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Birthday Present

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Jess quickly tried to hide Justin’s present under his bed while trying not to wake him up. She slipped the rectangular box under “their” new bed since she’d moved in. When they started college Jessica didn’t want to move into a dorm and her family had already moved, after a lot of convincing Jessica’s parents allowed Jessica to take the Jensens and Justin’s offer to stay in the outhouse with Justin since Clay was in college. It was great timing since the pandemic pretty much grounded everyone and her and Justin were online. Even though the pandemic was awful it gave her and Justin plenty of “quality time” together. She loved living with him, so much so that she wanted to move in with him after college wherever they decided to live. Not that she wasn’t before, but she’d completely fallen in love with him and knew he was her soulmate.

When she finished tucking away his birthday present she turned back around and snuggled against Justin's arm. She’s slept like a bear since they’d moved in together, the two twin beds were now replaced with a larger queen bed that the two shared and the bed plus being wrapped in Justin’s arms every night had her sleeping better than she ever did. Jess giggles when Justin started to slowly open his eyes, his hair was a total mess, covering his whole face.

“Happy birthday.” Jess smiled, kissing his cheek.

“Thanks Jess.” Justin said, softly before grabbing his head and squinting.

Jess lifted an eyebrow in concern. “You ok?”

“Yeah I’m just tired I think.” Justin explains trying to just shrug it off.

Jess places her palm on the center of his forehead and realizes he’s burning up.

“Did you take your medicine yesterday?”

“Of course, I wouldn’t have forgotten and even if I did you wouldn’t have forgotten.” Justin smiles.

“Well you're burning up babe.” Jess tells him before climbing out of their bed. She kissed him softly before going to get the thermometer, she walked into their makeshift kitchen and grabbed it. She got him a cup of water as well and walked back to the bed. Jess placed the cup on their nightstand before handing Justin the thermometer. She looked into his soft blue eyes while they waited. When the device went off she took it out and frowned.

“You probably have a fever babe.” Jess told him.

“Great, just what I needed.”

“I’m sorry.” Jess said sympathetically, he shouldn’t have to be sick on his birthday.

“Forget it.” Justin shrugged it could be worse, he looked back up at his girlfriend and realized she was freezing. “Aren’t you cold?”


“Then get back in here.” Justin smiled.

Jess was thankful, she hadn’t bothered to put her clothes back on and her underwear wasn’t exactly protecting her from the cold. She slid back into bed with him and cuddled him close.

“I’m sorry we can’t really do much for your birthday.” Jess frowned.

“Jess this is all I need for my birthday, you and I are just gonna spend today together that’s the best thing you could give me.” Justin explained.

Jess turned away and blushed at his words but Justin made her turn her head back not letting her hide his effect on her. “I love you.”

“I love you so much more.” Justin said, kissing her.

“Y’know if you're feeling up to it later on, I could give you your birthday present.” Jess flirted. “Not the one I already got you.”

Justin smiled. “What, you don’t think I can handle it?”

“No I know you can, the question is will you be expecting what’s gonna go down tonight.” Jess smirked.

Justin snickered. “Jess you talk about sex like your about to rob a fucking bank.”

Jess giggles and holds his torso close and Justin reaches for the remote. Jess sent a text to Lainie that Justin wasn’t feeling good this morning so they're gonna hang out in the outhouse until he feels more energized.

Jess looks at Justin’s tired face and snickers. “Maybe you got pregnant instead of me.”

“Better not, we are not ready.” Justin smiles.

Jess smiles, they weren’t trying to have a baby but more times than she can count they had just skipped protection. Something about not having a barrier between their love making made having sex so much more satisfying for both of them. Obviously she was taken medication too so Justin wouldn’t infect her while they had sex, but being able to have unprotected sex made Justin feel better about his situation which made her feel better.

“Justin?” Jess asks.

“What is it?”

“What if-what if I am pregnant?” Jess said. “I mean we didn’t use protection last week.”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“Na-no that’s not what I meant, I wanted us to share that it’s just, shouldn’t we be more careful about this, I want to start a family with you Justin I do but right now, we aren’t ready.”

“No one ever is.” Justin explains. “It’s not something you can really prepare for even if you think you are ready.”

“You say that like you're already a parent, you're trying to tell me something?” Jess teases.

“Course not.” Justin smiles, putting his arm around Jessica, bringing her closer and kissing her. Their kiss deepens. Jess knows they're starting to get carried away but she doesn’t stop it, slowly advancing on to Justin's lap.

They continue to be more passionate until Jess stops them momentarily. “This was supposed to wait until tonight.” She mumbled against Justin’s lips.

Justin chuckled and continued to kiss her softly reaching behind her back as softly tugging at her bra strap. They had both decided that it would be better that they both took off their own clothes giving them their own sense of control during sex, making them both comfortable.

Jess unhooked her bra, letting it fall before leaning back forward into Justin as they both removed their underwear.

“Condom?” Justin asked.

“Like you said, we’re never gonna be ready right?” Jess smiles, putting her hands under his neck caressing his cheeks. Justin pressed his forward head to hers pulling the covers over them as Jessica began to line herself up as they slowly bonded together as one.

Jessica began to move her hips on Justin's lap as they slowly made love, giving each other soft kisses and occasional soft moans into each other’s mouths.

“God.” Jess whispers in his ear as he moves his lips to her neck, letting out a few swears as they move against each other.

“You're so beautiful.” Justin mumbles in her ear as Jessica gets butterflies hating and loving what his words and simplest actions did to her.

“Right there!” Jess whispers as Justin holds her close under the covers, both of them feeling their finishes coming. “Oh Justin.” Jess praises as he kisses her forward. Jessica pressed her lips to his and they both reached their endgame holding each other close as they finished.

Both of them softly painted as Jess laid against Justin's chest as he wrapped her arms around her protectively. “N-never gets old.” Justin pants.

“Shit are you ok?.” Jess asks. “I kinda forgot you were sick.”

“Never better.” Justin smiles kissing her cheek as they cuddled each other close, both being protective, both never ready to let each other go.