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Sweet Providence

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"What are we doing here?" Jared Cameron asked Sam Uley.

Sam's grip tightened around the steering wheel of his new forest green 2002 Chevy Silverado. The two sat in the dark outside of the newly built modern abode of Dr. Cullen, his wife and their family of adopted children.

"You asked me why this was happening to you. Well… here it is," Sam nodded towards the architectural anomaly of Forks, Washington.

Sam Uley was the first to change. The experience had been jarring. The legends of their people — descendants of wolves — Sam had always thought of them as just stories.

Sam had known he was going through something. He'd grown 6 inches in the span of perhaps two weeks. He became supernaturally strong. The elders had been keeping an eye out for any radical transformations since the return of the Cullens — cold ones, also known as vampires. Billy Black had seen the change in Sam. The tribal leaders confronted him.

Sam's first time changing was in front of the tribal leaders.

Jared was all on his own. He had wandered the forest for days, thinking that he'd lost his mind. When Mr. and Mrs. Cameron came to the tribal council for help finding their missing son after the police proved useless, Billy Black sent Sam out to search for Jared.

Sam was surprised to learn that he wasn't the only one. Billy had warned him that there would be others. However, it had been months since he'd changed and the Cullens kept away from Quileute territory. Sam had figured that the Cullens would honor their agreement to keep away and things would go back to normal.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be. While the Cullens did honor the treaty, their presence attracted other cold ones. Soon, the mysterious deaths of campers and hikers along the Olympic peninsula became a common headline.

Jared swallowed. The lights of the Cullen house flicked off one by one until the house stood in complete darkness. They'd been discovered.

Sam didn't care. He was allowed to drive and park wherever he wanted.

"So… s- s- so… They're th- the cold ones?" Jared stumbled over his words. "Are we here to kill them?" Jared whispered.

The double glass doors of the upstairs veranda slowly creaked open and the big vampire — the one with the extreme muscle bulk — walked out, followed by the pretty blonde one.

"They've heard you," Sam grinned.

Jared swallowed. Fuck.

"Let's go," Jared whispered.

"No. We're fine here," Sam said, staring into the eyes of the large vampire, several yards away. "You asked why this is happening to you. Here it is. Here they are. And now that they've gotten comfortable, there'll probably be more of us."

Sam observed the young vampire couple, wondering just how old they really were.

"So we're not here to kill them?" Jared whispered.

"No… the treaty protects them," Sam replied.

"What? How? Explain," Jared exhaled and leaned his head in his hand.

"This isn't the first time the Cullens have taken up residency around here. Years and years ago — generations ago, before any of us were born — the Cullens hunted on our land. They swore they were different. They did not drink the blood of humans. Like us, they hunted animals. The elders made a pact with the coven. If they kept away and stayed off our lands, we'd let them be," Sam explained.

"So ask them to leave," Jared blinked. If all of this was happening because of this family of stupid vampires, just get rid of them. They agreed to stay off Quileute land. Clearly, they were reasonable enough. The elders could just ask them to leave.

"Tried that. They won't go. And the treaty protects them too. They leave us alone. We leave them alone. That's the deal," Sam mumbled.

So what? Kill them, anyways. Jared wondered why the elders would ever agree to such a treaty.

Unbenounced to Jared, one particular Cullen — Edward Cullen — was listening to his private thoughts. The veranda was soon occupied by the entire Cullen family, ready to ward off any threats to their coven.

Sam knew the Cullens wouldn't pick a fight with them but he didn't want to get in trouble with the elders for provoking the vampires. He too had brought up the idea of killing them anyways. The elders weren't keen on breaking treaties. It would make them as bad as the pale-faced European Settlers who went back on their word time and time again; who inflicted unscrupulous atrocities upon them and then confined their people to tiny reservations. As if it were some big favor to offer their tribes but a scant slice of the land for which they'd occupied for generations and then claim the rest as their own new 'civilized' world.

"We better go," Sam chuckled. He nodded to the Cullens — a warning — and pulled off the side of the road, driving back to the reservation.

"I don't get it. If the cold ones have always left us alone… then… why? Why all of this? Why become a wolf?" Jared was so confused.

"Oh. They weren't the first," Sam clarified. "No, no, no. When the settlers came they brought those vampire vermin with them. The Americas were lawless, then. And it was a time when our people were routinely murdered by settlers. So to the cold ones, it was perfect. They massacred our women and children; it was a fucking feeding frenzy," Sam explained, driving slowly down the pitch-black road. "The story goes… that the elders of that time evoked the spirits of ancestors to bestow magical properties onto the tribal warriors so they could combat their supernatural enemies. I guess since we're supposed to have come from wolves, it was fitting."

"And now that the Cullens are here…" Jared swallowed.

"We've been chosen by the spirits of our ancestors to be those warriors," Sam nodded.

The two stared at the road ahead. It was a lot to take in.

Jared was just living his normal life before all of this. He'd never put much thought into the logistics of life after La Push.

He'd assumed that he'd graduate high school, go to college, get a job… maybe settle down somewhere; a city or a bigger town with a larger population. Find a woman who probably isn't his cousin. La Push, being the small community that it is, everyone was related in some way, shape or form to one another by either blood or marriage.

Things were different now. The spirit of the wolf that ruled him would never let him abandon his post. He was devout to his tribe and his duties as a warrior. Jared would be forever loyal to the commands of his Alpha, Sam Uley. Things which had never been on his radar before — marriage, children, and a life outside of La Push — suddenly evaporated. The life he'd never have flashed before his eyes.

Though, days later, Paul Lahote would phase and join the pack. Jared would be promoted to Beta, further cementing his fate; should anything happen to Sam, he'd be the new Alpha.

Was that all for Jared? The pack? What else was there for him in La Push? An imprint, perhaps?

"How's Emily doing?" Jared asked his Alpha as he pulled up outside of the Cameron house.

Sam hung his head and exhaled, "she's doing much better."

Jared had been there when Sam accidentally clawed Emily — the Alpha's imprint.

Sam had been in such a panic. Jared had never seen such devastation in the eyes of anyone before that night. He understood the love that Sam had for Emily. He could hear his thoughts when they were phased, after all.

While he understood the love he couldn't possibly imagine it. In fact, he feared it. To love someone that much… It scared him. How would he ever cope if it happened to him?

Jared hoped that he'd never, ever imprint.