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The Little Things

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Olivia fell back onto the pillows, exhausted and slightly out of breath. Elliot’s weight soon followed, crashing on top of her but of course, she didn’t mind. He nuzzled into her neck, trailing kisses up her shoulder, across her jaw until his lips found hers. Elliot was still soft inside her and Olivia’s hips were still rolling, riding out the last aftershocks of her orgasm.

She could hear both their breathing steady and she was almost sure Elliot would be fast asleep soon. Her window to get up and get herself a shower was closing quickly. She could easily give into the wave of drowsiness washing over her. The comforting weight of Elliot on top of her, his hands lightly running through her hair and his fingertips gently dancing along her scalp were all too enticing. Olivia felt so safe and cherished wrapped in his arms and usually, she wouldn’t dare to break the perfect post-coital bubble. This newfound intimacy between them had easily become one of Olivia’s favorite things. The sex itself, of course, was mind-blowing but that hadn’t surprised her. Their undeniable chemistry and built up tension over the years had almost guaranteed that. But the after part was so sacred it made Olivia want to cry sometimes with how much it overwhelmed her. The way Elliot would hold her and whisper sweet nothings into her ear until they both fell asleep tangled in each other’s arms.

Olivia usually didn’t do weekday sleepovers at Elliot’s place. On weekdays, Elliot would come over to her apartment after Noah was in bed. He’d end up staying the night but sneaking off early in the morning to be back before Eli woke up. She’d mostly end up at his place on the weekends when she could coordinate convenient overnights with Rollins. But, Noah had somehow convinced her to let him extend his playdate into a sleepover on a Thursday and since she’d already been at Elliot’s for a late dinner, she figured why not treat herself.

Olivia had learned the hard way to keep a few work outfits stashed at Elliot’s place when she’d gotten called in early on a Saturday morning for a case. She’d had to rush in wearing day old clothes earning her a knowing smirk from Fin. Olivia was going to need to shower off the sweat that her and Elliot had worked up as well as the sticky mess that was currently dripping down her thighs. She knew she’d rather just get it over with now and be able to actually enjoy a cup of coffee with Elliot in the morning. He enjoyed impressing her with his fancy espresso machine and usually treated her to a cappuccino in bed if they had time.

“El,” Olivia prodded.

“Mhmmmm,” he hummed into her neck.

“You gotta get up, babe. I need to shower,” Olivia said, gently nudging his shoulders which was almost pointless since he was all sculpted muscle and her efforts didn’t budge him.

“Noooo, stay. Shower in the morning. I’ll join you,” he offered.

“Then, we’ll both be extremely late,” she countered.

“Fine,” Elliot said with an exaggerated pout on his face as he rolled away from her.

“I won’t be too long,” she said as she moved to the edge of the bed.

His arm wrapped around her, pulling her back to him for one more slow, lazy kiss before he released her once more.

Olivia padded off to Elliot’s adjacent bathroom, stopping to steal one of Elliot’s t-shirts from his dresser. There was no point for her to keep pajamas here when she either ended up sleeping naked or occasionally threw on Elliot’s clothes. That was one of the benefits to staying over at his place. There was no risk of a young child coming into their bedroom at night so they were free to stay nude in bed. The only downside was Olivia hated lugging around her numerous toiletries back and forth. Usually, she’d just make do with a pack of makeup wipes she kept in her purse. But, she did miss her thorough nighttime routine of lotions and moisturizers. A second toothbrush had appeared next to Elliot’s the second time she’d ended up staying over and she already had a dedicated towel hanging next to his.

It was all very domestic and sometimes scared her how quickly they’d fallen into this routine. Elliot, of course, was not shaken by it in the least. He was so sure of everything, of them, of their future. Olivia tried to be the more realistic one and gently pull him back to reality without crushing his optimism. She liked how things were going and where they were going. But, a part of her felt like they should be taking things slower. She felt like she should need more time to adjust to the idea of their lives melting together. Yet, it was all happening so naturally and effortlessly Olivia couldn’t find it in herself to pump the brakes.

“You deserve to be happy, Liv. You deserve to have good things. Stop overthinking it and just let yourself enjoy it all.”

Elliot would say to her when she was stuck in her head. It was usually followed by a dizzying kiss that would instantly leave her wondering what she’d been thinking about in the first place.

With that, Olivia jumped into the steaming cascade of water and let it wash away the apprehension that had found her since her departure from bed. Olivia’s brow furrowed as she took stock of the new additions to the shelves. Olivia had gotten used to Elliot’s body wash scent. Cedarwood and cardamom. She loved walking out of the shower covered in his intoxicating aroma. However, Elliot’s lack of hair did leave her’s suffering. She frequently would have to settle for just a rinse while she longed for her shampoo and conditioner.

That’s why she was taken aback by the full size shampoo and conditioner bottles that now sat on the shelf. And not just any ones, but the exact brand she used at home. Behind them also sat her lavender body wash. She wondered if it was just coincidence. Kathleen would sometimes crash at Elliot’s so maybe she’d left behind some of her own things. Olivia didn’t read too much into it and let herself enjoy lathering up her hair. After indulging herself under the hot water for longer than usual, she made her way to the sink to brush her teeth, the fatigue finally catching up to her.

She opened the vanity in search of the toothpaste and found herself face to face with her skincare products. Face wash. Toner. Moisturizer. Eye cream. She even noticed the floss she used neatly tucked away in the corner. She’d been joking around with Elliot about improving his oral hygiene if he was going to be kissing her all the time as he had been intently watching her floss in the mirror at her place. She finished up in the bathroom and headed back to the bedroom, stopping at the entryway to take in the sight before her. Elliot, his rippling torso on full display with the sheet wrapped just low enough on his waist to make out the deep V muscles near his hips.

“I’m getting lonely over here,” he mumbled, his eyes still closed as he motioned to the space next to him.

“What’s with all the stuff in the bathroom?”

“Hmmm?” he sleepily hummed

“Did you raid my bathroom cabinets last time without me noticing?” Olivia joked.

“It’s this novel thing called shopping. You know, where you go to a store and you buy things that you need,” he quipped, now more alert as his blue eyes flickered opened to meet hers.

“You need lavender soap and anti-wrinkle under-eye cream?” Olivia countered.

“No, and neither do you. You’re gorgeous. I just want to make sure you feel comfortable and at home when you spend time here. So, I made a list while I was at your place and did some shopping.”

Olivia felt her heart catch in her throat and tears welling in her eyes at his thoughtful consideration. She practically ran over to the bed and jumped back into his arms. Her lips seeking his in the darkness. His hands came up to cradle her face and she knew he could feel her hot, silent tears.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, pulling away from her to try and analyze her face.

“I didn’t mean to overstep. I know you’re not ready to move in together and you still want to spend most nights at your place since Noah is still young. I respect that completely. He’s your number one priority and I never want to get in the way of that. I’m not trying to push you,” he assured her.

“It’s not that, El. Not at all. I just….I love you so much,” she mumbled into his chest.

“I love you too, Liv. Now, c’mon, no more tears. I thought I was supposed to not make you cry.”

“Well, it’s hard when you’re being so sweet and thoughtful. Thank you. You’re making me go all soft nowadays,” she whispered.

“Mhmmmm, I like you soft and warm and in my bed.”

“I can’t say the same for you about the soft part. But I do enjoy you in my bed. I thought you liked it when I’m all tough, serious Captain?”

“Captain Olivia Benson is very sexy. But, I love my Liv the most.”

“Okay, so I guess no more calling me that in bed then,” she joked.

“Hey! No one said anything about that. I know you just cleaned up but you’re making it very enticing to get you all dirty again,” he teased.

“I need to get to sleep if I’m going to be functional tomorrow. So, no more fooling around. Sleep. That’s an order, Detective,” she said sternly.

“Understood, Captain.”

He wrapped his arms around her, settling her against his chest as they both drifted off.

“I love you,” he mumbled once more, not sure if she was even awake enough to hear. He never got enough of saying it to her and he wasn’t sure he ever would.