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He walked into the classroom, scared of what possibly could await there. It was way worse than what he could predict.
Kusuo felt like every vein in his body was boiling of anger and rage that could end it all. At his sight was his first, and eventually last, best friend. Unfortunately for him, the unhinged power could, and will, end it all.

But he was only a child. Was it really his fault that happend? Was it his fault that he couldn't stop those overwhelming emotions? At the end of the day, Asumi was in fact, the only person that stayed truthful with his intentions towards Kusuo. Despite all his powers granted to him, all he truly wished for was a normal life. A normal friend. The friend he just lost due to his one wrong move.

Kusuo stood in an empty classroom. In shock, desperatly searching for a sign of life. He knew there was nothing to look for-regardless if it was worthless or not, he still had hope.

Was he going to scream in pain? Crumble in agony?

He knew it was nothing like him to do those things. Or just give up.

Kusuo knew exactly what he had to do. It's not going to be the easy, but to be fair- is there anything else to do?

Memory repression.
It was the very last thought that appeared in his mind.
He couldn't do it anymore. He couldn't count. Couldn't jump back and forth in an endless cycle. At this point it was only useless attempts of hurting himself.
Nothing he did could possibly bring him back anymore. Even if he arrived just the second later, or two seconds earlier, nothing was good enough to change it. He still experienced the same butterfly effect and saw Asumi die one more time- if not through his own doing, something entirely else happend a moment after. There was no point in trying anymore. All there was left is pure bliss of forgeting that ever happend. Kusuo didn't want to forget, but at the same time didn't want to live knowing he did that to his last and only friend. He went through enough grief and sorrow, and it was time for Asumi to rest too.


Kusuo really enjoyed his coffee jelly. The mix of flavors, the bitterness of coffee overthrown by sweetness, the jelly texture that melted on his tongue every time he took a chonk of it, topped by delicate cream that went just right with the whole dessert. He was in heaven. Maybe higher if that's even possible. The only thing great enough to make him forget about all his problems- though, not like he had any. Beside his psychic powers, but that's a daily occurance that doesn't seem to bother him much now. Actually, he finds them quite useful- when he needs a book from the highest shelf, why ask for help? He can just levitate and freely grab it by himself. A roach nearby? No need to fight or look at it anymore, he can teleport to some place like Texas instead.

That little moment of relief was the last he could have for now, since a new semester was about to begin. Kusuo never had problems with school, given all the things he was able of doing- setting the marks just right was enough to make him feel his life is at peace. What he did worry about though, was the people that went there with him. Especially the particularly noisy ones.
All he can wish for is the number of those people never increases. He can deal with that much at least. But for now, thankfully, he only has to deal with the amount of coffee jelly that's left in his cup. Yum.


Another day. Beside paying a visit to Nendous' dad grave and leaving some treats, nothing really interesting happend. Well, maybe except actually seeing him, despite ghost seeing power not being on the list of things Kusuo could do. Thank whatever gods out there it was only one ghost, because another power like that might actually make him go crazy in some way for real.
Saiki stopped near his house, something sticking out of his mail box catching his attention. It was a white, plain envelope. Nothing too fancy to be fair. He decided to open it on the spot, since he also noticed he was the one it was adressed to.
"I know you're an esper."



He got home as quickly as he could. What's the meaning of this? How could someone possibly find out he was an esper? Was there someone out there just like him? A person with powers?
He must think this through, definitly.

By the time he was done examining the letter and a Jump copy, he heard the door bell ring downstairs.
Even if his parents were expecting someone, it's still better if he checks it himself- since he got that letter, it'd be good to keep the guard up just in case.

Turns out, that the visitor was non other than the author of the letter himself.
He was dressed quite plainly, wearing a deep blue jinbei, and a pair of red praying beads on his wrists and neck. His hair were a nice shade of lavender, on them he wore a white bandana looking thing. He was also a bit taller than Kusuo. Nothing too significant, to be fair.
[Why would he even send the letter if he was gonna arrive shortly after? What a waste of time and paper.]
"Ohh I'm glad to finally meet you Master! Wow, this place looks totally normal. To be fair not what i have expected. Still, a great pleasure to meet you!"
[What do you mean by 'not what I have expected'? -sigh- I don't want to discuss this near my parents. Follow me upstairs, then you'll explain yourself when were there.]
"Got it! Also how are you-"
[Could you just follow me.]


"Hey wow, your room's pretty normal too!"
[So, can you tell me what do you want?]
"Ah, that's right! My name is Toritsuka Reita! Could you take me as your disciple, please?! Teach me your ways to become an esper! I've heard a lot about you.. from ghosts, that is. That's basically my ability, I can see and talk with them. But, that's pretty much it, guess you could say it's not really usefull-"
[Well I wouldn't say it's useless, but even without esp you can make use out of it, perhaps take some pain off the chest of people who'd like to communicate with their deceased loved ones..]
"Well, I know you can probably read my mind, so I won't hide my true intentions. The reason that I want to become an esper is because I want to see through girls' clothes and know the right numbers to win in a lottery to live a wealthy life!"
[You are too straight forward with this.]
"But come on, wouldn't that be the perfect life?! Please, teach me your ways!!"
[Now that you said it I might reconsider. Not that I have ever considered it in the first place.]
Reitas mood visibly went down, in a kind of comedic way too. But Kusuo also noticed something else about him that's been bothering him for a little while.
[Is there something wrong? You keep looking at one spot in my room.]
"Well yeah.. You know there are lots of ghosts in your room, they tend to leech onto people with powers like you. Regardless, it's a pretty normal thing you know, they're pretty much everywhere."
[That doesn't really answer my question.]
"Right, yeah. Well this one particular ghost's been staring at me weirdly. I think he doesn't like me. There's something odd about him too. He stands right next to you, pretty much all the time, what a leech-on. You can't see ghosts, can you?"
[Not really.]
"I thought you could do that too, huh. At least something that lets you see them?"
[...I think psychometry could help.]

Reita gave him a confused look, but Kusuo didn't bother to explain. Instead, he put his hand on the monks right shoulder and prepared for whatever he's about to see.

It was quite a peculiar sight to say at least.
Touching Reita was almost like making his ability flow through him, making it possible to see what he sees. And well, he's so glad that ability is not on his esp list.
Many faded ghostly silhuettes were floating around his room, counting about 10 of them. Though, as Reita said before, one ghost specifically caught his attention. It was a child, standing right next to him.


"-usuo!! Hey, you finally woke up!"
[Huh? What's happening?]
"Uhh i don't really know, you suddenly passed out after touching me! Are you feeling alright?! Maybe I should go for your mom or-"
[No. Stay here. I'm all right now, I just got a headache.]
Kusuo noticed he's laying down, head resting on Toritsukas' knees. The pain was slowly, but surely passing.
There was no way for him to put the glove preventing psychometry on, so he was still able to see a group of spirits wandering in his room. The only one that stood in his place, was the one that gave him the vicious headache just minutes ago.
Kusuo locked eyes with him. Many emotions were piling up inside, mostly immense sadness and grief.
It was him.
After so many years, a memory of Touma Asumi has made it's way back into the espers mind.
"Hello Kusuo."
Saiki couldn't let out a single word from his mouth. He quickly rushed to stand up, gaining assistance from Toritsuka, who held his hand for the power to work. Both of them then procceded to wait for Toumas reaction, who clearly was waiting for them to hear what's his about to say.
"Well then, now that you can actually see me, I've been meaning to tell you something for a long time, that unfortunately i couldn't do when I was still alive." He paused for few seconds, seemmingly to collect his thoughts.
"Thank you for being my friend."
Shortly after that, Kusuo saw him smile once and for all, for he had vanished. Something in the psychics concious knew that it was the very last time he saw him.
He stood there in shock, unable to find any fitting words. Not even Reita said anything.
Saiki looked like he was about to fall apart any second now. His mind was completely blank, which due to his abilities doesn't happen quite often.
At this point, he only held hands with Toritsuka to gain a sense of comfort rather than for psychometry to work.


What's all this commotion about? New day at school had just begun and there's already so much going on. As he could expect, his classmates went through some not so drastic, but still noticible changes, as it always is with breaks. But his attention was centred around something, or rather someone else, that was the very reason of this uproar. He also might've recognised the said centre of attention.

[What are you doing in my school?]
Kusuo threateningly pushed his hand just above Toritsukas' eye level, pinning him against a wall. In response, he let out a comedic whimper, looking into Kusuos' eyes as if he held him at gunpoint. Technically, he could do worse even without a gun.
"W-well, as your disciple I thought if we were to spend more time together, you could teach me some stuff even at school! Don't yo-" a cracking sound came out near the other side of Reitas' head. He let out a loud squeek,trembling in fear. The good thing about toilets is that pretty much all the materials here are easily disposable of. Such as the weapon Kusuo made just few seconds ago.
He stared at the toilet, flushing down the piece of paper that almost made it to be a potential murder weapon. Toritsuka, looking at the psychics back, waited patiently for some kind of reaction. This whole situation was getting weird anyways, and he'd rather not let people hear him squeek in a bathroom with another guy, whether from fear or not, on his very first day in this school.
The awkwardness was finally cut by Kusuo facing him, looking as if he prepared a mile long monolouge.
Luckily for him though, it was just few words-
[..Thank you. For yesterday.]

Reita stood there in awe. The diversity of a man that just tried to kill him, and now swearing he even saw a smile on his face. Very gentle, but still noticable, melancholic smile. One that might've given him unwanted butterflies.
"......Glad I could help."