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Untamed Love

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He doesn’t know where his mysterious attraction towards the weak blonde of the gang began but as the time passed by, Manjiro used to direct his gaze at him. It was an unconscious act which he only realized he was doing because Draken or Mitsuya snapped their fingers to catch his attention again.

It bothered him not knowing the reason behind his own actions. The fear that it was his dark impulses pulling him to the edge of his common sense before he ends up doing something bad to his new friend didn’t let him sleep at night so his dark circles eventually became more notorious to the rest of the gang.


Sick of hearing Draken’s constant lectures on him for getting late to ToMan’s meetings, Manjiro decided to tell him about his internal struggle to put an end to those uncomfortable sensations within him. Nevertheless he didn’t consider that his friend would laugh at his problem while patting his shoulder-blades.


‘Sort your mind first if you’re planning to do something. Don’t be an asshole, Mikey.’


Those were Draken's last words before he leaves him in the park alone with his thoughts to deliberate in peace about his real emotions towards their friends. The taller blonde has his doubts regarding Manjiro’s behavior but he chose to believe on the part of his brain that still is sane.

Manjiro spent around four hours in the same bench thinking and thinking about Takemichi trying to cease with that little crush that was born deep in his heart, though as much as he kept having Hanagaki on his mind, the bigger his liking on him grew.


Takemichi’s never-ending positivity regardless of the problem he’s facing, his incredible loyalty towards his friends and family were the things that Manjiro recognizes as the cause of the calm in his heart nowadays. As for Hanagaki’s smiles, well, that was undoubtedly the motive of his happiness when they were hanging out around the city.

Naming his emotions wasn’t as difficult as he expected because the more he was thinking about the crybaby hero, the happier he became. Although his happiness didn’t last long due to an intrusive idea whispering in his ear how minimal are the possibilities of him being Takemichi’s couple.


One thing that he likes about Hanagaki, another was that he reciprocates his feelings and Manjiro didn’t know if there was someone who occupies a place on Takemichi’s heart already. Leaving insecurities aside, Sano opted to do the only thing that his friend begged him not to do.


Being reckless.


It was still early afternoon so he imagined that he would find him leaving school and he could give him a ride to his home and confess his feelings. He was sure that Hanagaki wouldn’t refuse his offer because he knows that he likes to accompany him on his bike to wherever Sano decides, though he wasn’t sure if he would also say ‘yes’ to his sentiments…

He was almost reaching Takemichi when he spotted that as usual, he was accompanied by one of his other friends; however, that didn’t discourage him. What made him falter on his decision was that his blonde companion was rounding his arm around his shoulders while Hanagaki passed his arm over his waist.


Both blondes stop laughing the second he parked beside them. Despite his urge to just pull Hanagaki by his left wrist to separate him from the other dude, he resists the impulse to do it and make a scene. It was very, very difficult because when he asked Takemichi to go with him to do some diligence Takuya whispered something in Takemichi's ear that caused him to have a faint rosy tone on his cheeks.


So he already has someone he likes, huh?


Manjiro thinks as he takes Hanagaki to his house, the aforementioned was confused by his actions and wastes no time in questioning Mikey about his change of journey. Sano tightens his fist on the handle of the motorcycle in frustration whilst crafting a reasonable answer to give him.


“Do you have someone you like? You’re my friend yet I don’t know if you had a partner. Aren’t you worried that the same thing that occurred to Pah-chin’s acquaintance would happen to your mate?” Sano asks as he makes his way into Hanagaki’s residence by Takemichi’s side.

“M-Me?¡ Uhm, it’s difficult to explain…  But I’m not worried at all; the person I like it’s good at fighting. What about you, Mikey? Do you like someone?”


Manjiro hums as he sadly thinks of the information that Hanagaki provided him; his crush already has a person he likes. He dislikes the piercing sensation on his heart ripping it apart; Manjiro doesn’t want to give up on his feelings now that he just became conscious of it so he decides that he’s gonna give it a shot, doing whatever it takes to accomplish his goal.


“Yeah, but he likes someone else. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?” Takemichi gives him a glare of slightly gloomy eyes that were replaced with a small smile. In the solitude of Hanagaki’s room, Sano decided to start his attempts of gaining the blonde’s affection. “Sometimes I thought that it's better this way, however there are occasions where I really want him to only look at me, am I too selfish, am not it?”

“No! That’s normal, I feel the same actually.”

“Is that so? Then, if we both are single, what if we start a relationship?”

“What?! But…”

“Not the romantic type, Takemitchy; a casual one. No emotions in between, just physical.”


Hanagaki remains in silence for several minutes, thinking about the pros and cons of doing it. After an hour settling the rules of their relationship and all of Takemichi’s doubts were cleared, he agreed with Sano’s suggestion. It’ll be temporary, just to ease the loneliness of their hearts that cry over an unrequited love.

And so the days went on increasing the times where they saw each other to share a moment only for themselves. Melting into each other’s warmth till their bodies got burned off the passionate affair that didn’t seem to be near to completely satisfying their carnal desires.


Week after week they were stealing each other’s breathings as their cadence left them exhausted yet craving for more. It wasn’t undoubtedly how wonderful their connection is, how their bodies mold perfectly into one another as if they were meant to be.

But they know that isn’t the case, their hearts didn’t forget the love they felt towards someone else. Though Manjiro often reminds Hanagaki that he’s conscious of the origins of the relationship they have, Takemichi can’t help the urge to doubt his words.


He wants to believe him nonetheless his heart fails to understand that Sano loves a person that isn’t him, and it wouldn’t ever be him. Takemichi knows that the countless ‘I love you’ that Mikey said when they are alone aren’t for him but for a person that Manjiro has fallen for.

Takemichi doesn’t want to be trapped in the mess provoked by his own stupidity by thinking that Manjiro could be in love of him after all the intimate encounters they had shared till now; yet he barely can control his heartbeats running faster whenever Mikey clashes his lips in a fervent kiss or how he moans deliciously because of him.

He knows that his emotions are getting out of his hands and he can’t keep doing it, he needs to put an end. But Manjiro’s tight embrace around his neck, along with his sweet moans escaping from his mouth as he secures his legs on Takemichi’s numb his mind to doing the right choice.


T-takemit-chy ahh don’t… don’t stop ahh


Hanagaki continues driving his hips vehemently, trying to focus again on the boy he is pressing against the wall but it’s hard to do it. His mind has a dispute with his aching heart. He wonders about what’s the most reasonable thing to do right now, for him and Manjiro.


Take- ahh fffuckk fuckfuck


If by the end of the day they are going to feel sad again for succumbing to their lust, is it worth it to keep going on with their sinful game? It’s okay for Hanagaki to settle with Mikey’s crumbs of a love that is not directed towards him? He knows the answer because his mind is telling him what to do and his shattered heart couldn’t oppose it as he cries in silence.


There—! oh fffucckk Takemitchy keep going, keep going


Hanagaki piston his hips roughly as anger runs through his veins. He can’t feel Manjiro’s nails anchoring on his back moaning whilst biting Takemichi’s shoulder due the constant overstimulation on his prostate with each stroke by the blonde’s length.


fffuckfuckfuckfuck yess yess, ahhh it’s ahh it’s too much, Takemitchy, pleasepleaseplease


Manjiro’s instincts cause him to push Takemichi away but is in vain, Hanagaki carries on with his vehement shoves to his insides. Drool falls unashamed from his open mouth due his wanton moans; he is losing his mind with every rough insertion of the blonde’s size to his interior.

It’s a lot of pleasure and Mikey can’t resist any longer so he releases his satisfaction in a stronger climax. Usually Hanagaki finishes a few minutes after him, although this didn’t seem to be the case as he continues plunging his dick harder into Manjiro’s inner walls.


His darker eyes getting lost in the immorality of his actions send shivers to Mikey’s back. Hanagaki’s persistent pace forces Manjiro to reach a dry orgasm as he paints his insides in white while sharing an ardent kiss. Afterwards he placed Sano’s wobbly body on the bed before taking his clothes.

Manjiro grabs him by his wrist and pulls him to the bed. In order to prevent Takemichi’s attempts to leave his side, Mikey embraces him tightly as he reminds him that they hadn’t any meeting for tonight. Hanagaki tells him angrily that he can’t be in his house anymore because he has other things to do but Sano doesn’t believe him.


“You’re lying; now tell me, why do you want to leave my place so badly?” Manjiro sits over Hanagaki’s stomach to immobilize him.

“I just told you why, I have plans with Chifuyu and the others.”

“Liar! Give me the real reason! If you don’t want to keep doing this, just say so!” Mikey shouts as Takemichi pushes him aside to switch positions.

“I don’t want to leave either but I have to! I can’t be here anymore or…!”

“Or what? Tell me—!” Mikey’s protests were silenced with a pair of hands grabbing his cheeks before Takemichi kissed him zealously.

“Or it’ll be harder for me to leave your side…” He made a pause to control his impulse of fusing their lips together again. “I love you, Mikey. That’s why I can’t stay.”


Hanagaki tries to depart but the stronger grip of Manjiro’s hand on his wrists impedes him to do it. He averted his teary eyes from Sano, he’s too ashamed to meet the obsidian orbs under him. It wasn’t until Manjiro began to laugh while slapping his face with his right hand, that Takemichi redirected his confused gaze towards Mikey.


“Uhm… Mikey? Are you… okay?”

“Oh yeah, I just realized that my stupidity is bigger than I thought.” Takemichi's confusion only grew as he didn’t comprehend what Sano was saying at all. “I seriously believe that you like Takuya, I was mad this whole time for nothing! Takemitchy, I’m in love with you.”

“No way.”

“Huh? You think I’m lying?” Manjiro is a bit upset and Takemichi quickly shakes his head. “Good, now come here.” Then, Sano chuckles while pulling Hanagaki to be a few inches of his face by rounding his neck with his arms. “Let’s do it again.”

“What? Aren’t you tired??” Hanagaki said with concern in his voice.

“I’m fine to top you.” A mischievous grin decorates his expression. “Come on, it’ll be officially our first time; as a real couple.”

“Your stamina will be the end of me, Mikey.” Hanagaki said passively observing his now boyfriend beaming enthusiastically.


Deep in his heart he knows that it’ll be a long, long night.