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We had time to kill back then

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Mikey blinks once, then twice, looking at his old friend, not missing the blush on his cheeks and the vulnerable expression painted on his face. Somehow, it feels like that's something he does not deserve to lay his eyes on, so he looks away and it's just that tiny movement what breaks Takemichi's heart, because he knows what's coming next. He's so painfully familiar with this scenario that he wishes he could just skip it like an embarrassing scene in a movie.

Yet, Takemichi was the one that brought them to that situation by confessing his feelings towards Mikey, who doesn't reciprocate them. Mikey, who hasn't said a word since the sentence came out of his mouth, each letter crawling out of it and looking for freedom. It felt like spilling his heart out of his chest, warm and heavy, until it turns so painful that you cannot stop the tears from falling.

Deep down, Takemichi knows that's not the way love should make you feel; he cried for Mikey many times before and still, this one's different.

Because Mikey is no longer looking at him with the apology written on his face. The image of Mikey as a kid, worried and kneeling in front of him welcomes him when he closes his eyes, causing more tears to roll down, a cold contrast against his still warm cheeks. He lets the memory play in his mind: back then the boy was just Manjiro, the strongest at the Dojo, grandson of their teacher, with eyes as dark and deep as the ocean and short blond locks that are nowhere to be seen now.

He used to be the kid every parent will warn you about, because he was rough while playing and even more when training. He kicked Takemichi so hard that he fainted for a few minutes before cold water was thrown at his face, bringing him back to life. And the last thing Mikey said was sorry, after a long list of reasons on why Takemichi was weak and needed more training, because he failed to dodge something so easy.

“I don't mind helping you, if you want” he said. And their friendship began.

"I'm sorry."

However, now Mikey is apologizing first and Takemichi wonders if that's how his relationship with the other is going to end.

He so bitterly thinks, that there was nothing else between them to begin with, and nothing is going to start either.

"I should've seen the signs, I'm sorry for making you do this."

Takemichi feels the urge to say something, his mind is still empty, but his lips are moving and that's when he realizes they're trembling and he cannot control the sob that comes out of his throat right after, followed by another one, each one more broken than the prior.

"I'm really sorry Takemichi, I really am." Mikey now looks desperate, he takes him by his shoulders with a strong grip, like Takemichi is falling apart and he tries to stop it from happen, but it just makes the disaster be inevitable.

Takemichi crumbles, his body finally moves although it's on his own, he hugs Mikey like his life depends on it and is welcomed between strong arms that hold him back.

It's sad how ironic it is, that the only person that can comfort Takemichi is the same one that just broke his heart.

What is he going to do when everything... no, the nothing between them is over?

"I'm sorry that I can't love you the way you love me." Mikey whispers against his temple, his voice gently kisses Takemichi's black hair.

When the sobs die down, Takemichi knows there's no going back, because his heart escaped from his chest and died on the floor before having the opportunity to taste the feeling of being alive. Everything it left behind is the pungent taste of rejection, and what once was its home is now burning until only the ruins remain, fragile and crumbling, and Takemichi spits fire when he talks again.

"The way you loved Draken?"

Mikey stiffens, but he shifts closer to him and goes quiet.



It's incredibly awkward the first day after Takemichi's failed love confession, and the worst part is the fact both of them live in the same small apartment with thin walls and thinner lies. Mikey goes out with the excuse of doing grocery shopping, when they both survive through the weeks with just instant noodles until they get sick of it.

He comes back after midnight, wrapped in an invisible cloud of smoke and he just leaves a bag with milk and eggs on the kitchen before going to his bedroom.

If Mikey could see through walls, he could've seen Takemichi still awake, crying against his pillow. He was worried for him, but even crumbled and burned ruins have some pride left behind.

When the nothing between them looks like it's going to definitely die, Mikey walks out of his room on the weekend, surprised to see Takemichi eating some hard boiled eggs for breakfast. He's silent, but less distant than before.

The next days after the confession, he had been avoiding him and Mikey just let him be, gave him the space he probably needed, no matter how much their friendship called for him to do something to comfort Takemichi.

He knows he did the right thing, because Takemichi even looks him in the eye before speaking.

"Hurry up and eat your breakfast, we have your tattoo appointment at 12."

And he still remembers the promise about being with Mikey when he gets his first tattoo.

Takemichi pays half of the cost, and when the process gets painful, he takes Mikey's hand like he jokingly said he would when they made the promise. Now he knows, there was something behind those words the whole time. He doesn't want to make his friend cry again, but he cannot resist the urge to squeeze the other's hand when he needs reassurance. Hesitantly, long and warm fingers squeeze him back.

The tattoo artist is working between them, so they cannot see each other, but they wear the same relieved expression.

On their way home, everything seems to go back to how it was prior Takemichi's confession. The only difference is that they are still holding hands and that Mikey now shows proudly a dragon tattoo on the left side of his neck, the same as Draken, who passed away a few days ago.



Between Takemichi and Mikey, none of them is the responsible friend. That's one of the reasons their families and the group of friends they share were at first skeptical when they announced their plans of moving out together.

"Who's going to cook?" Both of them looked away.

"Then who's going to clean?" Mikey raised his hand.

"Honestly, who's working the extra hours for this?" All eyes went to Takemichi.

"That means he's going to propose to Mikey." And everyone laughed.

"Good luck, I knew it was only a matter of time." But this wasn't about a proposal anymore. Takemichi wished it was.

Mikey and Takemichi have been friends for a long time before moving together, they both know what they're getting into. Almost.

The important thing here is that even though it was difficult, both of them managed to survive the first month, and then a second came and by the third month Mikey would sneak strangers into their apartment at odd hours of the night and Takemichi would wake up and forget about sleeping for an hour or two.

Maybe the hardest thing about living with both your oldest friend and love interest was to believe something will bloom from the memories together.

But as Takemichi listens to Mikey saying three words to a faceless body, followed by the sighs and moans he quickly grew accustomed to, he remembers no one asked in their million questions what was the rule if one of them brought someone to their apartment. So nobody knows Takemichi set the rules or the fact that Mikey is breaking every single one of them, alongside with his heart.

Really, what was Takemichi expecting from a former delinquent?



Living together is a dream and heaven is on the Earth the day Mikey comes home with a shortcut that Takemichi's going to help him keep it that way. He would lay his fingers on the now black hair for longer than necessary, the same way he would offer Mikey to fold his used clothes just for the chance of smelling like him afterwards. He would cook the easiest things for him and show them proudly, and enjoy all the little domestic privileges of sharing a place with Mikey.

Yet, the fond look in his friend's eyes never changes and instead other people keeps coming into their apartment, ravishing Mikey's body until nothing's left for him.

One day, Takemichi comes to the conclusion that being straight-forward could be the solution to his miserable situation. So he kisses Mikey the day after a guy leaves him in bed, crying and aching, and eats all those emotions up with his mouth and recognizes the taste of smoke when his tongue dips inside his friend's mouth.

Mikey tells him to wait, because their legs are tangled in a strange position, his vision is blur and he feels like falling although they are on the couch. But Takemichi can't wait anymore, and his hands run down Mikey's chest, he quickly gets rid of his shirt; his actions seem to say, I'm here for you if you need me, you can just let it go. I'm not only your friend, I not only know how to fold your clothes and brush your hair. I can do many things for you. His kisses grow desperate.

In reality, nothing comes out of Takemichi's mouth. All the things he planned to say, his feelings and his promises to take care of him, they are kept inside his heart like jailbirds that were ready to fly just to be shot on the spot. In reality, Takemichi's scared of what would happen if he parts his mouth from Mikey's body.

Mikey is stiff beneath him, like in every occasion he's thinking too hard about something. Takemichi starts to think that it would be better to retreat from the battle, as he couldn't make the enemy surrender to his touches. Really, how pathetic is he for not being able to please Mikey even with this once in a lifetime opportunity?

But as he starts distancing himself from his roommate, Mikey is quick to grab him by his arm, while his free hand cups one of Takemichi's cheeks. Just with that, he understands that the older wants to see his face, and it takes Takemichi a couple of seconds before he looks into black eyes that are already staring back at him, searching for any clue behind the previous actions.

"Relax" Mikey says, his voice deeper than Takemichi had ever hear it. And he has known Mikey for a long time.

Takemichi blushes, he was acting too eager before, being anxious about not pleasing his friend and all. But who could teach him better to do that, if it isn't Mikey himself?

When they kiss again, the brush between their lips is slower, and more intimate as Takemichi parts his mouth to lick on the corner of Mikey's smile.

He's smiling.

"Good" he whispers and Takemichi feels like melting right there, as they spend a lot of time laying on the couch and making out, their bodies adjusting to new positions and their minds to the situation because, they were more than friends now. Yet, as Mikey brushes his tongue against Takemichi's, making him choke a moan, it feels like they are also meeting for the first time.

And Mikey is terribly addicted to the feeling of getting to know more about Takemichi, so it's not long before he settles his hands on the other's shirt and strips him from it like it's a personal offense. He has seen his friend's body naked before, but this time feels different, because he's allowed to touch as he pleases, and he wants to touch it. He craves so much for it that he cannot resist the urge to play with pale brown nipples, brush them with his thumbs as Takemichi jolts from underneath his body.

The younger’s face gets redder by the seconds, he has his eyes closed and when he opens them, they are both shining with tears as much as they are clouded with lust, because Mikey has been rubbing his ass against Takemichi's clothed shaft and touching him like he just noticed he's real and alive and can give him more pleasure than anyone he's ever dared to bring home before.

And Takemichi chants yes as Mikey takes his erection out of his pants and starts pumping him with his right hand, slowing down his movements and cupping his balls with his fingers, teasing the other male until tears spill out from the corners of his beautiful blue eyes.

Have they always been this pretty? and Mikey finds himself staring at Takemichi's face, drinking in his disheveled appearance, the way his mouth slowly parts to let out another cry when he brushes the tip of his cock with his thumb. So he repeats the action again, like making sure Takemichi is really under his control, that is fine that he starts to think about how he wants to ride the cock in his hand, or putting it inside his mouth, or having Takemichi do all of it instead. He starts to think in many scenarios with his friend, sharing their bodies until anything he wears doesn't hide that he was thoroughly loved by another.

Takemichi, edged to the point where his legs were spread as far as they could go, his feet planted on the couch as his hips move up and down, thrusting against Mikey's hand and moaning without any shame, cums right on the spot when Mikey leans in and bites his ear. Mikey doesn't mind to see him like this, he's dangerously liking this whole having-the-control-of-the-situation thing.

And when Takemichi comes down from his orgasm, he's still lying on the couch, but Mikey has one knee on each side of his head, trapping him between his thighs.

"Can you be good for me again, Takemitchy?" and God, if eyes could fuck, they surely would look like Mikey's right now. Despite being dark and deep, they seem to have a faint light inside. He's telling every single thing that's crossing his mind just with that. And Takemichi answers with a quiet moan, giving himself up entirely to the man above him.

Mikey brushes the tip of his own erection against Takemichi's lips, making them shine with a drop of his precum. Takemichi feels himself trying to lick it away with his tongue, and then welcomes him into the warm inside of his mouth.

Mikey takes his time with his thrusts, testing Takemichi's reactions when he attempts to push a little more, feeling his cock almost touching the other boy's throat. Takemichi closes his eyes, and it's a shame that he cannot look at them, so he retreats until the blue orbs are back again. He understands the determination that are now filling them, and Mikey groans approvingly when Takemichi's arms close around his thighs, keeping him from leaving. Not that he plans to do that.

He's known Takemichi for the longest time, but it also feels like he's roughly fucking another person's mouth and not his friend's, like meeting the other side that wasn't there half an hour ago, that he wasn't even aware it existed. Takemichi gags around him as Mikey grabs him by his hair, making the younger take his cock fully for a long instant before pulling back until only the tip remains inside. Takemichi is breathing heavily through his nose, but it's not enough, and makes a beautiful image when he opens his mouth to catch his breath, still having the thick cock resting against his tongue.

Are you really Takemichi? My Takemitchy? Have you always been this endearing? Have you always been this hungry for my cock, like some kind of slut?

When the younger makes a choked noise like he wants to answer, is when Mikey notices he has been saying whatever was on his mind, and not just thinking about it. But he couldn't care less about it when he feels his orgasm drawing near. And as much as he wants to keep watching these new sides of Takemichi, to make this moment last a little more, he doesn't want to ignore the way Takemichi's hands travel up his strong thighs, caressing the skin of his hips and moving to the back of his body until they meet his ass. Takemichi claws at it and makes him go even more faster than before, absolutely messing Mikey's brain when he swallows every last drop of his cum.

Yes, it's me, his eyes say.



Mikey has a really strict one-stand policy: he never sleeps with the same person twice, he puts his own pleasure first and he would ask before doing anything.

The exception to all rules is his roommate, Takemichi, because once they cross the line from friendship to something else for the first time, it's impossible to keep his hands for him.

He's suddenly conscious of the younger's presence everywhere around the house, sometimes laying on the same couch everything had begun, or the soft humming when he's taking a shower after they are done. The way Takemichi naturally fits in his bed, between his arms or under his body when they have sex reminds Mikey of what was he looking for in a partner.

He already broke the first rule, so the second was even easier. He blossoms in front of him and lets Takemichi take care of him, he trusts him enough for that because, listen, you don't have a good reason to believe a drunk man you met at any gay bar is going to be gentle with your body and look after your pleasure as much as their own.

In Mikey's long list of warm bodies that he shared his bed with, he was always scared of letting them in control. The guy prior his first time with Takemichi, just used his body and bruised it in the worst ways. It had felt so wrong, it left Mikey mistaken himself for a thing and not a person, with a beating heart under his ribs. He caressed around his chest to feel it; his heart was a neglected flower you forgot about, and you've stopped watering a long time ago and nevertheless, it was standing, weak yet proudly, against all odds. The realization that he was alive and pained in more ways than one shocked him enough to start crying silently, tucked in the still warm bed.

Luckily for him, Takemichi is not a random guy, he's not drunk with alcohol, but with his desire to see Mikey come undone as he thrusts inside his warm heat once, then twice, eyes wide open and fixed in his old friend's face, searching for any discomfort before allowing himself to fuck him faster and harder, making Mikey whine and beg, fighting with his urge to overpower any man above him like he always does, because Mikey never trusts anyone completely unless they can show him their loyalty.

But what Mikey sees the first time he lets Takemichi take him is complete and utter devotion. The type of adoration one can only get when you have met someone for a long time, when you have seen them at their best and their worst. And it wasn't just until a few minutes ago that Takemichi was kissing better every single scar and bruise painted on his milky skin, making him feel alive again, but not due to pain.

He offers his neck for Takemichi to bit into, his gaze on the ceiling above him, moaning as if he's chanting his thanks to the deity that put Takemichi in his life because now, his heart finally opens to the future, Mikey knows he deserves to feel this good like he can die tomorrow and don't regret a single thing because he was so loved.

On that night, Mikey stops mistaken himself, but instead takes Takemichi’s love for granted, like this is some kind of favor, like his friend was just trying to make him forget about the nightmares that abused his body on that same bed.

He couldn't see that he was in the wrong. That a devotion so strong to shake him to the core wasn't a thing a friend could do. And he would regret not having noticed it earlier.



As Mikey and Takemichi found in each other something more than a friend and less than a lover, a few weeks went by before Mikey brought someone else home again.

Takemichi dropped the stuff he had bought to make dinner that night, since Draken was supposed to drop by and maybe drink a few beers with them to catch up. He was still on the main door to his and Mikey's shared apartment, and he was alarmed to hear the moans that now he was not only accustomed to, but also knew by heart.

Silent, tiny steps led him to Mikey's room- it was also kind of his now too. Some of his belongings were still there, for fucks sake, and Mikey just- he had brought someone again without asking him. And Mikey's rule was to always ask before anything happened, and he broke that one too.

The door wasn't even properly closed, so Takemichi peeked from one corner to watch. Any idea to interrupt whatever was going on inside was forgotten as he remembered that he and Mikey weren't even a thing, what right did he have to yell that guy off from Mikey?

"You what?" a very deep voice said, slightly rough at the edges, probably from all the kissing.

"I love you, Kenchin" was the answer it received.

The three persons in the apartment stopped breathing from a moment. When Takemichi's eyes caught a glimpse of Draken's body under Mikey's, his heart detached itself from the space inside his chest, falling like an old leave from a tree.

"What the fuck do you mean, Mikey? Weren't you with Takemichi?" Draken wasn't having any of it.

"I'm not, I swear. We just slept together once." Just a phrase, and Takemichi lost all his courage to keep hearing this conversation.

He was quick to walk down the hall to his room to gather all his things. He didn't know where to go yet, or what would happen to the apartment, but Mikey could have it all for him for all he cared now. Tears were streaming down his face as he accidentally packed one of Mikey's shirts. Their clothes were always mixing as they washed them all together. He threw it to the other side of the room.

His bag was a mess, but later he would comeback for everything that he left. He just needed to get out of that place, now, ground himself, make his heart learn the lesson and just forget about Mikey forever. He wiped his face with his left hand and counted to three before stumbling past his bedroom door, making a lot of noise as he bitterly wished for the other two to finally notice he was there, but already leaving.

However, as he quickly passed in front of Mikey's door, he couldn't help but take another glance at what was going on inside.

Mikey was pitifully humping against one of Draken's thighs, moaning brokenly at the lack of reaction from the other. Draken was just looking at him, so lost, like he didn't believe what was happening.

"Mikey, stop it already."

"Why..." Mikey's hips were strongly held by Draken, and he was pushed off from him. That was Takemichi's cue to hide again and run to the front door.

Draken saw him for a brief moment, he was sure. What he wanted was already done, so now he had to leave. He spared one last check to the couch.


Mikey screamed, still, it wasn't as loud as the sound of glass shattering and the thud of something big hitting the floor.

Then, white noise. Takemichi's hand was already on the knob but he stopped death in his tracks for a few seconds, before understanding downed on his face and he quickly came back to Mikey's room.

And there, laying in a pool of blood from an injury on his head, was Draken, not moving, and as Takemichi stepped closer to touch him, he noticed he also wasn't breathing anymore. He searched for Mikey who was just standing with his night lamp in one hand, his eyes wide open at the image before him.

He drops to his knees with the object still held by his hand, not minding the tiny bits of glass across the floor. Takemichi is looking at him intensely, and since devotion comes better from the people that have seen you at your best and your worst, he's quick to grab his phone and make a call to an old acquaintance from their delinquent days. He's going to need to unpack all his stuff.



At Draken's funeral, both of them tell the same story: a burglar broke into the apartment and sadly their friend wasn't ready to dodge such a thing directed to his head.

But it would have been easy.

"The ambulance arrived too late."

It was the second call they made.

"We couldn't do anything."

Except lying to his friends on their faces.

Mitsuya was visibly more devastated than the others, and Mikey was quick to hug him and announce that he would get Draken's tattoo in his honor. Takemichi had perked up at his side, before quickly controlling his expression again.

"I'll be there with you. We can hold hands" Takemichi says, smiling softly and Mikey avoids his face, murmuring something about not needing that.

As much as they make an effort to appear equally sad as everyone else, when Takemichi and Mikey are left alone, they barely talk to each other. One could have thought that they were just dealing with the situation in their own way, taking their own space to recover, after all, both had lost a close friend.

Is Mikey who breaks first in front of Draken's grave, kneeling in front of it with his head touching the ground. He lets Takemichi hug him and try to comfort him and he gets to ask the question that has been at the back of his mind for the past days.

"Why did you stay?" he tried to sound like he's not trying to make his friend feel guilty about it. Takemichi could tell the police the truth, scream at him, hating all the things he did for the past months and not just the fact that he killed someone he loved.

Because if he did that to Draken, who owned his heart, what couldn't he do to Takemichi? At nights, he was starting to fear about what was he capable to do now.

Takemichi just sat beside him, seeming to think about it before answering with a voice full of tenderness that Mikey could never deserve.

"I love you, Mikey."