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They will keep you going...

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Welp, here I was after years of threatening my parents eventually sent me off to my new boarding school, a boarding school for problematic teens. Like me according to my parents though I don’t agree one bit.


There have been rumors about that school that some of the students were there for attempted murder. The building itself was huge towering over me, though it did look quite ornate. Either way, I didn’t care, my parents now separated me from my whole life just to send me to a prison.


At first, someone escorted me around the school to understand where I’m at, then they led me to the girl's dormitory. It was Friday evening so most of the students were in their dorms though some were out lounging about in the communal area. I felt their eyes all piercing at me, some were whispering. It was quite unnerving not knowing what these guys were here for.


They appeared as they would easily be able to snap me like a stick if I got on their wrong side. It’s not like a have had no experience with fights, I have shared a fair couple of punches but it’s minimal compared to what the rumors have said about these guys.


“This is your room, breakfast starts at 7 am till 10 am on weekends… “ she said


“…right thanks” I replied as I walked into my room. I set my bags and camera she set down the other things then left. I glanced around my room. It was fairly spacious I guess that’s because of the school's size. I lay down on my bed. "This is it," I thought to myself. “I’m actually here, this is my last chance till the only alternative is pris-“ then a knock interrupted me.


I opened my door to be greeted by a sage color-haired girl. “Hello, I am Kirumi Tojo. I was told someone had arrived recently so I thought I should introduce myself to make you more comfortable in this… school” she stated


“Ah okay…”I wavered. For a high school student, she appears a lot more formal… “Sorry I’m Mahiru Koizumi, nice to meet you” I greeted.


She then nodded and looked like she wanted to say something though was interrupted by the nighttime announcement. I closed my door and got back into bed. “This school doesn’t seem as bad as I thought it would be... well for now I shouldn’t get my hopes up,” I thought. Then I closed my eyes.


A thunderous BANG resonated throughout the walls causing me to shoot up from my bed. Screaming and shouting now joined in with the banging. I jumped out of bed and ran to my door flinging it open. The shouting was now even more deafening, I saw other students emerging from their rooms, one of them being the girl that introduced herself to me before.

Another loud bang echoed, the source of all the sound was a girl with piercing red eyes glaring at another girl who seemed as if she was on the verge of tears. “HOW DARE YOU! I’LL BURN YOU ALIVE!” She spat. Even I felt shivers through my body. The red-eyed girl then began to walk over to the girl she was shrieking at though then the doors of the girl's dorm slammed open revealing two of the staff charging in.


“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON” one of them announced. Most of the students then ran back into their rooms to dodge getting in trouble.


“Celestia really? It’s 3 in the morning…” the other sighed.


“TELL THAT TO THE SHIT FOR BRAINS BITCH OVER THERE,” She shouted out again. Geez, how does she have so much energy at 3 am to cause such a racket?


“Right, well… Miu please go back to your dorm room; we will speak about this in the morning.” The staff member declared.


“As for you, Celestia come with me…everyone else goes back to bed” They sighed. The red-eyed girl then blurted out another couple of insults before being accompanied out of the girl's dormitory.

What the hell was that about? I walked cautiously over to the girl on the floor, Kirumi was already by her side helping her back up.

“Hey are you alright-“

“Who the fuck are you!” She shouted back at me while stumbling back onto her feet. She brushed herself off and started storm off towards the dorm rooms “I don’t get why there has to be such a crowd we weren’t fucking!” She announced once more before slamming her door shut.

“Geeez, I was literally just trying to help out…” I mumbled out

“Don’t take it personally” Kirumi said “she is generally a nice person… a bit brash at times bit still”

I’ll see that for myself.