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The Shadows of the Pizzaplex: Eclipse’s Origins

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The echoing of footsteps could be heard beneath the Mega Pizzaplex, with the scent of ashes and the musky tang of oily grease clouding the air. A strange woman wearing what looked to be a white bunny costume entered the area, happily skipping without a care in the world even if the place she was in invoked anything but positive emotions. The costume in question was draped in hasty stitches and stains, her blue bow rusty and dull like the knife she was wielding. The suit’s big eyes gleamed red in the dark as she looked upon the carnage that took place.

She had felt the disaster below her feet while she wandered the Pizzaplex. She thought the building itself would have collapsed along with the sinkhole due to how strong it was. The old simulator that the Mega Pizzaplex was built on top of was gone. All thanks to that boy who managed to escape with Glamrock Freddy - the only robot in the entire facility to suffer a technical malfunction by the time she reprogrammed all the main animatronics in the building to kill any human on sight… excluding her, of course, thanks to what she believed to be her master’s blessing of glitching the visions of any robot who catches a glimpse of her.

The suited woman entered the desolated pizzeria, her already-tainted costume getting soot on her feet. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place - the place Henry Emily had built to draw in every animatronic he and William Afton created all those years ago - burned down to a crisp. She recalled the story of what William had told her about his fate within that restaurant: how he, his son Michael, and the robots that he and his ex-business partner Henry built during the Fazbear Company’s golden years were all lured into the restaurant. According to Henry’s exact words, he wanted to free the souls trapped within the animatronics, including the souls of his only daughter Charlotte and every member of William’s family. Only William was left in an eternal hell set up by one of the children from the Missing Children Incident decades ago - Cassidy. The girl whose soul inhabited the very Fredbear animatronic she had to share with the Crying Child, who had lost his life to the springlock suit’s crushing jaws because of Michael and the tears that ran down his face. When every soul involved in William’s life moved on, only Cassidy remained. And she tormented William for everything he did. Yet despite all that, William managed to survive through a digital copy of himself in the physical world, one way or another.

But now, after everything she did to bring Will back through his guidance from the digital world, everyone she sacrificed with no remorse for her actions… it was all taken away by the amalgamated remains of the animatronics Henry destroyed many years ago. Her mind had been infected and corrupted by William’s remaining consciousness within that VR game the Fazbear Company had her play back before they had the funds to build the Freddy Fazbear Mega Pizzaplex on top of the sinkhole where Henry’s trap collapsed. Vanny began to pick up very quickly that the Blob was none other than those very same animatronics - remnants of the emotions of the spirits that used to haunt them.

Emotions of hatred and revenge. Hatred towards William Afton and revenge for everything he ever did.


Can you hear me? Are… Are you still there?


Vanny was now nothing more than the husk of a woman trapped within a bunny suit - the suit which Will had complimented. Her mind had been taken over by a monster, and that very same monster used her to bring himself back, destroying any semblance of her identity within the process. The name she gave herself and the suit she wore was all she could remember. All Vanny ever had… it… slipped from her fingertips. Even she couldn’t remember who she formerly was before William distorted her very way of thinking.


Who… Who am I? My name is Van… Va… I don’t remember…


Beneath the mask over her face, it was still very clear that Vanny had a blank expression. She didn’t know what to do now. Was it all for nothing? William had to have a plan for her. His actions alone spelled it out for her. She needed a way to carry out his actions. To finish what he had started.


To create the ultimate killing machine.


Vanny searched through the remains of the Pizza Place, scavenging through every nook and cranny. She tore down the recharge station that William emerged from, which was smelling of decomposing carcass and rust. Thankfully, beneath all the wirings and bolts, the circuits and chips she needed were salvaged, and in factory-working condition too - just as she hoped. Vanny stored the surviving chips and the surviving circuits she ripped out of the station into her suit’s pockets, then she went over to one of the emergency backup generators and broke it apart by grabbing a fire axe hanging from the demolished wall. She yanked the cords and fuses and whatever else she could find within the generator.

Set on a clear goal, Vanny made her way to what remained of the main lobby, where she found the burnt scraps of the three animatronics that came from the Mega Pizzaplex built above the sinkhole as a coverup tactic - Glamrock Chica, Montgomery Gator, and Roxanne Wolf. For whatever reason, the Blob didn’t seem to absorb the three robots into itself and went for William instead… possibly because of the fact that they were purely machine instead of vessels for flesh, bone, and spirit. So she cut off one of the wires connected to the recharge station and used it as rope to tie the three animatronics together. It was not like she was going to use most of their body parts anyway and decide to mainly use them for something akin to a car battery, but smaller and lighter and something to fit into an endoskeleton.

All that was needed was the base for her monstrosity to tie it all together.

Vanny got what she needed, and she dragged the bodies of Chica, Roxy, and Monty out of the exit with her - the same exit Freddy Fazbear and Gregory used to escape as the only elevator leading down to here could only be used once due to it being highly unstable. The next thing she knew, she found herself on a path to the surface as daylight momentarily blinded her eyes. Once Vanny readjusted her vision, she found herself not too far away from Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex.

Getting back into the giant mall was easy-peasy like it was before, as she avoided security and the staff members with ease. She watched as the few human staff members refused to have the place open to the public yet due to the absence of Freddy and his band - the main stars and mascots of the mall in the first place. And without their superstars, who would even come to the Mega Pizzaplex if Freddy, Chica, Roxy, and Monty aren’t even around? Not to mention the worries they had over the sinkhole since a good portion of the ground floor had gaping holes located in the cracks… though they weren’t anything too major or costly. It was then that they decided to close down the place due to technical difficulties, letting the general public know that they’ll re-open once they’ll either rebuild more polished versions of their favorite characters from the ground-up or replace them altogether while they try patching up the damaged parts of the Pizzaplex. All staff hoped was that they had enough money to fix everything.

As for Vanny, things were starting to get tricky for her as she hid within the bowels of the basement, deep within “Parts and Services” where they repair the animatronics and keep endoskeletons around. She couldn’t use an ordinary S.T.A.F.F. Bot for her base model for the ultimate killing machine due to them not being suitable for combat despite having many of the Nightmarionne S.T.A.F.F. Bots under her control… before she lost them in the fire, of course. Her only two choices were the main animatronics remaining within the facility: DJ Music Man and the Daycare Attendant.

She would have to be looking for an animatronic with speed and agility, and although huge and bulky the DJ Music Man had neither of those things. Sure, he would’ve been destructive during his aggressive moments, but it wouldn’t be enough to cover up his tracks. And throughout William’s history, all of his murders involved some kind of stealth. So that left Vanny with only one option…


Sun and Moon.


Two personalities within one body - each one freely able to swap between each other depending on whether the lights are on or off. The Daycare Attendant may be smaller, but that would only mean serving as the perfect base for her creation. And the more she thought about it, the more it made sense. Moon’s AI chip was tampered with, but not Sun’s, meaning that he may have been aware of his darker and sinister side… but he held no qualms in alerting the other animatronics to a “rule-breaker’s” location not because of Vanny’s hacking but because it was in his programming. Gregory accidentally shut off the power so Moon could kill him within the daycare, after all. Perhaps with Sun’s interest in looking after children and Moon’s malicious intent to attack any human on sight, they would become the perfect ambush machine to fill in the void left behind by William.

All that was left was to lure the Daycare Attendant over to her location.

Night began rolling around the corner, and the Mega Pizzaplex closed its doors after a stressful day of looking for Freddy and the crew. Security seemed to have increased because of the missing animatronics, and there was hardly any sign of human life within this empty, desolate place. It would make sense that it would affect someone like the Daycare Attendant - more so than the fact that he would’ve been destroyed along with the Pizzaplex had the sinkhole been any deeper.

The Daycare Attendant was completely unfamiliar with what happened to the main four animatronics… well, at least Sun was, anyway. One can argue the reason being that he would rather stay within the daycare since it was his main job to look after the kids and play with them.

Sun was sitting in one of the small plastic chairs, contemplating over what happened last night. He had just lost his only friend for the night all because he disobeyed the one simple rule he told him: keeping the lights on. He was probably just a kid and didn’t know any better, or maybe he really was a rather spoiled boy who wanted to have naptime regardless of schedule. Either way, he deserved to get banned, right?

Or maybe it wasn’t his fault that the lights went out?

It could’ve been something more. Maybe some personal issues. Maybe Sun should’ve offered something far more entertaining, like hopscotch or jump rope or even ring-tossing. Or maybe… maybe…


He was just this bad with the kids?


How come? Is it because he wasn’t good enough in terms of looking after kids? Or maybe he just wasn’t as popular as Freddy Fazbear and his gang?

Just then, the lights suddenly went out in the daycare. Sun quickly scrambled out of the tiny chair he was sitting in, completely in a state of panic.

“Not again! Not again!” Sun exclaimed, gripping the top of his head. “The lights are out! How’s that possible?! No one’s at the off-limits area! Must… turn on… backup… generators…!” The Daycare Attendant found himself groaning and screaming as though he was in constant pain, wobbling in his footsteps as he tried getting to the backup generators hidden within the obstacle course.

But alas, Sun couldn’t even enter the structure as he collapsed to the rubber foam floor and began to change. His body began to shift color from tan and yellowish-orange to a light gray and blue, with the left side of his torso and face changing to black. His striped pants faded into blue with yellow stars swathed across them, and the rays presented on the Daycare Attendant’s head began to retract back in, and instead there was a night cap placed on top of it.

A raspy and slightly deeper chuckle came out from Moon as his AI activated within the darkness, his visual scanners gleaming with the color red. Upon waking up, Moon could sense a strange presence calling to him… beckoning him. He pulled himself up, leaning his body backwards so he could look behind himself… albeit upside-down. After turning around, Moon crept towards the ball pit and jumped in before climbing up the slide entrance.

The Daycare Attendant soon found himself wandering around the Mega Pizzaplex, searching for the strange presence.

“I know you’re out there,” Moon hissed, sneaking around in the shadows, his golden bells ringing softly with every footstep. “Come out, come out, wherever you are…” Soon enough, his sensors indicated that the presence he was searching for was getting stronger, and it was from within the Fazer Blast arena.

When Moon entered the location, he glared up at the overheads and saw a pair of gleaming-red eyes staring back at him. Whoever this is, one thing’s for sure: Moon began to sense a lot of presence coming from them, and they seemed to be… calling to him.

Moon climbed up the walls of the Superstar Lounge - blindly obeying, but not by choice - and jumped over to the overhead where his target was standing. Suddenly, his vision began to blur into a red, glitching mist the closer he approached the stranger with the red eyes. Before he knew it, he felt a pair of bunny paws clasp his cheeks, and an error sign flashed on his screen before he shut down.

And he was unaware of what’ll happen to him next.