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Powered by what?!

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“I can’t believe you bought one of the androids for me” Seungcheol sounded annoyed at the gift, he was very clear to his friend that he didn’t want to be near one of those EVER. But of course Jeonghan didn’t listen. He kept giggling while opening the big box while Seungcheol kept rubbing his temples.

“You will thank me”

“How? This was the last thing I wanted” Seungcheol sat down on the couch “I’ll return it”

“Dont be crazy! If I know you returned the expensive gift, I’ll come here and chop your dick off”

Jeonghan pulled the plastic from the box and smile even more “he is definitely your type” 

“Don’t say “he”, thats a thing” Seungcheol still didn’t want to see what was inside the box. I mean, he already knew, but he didn’t wanna see the face of it. Jeonghan rolled his eyes, reaching the manual. “You will thank me. You been complaining you barely have time to relax and need a helping hand around the house” 

“I was going to hire a real mai for it” 

“It’s way more expensive”Jeonghan walked to him “please, before even consider return it, give a try. Mingyu help me a lot and I am sure this baby here will help you too. I have to go now” Jeonghan finished talking throwing the manual at Seungcheol lap.

Jeonghan grabbed his stuff and walked to the door, before he left he casually said “read it well, this can be tricky” the smaller winked and closed the door behind him. Seungcheol stayed on the couch looking at the ceiling. Was he even considering turning it on? Was it worth? He could just said it had a defect and send it away… 

Seungcheol rubbed his face and decided to at least read the manual. He was curious about it so why not see at least how it worked? He sat down properly and opened the manual to read. The first papers were just congratulating him for purchasing the android and how the warranty worked, all bullshit in his mind and he kept going. The next pages showed how to properly turn on and set the android for the right settings.

Curiosity was killing him, he kept staring at the big box while considering if he should or not. He got up, thinking he would turn it on and then back off.

He sat down next to it and before turning it on, he saw how cute the android was. 

Indeed his type.

He shook his head and brushed the thought away, reaching his neck, sliding his hand to his nape to find the proper button. He pressed it and jumped when the android flinched inside the box. He didn’t know what to expect until he saw the android sit up. Took a few second before it opened it eyes and focused on Seungcheol.

The android smiled before he greeted Seungcheol. He had such deep voice, it cough Seungcheol off guard. 


Seungcheol blushed. Why master? Did Jeonghan program him like that. “Uhm I’m Seungcheol…”

Without dropping his smile he repeated his name and it made Seungcheol even weaker. “Seungcheol… what’s my name?”

Shit, names would make him get too attached “Do I have to name you?” the android nodded and now Seungcheol was looking at the manual again to see how to turn it off. He didn’t want this thing on anymore. 

“Don’t need to be scared, Seungcheol…” that voice, that deep voice was so velvety it made Seungcheol blush more. Why he was getting so affected by it. Suddenly he felt a hand rest on his thigh and made him jump again. “I’m sorry, you can just call me by the default name it was given me”

“Which is?”

“Princess” Seungcheol was shook, no, Jeonghan must be really messing with his head right now. 

“That’s not even a name”

“It’s whats recorded on my system…”

“Fine, I’ll name you….uhm…”Seungcheol kept looking at him “maybe…Wonwoo” 

The android smiled and repeated his own name to remember “I’m Wonwoo!” he suddenly stood up and holy shit, he was tall. Seungcheol suddenly noticed the set of clothes he had on. H thought it was short but Wonwoo is wearing a skirt and a tight shirt. He was broad but he looked so cute with those. The thigh highs made his legs even more cute. Seungcheol kept staring at them before Wonwoo held his chin and made him look up. “Hey Seungcheol~ what can I do to help today?” 

Seungcheol looked at him then back at the manual, then back at him “Can you…explain…how to properly…take care of you…the manual is too boring”

Wonwoo chuckled and nodded “Of course I can. I’ll go through basics for you” Wonwoo smiled and sat down on Seungcheol lap. It got him confused but…it felt so nice.

“I’m a companion android, CARAT17 model to be more precise. I’m the latest model in the market. Most reviews say this model is the closest to human as possible. We are here to help with anything you possibly need, from groceries, to cleaning, to sex etc”

Seungcheol choked at the last part, he decided to not interrupt Wonwoo, maybe he heard it wrong right?

“The basic care include not open the android without proper professional help, that would ruin your warranty. Do not try to hurt the android, I’ll malfunction and end up not being helpful anymore. Properly recharge the android when it has low battery, some humans usually get annoyed when we are low power because we get slow…it’s not our fault”

“Wait…but I thought androids would get to the recharging station alone-”

Wonwoo giggles.

Seungcheol is scared and confused now with that reaction.

“You really asking or you are teasing?” Seungcheol looked at him confused, it was a genuine question why would he tease? “I see you don’t really know this model….”

“Stop with those puzzles, I am confused…and no, I barely know androids models, you are the first one I own…”

“Oh I’m sorry~ I’ll explain it then” Wonwoo shifted on Seungcheol lap to straddle him properly. His hands rested on his shoulder “So…you know I am a companion robot right?” Seungcheol nodded but still didn’t connect the dots “Our model is usually bought for entertainment you know?” 

Seungcheol just connected the dots now. He looked shocked. A sex android??

“Still…I don’t see the correlation of a sex android to the battery” Wonwoo tilted his head, he thought it was so cute how much Seungcheol genuinely didn’t know. “You know… I need cum~ to properly run”

Seungcheol hate how his dick just twitched at that. 

“So make sure to keep my battery full~” Seungcheol was frozen, no he definitely heard it wrong. He reached the manual once he could move and tried to look for the information. Wonwoo smirked as he opened on the right page to read. 

Indeed it said cum.

“You are really thinking I’ll stuck my dick inside you-”

“Yeah, you know how well built we are? It will feel really good, master”

Seungcheol’s dick twitched once again. He doesn’t know if its the words or the lack of sex in the past months.

Wonwoo rolled his hip down to tease and Seungcheol really was losing his sanity. This was a dream, it couldn’t be happening. A sex android? Did he really get that?

“I don’t wanna sound desperate but we could try that so you see it works~” Wonwoo deep voice didn't help Seungcheol's thoughts at all. His dick was already restraining against his boxer, begging to be freed. 

"Just….to see if it works" 

Wonwoo rolled his hips down to tease him even more and moaned in the process. He didn't know androids could feel so much but now he kinda thanking whoever created those. 

Seungcheol easily lift Wonwoo to get them to the bedroom. For someone who was afraid of androids, Seungcheol was getting really used to that. Seungcheol presses Wonwoo against the wall in the bedroom, going for kisses first. Again for his shock, Wonwoo was really good at it, easily letting Seungcheol be the one in charge of it. Wonwoo tasted the same as other people, nothing different about it. Wonwoo always chases his lips after he break the kiss, always wanting more of that eagerness. 

"Fuck..are you even real?" That question made Wonwoo laugh a bit, he liked how excited Seungcheol was getting about all of this. "Yes~ I'm very real. And you know the best part?" 

Seungcheol suddenly moaned when Wonwoo rolled his hips again "I don't need preparation~ I'm always ready when you need me" 

Seungcheol stared at him, again seems like he didn't hear properly. His eyes went down when Wonwoo tugged his panties down tryin to get rid of them. Seungcheol let Wonwoo stand up properly, to see the panties falling around his feet. "C'mon big boy, don't tell me you don't want it" 

That seemed to flip the switch inside Seungcheol's head. He was on automatic already, unzipping his pants to get rid of them. He didn't even took his shirt off, just a few buttons were opened in his rush to get naked. Wonwoo gasped seeing Seungcheol dick out, he was sure big and Wonwoo enjoyed the view a lot. Seungcheol pressed Wonwoo against the wall once again, pulling his legs up to wrap around his waist. His dick was teasing Wonwo's ass and as the android already mentioned, his entrance was showing no resistance already. Seungcheol could cum just by the thought of fucking Wonwoo at any time, wherever he wanted. Seungcheol align himself better until he pushed in. There was no resistance and Wonwoo felt so fucking good. His dick never felt so good inside someone before. 

"Ah fuck, so big~" he said, wrapping his arms around Seungcheol neck to keep him close. Seungcheol was barely paying attention to Wonwoo words, he was on cloud nine at this point. Soon he thrusts would begin, they were slow but soon were fast and hard. Wonwoo kept moaning as he was pressed more and more against the wall. Seungcheol was eager to fuck him stupid at this point. He was already leaking and that alone made Wonwoo already feel more energetic. He helped Seungcheol by bouncing to meet his thrusts and that seemed to spur Seungcheol to fuck him harder. Wonwoo was becoming a moaning mess with all that treatment. Seungcheol looked like a beast fucking him so good. A few faster and master! Were enough to make Seungcheol keep the fast and hard pace. 

Wonwoo was moaning, his deep voice cracking mid way. It felt so good, he felt used and that alone made him even more horny. Seungcheol suddenly pull out and make Wonwoo turn around, so his chest is against the wall. Without any warning, he pushed his cock in again and held his hips in place. Seungcheol kept grunting while fucking him. He was sweating and was feeling really close now. 

"Master! Ah master please…" with those, Seungcheol finally came inside Wonwoo. Wonwoo shut his eyes, the cum going inside make him feel more and more energetic as before. He could even feel the cum dripping from his ass. Seungcheol was the type to make a mess. 

Seungcheol leaned his head on Wonwoo shoulder, panting and still inside him. Wonwoo giggles, hand resting on top of Seungcheol's. "Ah see? I'm full charge again" 

Seungcheol's eyes went up to see a battery indicator right behind Wonwoo's ear. It was really full again, no tricks.

Seungcheol can't believe what just happened, did his cum really power the android… 

Wonwoo was suddenly dragged to the table, Seungcheol forcing him to bend down, soon he started to thrust again 

Wonwoo roll his eyes at the feeling, even dragging one leg up to rest on the table. Seungcheol leans to bite his shoulder as he thrust a few more times 

Wonwoo know his battery won't ever be lower than 100% now.