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Keeping Promises

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Three Years Earlier:

Paul carries Rachel back from her bath to her hospital bed and helps her get comfortable. This is the most she's been awake for a week. Carlisle had been kind enough to transform their bedroom into a makeshift hospital room as Rachel's cancer progressed. At this point, all there is left for any of us to do is wait. Carlisle has been gone for over two hours now, but the words he said before he left still hang in the air, heavy and suffocating, feeling like they might fall upon us and crush us into fragments at any time, which is essentially what he said about Rachel. Her body was shutting down, her systems failing one by one as the cancer invaded. He said he would be back later this evening and would remain here until she passed, which he said would be anytime now. He gave us these few hours to say our goodbyes and enjoy our last moments with her, as he plans on keeping her comfortably sedated during the final moments. I get up from my chair in the corner and walk to her bed, taking her hand in mine.

"Hey sis," I try to keep my voice as even as possible, if not just for her sake, but also for Paul's.

"Jake," She barely mumbles my name, inhaling and exhaling deeply while doing so. I notice her wince as she breathes, she is doing her best to hide her pain.

"Paul, Carlisle will be back soon. You should probably rest a little bit before he comes back. I'll stay with her," It was true that Paul looked like shit, but I also wanted a few moments alone with my sister. Paul relucatantly nods and kisses Rachel, lingering against her lips a little longer than I like to watch, but I understand why.

He walks into the other room, just outside the bedroom door and lays down on the couch. Even with his back toward us, I can tell he's crying. He's done nothing but care for her since the cancer came back and who knows when the last time was, he slept. This past week has been even more difficult on him and all of us. When she stopped treatment a couple months ago, we all knew this time would come and that she would barely be able to care for herself, we just didn't expect it to be this soon.

"Thank you," She smiles at me, as much as she can manage. She's in pain.

"Do you want me to release more morphine," I stand up and walk over to her bed, picking up the button to push.

"Please," she tries to be brave in front of Paul, she knows it hurts him to see her like this. I push the button to release another dose of morphine into her IV, "I need you to do me a favor."


"Check in on Rebecca often, take care of her and try to leave here to see her more. She won't be able to come back here after this, especially because of mom too. But she is going to need you. It's just going to be you two now, you two are the only two dad is going to have left. I don't need you to tell you to take care of him, you already do. You've been doing so well with that and I'm sorry I left you alone to do it."

"Rach... don't apologize. You have nothing to say sorry for. Everything will be okay."

"I'm not done. I also need you to promise me that you will take care of Paul. That you will look after him and make sure he's okay. Help him grieve and tell him that when the time comes and he is ready, I want him to love someone again. I want him to be happy. I want him to have a family and everything he ever dreamed of having."

"Rachel, he imprinted on you. You know it doesn't just work like that. He will always love you..."

"I know," she interrupts me, "But promise me. I need you to promise me you will do that for me. That you'll at least try. That you'll be there for him." Her voice is getting lower, and I notice it's harder for her to speak. She's using all her strength to beg me for a favor.

"I promise Rachel. I promise to everything," I squeeze her hand tightly.

"I know you imprinted on Renesmee, and you would still do anything to see her happy and I know she is your best friend, but it's okay to be mad at her for picking Emmett over you."


"No. It's okay to be mad and it's okay to pick someone else to be with. You might have to force yourself for a while, but she told you to move on and I'm telling you too. She wants you to be happy with someone. So please promise me you'll let yourself feel these emotions that you deserve to feel and that you will try to move on. I don't want to leave knowing you're unhappy."

I hug her tightly, trying to hold back my tears as my arms hold her against me. I never thought that I would lose my mom and my sister before I was 28. Even though I stopped physically aging at sixteen when I phased, it had still been 28 years since I was born, and 20 years since I lost my mom. Now I was losing my sister. She rests her head in my neck as lay there, unwilling to move. Carlisle knocks on the open door and walks in with his bag. I stay by her side as he sets up all the medications and prepares a bunch of other equipment I don't recognize. Once he's finished, he nods at her.

"Jake, can you go get Paul please?" I bite my lip and look down at her. This isn't it, there's supposed to be more time. I go into the other room and wake Paul. Tears flood his eyes instantly.

"Is she..."

"No. She's still here. Carlisle just finished setting everything up." He places a hand on my shoulder as he stands up.

"Thank you," He walks into their room, and I follow him. He immediately gets into bed with her, pulling her close to him and holding her in his arms, fighting tears as he hides his face in the little hair she has left.

"Jacob," Carlisle looks at me and motions for me to follow him out of the room. Once we are out he shuts the door before turning back to me, "You should probably call your dad and Rebecca now, before she falls asleep again."

He didn't have to elaborate; I knew what he meant. When she falls asleep this time, she won't wake up. She'd spent most of the day today awake and talking to us. She had eaten well and even wanted to take a shower and dry her hair afterwards. Carlisle had referred to it as the surge and said today would probably be her last day. My dad and Rebecca have been here every-day, only leaving to change clothes, eat, and sleep at night. Carlisle walks back into the room, and I pull out my phone, calling my dad.

"Jake," He answers, and I can hear to question in his voice, the pain as he says it.

"Carlisle said you and Rebecca should come back, before Rachel goes to sleep again."

"Thank you, son. We will be right there." He hangs up the phone. I wait in the living room for them, giving Paul and Rachel some time.

They finally show up, Rebecca rushing into the room and my dad stopping to hug me. He nods to me as he wheels himself back into her room. I follow closely behind him. When we walk in, Rachel and Rebecca are laughing over something and even Paul is smiling, although it doesn't meet his eyes. How can they be laughing right now? My sister is dying, and she is just laying there laughing with my other sister? Rachel greets our dad warmly and offers me a smile again. We spend the next couple of hours smiling, talking, and hugging each other while we still can. Carlisle explains it's the medication easing her pain, allowing her to have her final moments comfortably.

After a few hours, it's obvious Rachel is losing her energy. She is struggling to carry on a conversation and closes her eyes every couple of minutes, her breath catching as she does. She eventually looks up at all of us, reassuring each of us that she loves us endlessly, but also finally admitting she's tired. Paul and my dad look like they could break. Rebecca's eyes shine with tears, but she is trying to be strong, I just can't tell who for. I know she is just going to leave as soon as the funeral is over, and I'll be left here with dad and Paul to look after. If anyone must be strong, it's me.

"Daddy," Rachel weakly looks at our dad after telling all of us she loves us and essentially saying her goodbyes to us, "I'm scared. I'm scared to die." My dad takes her hand in his as Paul rubs her back.

"Don't be scared Rachel. It will be okay, it won't hurt. You'll go to sleep with us and when you wake up, you'll be with your mom. Tell her hi for me, okay?"

"Okay," She holds back her tears, "Paul, I love you... I'm so tired though. I need to sleep now, please?"

"You go to sleep. It's okay. I love you too." He pulls her closely against him, "You go to sleep now." With that, my sister gives us all a final beautiful smile and closes her eyes.

Her breathing doesn't stop right away. In fact, it doesn't stop. Carlisle tells us that right now she is sleeping and that she will pass peacefully while she sleeps. Everyone leaves the room eventually, except for Paul. Carlisle is waiting in the living room with me. Rebecca went home to dads to start working on the arrangements and calling the rest of our family. The pack comes and goes, right now everyone is here with us. The elders with my dad. Sue and Charlie are in the kitchen with them. Even the rest of the Cullen's stopped by. Renesmee came with Bella and Edward, but her and Edward left with the rest of the Cullen's. Bella stayed behind for a while, but even she had left by now. Paul still hasn't left the room. It's been about four hours since she fell asleep. Carlisle stands up quickly and walks into the room. We hear a choked scream from Paul. My sister is gone. The pack looks over at me as Carlisle walks back into the room.

"Jacob. Billy," Carlisle waits for my dad and the elders to enter the room, "I'm very sorry for your loss."