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Ten thinks he hears wrong the first time. It’s a Friday night, and he just turned down Taeyong’s offer of a night out on the town in favor of a much needed self care night after a stressful week. He changes into pajamas, finishes his 10 step skincare routine, and is ready to get into bed for some serious stretching and meditation, when he first hears it.


It’s more of a peep than anything else, and Ten pauses for only a second as he finishes lighting up his scented candle. He’s 5 minutes into a stretch routine when he hears it again.


This time, it’s an unmistakable moan.


Ten freezes in the middle of his cow face pose. On high alert now, he slowly lowers his arm and untangles his legs. He’s rewarded—punished?—with another sound, closely following the last, and yeah, that’s a moan. Not the massage-on-tense-shoulders kind of moan. Not even the taste-of-comfort-food-after-a-long-day kind of moan. No, that’s a full on dick-shoved-so-deep-that-it-transcends-the-dick-taker-into-another-dimension kind of moan. (Ten would know. He loves dick.)


“Get it,” Ten laughs, hooting as he resumes form; he’s not about to impede on someone’s (two someones) Friday fuck. But then he pauses again. Because it occurs to him that it’s Qian Kun’s apartment next to him. Qian Kun, who spends his free time baking dozens of desserts. Qian Kun, who waters the big potted plant in the corner of the hallway because the RA can’t be bothered to. Qian Kun, who comes home after midnight, not from partying, but from staying in the library until it closes.


That Qian Kun is getting dick on a Friday night? Ten has to untangle himself again to wrap his head around this new information.


It shouldn’t surprise him as much as it does. After all, Kun has the loveliest smile that dimples his cheeks, and the kindest eyes that seem genuine even while just giving a greeting. Of course he would have suitors.


But still. This is Kun. Kun who volunteers to be DD for every party. Kun who once single-handedly dragged a passed out Jaehyun back into his dorm (Ten still doesn't know how he managed that). Kun who is tame and boring and just...Kun.


He’s jostled out of his thoughts by more sounds — several grunts, some pitched moans, a choked out cry, and then silence. Even Ten, with his, uh, vast experience, blushes. He feels like he’s eavesdropping, even though it’s not his fault they’re being loud and that the walls separating their respective studio apartments are paper thin.


He gives up on his stretching, opting to pull up a random show on Netflix to accompany him until he feels drowsy enough to fall asleep. And not like Ten tries to listen, but there are no more sounds coming from next door. Pair the silence with the low buzz of his show, as well as his busy week, and Ten is knocked out in minutes.


The next morning, he wakes up to the sound of birds chirping instead of his alarm blaring, and it’s such a nice feeling that he rolls around in bed for another half hour.


By the time he brushes his teeth and washes up, he’s famished. He takes one look at his granola bar stash and decides that he’s going to treat himself to some real food today. And by real food, he means the McDonalds across the street from his dorm. Hey, he’s an almost graduating senior graphic design major with nothing to his name other than debt and more debt. McDs is real food, okay?


He’s fumbling with his key card, coffee in one hand and a bag of hashbrowns and a McGriddle in the other, when the door next to him opens.


“Oh, Ten hyung?”


Ten very nearly drops his food. As it is, he does drop his key card. “Jungwoo?”


Jungwoo swoops down to pick up the fallen key and hands it to him with a big smile. “Hi, hyung!”


The gears in Ten’s head are turning and clicking into place. “You…what are you doing here?”


Jungwoo doesn’t even blink when he replies, “Oh, I was just hanging out with Kun hyung.”


Kun…and Jungwoo. Kun…and the barely noticeable (but Ten is looking) hickeys on the base of Jungwoo’s neck. Kun…and Jungwoo, who Ten knows is a bottom from Doyoung who heard from Taeyong who found out from Jaehyun who has personal experience. Kun…and topping?


“Ten hyung?” Jungwoo looks concerned. “You okay?”


Ten laughs, his voice frilly even to his own ears. “Yeah! I’m just…hungry. You know. Maybe low blood sugar. Or something.”


Jungwoo immediately looks even more concerned. “Oh no! You better go in and eat. I’ll leave you to it! See you later, hyung!”


Ten can only nod as Jungwoo walks away (with a limp?!!). Instead of going back inside, he digs out his phone and presses speed dial.


“Hi, gorgeous,” Johnny picks up with a gravelly voice, obviously just woken up.


“Tonight. My place,” Ten says, staring a hole into Kun’s shut door.





“Okay, so you want to tell me what that was all about?” Johnny asks as soon as he steps out of Ten’s bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist.


Ten flips over, still naked on the bed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Johnny drops his shirt on top of Ten before going over to the closet and pulling out a sweatshirt. Ten shrugs the oversized shirt on — it’s large on Johnny, so it’s humongous on him. They’re not regular regular fuck buddies. Just regular enough that Johnny has a stash of clothes over at Ten’s place, probably from Ten never wearing his own clothes back anytime he’s over at Johnny’s.


“You know exactly what I’m talking about,” Johnny says, plopping down next to Ten on the bed. “We’ve been fucking for, what, over a year now? You’ve never been that loud.”


“Oh hush, you loved it.”


Johnny doesn’t deny it, but fixes Ten with a stare.


Ten rolls his eyes. “Okay fine, so I was putting on a show.”


Johnny smirks. “For me? You shouldn’t have.”


Ten swats at him. “No.” A pause. “Did you know Kun and Jungwoo are fucking?”


Johnny tilts his head, long hair falling into his eyes, and Ten is reminded once again of how handsome his fuck buddy is. “No? Good for them?”


“Kun!” Ten repeats, as if Johnny hadn’t heard him the first time. “Kun is fucking Jungwoo!”


This time, Johnny’s the one rolling his eyes. “And? They’re both single from what I know, so what’s the problem?”


“There is no problem,” Ten immediately says. And there isn’t. It’s just… ”It’s Kun!”


Johnny gives him a weird stare. “I mean, he was fucking Sicheng for most of last year, so…”


Ten’s eyes nearly bulge out of his eyes. “Sicheng?!”


Johnny sighs. “Where have you been? This is common knowledge.”


“Obviously not to me!” Ten splutters.


“You really should pay more attention to your friends,” Johnny tells him, grabbing Ten’s laptop to put on something to watch.


Ten pouts. It’s not like he doesn’t pay attention! It’s just…well, Kun is a friend by association (Yangyang). And even though they hang out sometimes because of overlapping friend groups, they’re not like in each other’s lives or anything. So it shouldn’t matter to Ten if Kun sleeps around, who Kun sleeps with, if Kun’s a top or bottom, if—


“Wait,” Johnny hits pause on the episode of Friends he’s probably watched a million times. “You were moaning like an animal in heat to put a show on for Kun?”


Ten flushes. “I was not!” But Johnny just keeps staring at him, and Ten squirms. “Okay, maybe.”


Johnny cackles as he unpauses the show. “You two need to chill it with the pissing contest.”


“The—what are you talking about?” Ten asks, bewildered. He reaches over to hit spacebar to pause the show again.


“You know, the thing you two always do when you’re in the same room together. Trying to one up the other or whatever.” Spacebar.


“What?” Spacebar. “I don’t do that,” Ten retorts, indignant.


“Will you let me watch my show?” Johnny grumbles. “Dude, everyone knows you guys have like this weird tension.”


“Me and Kun?” Ten shrieks.


“Yeah, I think you guys just need to like, fuck it out or something.”


Ten is having a full on breakdown at this revelation that people (a lot of people? Everyone?) think him and Kun have unresolved sexual tension. Him and Kun! Ten had never even thought about having sex with Kun before today! Or, to be more precise, yesterday.


Ten lounges around a bit after Johnny leaves, too lazy to get up. Eventually though, he decides to take out the trash. He doesn’t bother changing, Johnny’s shirt doing enough to cover his ass, and that’s all he really needs.


“Hey, Ten,” a voice sounds behind him as he walks out.


Ten mentally curses. Of course he would run into Kun with two bags of trash in his hands, sex hair, and no pants on. But then he sees Kun’s eyes shift down to his legs, and thinks maybe that last part isn’t so bad.


“Hey, Kun,” he greets back, smiling.


“Having a fun Saturday night?” An emphasis on the word fun and a glint in Kun’s eyes make Ten’s breath stutter.


“Oh you know, the usual,” he says, trying to sound casual.


Kun digs his key card out of his pocket, yawning. “Yeah? Nice. I was…busy last night so I didn’t get a lot of…sleep.” Is that a fucking smirk on Qian Kun’s face? “I think I’m going to call it a night. Good night, Ten.”


There’s blood pounding in Ten’s head but he hears himself say good night back.


It strikes Ten, outside of his room with two bags of trash in his hands, sex hair, and no pants on, that the only reason why he has never considered fucking Kun is because he didn’t know Kun fucked. And now that he knows, and that Kun knows he knows, and that Kun knows he does too…well.





It becomes somewhat of a competition between them.


It starts out innocent enough: Ten, bored on a Friday night, chilling at Mark’s place with a couple of beers and a couple of guys.


“Dude, you’re going to stare a hole into Jungwoo,” Johnny whispers to him.


“I am not,” Ten huffs, taking a swig of whatever Mark had shoved into his hand. He grimaces; he is not a beer person.


So what if Ten is curious about the deep purpling of skin barely covered by a high collared shirt? He is not staring.


“Hi, Ten hyung,” Jungwoo comes up, slightly flushed red. “Why’ve you been staring at me all night?”


Fuck. Johnny snorts into his beer, and Ten shoots him a look.


“Because you’re so pretty,” Ten says, immediately turning on the charm. It helps that Jungwoo is tipsy giggly. “Did you do something to your hair?”


Jungwoo’s eyes widen as he nods enthusiastically. “You noticed!” He grabs Ten’s hand and places it on top of his freshly dyed hair. The strands are silky soft, and Ten wonders if Kun pulls on it when they fuck.


He freezes. He did not just think that, did he?


“It looks great,” he hears himself say, because he’s not an asshole, at least not to a happy, sweet, drunk Jungwoo.


But Johnny looks at him funny, and Ten suddenly can’t keep still anymore.


“Hey, Jungwoo, can you tell Mark that we,” Ten forcefully grabs a clueless Johnny’s arm, “have to go?”


Jungwoo frowns. “Now?”


Johnny seems to have a lightbulb moment. “Yes, now.”


Jungwoo gives them each a hug. “Okay, I’ll see you guys later?”


It works in Ten’s favor that Mark lives in the same dorm building as him, just a floor down. He’s nearly dragging Johnny, tugging him to the elevator and then up the stairs when they see that the lift is a floor above them and still climbing up.


Johnny is openly laughing at him now, his voice echoing in the stairway. “Slow down, you maniac.”


Ten ignores him. He only slows his steps slightly as they approach his room. He’s not a creep, he’s really not but…Ten can see a sliver of light from under his neighbor’s door — Kun is home.


And then he’s speeding up for the last stretch, even Johnny, with his freakishly long legs, having to jog slightly to keep up. He’s still laughing at him when they get inside and Ten immediately starts tugging off clothes.


“In a rush, are we?” Johnny teases, but follows suit. “What kind of show are we putting on today?”


Ten continues to ignore him. Perhaps it’s slightly strange that his fuck buddy knows and goads on his sudden…fascination with his neighbor, but it’s not that strange. Johnny really is just his fuck buddy — they fuck, and they’re buddies. In fact, they’re best buddies. And it’s not like they’re exclusive either. It’s just that, a year into it, their arrangement has become familiar and comfortable. So why fix something that isn’t broken, right?


But Johnny knows him, more as a friend than anything else, so he picks up on things that a normal friend with benefits probably wouldn’t — like how Ten’s interest in their mutual friend, Ten’s neighbor, Qian Kun, has spiraled into something of an obsession.


“I’m surprised you haven’t gotten a noise complaint,” Johnny jokes after, getting up to throw the condom away.


“I wasn’t that loud,” Ten huffs. “Besides, I live next to the fire escape.”


“And Kun,” Johnny adds, smirking. “You live next to Kun.”


As if Ten could ever forget.


He certainly doesn’t forget when the next night, while working on a draft due the next week, certain sounds break his concentration. Sounds that have him immediately on edge.


“You’re fucking kidding me,” he groans down to his crotch, exasperated at the twitch of interest his dick gives.


When it becomes apparent that the noises, along with his boner, won’t go down, Ten grits his teeth and shoves his laptop off his lap before he shoves his hand down his pants. He’s never had angry sex, and it only seems fitting that his first time would be with himself. He’s not even sure what he’s angry about. The porn noises coming through the walls? Him getting turned on by the porn noises coming through the walls? Him getting turned on by the porn noises coming through the walls from Kun?


“Fuck,” he mutters as a particular high pitched whine, followed by a low grunt, reach his ears and his dick, his strokes becoming erratic.


He comes with a vague picture of Kun in his mind — mouth dropped open, cheeks flushed pink, eyes shut tight, eyebrows pinched, lost in pleasure.


The walk of shame back to his dorm after spending the night over at a frat house? Yeah, doesn’t even mildly compare to the shame he feels as he waddles to his desk to grab a few tissues to clean himself up after getting off to his neighbor’s sex noises.


It doesn’t help that Doyoung, bless his heart, had scheduled a volunteer opportunity for all of them the very next day, in the name of helping the university or something noble like that.


“Hello, superstar,” Kun greets him when they step out of their dorms at the same time, eyebrows raised as he takes in Ten’s gigantic tinted sunglasses.


“Oh fuck off,” Ten mumbles. “It’s way too early to be alive right now.”


Kun laughs, looking too put together for 8am after a night of sex. It’s not fair, Ten thinks, grateful for his sunglasses as his eyes roam appreciatively up and down Kun’s body. There’s a flush on Ten’s cheeks that he accredits to rushing to get ready in 10 minutes, and not to thinking about Kun’s sexcapades last night. Or to thinking about him, jacking off to said sexcapades.


“I’m surprised Doyoung talked you into coming,” Kun notes as they make their way outside.


It’s sunny, and Ten scowls even behind his tinted lenses. “Yeah, me too. The fucker blackmailed me.”


Kun laughs again, and Ten hates how much he likes the sound. “Yeah? Can’t imagine what he could have on you.”


“Oh, don’t you wish you knew,” Ten tells him, the tease slipping out easily.


There’s a charged moment between them, Kun’s eyes on him, that has Ten buzzing. He closes his eyes briefly, glad for his shades, and when he opens them again, he finds Kun still staring at him. This brings a hitch to Ten’s breath, and Kun smirks.


“I’m sure I can find out. Or maybe you’ll just tell me with that pretty mouth of yours,” Kun says, confident, before he walks on ahead.


Ten is stunned in place. Is Qian Kun flirting? With him?


Kun, from his position a couple steps ahead, throws a look over his shoulder that has Ten scrambling to catch up. Qian Kun is flirting. With him. Qian Kun is flirting with him!


Ten is sure he’s in a daze all morning. He doesn’t even notice when Yangyang sidles up next to him, only blinking in his friend’s presence when he waves a hand in his face.


“Earth to Ten,” Yangyang teases.


“Hey, baby,” Ten greets with a smile, leaning over the ruffle Yangyang’s hair and laughing at the younger’s pout.


“I can’t believe you’re here,” Yangyang comments, watching as Ten slaps a (crooked) label onto the goody bag in front of him. “Kun, too.”


Ten’s ears perk up. “Why wouldn’t Kun be here?”


Yangyang picks up the goody bag, trying to fix Ten’s mess. It’s unsalvageable though, and he sighs as he drops it into the box full of other crookedly labeled bags. “Hm? Oh, he’s usually at the pet shelter on Sunday mornings.”


“Pet shelter?”


“Yeah, he bakes goodies for the dogs and cats there and helps the workers clean cages and stuff.”


Ten’s heart does a weird flip in his chest. So the baking is for the local pet shelter? Where he helps out? God, that’s so…that’s so…Qian Kun.


And Qian Kun, Ten finally lets himself admit, is fucking hot.





It goes on for a month, the…pissing contest, or whatever Johnny called it. They’re civil with it — only on weekends, never so late as to disrupt sleep, and never ever brought up in person. Allusions and nonspecific references are game though, as are the knowing glances and subtle smirks.


It drives Ten absolutely insane.


Because Qian Kun is a tease. He teases with his eyes, the glint in them sometimes dark and sometimes provoking. He teases with his words, his tone as light as his words are sharp. But it’s the teasing touches that really get Ten. Kun likes skinship, he discovers. Likes to touch his arm to get his attention, swipe his neck to remove a piece of lint, brush his hip to reach something on his other side. They’re feather light touches, barely there, and Ten can’t control the way his mind wonders how it would feel to have Kun pin him down by the arms, suck a hickey onto his neck, grip his hips so hard that they bruise.


But then the pissing contest halts. Because it’s suddenly the end of the term, and they’re both swarmed with so many projects and exams that an unspoken truce is called. Johnny also stops coming over, swamped with work and graduation prep — he’s graduating this winter, having had to stay an extra semester because of missing credits. Ten still sees him though, on campus, in the library, at cafes, because they’re friends before anything else.


So the moans and the whines and the grunts have stopped, but the teasing has not. And thank god, because Ten has come to look forward to Kun’s small comments, to feel giddy to have Kun’s attention on him, to crave Kun’s touches. It’s embarrassing, how a small flash of dimples can make Ten’s breath hitch, how a fleeting touch can make Ten’s skin tingle.


“Hey,” Kun greets quietly with a clap on the shoulder as he slips into the seat next to Ten.


Ten looks up from his laptop, giving Kun a smile and trying not to think about the way his shoulder burns under Kun’s touch.


“What are you working on?” He asks instead. He’s in a secluded spot of the library, right in front of the X rated books that no one dares to check out because the librarian is Nakamoto Yuta, and Nakamoto Yuta would definitely sit you down and ask you about your sex life.


“Just some grading for the freshman music theory class,” Kun answers, pulling out a large stack of papers from his backpack.


Ten makes a face. “I didn’t know you took music theory.”


Kun smiles, and it’s not one of those teasing ones, but a genuine one. It makes Ten smile back. “I don’t anymore, since my major courses started being a lot to handle, but I took a few classes my freshman and sophomore years.” There’s a small shrug. “I guess the professor liked me enough to let me TA the intro classes.”


Ten snorts. He knows from Taeil that the music theory professor is a hard ass who drops students from the course if they’re a minute late on the first day of class. Someone like that doesn’t seem like the type of person who would entrust an entire class to someone he “liked enough.”


Kun must be good. And humble. And something about that is hot.


“What about you? What are you working on?” Kun asks, looking up and locking eyes with a startled Ten.


“Oh,” Ten fidgets, trying to ignore his reddening cheeks. “I have a final design due tomorrow morning.”


Kun hums sympathetically, then cocks his head to the side in consideration. “I’ll be sure to be extra quiet tonight.”


Ten’s breath stutters sharply and he turns his head to stare at Kun.


“You know, so you can focus better,” Kun adds, cool, calm, and collected. The only sign that he knows what he’s doing is the slight twitch of his mouth upwards.


“Appreciated,” Ten says, breathy and soft, mostly because he doesn’t trust his voice, but he sees the change in Kun at the sound — the shift in his eyes, the twitch of his fingers, the stiffening of his posture.


Fuck, Ten wants him. And, if Ten knows a thing about anything, it seems like Kun wants him too.





“So what is going on with you two?” Yangyang asks, and Ten looks up from his phone as they move a little bit forward in line in the cafeteria.


“What are you talking about?” But the immediate picking up of his heart rate tells him he knows exactly what Yangyang is talking about.


It’s funny, how Kun has suddenly infiltrated every aspect of his life.


“I mean, you’re together all the time now. And I’m not saying it’s bad, because it’s a hell of a lot better than whatever was going on before—“


Ten almost wants to laugh. Were they really that bad, that all their friends thought they hated each other?


“—now it’s just a different type of weird,” Yangyang is saying now.


Ten frowns. Weird?


“Why is it—“ He’s cut off by a violent shove that has him stumbling forward.


Before he can trip though, there’s a hand gripping his elbow.


“Shit, sorry!” A voice hollers somewhere, but Ten isn’t paying attention.


“What are you doing here?” He whispers, looking to his right and up into Kun’s tense face.


“Making sure you don’t die,” Kun grunts out, sliding his hand from Ten’s left elbow to his waist.


Ten shivers.


“Hi, Kun ge,” Yangyang makes a point to say, snapping Ten out of his thoughts.


He tries to pay attention to the conversation, he really does, but it’s hard, with Kun’s warmth invading his space in the best way possible. This close, he can see the razor nick on Kun’s chin, can smell Kun’s fresh cologne, can feel Kun’s body move with every laugh.


He’s in a daze…until Jungwoo shows up. And then he’s hyper aware of everything. He sees Kun give Jungwoo a smile, sees Jungwoo smile back. Ten gives a weak smile of his own, feeling his heart squeeze. He waits for Kun’s hand to drop, but it stays where it is, resting on his hip.


Ten stares at Kun’s side profile. Kun glances down at him, an eyebrow raised. Ten flushes, shaking his head as he turns away, only to be met with Yangyang’s own raised eyebrows.


“Weird,” he mouthes, and this time, Ten has to agree.





The end of the semester could not come soon enough. Ten feels liberated after turning in his last final, and he nearly skips back to his dorm before passing out cold to catch up on some sleep.


By the time he comes to again, it’s dark outside. He squints at the brightness of his phone, skimming past texts from Mark and Taeyong asking him to come out to the bars and replying to a text from Johnny (of course I’m going to your graduation, what the fuck).


He freezes as he hears a sound from next door. Now, he’s heard a lot of things from Kun’s dorm — sex sounds, cooking sounds, showering sounds. But laughing sounds? Kun’s boisterous laugh, and then a high pitched answering laugh. Something dark twists in Ten’s stomach. Why is this so much worse than sex sounds?


It doesn’t stop. Kun keeps laughing, And it’s not his polite, awkward laugh that Ten has come to find so endearing, the one that comes out when he’s nervous or unsure. It’s his true, comfortable laugh that Ten has had the privilege of having directed at him nearly every day for the past few months, the one where his nose scrunches up and he sounds like he’s out of breath. The something twists tighter and higher, until Ten feels like he can’t breathe.


He thought…he thought…it’s been a month since they’ve stopped their…activities, and Ten has gotten used to the normal hum of Kun’s daily bustle. The addition of laughter, someone else’s laughter, mingled with Kun’s familiar one is so foreign and jarring that it shocks Ten into tumbling out of bed and bolting to the door. He’s not thinking, not until his hand is gripping the doorknob, and then he swerves back to grab the bottle of soy sauce on the kitchen counter.


He’s knocking, almost frantically, on Kun’s door before he can reconsider.


“Ten?” Kun asks when he opens the door, concern evident on his face.


Ten’s own face is burning. He’s just realizing how absolutely absurd he’s acting, and how much more absurd he looks, with his raggedy oversized shirt and pajama pants.


“I, um—“ Ten shuffles on his feet, his slippers sliding off. “Your soy sauce. That I borrowed last time.”


He holds out the bottle, trying to focus on Kun and not on the sounds from behind him.


“Oh,” Kun says, accepting it and propping the door open wider. “You didn’t have to—“


“Who is it, Kun ge?” A voice calls out, and Ten feels his heart drop even though he had expected this. In the back of his mind, he had wanted it to be a YouTube video, or a ghost, or even a figment of his imagination. But the voice from behind Kun is very much real, and very much causing Ten distress.


“Oh, do you have a guest?” Ten asks, voice slightly higher pitched than usual, “Sorry, I’ll just—“


Kun reaches for his arm at the same time that he tries to take a step back. “No, I’m just babysitting a family friend.”


“I’m not a child, Qian Kun!” A shriek replies, and before Ten can decide whether or not to peek into Kun’s room, a head pops up in the doorframe.


“Hi, I’m Chenle.” A sweep down Ten’s body. “And you must be Ten. Kun ge has—“


“You’ve got chocolate on your face, Chenle,” Kun interrupts abruptly, and Ten decides that pink is a nice color on Kun’s face.


Chenle grins, not so innocent, but seems to take pity on Kun. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. I’ll leave you two--” There’s a pregnant pause. “—oldies alone.”


Kun seems to release a breath at the same time that Ten does. “Where are you going?”


Chenle rolls his eyes. “Chill, Kun ge. I made plans with Renjun.”


“Text me when you meet up with him,” Kun immediately says, watching as Chenle shrugs on a jacket. It’s cute, the way he fawns over the kid.


Chenle squeezes past Kun, nudging Ten just a little forward so that he stumbles into the doorway and has to turn around to say bye. Chenle winks at them. “Have fun!”


There’s a silence after Chenle trots off, and Ten takes the opportunity to peek into the room. “What are you making?”


Kun smiles, pulling Ten inside as he shuts the door behind them. “Cookies from scratch. We haven’t even finished measuring ingredients though.”


The inside of Kun’s dorm is warm, but Ten shivers at the feel of fingers pressing into his arm. “Can I help?”


Kun seems surprised, but a pleased smile makes its way onto his face. “Of course.”


So, Ten doesn’t know how they go from meticulously measuring cups of flour to chasing each other around the kitchen and throwing it onto the other. It’s the most fun he’s had in months though, laughing with white powder on his face and hair.


“Qian Kun!” Ten screeches, barely missing a puff directed at his face. “You’re getting flour all over your floor!”


Kun just laughs, and the sound is so warm, so rich that Ten doesn’t even notice him approaching until he’s surrounded by white, almost like snow. It’s kind of pretty, Ten thinks as he looks up at the cascading white dust. Really pretty, Ten thinks as he blinks up at a smiling Kun.


“You’re making a mess,” he says instead, laughing as Kun shakes his head and flour flies everywhere.


Eventually, they’re able to finish measuring all the ingredients. Ten feels gross, with flour all over his face and hair, and even down his shirt. He’s pretty sure he also has sticky egg white all over his hands because he dropped a part of the shell into the bowl and had to scoop it out with his fingers. He watches as Kun shakes out out some chocolate chips out of the bag and into a bowl. He can’t even bring himself to mind the mess — Kun’s content smile as he works makes it somewhat worth it.


“You’re heating them up?” Ten asks curiously as Kun puts the bowl into the microwave.


“Mm,” Kun replies, throwing a small smile over his shoulder.


Ten shrugs. Of course Kun would be extra and opt not to make the standard chocolate chip cookies. He wouldn’t have expected anything less.


What he doesn’t expect, is Kun taking out the melted chocolate, dipping his finger into the bowl, and then licking it clean. Time seems to slow down as Ten trails the movement, trance-like. He watches as the tip of Kun’s finger disappears between his lips, watches as Kun hollows his cheeks slightly to suck, watches as Kun swallows.


Kun’s eyes snap up, and Ten hurriedly snaps his mouth closed.


“Oh,” Kun murmurs, as if considering Ten for the first time. “You’re a mess.”


Ten’s breath stutters. Kun’s talking about the flour, of course, but the implication…


“Would you like to take a shower before we finish up with the cookies?” Kun continues. His tongue peeks out to swipe at the corner of his lips.


“Um,” Ten mumbles. His tongue feels weird in his mouth. His mind runs off in different (inappropriate) directions.


“Yeah, let’s clean up a bit before we continue,” Kun decides. “Wanna meet back here in…20?”


Ten doesn’t snap out of his daze until he’s standing under his shower, water hitting his face. He reaches for his razor. 20 minutes isn’t enough time to prep like he usually does, but it’s enough to at least shave every inch of his body until he’s baby smooth. He doesn’t know what Kun has in mind, and he doesn’t want to presume, but he does want to be ready for anything.


As he stands in front of Kun’s door, exactly 20 minutes later, he realizes he’s buzzing with excitement.


He barely knocks, before the door swings open and he’s being pulled in. Before his eyes can even adjust to the dimness of the room, he’s being pushed against the door and a warm body presses flush against him.


“Tell me I haven’t been reading this wrong,” Kun pleads against his ear, voice low.


Ten’s breath is completely knocked out, and his heart is hammering in his chest. Instead of replying, he raises a hand—shaking, he notes—to Kun’s face, and lets out an inaudible gasp when Kun nuzzles into his touch, teeth just barely grazing his palm. They maintain eye contact, and the want in Kun’s gaze is enough to spur Ten into action.


“Fuck,” is all he breathes out before he’s simultaneously moving his hand to the back of Kun’s head and leaning up to bring their lips together.


Ten never kissed Johnny. He never kissed any of the guys he slept with. So why is he kissing Kun? He doesn’t know, and with Kun’s tongue teasing open his mouth, doesn’t want to dwell on it. And maybe it’s because it’s been over a year since he’s last kissed anyone, or maybe he’s just in way over his head, but Kun is a fucking fantastic kisser.


Ten sighs into the kiss as Kun runs his tongue over his bottom lip. He winds both arms around Kun’s neck, loving the way he’s perfectly caged against the door. Honestly, Ten thinks he’d be perfectly happy lazily making out for the rest of the night. But Kun pulls away, and Ten lets out an embarrassing whine. The smile Kun gives him is somehow both endeared and teasing. Ten is still thinking about those dimples when Kun ducks down and takes the lobe of Ten’s ear between his lips. Ten gasps, head falling backwards to hit the door, and Kun takes the opportunity to kiss his way across the jaw and down the column of the neck. He presses his lips one last time at the base, right above the clavicle, before surging up for a soft kiss on the mouth. This kiss completely melts Ten into a gooey blob of mush.


“Bed?” Kun asks, quiet and maybe a little hesitant, and Ten can’t believe that Kun still thinks he’s going to leave without getting a dick up his ass tonight.


Ten doesn’t answer, grabbing Kun by the hand and leading him past the cookies and to the bed. Once there, he pushes Kun down, set on giving him a show. Kun, sensing this, props himself onto his elbows as his eyes lock onto Ten’s with a blaze that goes straight down to Ten’s belly. He doesn’t break eye contact as he pulls on the waistband of his pants before snapping it back in place, letting out a sharp, deliberate gasp and watching in satisfaction as Kun’s eyes immediately darken.


Ten swiftly pulls his pants down, giggling as Kun lets out his own sharp gasp. He’s wearing a pair of white lace boxers, a gag gift he received from Taeyong years ago, something that even Johnny has never seen. He’s nervous, standing in front of Kun like this, but Kun’s gaze is reverent, his gulp audible.


“Fuck, Ten,” Kun murmurs, reaching for him. “You’re beautiful.”


Ten’s inner cat curls up and purrs happily, but he swats Kun away. “Watch.”


And Kun backs off, eyebrows raised, like what else do you have for me?


Ten smirks, feeling way more in his element now. He steps closer, places both hands onto Kun’s sturdy shoulders, and kneels onto the bed, trapping Kun’s thighs between his before plopping himself ass down onto Kun’s lap.


“Hi,” he says, coquettish as he flutters his eyelashes.


“Ten,” Kun replies, exasperated, but there’s a fondness in there that makes Ten’s toes curl.


He lets himself grin back at Kun’s small smile, sweet and soft, and then promptly shrugs his shirt off. In hindsight, he wishes he’d ditched the oversized shirt and gone for something that he could tease Kun with slowly, one button at a time. The way Kun goes completely still as he drinks in Ten’s bare torso, however, is gratifying enough, he decides.


“Fuck,” Kun breathes, and they’re so close that Ten can feel goosebumps rise on his chest where the air hits. He shivers, then trails his fingers up his body until they reach his nipples, sensitive from nothing other than anticipation and excitement. He moans lightly, and Kun curses again before his hands are gripping Ten’s thighs, moving up to his hips, and then folding around his back as he brings his lips down just left of Ten’s sternum, right above his heart.


Ten trembles. Kun’s breath ghosts over sensitive skin, agonizing, until it pauses just over his nipple. And then he takes it into his mouth, and Ten cries out, arching into the warmth. When he opens his eyes again, he finds himself lying on the bed, Kun hovering above him, almost hesitant.


Ten rolls his eyes, reaching up. “Hey, Kun?” He mumbles against Kun’s ear. “Do your worst.”


That seems to snap something in Kun, because one moment he’s lingering above Ten, and the next, he’s enclosing Ten with his heat, close but not nearly close enough. Kun rolls his hips, and Ten gasps, only for it to be swallowed up by Kun’s lips. There’s so much stimulation from everywhere, and Ten feels useless as he clings to Kun, burning.


“Kun,” he gasps as soon as his lips are free. But Kun ignores him, his own newly freed lips hot as they make their way down Ten’s throat, across his chest, latching onto any exposed skin. Ten is a panting mess by the time Kun reaches his hips, stopping just above the lace waistband. And then he’s nosing into it, hands coming up to run across the pattern lightly, and Ten is so hard that he thinks he’s going to cry. Kun’s touches are feather light, barely there, until he suddenly cups Ten square on, palm warm and solid, and Ten cries out as he humps feverishly against it.


It’s embarrassing, but it’s good, and Ten moans as Kun uses his fingers to trace the outline of his dick over the boxer shorts. “You like them?” He gasps out, trying to gain the upper hand. “Maybe I’ll wear a lace thong next time. Or silk panties?”


Ten watches, satisfied, as Kun’s brain short-circuits at the mental image. He doesn’t actually have a thong or panties, but he sure as hell is going to go buy some now.


“Off,” Kun growls, tugging at the waistband.


Ten pouts. “What about you?”


Kun looks down, seemingly surprised that he’s still fully clothed. It’s adorable, and Ten can’t help but giggle. Kun proceeds to get up on his knees and fling his shirt off. The result? Ten, gaping, with the wind completely knocked out of him.


Kun is beautiful. Ten knew that already, of course, but staring up at him now, with his shirt off, Ten appreciates just how much. He’s toned, in a way that Ten, for some reason, had not expected — all smooth muscle and flat stomach. He’s also pale, especially in the moonlight, and Ten wants nothing more than to mark him up with teeth marks and purple blooms.


“Off,” Kun repeats, this time with a tug. Ten sucks in a breath as his cock springs free, hard.


He doesn’t have a chance to be embarrassed, Kun immediately swallowing him down. Ten cries out, surprised, as his hands fly to Kun’s hair. He tugs, and Kun seems to like that, humming around Ten, and the vibration does something to his already mushy brain. Kun pulls off almost immediately after though, and the whine that comes out of Ten is exasperated and annoyed.


Kun grins, eyes dark and lips swollen, and Ten is so enamored that he allows Kun to pull himself up to kiss him.


“Can I eat you out?” Kun mumbles against his lips, and Ten splutters.


Kun’s laughing at him when Ten gets his bearings again. “You good?”


“You can’t just say things like that!” Ten complains, hitting Kun on the arm and definitely not staring at the way his biceps flex.


“I don’t hear a no,” Kun says, still laughing as he brings their foreheads together, and somehow, this moment feels more intimate than anything they’ve done.


“Definitely not a no,” Ten agrees.


Kun gives him a last peck on the lips before he shuffles down. He taps on Ten’s thigh. “Up, on your stomach.”


Ten pouts. “But I’m tired.”


Kun cocks an eyebrow, slow smile spreading on his glistening lips. “Already? Oh babe, we haven’t even started.”


That’s enough to get Ten scrambling up to flip himself over. It’s been ages since he’s been rimmed, and the fact that Qian Kun is going to do it is so mind-blowing that Ten decides not to think about it.


Turns out, Kun in bed is just as teasing as Kun out of bed. It’s deliciously frustrating, the way he grips Ten’s ass, kneading and kissing at the soft flesh, purposefully avoiding the puckered hole.


“Kun,” Ten nearly sobs after a particularly close breath of air.


“I got you,” Kun murmurs, lips scorching as they latch onto a particularly sensitive spot on Ten’s inner thigh.


No, Ten thinks, Kun doesn’t got him, because if he did, he’d stop this teasing and just get on with it! Honestly, if he’s going to take his sweet time like the old grandpa that he is, Ten might as well just take a nap or something. Or they could go back to making out, because that had been nice and easy and Kun has the softest lips —


Ten’s inner monologue gets interrupted when Kun flattens his tongue against his rim. He jerks in surprise, profanities falling from his lips as Kun grips his thighs harder, holding him in place as he teases Ten’s entrance. Ten gasps, shaking as he feels Kun spread his cheeks apart so he can gain better access.


Kun is meticulous in everything he does, so Ten expects the same when it comes to sex. What he doesn’t expect is Kun immediately licking into him, sloppy, messy, heavenly. Ten falls forward onto his elbows, panting, as he raises his ass higher in the air.


“Ku—my god,” Ten moans, two words combining into one, before he goes completely mute, the air punched out of him. Kun swirls his tongue one last time around the now slicked rim, then drags his tongue past Ten’s balls, to the base of his dick, and then down the entire shaft, only briefly enveloping his lips around Ten’s leaking tip before dragging himself back up to Ten’s hole.


Ten sobs. Ten actually sobs, and he can feel Kun’s smile against his ass, the fucker.


“Kun,” he grits out, meaning for it to be a warning, a threat, but coming out more like a breathless plea.


Kun ignores him, grip steady as he flutters his tongue against Ten’s rim, then barely breaches the ring of muscle. Ten gasps, involuntarily grinding back, but the pressure disappears.


“Kun,” Ten repeats, this time not even embarrassed at his whine.


Kun takes pity on him, slipping his tongue back into the tight muscle. Ten sighs, content, as Kun finally begins to tongue fuck him. Listen, Ten is flexible okay? He’s a goddamn dancer, of course he has to be flexible. But Kun’s tongue? That’s a whole different kind of flexibility and strength.


Fuck, it’s good, Ten thinks, and that’s his last thought before Kun gives one single tug on his hard cock, and Ten blanks out. His orgasm takes him completely by surprise, so much that he’s still disoriented when he blinks the world back into view.


“Hey,” Kun’s slightly blurry face comes into view.


“God,” Ten slurs out. He’d meant good, but god works just as well here. “You. Sex god.”


Kun laughs, warm and full, and Ten feels his belly flutter with something that has nothing to do with sex.


He’s still a mess of limp limbs, but he manages to push Kun toward the headboard and drag himself between his legs. Kun raises an eyebrow.


“Looks like you need some…assistance,” Ten notes slyly, eyes trailing not so subtly to the obvious tent in Kun’s pants.


“Yeah?” Kun breathes, eyes dark. “You offering?”


“Hm,” Ten noses along the waistband, teeth grazing the skin just above. “Maybe.”


Kun groans, head falling back against the headboard, and Ten grins, choosing to take this exact time to flip down the waistbands of both pants and underwear. Kun’s cock immediately bounces out, thick, hard, and leaking.


“Fuck,” they both say at the same time, and there’s a soft moment where Ten looks up, meets Kun’s eyes, and they share a smile.


The moment is broken by Ten lowering his face down until his lips graze against Kun’s cockhead, until he’s intoxicated by Kun’s natural musk. It takes all of his self control not to immediately swallow Kun down — he wants to take his time. He breathes out slowly, and grins in satisfaction at the twitch that Kun’s dick gives, as well as the accompanying groan. He lightly parts his lips, snaking his tongue out to swirl around the tip.


“Ten,” Kun murmurs, deep and dark, and that’s enough for Ten to stop teasing and to properly take Kun into his mouth.


Kun has a nice dick, Ten decides. It’s thick and heavy on his tongue, and nestles just right at the base of his throat — not too big, and definitely not too small. Just enough for him to gag around it as he pulls off, drool coating the shaft in a messy layer. Ten lowers himself onto his stomach, mouth attaching onto Kun’s balls, and sucks, not forgetting to make use of his empty hands by giving Kun’s cock a few steady strokes, made easy with the mess of saliva and precum.


“Fuck,” Kun grits out, spasming under Ten’s touch.


“Yeah? You like that?” Ten asks, letting go of Kun’s balls and instead licking a stripe up his dick.


“Why don’t you put that pretty mouth to good use?” Kun’s hand finds its way into Ten’s hair, and he tugs him to the head of his leaking cock.


Ten opens up obediently, and sighs contently when Kun starts fucking his mouth. The pull on his hair is good, the dick in his mouth is good, Kun is good.


“Look at you,” Kun breathes, and Ten opens his eyes to find Kun staring down at him hungrily, lips parted slightly. “Choking on my cock. You love it, don’t you?”


Ten whimpers. Fuck, who knew Kun could dirty talk? That’s sexy. Ten rewards him with a harsh suck, and Kun growls and pushes Ten down more. Somehow, that’s even sexier.


Ten holds himself down as long as he can, focusing on breathing through his nose as Kun’s cock situates nicely down his throat. The next thing he hears is Kun cursing before he’s being hauled up and kissed roughly. He sighs against Kun’s lips — this is nice, too.


“Don’t wanna finish in your mouth,” Kun whispers, and it’s tender, almost.


Ten cocks an eyebrow, pouting. “What, you can’t go two rounds?”


He barely finishes his sentence before he’s flipped onto his back, and then he’s blinking up at Kun’s face.


“Two rounds? Babe, you won’t be able to walk by the time I’m done with you,” Kun snarls, and it’s sickening, how turned on Ten is.


Kun slides down, one hand resting on Ten’s shaking thigh as he looks up and meets Ten’s eyes. There’s something so dark and intense about the look that Ten is momentarily lost in it, until he hears the telltale sign of the squirt of a lube bottle before a finger is stroking at his entrance. Ten clenches in reflex, and Kun’s gaze turns soft — amused.


“Relax, baby,” Kun mutters, dropping a kiss onto Ten’s inner thigh.


Ten sighs as Kun’s finger slips in. He knows he’s tight — it’s been a while, and he didn’t have time to prep himself in the shower. But it’s good, and Ten has never been known for his patience, so he wiggles slightly until Kun gets the hint.


“You’re impatient,” Kun tells him, laughing.


“You’re slow,” Ten accuses back, then gasps when Kun slips another finger in. “And petty.”


Kun blinks innocently up at him, before he scissors his fingers, bringing a groan out of Ten.


“And evil. So evil,” Ten adds, whimpering just as Kun snaps his wrist to change the angle.


Kun has a nice dick and magical fingers, Ten decides. It should be illegal, he thinks, to have such long fingers that are so skillful as well.


“Can you just, like, get in me?” Ten whines when Kun is three fingers deep, and he would be embarrassed if he didn’t feel so damn good.


Kun chuckles, slipping his fingers out, and that’s the only warning Ten gets before Kun is hovering over him and he feels something thicker and heavier pressing where Kun’s fingers just were.


“Ready?” Kun asks, and he’s really asking. Ten is positive that if he backed out now, Kun would absolutely immediately stop, cover him up, and ask if he’s all right.


“Been ready,” Ten tells him, and it’s true, he’s probably been ready for months.


Kun gives him a smile, lines himself up, and slowly pushes in. It’s a tight fit, and they both groan as Kun sinks in deeper. He pauses, and it must take all of his willpower not to thrust in completely because Ten can feel him pulsating inside of him.


“Come on, I can take it,” Ten insists, trying to lift up his hips to take more of Kun inside.


“You’re tight, Ten, I don’t want to—“


Ten pulls Kun down so they’re nose to nose. He kisses Kun deep, taking advantage of the momentary lapse of focus to push on Kun’s ass so he slips in further. “But I like pain.”


Kun groans, letting his forehead touch Ten’s. It’s an intimate moment, and would have been sweet had Kun’s cock not been half sunk into Ten’s ass. But Ten’s words seem to do the trick, because Kun presses one last kiss to Ten’s lips, and then bottoms out.


Ten moans loudly as Kun snaps his hips, and he pulls his knees closer to his chest.


“Fuck, you’re flexible,” Kun mutters, almost reverent as he thrusts in deeper.


Ten gives a coy smile before he hooks his leg over Kun’s shoulder. He laughs as Kun’s hips stutter and his breath catches.


“Fuck, you’re…” There’s a split second where Ten thinks Kun will say something soft and sweet, and he’s not sure that’s something he’s ready to deal with when Kun is balls deep in him, but Kun just shakes his head and folds Ten more into the mattress. Ten swallows his unreasonable disappointment.


Kun plants his forearms near Ten’s head, caging him in, then plants his toes into the mattress too, and then he’s pounding into Ten by lifting himself by his hips.


Ten’s eyes roll into the back of his head. “Fuck, Kun, oh my god—“


“Yeah, you like that?”


Ten whimpers as Kun slams back into him.


“You’re doing so well,” Kun grunts. “Babe, you’re taking me so well. Fuck, you know what? You’re goddamn perfect.”


Ten’s back arches off the bed as Kun hits a particular spot. “Kun—!”


Kun doesn’t stop. “You’re so pretty, Ten. So pretty, and you feel so good. So good, just for me. Isn’t that right?”


Ten babbles something in reply, probably not coherent at all. He cries out as Kun’s fingers wrap around his leaking cock.


“You’re so wet, Tennie. Who made you this wet?”


“You,” Ten chokes out, on the verge of tears as Kun rewards his answer with a deep thrust straight to his sweet spot.


Ten thinks he’s either ascended into heaven or fallen into the darkest depths of hell. That’s the only explanation for the simultaneous blissful ecstasy and scorching intensity he feels at present. The only thing that could make him feel even better is a white hot high, a mind numbing—


Ten sobs as Kun pulls out at the same time that his grip lets go of Ten’s dick. “No, no, Kun, please—“


But Kun is immediately there, sweaty face beautiful and glowing for absolutely no reason. He wipes Ten’s tears (oh, Ten realizes, he’s actually crying) gently. “Oh, babe.”


“Kun,” Ten whimpers, and he’s weak, but he wants, and Kun, blessed Kun, beautiful Kun, perfect Kun, Kun gives.


“Come on,” Kun says, soft but commanding. “On all fours.”


Ten is nearly delirious with want, but he’s able to process the words and, somehow in this state, is able to flip around and get onto wobbly knees.


“Good boy,” Kun praises, and Ten feels it go straight to his still rock hard cock.


“Please,” Ten pleads, because he is definitely not below pleading if it gets Kun’s dick back in him.


Kun is merciful, or perhaps just as impatient, because Ten immediately feels something hard pressing close. But maybe not quite as impatient, since he also feels Kun stretch his ass cheeks apart and slap his dick in the crack a couple of times. Before Ten can say anything about it though, Kun pushes in completely, leaving Ten panting and breathless.


“You feel so good,” Kun tells him, trailing his fingers down Ten’s back before giving a light slap on his ass. Ten lets out a gasp, which quickly morphs into a low whine. “Sound so good too, babe.”


Ten is hot all over, either from the sex or the dirty talk, but with the way Kun is fucking into him, he doesn’t really care which. Both, probably. He chances a glance behind him. Kun has his eyes shut tight, mouth slightly parted, cheeks flushed and contrasting beautifully with the thin sheen of sweat on his glistening body. Exactly as Ten had pictured in his mind hundreds of times, but infinitely better because this time, it’s real.


Kun’s eyes open and meet Ten’s. For some reason, this embarrasses Ten enough to immediately turn and hide his face into the sheets. But Kun won’t let him off that easily, and plasters himself to Ten’s back. This brings him deeper, and the change nearly brings another sob out of Ten.


“Like the view?” Kun mutters, right into Ten’s ear, and he shivers.


“Yes,” Ten chokes out. “More.”


He can nearly feel Kun’s smirk. “Your wish is my command.”


Qian Kun has gentle eyes that twinkle when he smiles, warm and kind. A gentle voice that lifts and lulls, soft and comforting. Gentle fingers that float over piano keys, effortless and beautiful.


There’s nothing gentle about the way he presses Ten into the mattress, fucking into him, still completely covering his back with his front. Ten gives in, falling forward onto his elbows as he feels his knees give out.


“K—Kun?” Ten whimpers, the name almost muscle memory from how many times he’s said it throughout the night.


“Right here, babe,” Kun grunts out, reaching up to free Ten’s hands of the bedsheets he’d been tightly gripping and intertwine their fingers together. He lifts his hips, then brings them down, and Ten clamps his teeth onto a pillow to keep from crying out. He now understands Jungwoo’s noises, and honestly, they’d been pretty tame, now that Ten has experienced the real thing.


He feels Kun shift, nudging his knees apart, and Ten obliges, separating his legs enough that the next thrust in has him choking over his own saliva.


“Kun!” He moans as Kun aims straight for his prostate, and his only answer is a squeeze of his fingers and a wet kiss onto his shoulder. Kun doesn’t let up, his thrusts precise now that he knows where to target.


“Please,” Ten croaks out. “Right there! Yes!”


“Yeah?” Kun growls, his movements speeding up. Ten wishes he could see his face, but their positions make it impossible. “Fuck, Ten, you feel so good.”


Ten moans, loud and unrestrained. “You’re so hot.”


There’s a momentary hiccup in Kun’s thrusting as he laughs softly. But then he picks up speed again. “You are too. You’re so good for me, Tennie. So good. Can you—can you come for me? I want to see you come apart under me.”


Ten shudders. And unlike his first orgasm of the night, he feels this one building — from the coiling of his stomach to the almost painful tightening of his cock.


“Kun! Kun, I’m gonna—“ He breaks off with a strangled moan as his orgasm rips through him, hot and messy and so good.


He lays limp, letting his head drop onto the bed as he feels Kun kissing at his neck. Kun gives a few more languid thrusts and then groans deep as he comes too.


Ten is still dazed when Kun rolls off and flops next to him. He knows he should probably get up and clean himself up, but he’s a mess of weak limbs and empty brain, so playing dead right now sounds pretty good.


He feels Kun shift, climbing over him with a quick kiss onto his shoulder. Somehow, when Kun comes back, he’s able to coax Ten onto his back, and then cleans him with a warm cloth. All Ten has the energy to do is give a tender, grateful smile.


“You should sleep a bit,” Kun tells him, coming into view with the sexiest sex hair that Ten has ever seen.


Ten frowns. ”What about you?”


Kun leans down, and Ten doesn’t think twice before kissing him. “I’ll join you in a while.”


Ten sighs an agreement, his eyes already closing. By the time he comes to again, the lights in the kitchen are on, and he sees Kun shuffling around.


Ten shifts onto an elbow as he appreciates the view — shirtless Kun, wearing nothing but a pair of hip hugging jeans. With how low they hang, Ten would bet his last orgasm that he’s not wearing underwear. That’s hot.


And then he looks up, catches Ten’s eye, and smiles that heart stopping smile of his. “Hey, you’re up.”


Ten smiles back. He grabs the thin blanket off the bed and covers himself with it before he hops off and pads over to the kitchen. He’s a little sore, and Kun’s smirk as he watches him approach tells him he knows.


“What are you doing?”


Kun gestures to the baking pan in front of him. “Just finishing up the cookies. Figured we might want a late night snack.”


Ten nods appreciatively. “You need any help?”


Kun flashes him a quick smile. “Nah, last one.”


Kun takes the tray of perfectly lined cookies over to the oven and crouches down to put them in. Ten can’t help but stare at his ass, filling out perfectly in those jeans.


“All right, they should be done in 10 minutes—“


He’s not able to finish his sentence because Ten jumps him as soon as he turns around. His expression turns amused, and he lets Ten wind his arms around his neck as he backs Kun up against the counter.


“10 minutes?” Ten murmurs, lips trailing down Kun’s bare neck and across his chest as his hands fumble with Kun’s jean button. “I can work with that.”