepen the kiss. At that motion Reggie spoke up pulling away a slight distance. 
“We’d better stop or I’m gonna get hard again.” 
   Jughead raised an eyebrow at that as he sent his beloved a sensual grin. 
“So? I could go another round, and this time I want you to fuck me harder! I want you to bend me over and take me from behind, fuck me until I can’t even think straight!” 
    At those words from his boyfriend Reggie’s eyes widened and his dick shot up quickly as he spoke. 
“Okay, but you asked for it.” 
    Jughead said nothing, he just smirked, and before he knew what was happening Reggie was carrying him until they were in the living room where Reggie bent him over the desk chair. Jughead grunted out as he suddenly felt his boyfriend thrusting into his ass. After hours upon hours of his ass getting fucked the young couple finally decided to call it a night Reggie looked over to where Jughead was lying beside him and saw that his boyfriends eyes were wide open, causing him to speak up. 
“Are you okay?” 
   Reggie’s voice jolted Jughead out of his thoughts. 
“Yeah, I’m fine. I was just thinking about how lucky I am to have you and my Dad in my life.” 
    Jughead’s words were whispered as he stared at the large red numbers on his boyfriend’s clock with his back to his lover. Reggie rolled over onto his side cradling Jughead against his chest being careful not to jostle his arm as he spoke. 
“Well your thinking woke me up, are you sure nothing’s wrong?” 
   Jughead sighed heavily before responding. 
“It’s nothing go back to sleep.” 
   Reggie let out a tired sigh and nuzzled his nose into the back of Jughead’s neck. 
“Okay, if you’re sure.” 
    Jughead sighed again before speaking. 
“I’m sure.”  
    At that response Reggie spoke softly as he drifted closer to sleep. 
“Good night, I love you.” 
    Jughead’s heart swelled at that and he smiled gently into the darkness; forget Betty, she was a cold bitch and he had Reggie now and that was all he needed, so he spoke up returning the endearment.
“I love you too.”
    As Jughead said those words he knew it was true he loved Reggie more than he’d ever loved anyone; he loved someone who had turned from tormenter to lover….what kind of twisted turn of events was that? Whatever it didn’t matter anymore. Reggie Mantle had changed for the better and Jughead couldn’t be more thankful or any happier than he felt in this moment so he spoke again repeating what he’d said but adding on their vow from prison. 
“I love you Reg, it’s us against the world.” 
    He repeated the words but a snore was his only answer so he chuckled and relaxed in his lovers hold as he fell asleep. The next morning after they woke up again Jughead and Reggie were having breakfast when Reggie brought up what had happened with Marty. 
“Jug, you need to tell FP what my Dad did! There’s no way that you’re going to be able to hide a broken arm.” 
   When he heard that Jughead broke down into tears; everything from juvie and now everything with Marty it was all too much for him! The idea of talking about it let alone thinking about it had Jughead trembling as he threw his head into his one good hand and sobbing out one word on repeat. 
“No, no, no!” 
    At those Reggie shushed his Prince as he grabbed his letterman’s jacket from the back of his chair and wrapped it around Jughead before gently rubbing his back and speaking up. 
“Hey, hey, it’s going to be okay sweetheart, I’ll be right there the whole time, and if you can’t get the words out than I’ll take over, but your Dad needs to know what happened.” 
    An hour later after he’d gotten Jughead to stop crying they left Reggie’s trailer and walked into the Jones trailer with Jughead still in Reggie’s jacket. When they walked in in FP looked up from the paper he’d been reading and he was about to greet them when he saw Jughead’s arm and head causing him to leap to his feet and rush over with worry in his eyes as he spoke. 
“Jug! What happened to your arm and your head?” 
    At that question Jughead’s good hand shook and Reggie took it in his gently. When he saw how anxious both boys were he led them over to sit on the couch and just as he was about to repeat his question Jughead managed to speak. 
“Yesterday after Betty broke up with me, Reg and I were making out in the bathroom when his Dad showed up and grabbed me by my arm before slamming my head into one of the sinks hard enough to break it and the sink and after that everything is kinda blurry.” 
   Upon hearing all of that FP was pissed. 
“He did what! I’m gonna kick his pretentious ass!” 
   When he heard that Jughead spoke again knowing that if he didn’t say the next part now, than he was never going to say it. 
“Wait Dad, Before you do that I need to tell you what happened to me in juvie.” 
   FP sighed heavily at that before reaching out and rubbing Jughead’s cheek lovingly. 
“Oh baby, you don’t have to tell me anything until you’re ready.” 
   Jughead sighed heavily at that but the feeling of Reggie’s warm hand holding his comfortingly gave him the strength to say what he needed to say. 
“I know, but I need to tell you this, before continuing Jughead took a shaky breath) It started on the day we got there, Norton had me brought up to his office by Captain Golightly and when we got there after the captain left the room he told me to lock the door.” 
   Before he continued Jughead took a deep breath.

“Than he told me that I was going to be his new sex slave since he had to kill the last one. After that, and after telling me that he’d do it to Sweet Pea, Fangs, or Reggie, except he told me their real names, he r-raped me and when he was done he said anything he’d have Reg and the others killed and that he’d make a call to ShankShaw and have you killed.” 
    When he heard that FP had to take a deep breath before speaking up again.

”Oh God!  Juggie baby, I’m so sorry that happened to you! I never wanted you to go through anything like that, but that doesn’t explain the scrape on your face when you got out or what happened to Reggie’s back.” 
    At that question Reggie spoke up. 
“It was after Jug and I decided to call a truce on our fighting. The next day the four of us were playing basketball, than Jug and I ended up making out and everything came out. Than that same day Norton and Golightly raped Jug again.”   
 Before continuing Reggie took a deep breath.

“My back and his face happened on the day you got us out. Norton found out that we knew about Jug and he had me whipped by Golightly and Jug showed up and stepped in the way and ended up getting hit in the face before Norton had us taken back to our cell without anything for the pain. A couple hours later we were all released and now we’re here.” 
   Once Reggie was done talking FP made a decision and spoke up because Marty needed to be dealt with in a way that didn’t risk him going back to jail and leaving his baby again. 
“Okay, So for today neither of you are going to school. Instead while I’m dealing with Marty the two of you are going to Pop’s to hang out and later on after we’re all back home Reggie is getting his Serpent tattoo, unless you want to do that part now?” 
    At that question Reggie spoke up. 
“I’d like to do it now if that’s okay.” 
    FP nodded as he stood and walked to the closet to retrieve the tattoo supplies before speaking up. 
“It’s fine, So where do you want it?”  
    After thinking about it for a few minutes Reggie spoke up removing his shirt as he did. 
“Can I get it on my rib cage?” 
   FP smiled at that as he moved to the side of Reggie that Jughead wasn’t sitting on. 
“Sure thing kid. Once I do this it’ll take a couple hours to dry and it’s going to be sore for the first few days but after that you should be good.” 
   That said FP began the process of tattooing the curled up Serpent on Reggie’s left rib cage and when it was done he laughed at the way Jughead was staring at Reggie’s bare chest. 
“Okay, I need to go deal with Marty and once that’s dry I want both of you to go to Pop’s, whatever you do between when I leave and when you go to Pop’s is your business, just don’t do it in my bed.” 
   Jughead’s face turned red and he let out an embarrassed groan at his Dad’s words. As soon as FP had finished speaking and had walked out the boys decided to watch television to kill time until Reggie’s tattoo was dry so that they could head for Pop’s. Two hours later after a brief stop at the hospital to get a real cast for Jughead’s arm the new couple were sitting together in a booth at Pop’s with Jughead once again wearing Reggie’s jacket. As he studied his boyfriend in his jacket Reggie reached over and grabbed Jughead’s beanie before placing it on his own head, causing Jughead to let out a half-hearted protest. 
“Hey! Give that back!”  
    Reggie just smiled at the protest because he could hear the laughter in Jughead’s voice. 
“I will in a minute but since you look so hot in my jacket I wanted to see how I look in your beanie!” 
   Jughead laughed at that before speaking up. 
“It’s very sexy but can I have it back now?” 
    At that question Reggie took off the beanie and placed it back on Jughead’s head, and kissing him gently on the lips before pulling away so that they could continue eating their food. While all of that was happening FP was pulling up in front of Mantle Motors, and the second he saw Marty crossing the lot he leapt from the vehicle and rushed forward with a shout. 
    At that Marty turned towards the shout before smirking at FP. 
“I don’t have time to waste on you Jones, I’ve got customers who are actually worth my time.” 
   Before Marty could walk past him FP grabbed his arm and yanked it back hard snapping the bone in one motion before speaking up as he dragged Marty towards the truck. 
“Apparently you have enough time to beat up and bully your own kid, and to break my son’s arm and slam his head into a sink, so now we’re going to the high school and you’re going to admit what you did in front of Keller and Weatherbee, and for once in our lives you’re actually going to suffer some consequences for your actions.” 
    That said FP forced Marty into his truck before driving to Riverdale dragging the man into the office where Weatherbee was waiting with Tom Keller. At the sight of the two men FP shoved Marty forward as he spoke.  
“Admit what you did you pretentious fuck!” 
   Marty smirked at that before speaking up knowing that he was going away no matter what so he might as well say what could to get a rise out of FP. 
“I found your fag of a son making out with my miserable brat, so I beat up the pathetic little Serpent and trashed the bathroom, and if I’d had more time I would have taught my son another much needed lesson, since juvie and the rest of my lessons clearly didn’t get the point across.” 
   At those words Tom and his deputies stepped forward and handcuffed Marty, taking him into custody before reassuring FP that he was going to suffer the consequences of his actions and walking out. Once they were gone and after having a brief conversation with Weatherbee FP went to join the boys at Pop’s. 
    Twenty minutes later FP walked into the diner to find the boys sitting together with Jughead cuddled against Reggie’s side and as he walked up to the table Reggie looked up and shifted causing Jughead to look up and straighten in the seat himself as he spoke. 
“Daddy? Is Mr. Mantle-Did you?” 
    As FP spoke he sat down on the bench across from the boys. 
“It’s okay Boy, I called Tom when I was on my way to deal with Marty and had him meet me at the school and than I dragged Marty’s miserable ass to the school to face what he’d done. Once we got there I forced Marty to admit what he’d done in front of Tom, his deputies, and Weatherbee. After he admitted everything Tom took him into custody, so he’s going to jail and he won’t be able to hurt either of you ever again.” 
   Once he finished talking he smiled across the table at the boys before snagging a fry off of Jughead’s plate which got an amused glare from his boy since Jughead always got irritated if people stole food off of his plate. Eventually Pop came over and took FP’s order and once FP had his food and they boys had ordered dessert they spent the rest of the day and into the night hanging out at Pop’s enjoying eachothers company, before finally calling it a night and going home. 
   As time passed Jughead and Reggie were able to get past what had happened at L&L and with Marty, and after everything Jughead and Reggie became practically inseparable as a couple, FP became the father that Reggie had always wanted, but never had, and FP and Jughead were closer than they had ever been before.