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Waves, cover up what I've done

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She was running through the forest, eyes glassy as she tried to stay focused on the trail ahead. The wind was blowing through the afternoon, keeping her trapped in its icy touch, reminding her of the past hours. Her memories stuck to her, repeating themselves again and again.

What had she done.

“Darlin’,” Jasper was already waiting for her, standing in front of the Cullen’s mansion, he was holding a blanket in his hands, ready to warm her up. The rest of the family was standing a few feet behind Jasper, watching (y/n)’s every move, ready to step in should she break down.

“I,” a heavy breath fell from her lips, eyes finding his golden ones. “I killed him.”

Six Months Ago

The sun was rolling around the sky as (y/n) and Jack were walking through Forks, not sharing a single vowel, focused on their thoughts and the fight that has kept them awake for the past hours. It had been another night he had returned home fully drunk, Jack had screamed all too loud, ripping her from an uneasy slumber with his body crashing against their bedroom door.

His screams still rang in her ears, not letting go of (y/n)‘s tired body, even hours later. For months she had tried to find a way out of their relationship, but she had nowhere to go, had opted to stay in Forks where she had her home, and at least a few familiar faces to keep her company.

“(Y/n)?” She turned towards Charlie Swan with a big smile on her lips, eyes finding his dark ones before they met Bella’s. Jack kept walking, not waiting for her as he stepped inside the liquor store. “You okay? You’re trembling.”

Charlie couldn’t help but worry about his neighbor, the woman he had watched grow up for years. He had been there for her whenever she’d need a shoulder to cry on, from the moments her parents have left her and Forks behind. And even though she was a few years older than Bella, Charlie had always treated her like his own daughter.

“Yeah, don’t worry. I gotta go, I will talk to you later.” She couldn’t keep Jack waiting, and didn't want to cause a scene in the center of town where all nosy neighbors could watch the two. Jack was about to pay as she stepped inside the store, not noticing the pair of golden eyes watching her every step.

“Are you good to go?” (Y/n) tried to press a kiss to his cheek, a peace offering Jack chose to ignore, he pushed her off him, grabbed the brown bag and forced her back outside with his hand clamped down on her wrist. She was too focused on faking her smile to pay attention to the blonde haired man that followed them to their truck.

“Hurry before I make you.” With a sigh spilling from her lips, (y/n) ripped open the truck’s door, she plopped down on the worn out seat with glassy eyes. One day she’d rip herself free, one day she’d push his body into the ocean and watch him drown like a ship clashing against an iceberg. But today wasn’t the day to commit murder, no, not today.


“Come, we’ll warm you up.” Jasper wrapped his arm around her waist, he pulled her inside, up the stairs and towards one of the grey sofas. He didn’t let go of her, kept her close with every hurried breath leaving her, scared that she’d break any moment now.

Blood was clinging to her hands, blood that left most of the Cullens frozen on their spot, not able to swallow down the big lumps forming in their throats. Only Jasper, Carlisle and Edward didn’t seem to mind the smell, they tended to her every need, made her tea and tried to keep her warm, not wanting to rush her into talking about what had happened.

“I think I need to shower first, can I?” Her eyes met Jasper’s, wordlessly he followed her towards his room. No words were shared between the two as he turned on the shower, helping her out of her soaked through clothes with his cold hands wandering up and down her sides.

A silent kiss was shared between the two, lips moving in sync with their bodies finding their way into the shower. The hot water cascaded down their backs, keeping the two close together as a memory of their first night together found its way back to (y/n).

Four Months Ago

“Fuck, don’t stop.” She arched her back off the mattress, eyes flickering down to Jasper. He was placed between her thighs, tongue brushing through her slit, teasing her pulsing clit with a smirk tugging on his lips. “Right there, fuck, you’re good at this.”

He fucked her with his cold fingers, set on pushing her over the edge before he’d give in and fuck her into oblivion with his cock spearing her. For weeks they have been teasing one another, waiting for either one to give in. It had taken her a while to accept her crush on the blonde haired man with a southern accent, but the second their lips met for the first time, she had known that her heart belonged to him.

“You taste so sweet, darlin’. Cum for me.” His raspy voice wrapped itself around her, and with her hand finding his locks, (y/n) gave into her orgasm. The feeling rocked through her, it stuck to her like a second layer of skin, not letting go of her as he kept sucking on her clit, prolonging her orgasm.

“‘Need you to fuck me, Jas’. I can’t wait any longer.” She was addicted to him, wanted to feel every inch of his body rubbing against hers, fucking her till she’d forget her name. He’d worship her, would make her feel as if she was reborn, getting another chance to live a carefree life with Jasper by her side.

“My pretty darlin’, you’re mine.” Ever since she had tumbled into his life, Jasper had found himself obsessed with her, desperate to claim her as his. But she was still with Jack, was still with a man that would turn to liquor when the moon was waking the night. The alcohol would turn him into something she’d run from, a monster that would follow her even through the darkest nights.

Jasper aligned his cock to her tightness and with a shared kiss, he pushed into her. The moan that clawed through her was sweeter than the blood he had tasted this very morning, sticking to his fangs like a shadow of his true self. She was his salvation, was his reminder of the calm life he should lead, away from war and sorrow.

Their bodies molded together, if they’d get the chance to stay right there, bodies connected and souls tangled, they’d thank the spirits above for believing in them. They have been made for one another, destined to cross paths, to fall for one another like Tristan and Isolde, like Romeo and Juliet - tragic stories that kept them connected. A love destined to be.

His hips snapped against hers, he fucked her into the mattress with darkening eyes. Jasper would have to force himself to stay focused on her, not wanting to lose control and give into the major, his alter ego, the one he’d turn into when he hadn’t tasted blood in days, the one even Jasper himself would shrink away in fright from.


Jasper kept holding her close, scared that she’d run from him if he’d loosen his grip. Silence engulfed the two as (y/n) watched the blood being washed down the drain, one with the water that moved down her body like snakes slithering along the cold ground.

“I can still hear his scream.” (Y/n)’s words were drowned out by the sound of the water clashing to their bodies, sounds Jasper had picked up on nevertheless. He didn’t reply, kissed her forehead to signal (y/n) that she was safe with him. “I should feel awful about it, but I only feel relieved.”

Her confession hung in the air, it filled the bathroom like fog dancing through Fork’s forest. (Y/n) couldn’t put into words what she was feeling - confusion, anger and relief, but not one ounce of guilt.

Wordlessly she turned off the shower, she didn’t dare study her reflection in the mirror, scared that blood was still sticking to her skin, blood she couldn’t wash away with her bare hands. She dressed herself in one of his hoodies and a pair of her jeans, (y/n)’s hands didn’t stop shaking, struggling to stay calm as she desperately tried to distract herself.

The other Cullens were still scattered around the living room, silence engulfed them, not daring to speak up as the couple found its way back to them. Wrapped in her blanket, (y/n) took a few sips of her tea, trying to find her voice to tell them what she had done.

A few hours ago

She had woken with a heavy heart and anger simmering deep inside her. Last night's fight was still sticking to her limbs and mind, the words he had screamed at her, urged on by the alcohol thumping through his system.

Her cheek was hurting, (y/n) could still feel the back of Jack’s hand coming in contact with it, hitting her for screaming right back at him. Jack wouldn’t let her go, he’d force her to stay with him, would give her black eyes whenever she’d raise her voice at him.

He was lying beside her, face pressed into his pillow, sleeping as calm as a baby. Pure and innocent, without knowing the vile whispers it would once be forced to face. But Jack wasn’t sweet nor innocent, no, he was a drunkard, an abuser, a man she no longer could stay with. She was destined to rip herself free, to live with Jasper, away from Jack and their miserable relationship.

Today was the day - she could feel it.

She’d have to be quick about it, would have to do it before he’d wake from his slumber, otherwise he’d be the one to kill her, too strong for her to go against him. Without making any noise, she rolled out of bed, eyes not leaving his features once. Perhaps she’d simply grasp her bag and run should he wake before she could get to him.

Without taking another breath, she reached for the knife she kept hidden in her drawer, prepared for whatever he’d do to her when he was intoxicated. Slowly she found her way back to her side of their bed, and with her trembling hands and her teeth pressed into her lower lip, she pierced the blade into his chest.

Jack’s blood stuck to her cheeks, he woke with a scream, eyes meeting the woman that was towering over him. He tried to reach for the knife, but before he could take another breath she pulled it out of his chest - only to stab him once again, straight into his throat. She could only sit and watch as he choked on his blood, slowly giving into death’s call.

For a minute or two (y/n) couldn’t move, her eyes were glued to his features, no longer was he breathing, no longer was he screaming at her. No, he was simply lying there with blood oozing out of his wounds. And then she snapped into motion, without giving into her screaming thoughts. (Y/n) wrapped their covers around his body, and pulled him off their bed with as much strength as she could muster.

She didn’t dare call Jasper nor the other Cullens, scared that they’d leave her be if they’d see what she has done. (Y/n) was on her own, forced to act as fast as she could, she’d have to be quick, would have to get rid of his body before her neighbors could suspect a thing. But before she pulled his wrapped up body out of their house, she checked to see if Charlie was still around.

The second her eyes fell upon his empty driveway, (y/n) pulled Jack’s body to her car. Sweat pooled on her forehead, it ran down her cheeks as she struggled to pull his weight - as if she was crying mourning tears. She was still covered in blood and hadn't even washed her features. It was safe to say that she had no idea what she was currently doing.

“Fuck, you’re so heavy.” With half of his body placed in the boot of her car, she heaved the other half off the ground, closing her truck with trembling fingers. For a moment she allowed herself to breathe, forehead pressed against the cold glass, trying to sort through her thoughts. But as she heard a car approaching in the distance she took off running, back inside and straight to her shower.

Not one tear rolled down her cheek, not one thought of guilt flooded through her. She almost felt happy, happy that she no longer would have to listen to his screams, that she no longer would be plagued by his drunken self.

Where would she dump his body? In the forest? In the ocean? Fuck, she truly hadn’t thought this through.

The sound of her ringing doorbell echoed through the house, snapping her out of her thoughts. (Y/n) stumbled out of the shower, she wrapped a towel around her body and hair, checked her now clean reflection before she walked down the hallway. She froze in her step as her eyes fell upon the blood stains on the carpet - one could clearly tell that something had happened right there.

Her doorbell went off again, urging her on to open the door, “Charlie? Hi, what are you doing here?” With wide eyes she greeted the sheriff, (y/n) stepped outside, and closed the door before he could see the blood stains.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about our breakfast.” Fuck. Of course she had, clearly distracted by her now dead boyfriend. Something about Charlie seemed off, his eyes flickered back to the window in her door, trying to see what she was hiding from him, “Do you mind if I step inside for a minute?”

“You can’t.” The words split from her lips before she could stop herself, dipping with panic. She was a criminal, blood was sticking to her skin and soul, a murderer that had ruthlessly killed her lover. And now she was standing in front of a man of the law, a man with a pure heart that would instantly put handcuffs on her if he’d realized what she had done. “You know how Jack is, he had too much to drink yesterday and is still asleep.”

“It’s still early, why don’t you put on some clothes and we’ll drive to the café together?” He wouldn’t let go of her, would stick to her side like a shadow. Perhaps Charlie simply trusted the feeling in his gut, perhaps Charlie already knew what she had done, but perhaps he simply wanted to spend some time with her.

“I can’t, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t leave him when he’s like that. But how about tomorrow?” With his tongue running along his lower lip Charlie took a step back, hands raised as if she had accused him of committing a crime.

“Whatever you say, doll. At least call me tonight.” (Y/n) watched him leave with her heart in her throat, pumping blood through her veins as if she was running a marathon. Which she kind of was - in a match against time, hoping that she’d be able to get rid of Jack’s body within the next hour.


“Do you think Charlie knows?” Rosalie was first to speak up, she took a step closer, hand finding (y/n)’s shoulder. Something about this situation felt awfully familiar to the vampire, taken back to the time she had killed Royce.

“No, I don’t think so. I was careful, Jack’s body was already in my truck by the time Charlie came ‘round.” The lump in (y/n)’s throat began to tighten, making it harder for her to keep on talking. Only now her mind seemed to catch up with the things she had done. She had killed a man, had pierced her knife into his throat to free herself from his possessive grasp.

“What did you do with him?” All Cullens were now staring at (y/n), forcing her to pick up her story, to tell them what she had done with Jack’s lifeless body and the bloody sheet. But (y/n) couldn’t find her voice, tears began to run down her cheeks, followed by a sob clawing through her.

Jasper was quick to pull her into his lap, arms tightly wrapped around her body. Neither of them said a word as (y/n) gave into the anxiety that was washing through her like waves of the ocean.

“Who is that?” Alice sped towards the window front, hands balled into fists as the others waited for her reply. “It’s Charlie, he’s here for (y/n).”

Carlisle and Bella disappeared downstairs, hoping to buy them some time for (y/n) to calm down. But her sobs didn’t stop and her eyes stayed as red as the blood that had poured from Jack’s body. Instinctively she tightened her grip on Jasper, relishing in what could be their last moments together, silently saying goodbye to the dream of an easy, carefree life with him.

“What’s going on with you?” Charlie’s voice boomed through the mansion, he was standing near the stairs, next to Edward and Renesmee, with Bella’s hand placed on his shoulder. The Cullens would do everything to protect her, by now she was part of their family, but none of them knew what they’d do if Charlie would try to take her in.

“Do you know why Jack didn’t turn up at work today?” He took another step towards (y/n), followed by another and another, till he came to a halt directly in front of the sofa. “Would you mind explaining the blood stains on your carpet?”

All air was punched out of her lungs, eyes wide as Jack’s had been as he had been ripped from his sleep. She struggled to part her lips, pulled into a thin line, struggled to use her vocal cords with Charlie’s dark eyes burning into her soul.

“Did you kill him?”