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Meet the Father

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Meeting your boyfriend’s father should make you feel nervous, but unless you are the Invincible Mikey and have bullet proof glass protecting you then you should be good. It’s not everyday you find out the love of your life is related to a serial killer, however in another timeline you were a leader of a criminal organization so you have no room to talk. Takemichi on the other hand is sweating bullets and his hand gripping Mikey’s was shaking. Mikey sent a comforting grip to the other.


“Don’t be so nervous, Takemichi, we just came to see your dad.” Mikey said nonchalantly. Takemichi’s eyes were so wide they looked like they were going to pop out of his skull any second.


“Mikey, you did listen to me when I was talking to you about my dad right?”


“Yep, big time serial killer right?”


“So I can understand if you don’t want to meet him.” 


“You worry too much, Takemitchy.” Mikey gave a small peck on the cheek. “Relax okay.”


The door opened and walked in was the notorious Nishizono Manabu, a.k.a Yashiro Gaku. He wore a gray prisoner jumper and had his hands cuffed in the front. Yashiro didn’t have an expression when he sat across from his visitors and picked up the phone.


“Hello dad, this is Sano Manjiro,” Takemichi introduces Mikey, “my boyfriend.”


Yashiro's face was stern, as if he was studying Mikey from the glass. After a couple of seconds he gives a charming smile and begins to speak.


“Hello, nice to finally meet you Manijiro, I’d shake your hand but as you see my hands are tied at the moment.” Presenting his cuffed hands and pleasant smile. “Would you prefer if I call you Manjiro or Mikey?”


“Mikey’s fine, would prefer Mr. Nishizono or Mr. Yashiro?”


“I’m fine with whichever name you choose, at this point they’re both part of my identity.”


“Mr. Yashiro it is then.”


“From the letters Takemichi has said you two met back in middle school and were part of an after school study group.” Takemichi tensed as Yashiro continued, “Which is good because Takemichi has a hard time focusing in class.”


“Huh? We were part of a gang-”


“Yeah an afterschool program for the youth!” Takemichi interrupted with a shout. He sent Mikey an apologetic glance, “Mikey was my tutor, thanks to him I was able to pass all my classes.”


Takemichi turned to look at Mikey and felt his soul leave his body. Mikey had the face that said, You have a lot of explaining to do when we get home Hanagaki Takemichi . Takemichi totally forgot to tell Mikey that he never told his father that he was part of a delinquent gang in middle school. 


Yashiro looked at the two young men with amusement, he knew all along what Takemichi said was bullshit. When Takemichi would visit, he would speak about his middle and high school experience like it was a rehearsal. Honestly he should be upset that his son didn’t pursue an education after high school, after all Takemichi had the money to go to a good college. His father-in-law could have called in a few favors for Takemichi to get into a great school, but he didn’t because Takemichi chose not to. What’s surprising is that Takemichi even convinced his own mother not to send him to another private school. His only excuse was that he wasn’t interested in college and that he enjoyed being a manager at a video store. The most interesting parts in Takemichi’s stories would have to be his romantic life. 


From what he could recall, Takemichi’s first love was a girl named Hinata, a sweet girl but broke up after realizing they would rather be friends. His real love was a boy named Sano Manjiro and from what Takemichi described he was an amazing friend and charismatic. Takemichi didn’t want to give much detail on Mikey, but whenever he did mention him, Yashiro could see the adoration in Takemichi’s sea blue eyes whenever he brought up Mikey. Is it wrong of him to imagine Satoru’s similar blue eyes to gaze upon him with equal passion or more?


So it was only natural for him to want to meet the boy who stole Yashiro Gaku's only son’s heart. The one who became an important part in Takemichi’s life when his father was away. It was decided on Takemichi’s last visit for Yashiro to ask to meet this mystery boy. And seeing Mikey for the first time, Yashiro will have to say the boy is an interesting enigma. He wasn’t someone his ex-wife Keiko would ever approve of, but since she was absent in most of his son’s life she probably never met Mikey and since Takemichi is now an adult she can’t do anything about it. Unless she tried something underhanded.


Mikey had a genuine smile, but Yashiro could see that the young man’s dark eyes were more focused on observing him, almost as if the boy was trying to solve one of Takemichi’s puzzles. 


It was true, Mikey was trying to figure something out about Yashiro. Mikey wanted to know how a serial killer was capable of creating someone so wonderful like Takemichi. Takemichi trusted Mikey to the point that he revealed who his father was and the horrible crimes he commited. He immediately went to research the man and learned in full detail what kind of monster he was. Mikey admits that his dark impulses are hard to control, but after learning about Yashiro Gaku, maybe he isn’t much of a monster after all. However, some part of him can’t help but think that Takemichi is alright being in a relationship with someone like Mikey because he’s used to being around immoral people. Takemichi would briefly mention other members of his family and they aren’t saints either. So how could a self sacrificing person like Takemichi be related to people like this?


Another question that’s burning in Mikey’s mind is why did Takemichi lie? Was he ashamed of Toman? Of Mikey? 




Both turned to Yashiro who had shit eating grin.


“Takemichi, I know when you are lying to me.” His attention then went to Mikey, “Tell me Manjiro, how were you and Takemichi like in school?”


“We were in a gang and your son was my bitch. Still is.” Mikey answered childishly and stuck his tongue out at Takemichi.


Takemichi paled and wished he exploded on the spot. How could Mikey be so blunt and in front of his dad of all people? Yashiro only had an eyebrow raised, as if he was trying to process what was said to him by the blonde.


“Are you trying to say that you are taking advantage of my son?” Yashiro's voice seemed low, but the way he stared at Mikey was so intimidating. 


“No dad! That’s not what Mikey means!” Takemichi defended his boyfriend, “That’s how Mikey first started as friends, in fact on that day Mikey saved me from this bully.”


“Then what’s you being in a gang?”


“Dad, I know how this sounds but being part of Toman was the best part of my life.” Mikey’s eyes grew larger as Takemichi said, “I made great friendships with many people who I would do anything to protect and I know would do the same for me.”


Yashiro was silent for a moment as he watched the display. He could see the same admiration in Mikey’s eyes as he looked at Takemichi. 


So that’s what true love looks like.


“So why did you lie?”


“I thought you wouldn’t approve and I was wrong for that. I’m sorry,” Takemichi looked at Mikey and said, “I’m sorry to both of you.”


Mikey smiled reassuringly, but he was still going to punish Takemichi when they went home.


Takemichi told Yashiro most of adventures with Toman and he tried to skip on some details of him getting injured and being sent to the hospital. Mikey and Yashiro conversed a bit, but it was more like each one was trying to interrogate the other. But with the subject of Takemichi they seemed to find common ground and each would bring up an embarrassing moment in Takemichi’s life. They would share a laugh, while Takemichi would only sulk in shame. Visiting hours were soon over and Takemichi and Mikey left hand in hand.


“Mikey, thanks for agreeing to meet my dad.” Takemichi said, “And thanks for accepting me.”


“Takemitchy, you can be a descendant of an evil overlord and I’d still love you.” Mikey said as he kissed Takemichi on the cheek and whis “Besides, you’re nothing like him.”


“What do you mean?” Takemichi asked as Mikey continued to kiss his neck.


“I noticed that even though your dad was polite, he didn’t seem to have your compassion.” Also your humanity, “Still, I have to thank him for giving me a person like you.”


Takemichi could only smile in content as tears began to fall. He was always afraid to let people truly in and find out about his past. But with Mikey, he knew that he didn’t have to hide because will love every part of him. 


“Thank you Mikey.”