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Birthday Wishes

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Freddy leaned back against his couch, taking a moment to rest his eyes. It had been a day - one that seemed longer than most. 

He and the other animatronics had been worked to the max with performances, parties, meet'n'greets, plus more during the day. He had been surprised that his system hadn't disconnected with everything that had gone on today, though he wouldn't have been surprised if his servos were to shut down over night.

There were times when he felt like he wanted a vacation.

Freddy had often heard about the concept from the staff employees talking amoungst themselves as they patrolled or cooked. Some mentioned about going to places he had never heard of; Hawii, Costa Rica, England, France, Japan - the list went on and on. Others talked about beaches, carnivals, and playgrounds, though Freddy was interested in what a museum was. Was it similar to what was right outside his and the others' rooms? And if so, what else did they have to offer that they couldn't?

Freddy sighed heavily.

A knock on his door brought forth Monty, the gator grinning like an idiot, "Hey, big guy. Ready to go see what the baby got into?"

"If it's something bad," Freddy warned, standing up, "I don't want to know about it. I've already had a bad enough day as it is, Monty."

"Easy there," Monty held up his hands defensively, "I was only joking. The Gregster is fine, trust me on that."

Freddy sighed and followed his friend out of the room, "I apologize, Montgomery. Lately my head hasn't been where it should be."

"Are you sure? Only 'cause I'm looking at it," the gator joked again, "But, in all honesty Fred, what's up? Is it Gregory that you're worried about? Or is there something else going on in that head of yours?"

"There just seems to be something wrong in general," the bear tapped at his chest with one electric blue painted nail, "I've started to notice I've been more tired as of late. I've also been feeling a little irritated and nervous as well. It's like I know something's going on with myself, but I'm not sure what exactly it is or called."

"I understand," the gator nodded in reply, "I've started to notice my anger getting the better of me as of late, too. I've been trying to keep it in check around the kiddos, including our own, since I don't want to scare them by any means; however, there have been some days where I just can't control it - specifically if someone gets near Roxanne's room."

Freddy stopped and looked at his friend, "Someone's been hanging around Roxy's room during the day?"

"Freddy, now it may not be important," Monty answered, "but I will admit I've seen a few of the maintainence workers getting a bit more handsy with us as of late. I have also talked to Roxy about this and she claims that she thinks someone has been coming by her room during the night. She's not as blind as we think she is."

And the gator wasn't wrong either. Roxanne, unknown to many, had a special set of eyes that allowed her to see things in the dark as well as through walls - which meant that if a child unintentionally followed a worker and got locked in a storage room, Roxy was able to locate said child and help it.

Freddy tapped his chin in thought, "Perhaps we better ask Chica as well if she has noticed anything. If the three of us are having issues, she might be as well and may just not have told us yet."

The gator nodded, returning to walking beside his friend as the two of them reached to door of the animatronic wolf in question.

Chica had already beaten them there, rocking Gregory in her arms and cooing at him as he giggled and chewed on his teething ring. Roxanne was placing a set of fresh blankets into the go cart when the the gater and the bear walked in.

"Perfect timing boys," Roxanne grinned at her friends, "Chica and I were just talking."

"About what?"

"Well," the wolf grinned cheekily, "Sunny had made mention that Gregory was getting bigger when we went to see him a few weeks ago, and Chica and I were just talking about how he must nearly be a year old, if not already."

"Roxy, where are you going with this?" Freddy asked, eyebrows raising.

"We want a party for Gregory, Freddy," Chica chirped, "After all, we're the only family he's got and we work in the party industry for Fazbear's sake. After all, it will be fun!"

"A birthday party for Gregory?" Monty asked, scratching the edge of his chin in thought, "I'm not sure that it's a good idea, girls. Don't get me wrong, I love the little guy but-"

"But what?" Chica's eyes narrowed on the gator, "I thought you cared for him! Why can't we have a party for Greggy?"

"Chica," Freddy spoke calmly, "we're all working overtime as it is with Gregory. Between the many hours of operations and after closing, there's just no way that we could do a party for Gregory - never mind the fact that it would be nearly impossible to convince the staff for one day off. What about the other children?"

"But what about Gregory?" Chica held him up to the gator and the bear, "He barely gets to have us all to himself. I feel bad about asking for time off too, but we're the only ones that know about him - the only family he has. No one else will throw a party for him now, or even when he gets older. And Fazbear knows how long we'll be able to keep him."

"Chica, you're starting to sound like someone knows something about Gregory," Freddy chidded, "And made mention about no one knowing about him in the same sentance."

"I know," Chica pulled Gregory close to her chest, "I just know that when he's older, and when he's gone away from here, he'll forget about us. I want him to stay with us so badly, but I know that kids grow into adults and forget about them. I don't want that to happen with Gregory, I want to always remember us."

"Chica girl," Monty laid a hand on the chicken's shoulder, "you know that won't happen. Gregory won't forget about us. He still has a long time to go before he's all grown up, and we'll always be there - even if he doesn't remember us fully. He'll at least recall that there were four - no, five - of us that took him in and made the beginning part of his life easy, that we cared and loved him."

"And even if we don't have a party for Gregory," Roxy chimed in, her smile soft, "we can still at least do a small celebration in the evening before we're shut down for the night."

"Freddy?" Chica asked hopefully.

Freddy sighed and smiled before nodding, "I think we can arrange something small. One of us will have to let Sunny know. I'm certain the sundrop will want to be a part of it."

Chica giggled in delight.


The animatronics planned the small birthday on a day when there was little activity in the evenings, which would allow them to be led to their green rooms a little earlier than normal.

During the week leading up to the event, Chica and Roxanne moved about the plex and snatched a few pieces of decor here and there before stuffing them within their bodies to take back to their green rooms before meet'n'greets. Monty dug around in the spare rooms near the gator golf course, looking for gift ideas to give to Gregory - even though he had plenty of stuffed versions of them to keep him company during the day. Sunny worked on wrapping said gifts when Monty brought them to him during his down time, pulling beautifully colored wrapping paper out of the storage in his hiding spot and wrapping the top five gifts - one for each of them. Freddy, with Chica's help, snuck into the kitchen to see how the cupckaes were made - following the orders and memorizing each one.

The night of the small celebration, as the last of the guests were leaving, the animatronics set up in Monty's room. It would be easier to hide them in that green room as most of the stuff would end up getting trashed anyway due to the gator's temperment. While the others were finishing up the touches, Freddy went to grab Gregory from Roxanne's room.

As he was leaving, he ran into an all-too-familiar face.

"Officer Vanessa!" Freddy clutched at his stomach, feiging surprise while also secretly praying that Gregory wouldn't make a sound.

"Freddy, what are you doing in Roxanne's room?" the blonde guard pointed her flashlight at the bear, "Never mind the fact that you are out of your own green room where you should be resting after a day like today."

"Nessa, the others and I do like to have our down time," Freddy smiled cheekily, "Lately, we've decided to try and bond a bit closer. After all, we perform together, why shouldn't we get to know each other better?"

Vanessa narrowed her eyes at the bear before asking, "Have you seen anything out of the ordinary by any chance?"

"Like what, exactly?"

Vanessa shrugged her shoulders, "I'm not too certian, to be honest. But I want you and the others to let me know if you see or hear anything out of the ordinary."

Freddy bowed his head, "Of course. You have my word."

The guard took off then in the opposite direction, leaving Freddy to exhale deeply before appearing in Monty's room.

"Hey, what took you so long?" Chica asked, placing the last gift box on the sofa.

"Ran into a little complication," Freddy answered, "but I'll tell you about it after Gregory goes to sleep."

"Alright!" Roxanne, clapped her hands together, "Let's hear it for the birthday boy!"

Freddy opened his chest cavity, allowing Sunny to pull a very happy Gregory out from the confines.

"Happy Birthday Gregory!" they all cheered as Gregory squealed in delight.

Each of the animatronics took a seat around the sofa with Gregory perched in Freddy's lap. A total of five gifts, one from each animatronic was ready to be opened.

"Open mine first!" Chica thrust the package into Freddy's arms.

With the help of the bear, Gregory cooed at the sight of a little pale pink blanket with Chica's iconic face on it, chewing down on some pizza. Gregory's little hands slapped on the material, gurgling in excitement.

"Perfect for those extra chilly nights," the chicken grinned.

Roxanne passed hers. It was a teething ring that looked like a little rubber tire, even though Freddy arched a brow at the wolf.

"I honestly wasn't sure what to get him," Roxanne scratched the back of her head, "I know he's too little for small parts, but this will at least keep him occupied a little bit."

"Your next, Sunny," Monty nudged the jester as he passed his.

A new little onesie with stars, suns, and moons were printed all over it and a little golden Sundrop plush came along with it.

"The onesie was left behind," Sunny explained, "and apparently the golden plush was a model for the actual plush toy. I thought Gregory would like to have that - also since they go together quite nicely if you ask me."

They all chuckled at that as Freddy pulled out his own gift. A dark grey sweatshirt that was nearly double the size of Gregory's little body with the group's faces on it.

"For when you are older," Freddy pressed his head against the side of Gregory's as the little one squeezed the material, "to always have us with you where you go."

"Monty? It's your turn," the jester smiled at the gator.

"Heh, save the best for last," Monty grinned, placing the package on Gregory's lap.

It was a shock to see Gregory pull out an old familiar face. It was a small blue bunny plush with lime green shoulder pads and brilliant purple eyes. It's body was soft and warm with a little black nose that squeaked when you pressed it.

Freddy looked at Monty, eyes wide, "How did... where did you-?"

"I found it in the same storage closet where Sunny had first found Gregory," Monty explained, "I had hoped to find something in there since no one goes in, and found him instead. I know that... Bonnie will never be able to meet Gregory, but I thought it would be nice to have something for him to know of the rabbit's existance. It was the only one I could find."

Gregory gurggled at the toy before saying, "Bonie."

Everyone stared at the little one in shock. Not only was this is first word, but it was a name no one had said in nearly two years.

Gregory looked up at his family, saying again, "Bonie."

"Yes, that's right, Greggy," Roxanne smiled, "His name is Bonnie."