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Fool Me Once (Shame On You)

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“I think about you moaning a lot.”

The thing about Taehyung’s brain to mouth filter is that he doesn’t have one, and for someone like Jeongguk, whose brain to mouth filter is an impenetrable Norton Antivirus firewall, this presents some difficulties. Difficulties otherwise known as choking on his aloe drink so violently that he feels a gritty bit of jelly get sucked into the vacuum of his lungs.

“Excuse me,” he sputters, eyes watering, holding the cuff of his flannel to his nose as he coughs weakly. Taehyung’s eyes are glittering. “What?”

“You heard me,” Taehyung says, and he takes the knuckle he’d been nibbling on out of his mouth. Every time he does that, Jeongguk gets this feeling like, oh God, I’m going to really like what he’s about to suggest but I’m going to really hate acknowledging it. The skin of Taehyung’s knuckle is pink where his teeth had worried it, and he repeats himself. Not that he needs to.

“I said, I think about you moaning a lot.”

“Why?” Jeongguk demands, a dusky red settling over his cheekbones. Maybe if Taehyung had said this in more appropriate circumstances, not that he ever does, Jeongguk wouldn’t be blushing. But they’re sitting at one of the picnic tables outside the campus deli, studying for upcoming midterms, and anyone could have heard.

“Why not?” Taehyung says, frowning.

“Because!” Jeongguk says, leaning across the table and speaking in a heated whisper so Taehyung will get the message and lower his damn voice. “I don’t. Moan, Taehyung. I don’t really make noise at all when we.” Jeongguk clear his throat. “You know.”

“Have sex?” Taehyung offers helpfully.

Jeongguk winces.

“Make love?” Taehyung swoops into Jeongguk’s space too then, and yeah, sure, the Feminism In Modern Theater students are dressed up as giant vaginas two picnic benches away handing out flyers to the next showing of The Vagina Monologues but Jeongguk is about two condoms away from setting himself on fire on the spot because he just saw one of them glance in their direction at Taehyung’s question.

“Shh!” Jeongguk hisses, slapping a hand over Taehyung’s mouth. As predicted, Taehyung licks his palm, and Jeongguk is so accustomed to this that he doesn’t react until Taehyung looks chastised. “We can talk about this. Elsewhere, okay?”

“Jeez,” Taehyung says, miffed, as he packs up his books for his next class. “But don’t you get it? That’s the point. You never make noise. That’s why I think about it a lot. I have questions, you know.” He nods, like this is reasonable. Jeongguk can’t say it isn’t. “What do you sound like? What does it take for you to moan for me once, hmm?”

Oh yeah. Jeongguk can totally concentrate in his foreign policy class after that.


On Wednesdays, there is a gap between morning and afternoon classes (seriously, what was Jeongguk thinking, signing up for that 8 AM section) that neither of them fail to capitalize on every chance they get. Sometimes Taehyung will be let out of his physics lab before noon and march right into Jeongguk’s room, thank god Yugyeom has a two and a half hour business lecture then. Other times Jeongguk will go over to Taehyung’s apartment, wave at Sungjae if he’s in, and find Taehyung dozing off again still in his lab coat. The quiet smile he saves only for Jeongguk is always in its fullest force then, sticky and sleepy when Jeongguk crawls over him and kisses him awake.

Today Taehyung’s lab goes right up to the twelve o’clock mark, while Jeongguk runs overtime for his national security lecture, so Taehyung is already lounging in his bed when he gets home. Yugyeom is out but Bambam is not, and though he listens to his music at deafening volumes—seriously, Jeongguk should not be hearing the beat drops that clearly through his earbuds—he’d rather not Bambam figure out just how loud Taehyung can be.

“Hey,” Taehyung says. He lying back in Jeongguk’s pillows, one arm behind his head and an ankle propped on bent knee, scrolling through something on his phone. “You’re late today.”

“Professor wouldn’t stop talking about the growth of cyber-security,” Jeongguk says, collapsing in his chair and yawning so hard he feels his jaw crack. He really just wants to take a nap. Maybe he’ll be able to persuade Taehyung into it. “Who even let you in?”

“Bambam!” Taehyung drops his phone into Jeongguk’s sheets. “In very rare stroke of luck he was not listening to his music with both headphones in and heard my knock.”

“Oh, lucky.” Jeongguk yawns again, poorly concealed this time, and Taehyung sits up. “Hey babe, how about we—take a nap today? I’m sorry, I stayed up studying that goddamn policy class and then I had that section this morning and I’m wiped.”

“Okay. It’s okay. I have to go to my professor’s office hours real soon, anyway,” Taehyung agrees. “Wait, I have a better idea.”

Jeongguk leans back in his rolling chair. “What?”

“Here, I’ll make you feel good, and you can go to sleep,” Taehyung says sincerely. “C’mere.” He holds one hand out, and Jeongguk gets out of his seat to slide his fingers into Taehyung’s palm. It’s warm to Jeongguk’s tired cold, and Taehyung scoots over in bed so Jeongguk can ease down beside him.

“What’re you going to do,” Jeongguk asks, as Taehyung rearranges himself around him so that he can press Jeongguk back into his pillows.

“What does it look like I’m going to do,” Taehyung says. He nudges Jeongguk’s legs apart, settling between them and running his hands up the sides of Jeongguk’s legs until he’s stretched over Jeongguk’s chest. His lips taste of jasmine tea and breakfast when Taehyung kisses him, and Jeongguk would wrinkle his nose if it were anyone else, but he just laughs tiredly against Taehyung’s mouth and kisses him back.

Taehyung is good at getting Jeongguk worked up in a breath and a blink. This can most likely be attributed to just how must he touches Jeongguk when they kiss, how much he likes touching Jeongguk when they kiss—especially like this, when he’s in the perfect position to run his hand down from where it’s cupped at the corner of Jeongguk’s jaw, Jeongguk’s ear peeking out between his fingers. Down Jeongguk’s chest, slow and maddening, tugging Jeongguk’s shirt out of his belt and running up the hard plane of his abdomen. It’s good for Taehyung, too, but he’s not looking for his own personal pleasure right now. He’s always so ready to please Jeongguk but his willingness to pamper him has Jeongguk’s heart shaking in his ribs.

He pulls back though, chuckling, when he presses his palm into Jeongguk’s crotch. Jeongguk’s hips jump, loose and uncontrolled in his sleepiness, and Taehyung’s eyes are glittering.

“Don’t give me that look,” he snaps, and it only intensifies.

“You’ve got it so bad for me,” Taehyung says, and Jeongguk can nearly hear the hairflip in his voice.

“You’re kissing me and touching me all over,” Jeongguk says flatly. “Now will you please get on with it, I have a nap to take.”

“We should do this when you’re sleepy more often,” Taehyung says, undoing Jeongguk’s belt and steadying himself on the bed. “You’re much more honest.”


“I like it.” Taehyung drops one more kiss on Jeongguk’s mouth, quick enough that it’s not so much lips than it is a brush of warmth. “But I hear you.”

Taehyung smiles against the bulge between Jeongguk’s legs, against the fabric of his boxer briefs, when he mouths along the cloth and Jeongguk can only answer with a sharp intake of breath. Even like this, Jeongguk can feel the shape of Taehyung’s mouth, he knows it so well now. Taehyung is kind enough not to be a tease today, and shimmies Jeongguk’s pants further down his legs and hooks his fingers into the hem of Jeongguk’s boxers to drag them down, too. Jeongguk is hard enough to be leaking against his stomach already, which would be embarrassing if Taehyung weren’t so eager, too. He curls his palm around the shaft, spreading the pre-come with the tips of his fingers, and brings it towards his mouth so he can take Jeongguk into his throat.

Jeongguk presses his arm over his eyes as Taehyung licks against the underside, one hand jerking Jeongguk off as he sucks and the other pressed hard into Jeongguk’s thigh, the thumb rubbing back and forth against the tendon that stands out beside Jeongguk’s cock, his legs straining to be spread. He feels his breath coming faster, burning in his windpipe and drying his throat, as Taehyung gets him closer and closer, and he knows Taehyung can sense it. They’ve been together long enough that Taehyung doesn’t need to look at Jeongguk to know. Though he still does, anyway, shifting on his knees to get closer and flicking his eyes up to glance at Jeongguk’s face. The movement has Jeongguk’s cock dipping deeper into his mouth, and he’s so close that—

The heat is gone, and for a hazy moment Jeongguk thinks wildly that they’re just going to have sex all the way anyway, but Taehyung is hovering over him, smiling, holding it in both of his hands. There is a terrible glint in his eyes before he flutters them closed, and presses a gentle kiss to the head of Jeongguk’s cock.

Then he pulls back completely, wipes at the back of his mouth with his hand, and smiles.

“April fool’s,” he says, grinning, and Jeongguk stares at him as he hops off the bed and slings his backpack over his shoulder. “See you later!”


“I just saw him,” Jimin says when Jeongguk recounts the story. “You should have told me earlier so I could rip him a new asshole.”

There are several things wrong with this picture. First of all, Jeon Jeongguk does not Tell Stories About His Sex Life but he had also happened to snap at Seokjin—a hyung five years his senior and Jimin’s boyfriend, which is a bit much even for him. (He apologized.) Second of all, he does not tell stories about his sex life To Park Jimin, Ever, but Jimin has known Jeongguk long enough to tell when he’s in a bad mood, and with enough wheedling he’d finally gotten it out of him. Taehyung had promised him cummies and gave him no cummies and “oh my God Jimin if you ever say it like that again I will report you to the goddamn police for emotional distress.”

“So what are you going to do?” Jimin asks. “Cold shoulder him?”

“Nah,” Jeongguk says. “I got a better idea.”

“What?” Jimin asks. “Actually, from that look on your face, I’m not sure I want to know.”

“Same thing, obviously,” Jeongguk says, turning a page in his textbook. “But my advantage is that he likes it, so. He’ll never see it coming.”

“That’s because he won’t be coming.” Jimin aims fingerguns at him. “Ba dum tss.”

“I hate you.”

“That was an excellent pun, babe,” Seokjin says neutrally.

“Thank you!” Jimin says. “See, Seokjin hyung appreciates me.”

Jeongguk shoots Jimin a glare so deadly he sobers up and pats him on the arm. “I’m sure you’ll be really hot and scary,” he says solemnly. “And I’m sure I’ll get to hear all about it.”

“You’re kidding yourself if you think I’m updating you about this.”

“And you’re kidding yourself if you think Taehyung doesn’t tell me,” and Jimin seems to relish in the look of horror in Jeongguk’s eyes, “everything.”

“Are you saying,” Jeongguk says, very calmly, “that you already knew about this before I told you.”

“Well,” Jimin says, examining a hangnail with interest.


“He might have mentioned it,” and at the look of fury on Jeongguk’s face, he quickly amends. “I mean. Yeah. Actually I think he’s kind of scared to see you again.”

“Oh my God,” Jeongguk says, packing his books into his bag with unnecessary force. “See if I ever let him come again.”

(“Are you scared for him? I’m scared for him.”

“Who, Taehyung?”

“Yeah. What if Jeongguk makes him, like, cry?”

“Jeongguk is kind of harmless, contrary to popular belief, Jimin.”

“Are you kidding?”

“Just listen to the way he talks. He might have been kind of angry, but did you hear poison in his voice?”

“Well. I guess not, huh.”)



Taehyung is surprised to see Jeongguk in his bed, in much the same position as he had been this morning, lounging around waiting for his boyfriend to come back. His clothes are rumpled, and he’s one-strapping his backpack, so Jeongguk can tell that he must have just returned from class.

“Hey, you,” Jeongguk says, amiably. “You owe me an orgasm.”

“Oh,” Taehyung says, laughing, eyes clearing when he seems to think that Jeongguk has granted his forgiveness. “Back so soon?”

“Babe,” Jeongguk says. “You know how much I hate jerking off in the shower.”

“Oops?” Taehyung says playfully, leaping into his messy, unmade bed, making Jeongguk bounce as he sits up. “Here, I’ll give it to you now. I’m sorry! Are you mad at me?” His voice is a little small and meek at that last bit, like he’s afraid to hear the answer.

“No,” Jeongguk says. This is the truth, even with what he has in mind. Sure, he’d been angry in the afternoon, but Taehyung is going to be forcefully spoonfed his own medicine soon enough and his remorse would hang over them darker than a stormcloud. Jeongguk would really rather blueball him back than make Taehyung feel bad and then subsequently feel guilty himself that he made Taehyung, the light of his life, feel bad, so this is the better plan any way he looks at it. “But still, you owe me an orgasm. And I get to call the shots this time.”

“Okay,” Taehyung says, on board already, eager when he leans forward to kiss Jeongguk. Really, it’s impossible to stay mad at him, even for the stunt he pulled this morning, and Taehyung kisses him down into the mattress until he’s hard against Jeongguk’s thigh, and Jeongguk wonders how long he’s been holding this in all day. Sucking Jeongguk off has always gotten Taehyung going without fail. He’s not sure how Taehyung could have just waltzed off to go talk to his professor when Jeongguk’s cock had been in his mouth ten minutes before, but maybe Jeongguk doesn’t give him enough credit.

Taehyung hits the bed with an exhale when Jeongguk growls in the back of his throat and flips them over so he can hover over Taehyung’s body, spreading Taehyung’s legs apart with one of his thighs and enjoying the choke that Taehyung passes into Jeongguk’s mouth when he does. If Taehyung is good at unraveling Jeongguk, Jeongguk is as good as, if not even better, at doing the same for Taehyung—probably because it’s so much easier to get noises out of him, and Jeongguk can hear how good Taehyung feels under him.

“Off, off,” Taehyung says, yanking at the hem of Jeongguk’s shirt. His legs have found their way around Jeongguk’s waist, and they’re grinding against each other clothed, so Jeongguk complies, leans back, and pulls his shirt over his head before pressing back in. “No, more, take off more.”

“Patience is a virtue,” Jeongguk says, words muffled against Taehyung’s mouth.

“Yeah, and sex is a gift from God, so who’s really winning here,” Taehyung says, pulling Jeongguk back so he can go for his belt, the same one he’d been undoing earlier today.

Jeongguk lets Taehyung do what he wants, which is to get them both really naked. Not that he’s complaining, because the moan he lets out when Jeongguk presses their bodies together, slotting their legs so that Taehyung can find friction against Jeongguk’s leg, is good enough to make Jeongguk shiver.

“If you make yourself come,” Jeongguk warns when he sits back again, warming lube in his fingers, “I’m putting my clothes on and leaving.”

“You don’t mean that,” Taehyung says, lazily stroking his cock, watching as Jeongguk slicks his fingers. Jeongguk narrows his eyes.

“No?” he says, reaching forward and covering the shaft of Taehyung’s cock with his hand. Taehyung drops his hand, whining as Jeongguk draws his hand up towards the head, pulling his erection towards him and letting it slap back against his belly when he lets go, precome spattering over Taehyung’s belly. “You think I don’t mean it?”

“Don’t you hate jerking off in the shower?” he breathes.

“Hmm,” Jeongguk says, pulling Taehyung towards him so he can prop him up against his legs. “Who said anything about the shower?”

But Taehyung doesn’t seem to catch the weight of Jeongguk’s words, and shudders when Jeongguk presses a finger into him. He’s so good, honestly, that Jeongguk feels a little bad about this, even as he’s giving him, two, then three fingers, and Taehyung is pulling him down for more kisses. Okay, kisses are fine. He’ll get as many of those as he wants.

“Hurry up,” he says, breath warm on Jeongguk’s mouth. “Enough, enough. I want you.”

Taehyung props himself up on his elbows to watch as Jeongguk puts the condom on, and he laughs when Jeongguk has to bite his lip against the touch of his own hand as he slicks himself up. The chuckle fades, though, when Jeongguk spreads his legs properly again and eases forward, one hand holding his cock steady and another pressed on Taehyung’s stomach, his thumb stroking the skin as he pushes himself inside. Then Jeongguk shifts his legs, and drapes the bend of Taehyung’s knees in the crooks of his arms and pulls Taehyung towards him, watching, waiting when any of the whines Taehyung makes sounds like a noise of pain.

“Come on,” he says, when Jeongguk takes too long. “Faster, hurry up.”

So Jeongguk does, letting Taehyung’s legs hitch around his waist again as he pulls out and thrusts forward. Taehyung cries out, and reaches for Jeongguk to pull him close as he fucks into him. It’s good, as it always is, with Taehyung panting out Jeongguk’s name against his mouth, his cheek, wherever he’s kissing him—now, against his jaw, bitten into the skin, and if Jeongguk isn’t careful one of them or both of them will come like this and he’ll never get to avenge himself.

But Jeongguk tamps his orgasm down with steel will and want for dignity, and waits for Taehyung’s cries to get faster, higher, punctuated by the thrusts of his hips. When his voice begins breaking into staccato moans, Jeongguk leans in, slowing his movements, so that his lips are brushing the shell of Taehyung’s ear.

“April fool’s,” he murmurs, and pulls away. The look of betrayal on Taehyung’s face is priceless as Jeongguk sits back on his heels. He flicks away the bead of pre-come at the tip of Taehyung’s cock with his thumb, bringing it to his lips and kissing it off. “Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it?”

“Jeonggukkie!” Taehyung protests, pushing himself up onto his elbows, desperation in his voice. “I said I was sorry!”

“You should be,” Jeongguk says, tsk-ing, unable to help the gloat in his voice. “That was low, babe.”

“But,” Taehyung goes on, “you don’t get your orgasm this way anyway.”

“Sure I will,” Jeongguk says, peeling away the condom. “You want to watch?”

Of course Taehyung watches, eyes fixed as Jeongguk jerks himself off. He sits up, reaching for his own cock, and Jeongguk doesn’t stop him. Taehyung leans into him, resting his forehead against Jeongguk’s shoulder as he pulls himself close again, but then he seems to get an idea, and pushes Jeongguk’s hand off of his own cock.

“What are you—?”

But Taehyung is settling down onto his stomach, spreading the pre-come around Jeongguk’s cock with his tongue and—oh, oh, Jeongguk realizes, as Taehyung slides his tongue over the slit, then deepthroats him, Taehyung is finishing what he started. A moan trips out of Jeongguk’s throat when Taehyung whimpers around his cock like he wants nothing more than to have it in his mouth, and Jeongguk finally comes, finally, down the length of Taehyung’s throat. The muscles of his body tighten as the orgasm rocks through him. When Taehyung pulls off, he’s smiling.

“You did it,” he says.

“Did what,” Jeongguk says, chest heaving.

“You moaned for me,” Taehyung says, a kind of wonder in his hoarse voice, kissing the tip of Jeongguk’s cock and staining his lips with come this time. “But it’s not like I did anything differently.”

“Hmm,” Jeongguk says, running fingers through Taehyung’s hair, dark with sweat. “Did you come?”

Taehyung whines, high in his throat. “No,” he says.

“Well,” Jeongguk says, pulling him up and rolling so that Taehyung is lying upon him. “Get me up again, and why don’t you see?”