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The Northern Gem

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The first time it happens, Shang Qinghua is bathing in his new rooms with the gem, cleaning himself, trying to ignore the knot of heat accumulating in his lower belly.

It was as his hand traveled down to clean himself, that he couldn’t- stop himself from touching. He had held himself back for months, knowing that it wasn’t safe, but now Shang Qinghua is well established in the Northern Court.

His cock is already plumping up, getting interested in where his hands were wandering. Shang Qinghua felt ashamed. He should’ve better control than this, but he couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t help how his hand traveled lower, soft fingers hesitant as they wrapped around his length. He couldn’t help how his other hand inevitably wandered to his chest, fondling his pert nipples, rosy peaks darkening from his relentless caresses.

Shame filled him as his hips bucked and a tiny moan left him, the Gem hanging around his neck bouncing lightly against his soft belly.

The heat in his body only seemed to get worse. It consumed him, swallowing him up and dragging him under into the depths of depravity.

Shang Qinghua’s thoughts wandered to hard muscles covered by light blue flesh, sharp clawed hands so much bigger than his guiding him to his chambers and big the towering body of The King.

Caught in his fantasies as he was, he didn’t pay much mind to the time or what he was exactly doing, only knowing that it felt good.

It’s how he found himself leaning on the edge of the Marmor tub, slim fingers slicked up with bathing oil for lack of something better.

Hesitant, Shang Qinghua let his fingers travel between his cheeks, easily finding his pink little pucker. He’d never touched himself down there, not in his last life and certainly not in this, no time for that. Even as gay as he knew himself to be, he’d never dared go this far.

But there was a time for everything, and Shang Qinghua definitely had time now. He didn’t know when Mobei-Jun would come back from the war, he was completely in the dark about what was happening, so why couldn’t he distract himself a bit from bad thoughts?

And so Shang Qinghua continued his efforts. Nimble fingers lightly spread the oil over his pink pucker before he bit his lip and dared to begin inserting a finger inside.

It felt weird. So foreign and as if it didn’t belong, but Shang Qinghua pushed through, knowing that one day he would have to take something much bigger. Now he just had to be brave and train his frail human body for when his Husband arrived successful from a meaningless war.

And so he slowly, so very slowly, got the hang of it, spreading himself and stroking his cock at the same time, just so he didn’t lose his arousal.

It got better, his finger didn’t feel so foreign, he got used to it, even if it was still somewhat weird. It was going in and out without problem, so he dared to insert a second one, which was only mildly uncomfortable, burning slightly, but he pushed through, stubbornly spreading himself and keeping the hot knot of arousal alive with his steady strokes to his cock.

His hole felt soft around his fingers, so warm and inviting. 

No wonder humans liked to stick their dicks into other people, it didn’t feel bad around his fingers, even if the sounds it made were filthy and made his cheeks flush with embarrassment.

Shang Qinghua hid his face on his forearm, lifting his plump ass higher in the air. Slim fingers buried themselves deeper than before, moving, searching for that special place he’d read so much about, panting as the heat in his belly seemed to become unbearable.

He squirmed on the spot, moving the water around him as he panted, eyes half lidded in pleasure as he moved his fingers.

Having something inside his hole felt good. The small cultivator couldn’t imagine how good it would feel to have his Husband inside. Surely it felt better when something big and long buried itself inside? It had too. This feels amazing.

The King would surely give him greater pleasure than this.

Panting and squirming to get his fingers deeper inside, Qinghua finally found it. His body gave a little jerk, tensing up from the blinding pleasure it was feeling as his fingers finally reached his special place.

He retreated his fingers a bit, desperately snapping for air.

This was- intense. It felt so good, too good.

Still panting and heaving a great breath of air into his flushed chest, the small human dared to go deeper again and dug into that hard knot.

His head snapped up, a loud moan leaving him, his body trembling from too much pleasure. It was- It was too much, but Shang Qinghua couldn’t stop himself from rubbing against it even as his body spasmed. He moved his fingers out of his soft hole, only to dive back in, trembling and moaning, little sobs escaping him, because it was too much, too good, but he couldn’t stop.

Moaning as his fingers found that place again, Shang Qinghua dared press even harder and rub insistently.

A louder moan left him, a shout really, his poor forgotten dick swinging slightly in the air as his body jerked from the pleasure, dripping pre-cum into the water.

Retreating his fingers, Shang Qinghua nearly slumped into the edge of the tub, his face leaning against his closed fist where he’d taken the Gem after it somehow connected with the tip of his dick sometime before.

He didn’t know how long he’d been in the bath, only knowing that it’s already been a long time and he still couldn’t stop himself from playing with his hole.

It just felt so good.

Qinghua drove his fingers further inside, pushing against his rim with his Knuckles, wishing desperately for his husband, the one that should be doing this for him, but was busy leading a stupid war.

He panted, hips grinding back against his slim fingers. “My King! Ah- Ahhnnngg-!” Who would have thought that two slim fingers could feel so good?

“Oh- Ooh~ Husband please!” 

Shang Qinghua moaned and whimpered against his closed fist, not seeing the Gem inside glow in a pulsating rhythm as he moaned for his Husband.

He could only think of the King. Cang cion who? 

There was only the King and his gorgeous, handsome body. Nothing was more important than getting the King’s hands on Shang Qinghua’s skin, gripping his small waist, powerful hips slamming against his plump behind and that royal cock rearranging his insides, making him feel good.

Shang Qinghua felt his thighs quiver, plump flesh trembling enticingly as he neared his limit. Fingers thrusting desperately into his warm depths and rubbing the hard knot of pleasure inside, the filthy squelch driving him crazy for more, desperate for his King.

Hhnngg - ah- haah! More, need more!

Shang Qinghua needed so much more. He needed his husband, and he needed him now. The small human had needed him eight months back, on the day they married, before the King left for war.

He still needed him. His hole was so hungry for his husband, so needy.

“Ungh- haah~ ah, my King, I need you, Husband - OH!” He spilled in the water, his orgasm washing over him so suddenly that he was unprepared for the white hot pleasure that flashed before his eyes.

His fingers were trapped in his hole, the muscle’s clenching desperately, pulsating hungrily.

Shang Qinghua slumped down on the edge of the tub. He barely got his fingers out of his needy, hungry body, tiredly panting, trying to regain some form of energy to finish preparing himself for bed.

He stumbled through the whole process, muscles trembling and head woozy as he made his way through the large chambers he’d been given.

Somehow, he accomplished it, finding himself laid beneath soft furs, warm and soft as putty from his- activities, in the bath. Brown doe eyes closed, tiredness winning over the small Peak Lord.

Bundled up and sleeping off the incredible high of his Post-orgasm bliss, Shang Qinghua once again didn’t notice the glow of the Gem hanging from his neck.




Elsewhere, in the middle of a battlefield, a normally composed Northern King killed his enemies in the most horrid ways, trying to ignore his raging hard on from listening and feeling his Consort pleasure himself without him.

That devious little thing wasn’t only showing everyday how perfect he was for the position of King Consort, but also teasing him.






Seven years. 

It took him seven years to truly come back.

Shang Qinghua didn’t know what to think about his Husband coming back. He’d been leading the North alone so long, making sure the Kingdom wasn’t just surviving but also growing and prosperous, that he didn’t know how the King would react to him being in control of so much power in his Kingdom.

Hopefully, this won’t be his death sentence.