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Liquid sunshine

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Tommy sat under a tree, his legs curled to his chest, arms wrapped around them and chin resting on his knees. Around him, rain poured down, making his surroundings seem gray and sad. 


He was in a small dingy park on the east side of Essempi, that is, the poor side. Nothing around there was very nice, the park was about 10 or so (?) square feet of gray grass with red brick walls in the four corners but open space along the perimeter. There was a wooden bench and a tiny pond and that was about it.


So why was Tommy sitting under a tree in the pouring rain?


Well he was waiting for something.


He had planned to meet with his friend Tubbo at the park, he barely got to see Tubbo anymore, he was always busy with his new friend Ranboo. Tommy had been trying to plan a get together for a while now and Tubbo had finally agreed.


But…they were supposed to meet 3 hours ago.


And Tubbo hadn’t come yet.


Tommy buried his chin deeper in his knees, his eyelids lowering.


Tubbo wasn’t coming, was he?


Tommy had been abandoned, again.


Tommy huffed and finally stood up. He walked out of the park to the street. It was empty save for a lone motorcycle leaning against the wall. It belonged to Tommy, Ranboo had given it to him when he and Tubbo got a car together, a little yellow bug. It was now Tommy’s prized possession.


He kicked the stand and got on, revving the engine a few times to get it going, he kicked off and took off from the park.


Tommy sped through the empty city streets, going faster and faster until he was well past the speed limit. It made Tommy feel slightly better, as the places around him fell away and it was just him and the motorcycle and rain. His face was completely blank as he pulled the bike around, turning a corner. He made wide circles around the city part, disregarding the red and yellow lights shining above him.


At one point, he ran a red light and narrowly missed a person walking. Time seemed to slow down as he passed, turning his head.


Tommy’s eyes met the strangers, both pairs widened, but only the stranger grinned.


He had messy brown hair and pale skin, he looked messy and unkempt, especially the brown jacket he wore, in his hand was a cigarette. Under his eyes looked sort of gray, and something about him made Tommy feel uncomfortable.


Finally time seemed to go back to normal and he continued speeding down the street.


After a while, Tommy pulled up to a small black building, the light was still on in the window so he left his cycle and walked in. It was a small diner that closed late. Tommy was the only one in there.


He didn’t bother ordering, couldn't afford anything anyway, so he just plopped down in a seat and sighed, feeling depressed.


Long ago he had learned to numb himself to the feelings of disappointment, of anger, sadness, and fear, but most of all,




Still, he had to fight the urge to cry.


Why didn’t people like him? Why did they always abandon him?  Leave him out of conversations, look at him like he was crazy, whisper about him, talk down to him like he had screw loose.


He was never invited anywhere, never approached by anyone, everyone seemed to keep their distance. Why? Was it something he did?


Whatever he did, it seemed like no one would ever understand him.


Tommy sighed again, resisting the urge to throw something.


Suddenly the bell rang and another customer walked in, Tommy glanced up and almost flinched, a confused look coming onto his face.


A man had walked in and was standing in front of the doorway looking around casually with a smile on his face.


But it was the same man that Tommy had passed on the motorcycle. 


That had to be a coincidence, right?


The man spotted Tommy and walked over, standing in front of his table with a smile.


“Hi there! Nice bike you got there.” 


“Thanks.” Tommy said, slightly worried. He suddenly didn’t want to be there anymore, this man made him uncomfortable.


“My name's Wilbur, what’s yours?” The man asked.




“That’s a lovely name, Tommy.”




Tommy tried to show he wasn’t really interested in talking, but the man didn’t seem to get the hint and much to Tommy’s dismay, he started blabbering on. And as he talked, his eyes never left Tommy’s face. 


Much to Tommy’s relief, an employee came out from the back and called to them over the counter.


“The cafes closing now, please get out.” He said bluntly.


With Wilbur distracted, Tommy stood up and slipped by him, quickly hurrying out the door.


He began walking, not quite ready to drive home yet. And to his relief, he didn’t see Wilbur following him.


Tommy spotted a club up ahead, it was still open so he slipped inside. It was loud, people crowded everywhere and he was quickly pushed deeper into the room. Multicolored lights flashed above and under him as music blared and people danced. 


He felt a hand grab at his wrist and yanked it away, this wasn’t a good idea, he wanted to get out of there now.


Another hand set itself on his waist and he immediately jumped away, feeling scared. But the person didn’t stop, he couldn’t even see who was grabbing at him as he pulled away from the grasping hands. 


He was so focused on moving away that he slammed right into something.


Nope, someone.


Tommy looked up, pursing his lips and silently screaming at himself. He had run into the biggest person he had ever seen. The guy was at least 6’6. He had long pink hair and red eyes, and he was wearing a white button up shirt that very clearly did not hide his six pack. He was holding a drink with one muscular hand.


“Sorry!” Tommy yelped, trying to push away but was trapped in the crowd.


“Whoa kid, are you ok?” The man asked.


“Someone’s trying to grab me and I can’t find the way out!” Tommy told him in a panic.


The man grabbed Tommy’s arm and quickly yanked him away, before the boy knew what was happening he was being pulled through the crowd. In no time they were in front of the door.


“Thanks.” Tommy breathed, and without another second, pushed through the door and into the street. He darted down the sidewalk, grabbed his bike, and sped away, heart still pounding. He couldn’t shake the strange encounter or the grabbing hands that the night had brought.




After a while, Tommy pulled into an empty alleyway and leaned his bike on the side of a building. He quickly entered through a gray metal door into the damp empty room of his small apartment. He left the living room and went to the second room, which was equally bare except for a window and the couch that faced it.


He quickly changed into a pair of shorts that let his hybrid tail out. Tommy was a part of the small percentage of the population of Essempi that was a hybrid. So he had a golden raccoon tail that he kept hidden during the day. 


Tommy collapsed onto the couch, pulling out his phone and dropping it on the floor next to him. He grabbed the red blanket on the end of the couch and pulled it over him, feeling the cold drain out of him. He curled into a ball, wrapping his tail around him. He felt small and weak as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.