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Changmin awoke with a start thanks to his alarm. It was five in the morning, and he stretches out with a groggy hiss. After years of forcing himself to stay awake during the day and go about schedules, his body naturally shuts down like any natural being, but it's still surprisingly hard.


He is awake two hours before the rest of the members have to be. This became natural for him.


He rolls over onto his tummy and kneads into the covers below him, burying his face into his pillow to stifle the low whines he lets out. His ears lay flat on his head, as his tail twitches at the very tip in agitation for a second before dropping low and swiping along the covers.



Hybrids are not unheard-of these days, and they are accepted within the entertainment community as well, however Changmin is an endangered species, and people abused that knowledge, so he was advised by his family that only those trusted should know of his true identity. All throughout his trainee days, and even through to the success of his group, only a select few within the company and two people outside of that know. It's funny how those two found out, but one was so damn perceptive during like-schedule timing, and the other had known through family. They've kept his secret though.



He knows deep down that his members should have already been told as well, he trusts them plenty, but the fear ingrained in his brain from his past and trauma he experienced when someone accidentally found out, freezes him to his core. He knows they are accepting of hybrids, they were so excited when they met Sunwoo, and he never hid his raccoon side one bit.  But raccoons are not endangered. He, a rusty-spotted cat, is.


Instead, he continues to hide himself. It's going on their fourth anniversary as a group, and Changmin continues to feel like shit hiding such a secret, but terrified each time he thinks of releasing such a vulnerable side of himself. He wakes before the others, proceeds to bathe within his room and then bind his tail once more for a new day to begin.



He sighs.



His tail used to grow so sore when he initially started to bind it to his body. For half a year it gave him tiny twinges of pain, until - he doesn't even know when - it just stops. The base of his tail started to adjust to being bound in weird angles, so before he got a room of his own, on days off when he was able to secure time completely alone, he'd let his tail go and it'd stay arched up, curving close to his spine for hours before it even tried to relax. When he mentioned it to his mother, he could hear her silently sob through the receiver, but he reassured her that this was what he wanted, no matter the pains, physically or mentally, he would endure them again and again because he is living out his dream despite the hardships and the people around him have become his second family. She could only respond with how proud she was of his determination and strength and tell him how much she loved him. And of course, when they hung up that night, Changmin being Changmin, cried himself to sleep.




Sometimes, the days were just too hard to handle on your own, even if he was surrounded by people he loved and trusted.




Changmin rolls over onto his side before slipping his legs off the side of his bed and sitting up in one fluid motion. His hands curl into fists lightly, and he paws at his eyes gently before slipping over his cheeks. Without his knowledge, a tiny meow passes through his lips as his fists move up to his hair and tries to fix his bed-head.

His eyes grow wide and his head snaps to the wall by his bed, wondering if the tiny noise was heard at all. He pats his mouth a little roughly as punishment for the noise.


He stands up and walks over to his dresser, finding his lenses and putting them in to cover the golden irises and the frequent changes of his pupils. He grabs a few bobby-pins and looks up to the mirror.



"Sorry little ones.." He whimpers, ears flattening on their own in response. He pins them down, wincing with a tiny muffled yelp when the fur gets picked by the pin by accident, and then fixes his hair so that it conceals them even better.


He huffs softly, his tail flickering behind him agitation knowing his next step. A low noise rumbles in his throat as he takes off his clothes and grabs his binders.


Just because he no longer feels pain, does not mean that his tail likes to be suffocated for close to eighteen hours, on most days.


His tail lifts up to line up with his spine, it curls half-way to wrap around his waist for support. The fur of his tail tickles at his flesh but the sigh still escapes him when he lifts up the bandages and slowly starts to bind his tail to his body, fastening it securely when he's done. He thinks he feels echoes of phantom pains but it's just his tail adjusting once again after being free all night.


As he is progressing through the rest of his process, pulling on his clothes and fixing his hair again, his phone rings. His right ear aches when it instinctively twitches in its restraints to the sound.







"Hyung! I knew you'd be awake!"



"Felli, please, my hearing is sensitive right now."



"Ohhh- Sorry!" He rushes out in a whisper. "Your ears are pinned already?"



"Yeah, but everything is ten times worse right now." Changmin mumbles, sitting on the edge of his bed and toeing at the rug below.



"Yeah, Yeonjun hyung let me know last night that it was getting close to that time of year. He's going a bit stir crazy himself, how are you feeling?" Felix continues to whisper, being mindful.



"It's too early to tell, my hearing is just sensitive right now." He says with a sigh. "Is Yeon-ah doing okay?"



"Hmm, yeah, Taehyun is keeping him cuddled when they aren't busy, but they're preparing for something special right now, I mean we all are." Felix giggles with a tiny chirp.



"How are you doing Felli?" Changmin asks, hands in tiny fists kneading at the bed beside his hips.



"I'm good hyung!" Felix chirps excitedly, and then apologizes, remembering to control his volume. "Jisungie played chase with me yesterday, as a squirrel he has a lot of energy, but I have more." He giggles.



"Well, be careful at least, the last time you played chase was with Wooyoung, and he still bathes in guilt over spraining your wing." Changmin huffs a soft laugh, rolling his eyes. "Funny human, you'd think with four hybrids within his own group, he'd know it's hard to control a hybrid when they have energy boosts."



"That doesn't guarantee you know everything about hybrids hyung, or at least remember in the moment. Six out of us eight are hybrids and Channie hyung forgets constantly things he should remember by now." Felix supplies. "Plus, I've told Woo aplenty, that being a Superb Fairywren is hard on me because my wings want to fly but it can't withstand my human side's weight, but it's even harder on the people I'm around, because as soon as I have my energy boosts, I tap into just my hybrid side alone, and think I can fly regardless. I would've sprained my wing no matter who I was with. I never should've jumped from the fridge anyways." Felix chirps, giggling more.



"True, true. Well, Felli, I have to go, I need to finish getting ready, the others will be up soon. Tell Yeonjun I hope he feels better soon and to give me a call or text once his heat is over. He only allows you to text and call because you are no threat, and he gets territorial during this time." Changmin says.



"He's only like that because you are both alike, even though he is a Margay and you are not, the fact that you are both feline is threatening enough, you know he loves you still. But, I'll let him know. Anyways, hope you feel better." Felix whistles.



"I will Felli, fly high today." Changmin giggles.


Felix gasps, "Hyung, I love how much you support me!" he chirps out loudly.



Changmin chirps back, voice a little choppy when he does, keeping the tone low but happy. Felix chirps again loudly and they hang up.


Changmin always chirps for Felix, it is their love language, it's the way he lets the younger know he loves him. Felix used to laugh when Changmin would accidentally mimic his chirp but now they never hang up without it.



Changmin looks up blankly from his phone and stares at his wall for a moment before releasing a huff, standing up to pull on a chunky sweater over his shirt. He looks over himself once more before stepping over to his door and unlocking it, making his way out and to the kitchen.



Haknyeon is already awake and making some eggs in the kitchen as he walks in, but he knew that as soon as he stepped out of his room, finding out that his nose was extra sensitive as well.


"Hakkie, good morning." Changmin says as he steps around him and to the fridge.


"Morning Minnie, sleep well?"


Changmin grunts in response, reaching into the fridge for a bottle of water, a small carton of milk, and a package of chicken.


"You don't want any eggs?" Haknyeon asks as he finally looks over his shoulder and lifts up the spatula.


"Yeah, I want some of those too, they smell nice." Changmin says while setting down the items he gathered and then walking over to the cabinets close to Haknyeon.



"Yeonnie.." Changmin starts.


"Yeah, Min?" Haknyeon responds.



Haknyeon is completely taken back when Changmin wraps his arms around him.


"Hyung, you okay?" Haknyeon asks, thrown back from the skinship.





"Hak, you cooking?" Hyunjae starts as he comes into the kitchen catching sight of Changmin clinging to Haknyeon, however Changmin pulls off of Haknyeon like he was burnt, quickly reaching into the cabinet for a wrapped bread desert and then sitting down with his other items quietly, face turned down to the table.


Hyunjae tilts his head curiously and Haknyeon shrugs his shoulders in response.


"Changmin-ah? You alright?" Hyunjae asks as he slips into a chair at the table a few seats away from him.


Changmin nods quickly, hair flopping as he does. He's stuffing little bites into his mouth, keeping his face turned down.


"Huh..." Hyunjae says quietly, mind racing.



Things go quiet as Haknyeon finishes the rest of the eggs and plating them. Hyunjae sits there watching Changmin, who has finished the pouch of chicken and bottle of water. He is halfway through his bread when Sangyeon makes his way into the kitchen.


"Morning." Sangyeon grunts out.


"Morning hyung." Hyunjae and Haknyeon say at the same time, Haknyeon setting the plate of eggs on the table.



"The others are fighting over the bathrooms." Chanhee comes barging into the kitchen with a whine.


"That is a normal occurrence, just sit down and eat." Sangyeon says with an eye-roll.



"Eating?? Before cleaning?? Are you mad???" Chanhee exclaims dramatically.



Immediately, Changmin's ears feel like they've been attacked by high screeches. He whines loudly, forehead meeting the table with a thump, gaining everyone in the kitchen's attention.



"Min?" Chanhee rushes over to Changmin, lifting up his head and rubbing his forehead.


Changmin can feel his tail bristle in its binds, hair sticking up all throughout, the hair on his head actually does stand messily. He bites back a hiss, a low growl silently rumbling in his chest. He pulls away with a jerk and grabs the carton of milk and the rest of his bread, dashing to the living room to curl into the corner of the sofa only excusing himself with a "too loud".



Chanhee blanches, looking over to the other occupants of the kitchen, eyes wide and apologetic.


"I'm guessing his head hurts?" Haknyeon tries.


"Yeah, I think so too..." Chanhee says quietly. Sangyeon and Hyunjae share a look.





In the living room, Changmin is curled into himself, pushing tiny bites of the rest of his bread in his mouth, letting the pieces accumulate in his cheeks before taking little mouthfuls of milk to wash it down. He normally doesn't eat this much for breakfast, but he feels starved.


He feels bad for the way he reacted to Chanhee, but his head pounded the moment his voice escalated, becoming shrill and annoying in his ears.


He hates that he is alone on the sofa though. Just as he resolves to get up and apologize to Chanhee, the dorms' residential raccoon stalks into the living room sleepily and flops onto the couch, mumbling into the cushion. Changmin has finished his bread and milk and sets the trash aside, so he calls for the sleepy raccoon.



"Woo-ah." Changmin says with a slight whine, sticking his hands out, opening and closing them slightly.


Sunwoo lifts up from his position and looks over to him, eyebrow lifting up for a few moments before scurrying over to Changmin. Changmin is quick to pull him in and cling to him.


Changmin buries his nose in Sunwoo's hair, taking in silent breaths of his scent before switching to rest his cheek against his crown and rubbing softly against it, keeping the movements small and unnoticeable.


"Hyung, I don't wanna practice today." Sunwoo mumbles, voice muffled by Changmin's sweater.


"You say that every day Woo." Changmin whispers, barely vocal.


"I'm tired though." He whines, eyes darting down to look at Changmin.


A strange look passes through Sunwoo's eyes, eyebrows furrowing slightly before he is sitting up slightly to look at Changmin better, who whines when he is shifted.


"Hyung, are you okay?" He asks, visibly more awake now.


"Yeah." Changmin answers after blinking slowly at Sunwoo for a period.


"Your cheeks, they're really red hyung." He lifts up a hand and presses the back of it against Changmin's forehead. "You're slightly warm too." He says sitting up further. "Are you sick?" Sunwoo concludes, eyes wide and voice shocked.


"I feel fine Woo." Changmin nudges Sunwoo's shoulder, voice laced with agitation, and sits up himself.


The moment Sunwoo tries to retort, Sangyeon is coming into the living room.



"The manager is downstairs, said he can take the first car-full now. If you two are ready then you can join the others." Sangyeon says.


"Alright." Changmin says quickly with a slight smile, one that Sunwoo can catch is fake and forced for some reason.


Changmin gets up from the couch, stumbling slightly, causing Sunwoo to dart his hands out to try to catch him but his hands falter in the air when Changmin brushes off the stumble and smoothly makes his way quickly to the door.


Sunwoo rushes to follow him, sliding on his big jacket like Changmin does and slipping out of the front door. It's strangely quiet, only the tapping of their shoes, as they make their way down the stairs is heard.



Once they make it to the car they climb in the remaining seats, seeing that Haknyeon sits next to Hyunjae in the middle row, Jacob is sitting in the front passenger seat, and Chanhee in the far back. So, Sunwoo and  Changmin take the seats at the back next to Chanhee. Sunwoo looks over everyone, and they all have a strange look on their face when their eyes pass over Changmin, so he guesses they notice something off with him as well.


As soon as they are on the road headed to the company, Changmin turns slightly to Chanhee.


"Hee, I'm sorry." Changmin says lowly, eyes dropped to his lap.


"No, I'm sorry Minnie, I didn't know your head was hurting, I shouldn't of been so loud." Chanhee responds, drifting his hand over into Changmin's lap and intertwining their fingers.


Changmin lifts up his head and smiles softly, before knocking his forehead lightly against Chanhee's crown, bunting him gently. Chanhee giggles softly and wraps an arm around Changmin's shoulders.


"You're so weird at times." Chanhee says the off comment, freely in response to the head-butt.


Changmin bristles slightly at the comment, tensing a bit, reading too much into what he said.


Sunwoo watches all of this, his tail twitching when he feels Changmin tense. He vows to himself, he will not let his eyes stray from his hyung at all today. First though, he needs to let Sangyeon know.




When they arrive, his plan is thrown through the roof. He is immediately pulled into rap practice, Haknyeon following along, even though he doesn't need it they still like to follow up with him, today happens to be one of those days. Not only that, but Changmin was dragged off into vocal lessons by Chanhee, Hyunjae trekking behind whispering to Jacob.


By the time he sees Changmin again, all of the members are together and in the main practice room. He pulls Sangyeon to the side, side-eyeing Changmin who is pacing the floor.


"What's up Sunwoo?"


"Hyung, I think Changmin is sick." Sunwoo cuts to the chase.


Sangyeon looks over at Changmin, who continues to pace and then turns back to Sunwoo.
"Yeah, I think something is wrong with him too, but I'm not sure he's sick, maybe he has a lot on his mind." Sangyeon tries.


Sunwoo shakes his head, persistent. "No, his face was red, and when we were cuddling earlier heat waved off of him, I checked him for a fever, but he only felt slightly warm, I'm worried, he hardly ever gets sick, hyung."


"I know, since you're worried like this, I'll take care of it.." Sangyeon turns around to see Changmin drowning his hands in his sleeves and bringing his knees to his chest as he sits on the floor. "Juyeon! Younghoon!" Sangyeon waves them over.


They come running over. "What's up hyung?"


"Sunwoo said Changmin was starting to run a fever, so Juyeon you'll take over the dance practice today and Younghoon, you'll keep Changmin distracted so that he will stay seated, please." Sangyeon plans.



They both look over at the mentioned member who has his eyes closed and head rested back against the mirror.



"Yeah, I got ya." Juyeon says, eyes flitting over to Changmin constantly in worry.


"So this means I get to skip practice?" Younghoon asks.


Sangyeon sighs and then chuckles. "Yes it does."


Younghoon fists the air slightly with a muted "Yes!".











Changmin was fine. 



He was.



He has to be.






Only his head had started to pound during the vocal lessons from his already sensitive senses.


However, the moment he stepped out of the vocal room, heading to dance practice, cramps slowly rolled through his stomach. He had to grit his teeth and continue walking like nothing was bothering him, his trimmed claws digging into his palms.


Chanhee was talking to Jacob but Changmin paid them no attention, mind thousands of miles away.


When they entered the practice room, the rest of their members were there as well, some coupled off in groups or by themselves chatting and playing around until dance practice started. Changmin was restless, he could feel it in his bones and every cell that made up his body.


His eyes darted around the room to take in everyone, placing them, and started to pace back and forth contained within a small area near the mirror. His ears twitched painfully under the bobby-pins at every new sound that he was registering, his breathing coming out in tiny huffs as he continued to pace. The swarm of scents overloading him, aside from that one grounding one.



He thought he had more time. He thought he had better control. But this is possibly the worst year for him so far.



He has to do better though.





He plops down on the floor with a huff, a slight whine stuck in his chest, restricted from coming out. He pulls his sleeves down further tucking his hands into the fabric and brings his knees up to his chest, his fabric-covered fists resting over his thighs to knead into the muscles. His head falls back against the mirror with a soft thump and eyes slip shut as he lowly starts to purr to himself, keeping them contained, but necessary to calm himself down.



The purring is trying to work, starting to drift his mind elsewhere, but his heart skips the moment he hears someone call Juyeon's name. His body on alert knowing that around this time of the year he tries his best to distance himself from everyone but even-more-so him. He keeps his eyes closed but stops purring, ears trying to break out of the pins in order to focus more on who has called Juyeon and why, chest rumbling silently, possessively.


His focus is broken when footsteps eventually make their way to him and stop in front of him, he slowly peels his eyes open to see Younghoon.



"Hyung?" He says slowly, head tilting.


"Minnie, can you help me one-on-one with choreo in the next room? Sangyeon gave us permission as long as you agreed." Younghoon says.


Changmin blinks slowly, looking up at him for a while, then his eyes dart over to Sangyeon, who is talking to Sunwoo and Juyeon. He bites back a growl and instead returns his eyes back to Younghoon. He can sniff mischief from miles away, but with his mind fogging so rapidly, he doesn't find any energy to doubt the request. "Yeah, I'll help you." He says with a shrug, pressing his hands to the floor to lift himself up.


"Awesome." Younghoon says and wraps his arm around Changmin's shoulders, steering him out of the room. As soon as the door closes behind them, he can hear Juyeon call attention to the members, their voices fading as he's led into a different room.


Younghoon makes his way over to the mirror and plops down in front of it looking up at Changmin with a big smile.


"So which part did you need help with hyung?" He begins, hands on his hips, ignoring the cramps and headache.


"Can we rest a bit more before we get started?" Younghoon pouts, making his eyes wide and bottom lip stick out.


It works because Changmin is sighing and flopping down beside him. "I don't like skimping out on practice, so we can have an extra ten minutes only, okay?" He says side-eyeing Younghoon.


Younghoon smiles brightly and drapes himself all over Changmin. "Yessir!"


Changmin nips at Younghoon's arm playfully, but melts into his arms nonetheless. Younghoon smiles to himself, rubbing small circles into Changmin's nape. Changmin takes this closeness and starts to nuzzle his face into Younghoon's shoulder, accidentally getting Younghoon's cheek at times, to which Younghoon just chuckles at.




A few minutes into their shared silence, a sudden cramp and wave of heat rushes through Changmin, and he jerks in Younghoon's arms with a whine. He squirms out of Younghoon's arms, head butting his forehead into his chest lightly by mistake before flopping onto the floor, making tiny weird noises.



"Changmin? You okay?" Younghoon asks carefully, eyes wide. Changmin's sudden actions filling him with worry and only spiking further at the tiny cries he can slightly pick up.



Changmin releases a whine, unwillingly, and loud. The sound snaps his mind back to reality momentarily and terrifies him to his core. He sits up quickly like a spring-loaded board, eyes wide and glittering in the corners. Terrified and in pain.


"Changmin...?" Younghoon starts slowly as to not startle him.




"I-" Changmin starts, stopping to gulp, "I can't do it.." He vaguely finishes and scurries off quickly and darting out of the room, way too quick for Younghoon to follow him, surprising the elder with how fast he was. Leaving the elder behind, mouth agape.





Changmin hadn't notified the manager- or anyone really, he didn't wait for a car either. Instead, he pulled his hood over his head and ran all the way back home, tapping into his animal side. Nerves frayed and terrified. He slips into alleys when he sees too many people, crouching to hide when he felt threatened, and jumping stairs when he finally makes it to his building.



He had to rack his mind to remember the key code for both doors, his palm harshly connecting with his temple a few times, but he was able to finally get through both. He rushes in, slamming the main door behind him and slipping quickly into his room and locking his door.


He quickly tore off all of his clothing and then his binds, releasing his tail and ears. He shook out his body a few times; he even remembered to pull out his lenses. He reached in the back of his closet for a black bag and jerked it out hastily, it tumbles to the floor by mistake. He reaches for it and is quick to unzip it, dumping out the clothing that was inside all over his bed.



He scavenges through the pile until he finds a large, oversized and worn-out crewneck sweater. It's huge when he slips it over his small frame, the bottom hem falling mid-thigh and the collar slipping off of one shoulder. He trills loudly as the scent quickly bathes him, grounding him. He prides himself for the collection he has gained. Every few months Changmin will slip each article of clothing back into Juyeon's laundry basket, toss it around and then quickly zip it back up, refreshing the scent. And sometimes he will collect another piece along the way if it catches his interest.



The worn out fabric is super soft against his skin, and when his tail swishes against the low hem, causing the fabric to move along with it, it's not agitating or bothersome.




He crawls up onto his bed, sitting perched up on his knees as he fumbles with all the clothes, spreading some out and arranging a pile of them along with his blankets and pillows to make his bed to his liking, including a burrow. His instincts telling him to nest and find safety.


He looks around his room, smiling, it reminds him of a cave, all the lights are turned off and the only light is a sliver from under the door. He crawls forward, finally satisfied, and slips inside of his burrow, curling up inside of it. His tail curls protectively around his thigh and his ears lay flat on his head as cramps roll through again. He's hidden inside his burrow, surrounded by the scent he wants the most, making do with the clothes rather than the person, only the tip of his nose poking out of the burrow to gain cool air for his overheating system.

He doesn't notice how heavy his eyes become.






Changmin wakes up with a yelp, ears twitching roughly with each pound against his door.




"Sunwoo, stop pounding on the door." Changmin hears Sangyeon voice. "We know he's in there, so calm down."


"I know, but he's in there alone and his door is locked hyung. If he's sick and locked himself away again, then of course I'm worried." Sunwoo whines.


"You can be worried without trying to engrave your knuckles in his door. It's very rare for him to act out like this. He will deal with the consequences for making us worry, but for right now, let him rest. Go join the others, please." Sangyeon says, exhausted.


Changmin can hear Sunwoo scratch lightly at the door with a whine, before he huffs and scampers off.



Changmin's ears press further into his hair as he hears Sangyeon sigh and step closer to the door.



"Changmin-ah, I don't know if you can hear me, but we are all worried about you. A bit upset too but that can be dealt with later. I'm sitting your bag outside of your door. Come to me when you can." Changmin can hear his bag being sat against his door and then Sangyeon leaving.



Changmin bites back a whine knowing he caught the sound of frustration and worry from the eldest.




He huffs a few breaths, burying himself further into his burrow, rubbing his cheek against the cool sheets to lower his own body temperature and calm down. Soft, little meows escape him and get lost within the mound of clothes he's under.


Tears pool into the corner of his eyes and along his waterline, burning his eyes as he tries to not let them spill. Disappointment in himself and guilt overloads his senses. He wants to apologize. He wants to be bathed in attention. He wants to be touched. He wants them to know. He wants the heat in his body to calm down. He wants to stop feeling so vulnerable.




He wants, and wants, and wants.


But he's scared. And his mind is progressively getting lost in the haze.

He wishes he were with his mom, kneading into her side and nuzzling into her neck as she reassures him.

He wishes Juyeon were with him, holding him, and running his hands over his heated flesh. Comfort him. Sate him. Love him.



He meow-whines out a tiny, "Juyo".




His meows fade out into purrs, loud, and shaking his body with a rough rhythm to soothe and calm him. His purr echoes into his own ears, silencing anything he could hear outside of his room. Trying to focus on his own heartbeat, and slipping into a restless sleep.









He wakes up sweating  as fever continues boil under his skin and grow even more uncontrollable. He's squirming in the little ball he's made of himself, his hair sticking to his forehead. He is quick to snatch one of Juyeon's shirts from his burrow and nuzzle into it, taking in its scent and the cool fabric, trying to calm his senses.




"Changminnie?" Jacob's voice sounds out through the wood.


Changmin's head jerks towards his door, ear twitching and tail tucking.



"You haven't come out even once all night, will you please come out? Everyone is worried about you." Jacob asks carefully, voice worried.


Changmin whines, a long meow, teetering on a quiet yowl, slipping from his lips, wanting to answer Jacob. He didn't even know he slept that long.


"Minnie, even though we don't want to, we have to go to the company for a bit today. I don't want to leave you home alone okay? Juyeon was really stubborn last night and wouldn't leave the hallway. So he will be here with you, but the moment either of you call, we will be back." He assures.



Changmin slowly makes his way out of his burrow, drawn to Jacob's comforting voice. He crawls forward and off the bed, whining, and over to his door brushing his body against the door silently. Wanting to open the door and pull Jacob in to soothe the worry from his voice.


"Alright then.. I've placed some sealed soup out here, your bag is still here too. I hope we can see you later tonight. We love you Min." Jacob says softly with a sigh.


Changmin whines loudly, bunting gently against the door frame.



Even after Jacob has left, and his ears catch onto the sound of the others leaving the house he continues to whine loudly, eyes welling up in fear and frustration.

His stomach churns with another harsh cramp, sending him belly-flat to the floor, yelping out.



His whines turn into caterwauling, Juyeon's name unknowingly garbled in between the noises he makes. He sounds pitiful and needy all at the same time.


"Changmin?" Juyeon's voice filters through, almost frantic.


Immediately his eyes dilate and his tail twitches in response. All sounds are caught in his throat, head pointed up to the door.



"Min-ah, you okay? Please answer me, I don't want to have to come in by force." Juyeon notifies him.



Changmin starts pacing in front of his door quickly, whimpering through the lump in his throat. He can hear Juyeon sigh, worried and frustrated before he steps away. He panics and hits at the door excitedly with a yowl, successfully stopping the sounds of Juyeon's footsteps.


Almost dazedly, he stumbles as he slowly opens his door. His ears wiggle and his tail twitches. He fearfully steps out, one foot before the next on his toes.



He lifts his gaze from his toes, trailing up the length of Juyeon's legs, half-way down the hall.


His tail sways high behind him when their eyes meet. There's a low rumbling of a chattering in his throat, excited and anticipating.




"Min-...? You're a- Are those real?" He asks dumbly, his own brain slow to process what he sees.


At Juyeon's voice, Changmin's ears perch up on his head, and he trills.



"Juyo-" Changmin chirps out, giving a tiny nod and his tail flicking as proof.


"Min, what's going on?" He questions softly, eyes following Changmin's tail.



"Sorry... Juyo..." Changmin carefully says, struggling with the words because his mind feels as if it's treading through sludge.


"Don't apologize Minnie. It's okay" Juyeon placates. "Are you sick too?"



"Hot..." Changmin manages. He reaches out a hand and calls to Juyeon with a tiny meow.


Juyeon gathers that Changmin wants him to come, so he steps forward and takes his hand. "Min, your skin is burning up." He says worried.



Changmin smiles when their hands touch and slowly pulls Juyeon into his room, stumbling lightly when he turns around which causes Juyeon to wrap his other arm around his waist.


Changmin pulls away from Juyeon once they are in his room to crawl on his knees on his bed, turning to look at Juyeon before reaching a hand out and meowing again.




"Min..." Juyeon starts, taking in the abundance of his clothes he thought were missing, but doesn't continue as he takes Changmin's hand and is pulled into the bed. Changmin carefully presses him down to lay on the bed and clings to his body, wrapping his arms around him, burying his nose into his neck, and tail curling around Juyeon's thigh.


Juyeon is honestly confused, but he's worried about Changmin. His whole body is boiling, and now that he is closer, he sees places in Changmin's hair where it has clumped together by sweat. He's never one to turn down a Changmin cuddle, and considering the other seems happy, he doesn't want to distrub him, he'll just keep an eye on him for now. He is just elated that the door has been opened, and he can take care of Changmin.



Juyeon looks down to Changmin and takes in the younger as a whole as he rubs his cheek against Juyeon's chest, chest rumbling with purrs. Juyeon smiles softly, watching the tiny twitching of Changmin's ears and lifts his hand from where it was wrapped around Changmin to his head, trailing the tips of his fingers along them. They were a reddish color and super soft, and very reactive to touch. Even the gentlest pass of his finger tip along the edge of their fur caused them to twitch. Changmin meows and moves from rubbing his cheek against Juyeon's chest up to his neck, causing the older to tilt his head to give the hybrid space.


Juyeon tries to look down to the tail wrapped around his thigh without moving his head. The feeling of it is warm through his pants, it's grip is strong too, and the color is a darker red mixed with brown, and so long. It's almost half the length of Changmin himself, and Juyeon has to question just how Changmin was able to hide it. Juyeon starts to sigh thinking about the struggles Changmin must've went through all alone.




By mistake, Juyeon's eyes travel along Changmin's tail, up and up, until his eyes widen, and he sees it disappearing under fabric. Juyeon chides himself, because he finally realizes that he sees the expanse of smooth porcelain, and feels like an idiot because he didn't notice it sooner.



Changmin shifts, one leg hiking up over Juyeon's, tail moving to sway behind him.


Juyeon's eyes are locked on Changmin's thigh until Changmin mumbles out a soft "Juyo".


"Y-yeah?" He asks, now focusing on the other's face.



"Hot..." Changmin says again and then grabs Juyeon's chin tilting it down slightly as he shifts up along his body slightly. Juyeon's breath catches in his throat as Changmin's face grows closer, and is released in a puff when Changmin's cheek smushes against his own. He rubs against Juyeon's cheek with his own in slow strokes, tiny, long mews following each stroke.



Juyeon doesn't know what to do, and he's not sure what he's allowed to do.



Changmin's tail sways mischievously back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, before it lifts up and curls around Juyeon's wrist that lies on the bed.


"Touch, Juyo- Please... Hot.." Changmin whines out as he continues to rub their cheeks together. His tail guides Juyeon's wrist to his waist and releases it.



Juyeon gulps, resting his hand on Changmin's waist, mind reeling with how tiny the other is with just one of his hands on him.




"Changmin..." He pulls his cheek away from Changmin's, drawing a whine from the other, he ignores the sound, lifting his other hand to rest on Changmin's nape and guide him to make eye contact. "Are you sure?" Juyeon has a fair idea of what's going on with the younger. He's not entirely hopeless, he likes to think. Changmin looks like a feline hybrid, and he has a few feline hybrid friends, so these signs Changmin is giving off right now tells him plenty.


Changmin blinks slowly, taking in a couple of deep breaths, trying to clear the haze from his mind to give Juyeon an answer that he can accept.






"L-Lee J-Juyeon, I've b-been a hybrid my whole life, and part of this group f-for more than four y-years. S-since I met you, my f-fondness for you grew and grew." Changmin takes in a couple more deep breaths. "I r-respected you, then I had a cr-crush on you, and n-now, you're ingrained in my s-system. E-every heat, I re-relied on your s-scent alone to make th-things better." Changmin sits up further and climbs onto Juyeon, knees bracketing his hips.


"I've never been more sure of anything in my life." He says with clarity. "Will you take me..?" He finishes off in a tiny voice, insecure.






Juyeon blinks up at Changmin with wide eyes, taking in his golden irises, registering and soaking in every word.







He takes in a harsh breath, heart hammering in his chest, mind made up. His hands reach out quick to latch on to the meat of Changmin's ass, bringing him down, chest to chest, with the force of the action.



"You're mine." Juyeon growls.


Changmin squeals out a mewl as he's pulled down and tucks his face into Juyeon's neck. "Always- always been yours Juyo." He mutters into Juyeon's neck.



Juyeon shivers from the heat of Changmin's breath on his neck and the words he says, a possessive side of him switching on. It's like he finally realizes that his feelings are requited, and he's allowed to claim.


Juyeon drags a heavy hand from Changmin's ass up to his nape, the sweater pulling along with the action revealing even more skin that he's completely blind to. Changmin whines lightly at the cool air hitting the revealed skin but is quieted when Juyeon grips on his nape, using his thumb to apply pressure, enough so that he is guided into lifting his face from Juyeon's neck. They look into each others eyes momentarily, Juyeon rubbing soft circles under Changmin's jaw with his thumb. He tips his chin up slightly and their lips touch.


Juyeon sighs a breath of relief while Changmin mewls just from the slight touch. When Changmin feels Juyeon try to pull away, he quickly sinks his fingertips into the tops of Juyeon's shoulders and pushes their lips together again, tilting his head to slot their lips even better. Juyeon's blunt nails sink into the flesh of Changmin's ass cheek, hand on flesh now, causing them both to moan out into the kiss.



Changmin doesn't let the opportunity go to waste, he slips his tongue into Juyeon's mouth, giving the other's tongue kitten licks before inviting it into his own mouth to suck on and nip gently. Juyeon's hand on his ass tightens, as the hand on his nape ventures a bit further into his hair, bringing them even closer, if that were possible.




But to Juyeon, he needed to be closer, and closer. He wanted to melt themselves together until they've become one, unable to separate, no one knowing where one begins and the other ends. His heart beats so hard in his chest for Changmin, he's loved this man for so long, and he finally has him. He can feel Changmin's heart beating against his chest as well, and it's so scarily fast, that if the other wasn't hybrid, he would be worried.


Changmin mewls into the kiss, grinding down into Juyeon's lap while the kiss grows messy, saliva escaping the corner of their lips and being spread over their chins and onto their cheeks in their desperate moves. At the downward press to Juyeon's steadily growing problem, Juyeon throws his head back in a moan, releasing harsh breaths, eyes squeezed shut in concentration to not flip their position and thoroughly ruin the other.


Changmin has other plans though, the heat surging through his veins, the scent clouding his brain, the pace of his heart, it all tells him what he wants, what he needs. His instincts have told him long ago that he's chosen the right partner, and he held off so much. He doesn't want to hold back anymore.



Changmin mewls, trailing a hand on the bed to Juyeon's hair only to grab a fistful and clamp down. He arches up the moment Juyeon groans at the action and sinks his canines into Juyeon's bottom lip, licking over it apologetically when he pulls a whine out of Juyeon.


Juyeon's mind swirls, dizzying, and his resistance is thinned. He slips his other hand to join the other on Changmin's ass, tilting his head up to seize Changmin's lips again in a heated kiss. Even with his eyes closed, black and white speck across the darkness, his mentality fighting with itself until finally breaking when Changmin grinds down again with a desperate mewl.



Juyeon's huffs into the kiss, tilting further into it. Juyeon's nails drag harshly down the back of Changmin's thighs, causing the younger to jerk into Juyeon's lap, shifting up further. Juyeon clenches Changmin's thighs hard, the flesh of his thighs looking swollen between his fingers. With his hand spread out on each of Changmin's thighs, his palms alone seem to cover the whole expanse of skin.


Changmin's mind starts to haze over further, falling into the heat and the touch of Juyeon. He pulls away from the kiss and tucks his face into Juyeon's neck, meowing lowly and drawn out as his hips grind down. "Juyo-... Please.."


"I've got you, kitten." Juyeon growls out, digging his fingers further into Changmin's thighs, both are sure there will be bruises later, the places already deliciously sore. Juyeon hikes Changmin further up his body, securing his thighs around his waist, quickly slipping a hand up to the back of his head for support before flipping their position and depositing Changmin on his back.


Changmin drops his head to the bed, eyes misty as he looks up at Juyeon, and chest rumbling with low trills.



Juyeon rakes his eyes all over Changmin's face, taking in his already debauched visual before dropping a few pecks to his lips. He pulls himself back up, supporting himself on his palms that are placed on each side of Changmin's head. His lower body is attached to Changmin's, placed in between the younger's spread legs.



Changmin's head falls to the side with a wail, heat rushing over his body and agitation slightly curling around his core.


Juyeon sucks his teeth, making a "tsk" sound at how impatient the other is. He chuckles softly, relenting as he shifts slightly to his knees, tucking his upper thighs under Changmin's as he sits up.




He chokes back on his spit immediately at the view. His sweater that Changmin is wearing has fallen low down his left shoulder, exposing quite a bit of skin including the sharp protrusion of his collar bone. The fabric has also been bunched up around Changmin's waist sometime during the position change, so now everything is bare and viewable from his delicate navel and down. Juyeon is gulping as his heart accelerates taking in Changmin's cute cock, weeping with precome, the head a glistening red, giving off tiny twitches under the heavy attention.




Changmin has opened his eyes and watched Juyeon from where his head stays on the bed, biting on his bottom lip to contain his whiny mewls. He wants so badly to be touched, devoured even, but he's reveling in Juyeon's attention. He gains a shy type of confidence, seeing the man he loves eye's glitter with absolute lust.



Juyeon takes in a couple of deep breaths to center himself, eyes flicking up to Changmin, only for his breath to stutter again when he catches those big, misty eyes and bitten bottom lip.


"Kitten, don't bite your lip please..." Juyeon says as he slowly trails his hands down Changmin's sides. "You don't need to conceal yourself in any way from me. You want to be loud, scream. You want to be close, cling. If you're doing that to hide your beautiful voice, don't, and if you're doing that to feel a little pain, don't." His hands reach the unveiled part of his waist and pinches his side slightly. "I'll give you everything you want and more."



Changmin's lip falls from his bitten grasp as his lips fall open in a moan, slipping into a mewl. He throws an arm over his eyes, shyly looking at Juyeon from the little gap, only doing this to feel better because it feels like it shields some of the heavy gaze Juyeon is giving him.


Juyeon smirks, lips tilting up on one corner. He thumbs gently at the place he just pinched, watching as Changmin's chest lifts and drops with the deep breaths he's taking.


Juyeon shifts on his knees again, backing himself away from Changmin minutely, his hands following down Changmin's waist to his hips and down his thighs. He takes his time, watching Changmin's mouth twist when he touches certain parts of his body. It amazes him how big his hands look against Changmin's body. He knew they were already big, but against Changmin, they look much bigger, and the younger just looks much tinier and fragile.



His hands continue their trail down Changmin's thighs until he curls them around his knees and lifts his legs up and spreads him out obscenely. Changmin's muscles tighten in his hands, and he can hear the mewls the other is letting out, along with tiny stutters of his own name.


Juyeon pushes Changmin's legs further until his legs are touching his abdomen. He has clear view of Changmin, who is slicked from his balls to his lower back. Another drop of slick pushes out when his hole clenches in a wink, captivating Juyeon.



In the absence of his own mind, he's harshly pulled back to reality at the caterwaul Changmin releases. His body shaking violently in need.




"J-Ju-Juyo!" Changmin cries out loudly.


Juyeon blanches, backing away slightly in panic, thinking he's done something wrong.



Juyeon backs away enough for Changmin's legs to drop back to the bed, and Changmin shifts up the bed before carefully flipping over to his stomach, being careful to not kick Juyeon, no matter how frustrated his heat is making him.


He keeps his chest on the bed, arms beside his head as he looks behind him, lifting his lower half off the bed onto his knees, spread wide. He dips his lower back, presenting his ass as his tail swerves to the side.




"Breed me, Juyeon-ah.." He breathes out heavily, locking eyes with Juyeon's wide ones.


Juyeon snaps, making quick work of pulling off his clothes and adding them to the pile Changmin already has on his bed.  He makes his way back to Changmin on his knees, hands no longer hesitant as they land on his ass and squeeze. He drags his hands down Changmin's ass and trails a finger through the mess of slick. He can feel Changmin's body vibrate as he nears his hole and his finger slides in with no resistance.


Changmin mewls on the first finger, human side wanting to back against the finger while the animal side wants to stay still like the good breedable fuck he is.




Juyeon works his one finger in and out a few times before one becomes two, this one with little resistance. Changmin continues to mewl on his fingers, his voice building in decibels as he works them open and closed inside of him. In time two becomes three, and then three become four.


Changmin feels ready, and like he's being teased, so against his animal side, he starts to back against the fingers. Juyeon grasps his hip harshly, stilling him from moving and pulls his fingers out slowly, also pulling a cry out from Changmin.


"I'm not leaving." Juyeon assures him as he stands up to remove his boxers.



As soon as he is revealed, Changmin hiccups, eyes tearing up.
"Juyo... So big.." Changmin breathes out, voice barely audible.


Juyeon chuckles lightly and gracefully falls back to his knees behind Changmin. "Yeah baby, perfect to take care of my kitten, and fill him up just how he likes, right?" He says after he drapes his body over Changmin's to husk into his ear.


Changmin shivers and mewls out again. "Yesss... Please Juyo... Need it.."


"I've got you baby." Juyeon says quietly, pressing a kiss behind Changmin's ear as he supports his body weight on one arm.



Juyeon guides one hand to Changmin's hip and gives it a comforting squeeze before dropping to his own member and stroking it a few times. He lines himself up with Changmin and thrusts sloppily in between Changmin's cheeks, lubing himself with his slick. He continues to thrust, slowing himself down and then tilting his hips just right for his cock head to catch on Changmin's hole. Changmin whines out, Juyeon has to lean some of his weight onto Changmin to keep him from moving when he tries to move his hips back. Juyeon uses his thumb to hook onto Changmin's rim, opening him slightly as he nudges in his cock head further.


Changmin's nails curl into the mess of covers and clothes, and he smothers his own face into the mattress as Juyeon slowly, and smoothly, sheathes himself inside. Changmin's brain going dumb as it focuses only on being stuffed full.



Juyeon isn't fairing much better. He has idiotically, forgotten to breath. He goes dizzy as his cock continues to get blanketed by slick warmth. Changmin is tight and throbbing around him. He can only remember to breathe once his pelvic bone meets Changmin's ass.



Changmin is letting out loud sounds that are a mixture of mewls and caterwauls that are so loud that they seep through the mattress. Juyeon's breath rattles in his chest and he's shaking just like Changmin. He rests his forehead in between Changmin's shoulder blades, his free hand coming up to rest on his side and give supportive strokes to the skin, pushing the sweater up further with the motion.



"Ju.. Ju.."

"Ju.. Ju.. Move! Please!" Changmin wails, voice louder as he's finally tilted his head, cheek smushed against the mattress now.



Juyeon huffs a few times, not sure if he were catching his breath or his heart rate. He shuffles on his knees, pressing himself closer to Changmin before pulling out, drawing a loud moan from the younger.


He pushes back in carefully, pulling back out just as careful. He keeps this careful pace, not just for Changmin's safety but for his own sanity as well, but the loud whines Changmin continuously releases along with the increasing tightness around him, has him steadily picking up his pace.



Soon enough, he's driving into Changmin with a snap of his hips, punching a moan and mewl out of the younger, whilst also socking his own breath. When he pulls out, Changmin's walls suck around him, pulling him in like a black hole that he cannot escape. Not that he'd want to anyways.



Juyeon lifts up, standing on his knees as his pace goes brutal. Each time their skin meets, there is a resounding slap, sticky and loud. Changmin continues to release immense amounts of slick around Juyeon as he fucks into him, it slips down his thighs and to his knees.



He feels filthy. And God has it never felt so mind-numbingly good to feel filthy.



Changmin throbs around Juyeon crazily, his cock dripping steadily.
His tail is quick to move, grabbing Juyeon's wrist and pulling it forward, around his stomach, needing to be touched.




Instead, Juyeon's big hand spreads out under his navel, and all-of-a-sudden, things feel ten-fold. Juyeon's hand placement, has Changmin registering the feeling of Juyeon's cock head directly under his belly button, and he's wailing at the knowledge. His knees slip further apart, wanting to take Juyeon further, his main thought stuck on wanting to be thoroughly speared.


Juyeon groans loudly, breathing harshly as he feels the outline of his own cock through Changmin's skin against his hand. Again, it passes through his mind that Changmin is so tiny and fragile. He has a passing thought that if he fucks any harder into Changmin, he might just go through him. And as sick of a thought that is, and as much as he cares for the younger, in this lustful haze that thought is so enticingly dirty that it drags him to the edge.


"Ju!" Changmin rushes out in a breath.

"I'm close! P-please! Claim!" Changmin's voice sounds wet and pleading.



Juyeon's mind blanks with confusion at first, causing his hips to stutter slightly before it clicks. He lets out a soft "ah" and drags his hand up Changmin's body until it's on his chest and pulls him up, pressing Changmin's back to his chest. He snakes his hand up Changmin's neck and uses his thumb to tilt his head to the side. Changmin lets his head flop to the side submissively, loud whines slipping his mouth from the slight position change.



Juyeon continues to drive his hips into Changmin's as he mouths along Changmin's nape. He trails soft kisses along the back of his neck and along his shoulder. Changmin grows tighter, throbbing around Juyeon, making it insanely hard for him to continue his pace.


Juyeon trails his nose up the side of Changmin's neck and behind his ear.
"I love you, Ji Changmin." Juyeon whispers directly against his earlobe.



Changmin has no time to process it, because Juyeon's mouth is dropping to the crook of his neck and sinking his blunt teeth in the best he can.


Changmin's eyes blow open widely, mouth gaping as he screams a lewd moan, thoroughly ruining his throat. His cock spurts out against the mattress and his hole squirts even more liquid.


Juyeon's orgasm is pulled out of him instantaneously. The feeling of Changmin squirting around him while growing much hotter and tighter, literally jerks it from his loins. His arms curl around Changmin in a tight grasp. His breaths coming out in harsh, tiny huffs against the bite he just made.




Changmin has gone boneless in his arms, all of his weight supported by Juyeon's hold around him.


Once Juyeon gathers his bearings, he hooks his chin over Changmin's shoulder and squeezes his waist gently.





"Tiya.. Juyu.." Changmin slurs, his eyes still closed.




Juyeon chuckles fondly and carefully inches their way down until he's able to lay him down. The moment he unravels his arms and is about to pull out from the younger, a low growl mixed with a whine is heard.


"Stay.." Changmin mumbles, reaching behind him blindly to grab Juyeon's wrist and drape his arm over him.


"I need to clean us up, and get you something to eat." Juyeon scolds lightly.


"Noo.." Changmin whines, tired and childish.


"Okay, okay, I'm not going anywhere." Juyeon assures, tucking his chin over Changmin's shoulder again and bringing their bodies closer.



Juyeon is about to fall asleep, thinking Changmin is asleep, when the last thing he hears is a soft and exhausted, "lobu Juyu..."









Juyeon is woken up by soft taps to his shoulder. He blinks his eyes open, groaning when they continue to want to stick to each other. He looks over to see what woke him up and sees a bright red Jacob and grows confused.





Jacob diverts his eyes slightly and coughs into his fist, "Hey Juyeon... I'm - uh - sorry to wake you up."


"It's okay hyung." Juyeon says, seeing his hyung kneeled by the bed. He tries to sit up but is weighed down. He looks down to the weight and everything flashes like a stop-motion movie. He can feel his face heat up quickly and lifts his hand to smack over his face, hiding away a giant grin.


"Juyeon..." Jacob mumbles, reminding him of his presence.



Juyeon's ears feel insanely hot, as does his chest, hotter than the body pressed against him too.


"Hyung...." Juyeon tries not to whine and fails.



"..Uh- Yeah... Can you make yourself presentable and uh- come to the kitchen?" Jacob whispers.


"Yeah, g-give me a moment, I'll be right there." Juyeon stutters, hand still over his face.



He can hear the snap of Jacob's knee when he gets up and the soft click of the door when he shuts it. He looks down to Changmin again who has replaced the crew-neck with one of his button-downs; it's that type of fabric to stay cool no matter what. Changmin must've gotten up while they were sleeping to clean them up and around them a bit, signs of him redoing his nest a bit too. Changmin had pulled a pair of boxers on Juyeon and then repositioned them. Changmin was laid half on top of Juyeon, a leg draped over Juyeon's until it slipped between his, part of his chest on Juyeon's, and his face tucked into Juyeon's shoulder. His tail was curled softly along Juyeon's arm that was wrapped around his body. Changmin's palm resting above his heart.



Juyeon smiles again, blushing even more at the memories.


He sighs silently, knowing he has to get up, but he presses a gentle kiss to Changmin's crown and carefully snakes out from under him. Surprisingly, the hybrid doesn't move except for nuzzling into the lingering warmth and another one of Juyeon's shirts.


Juyeon holds back a chuckle, eyes dripping with fondness and love. He reaches over the bed and grabs one of his shirts furthest from Changmin, so he shouldn't miss it too much. He pulls on that shirt and finds a pair of basketball shorts he swore he lost last year, shaking his head with a chuckle while sliding those on as well.



He walks to the door and lingers there when he looks back at Changmin. Carefully he steps out of the room, shutting the door silently.






When he walks into the kitchen, he's nervous. Sangyeon and Jacob are seated at the table.


"Hey Ju." Sangyeon notices him first, calling him over and gesturing to the chair for him to sit.


"Hey hyung, what did you guys do at the company?" Juyeon asks as he sits in the seat.


"Well, uh-" Sangyeon starts, cutting himself off with a chuckle. "I thought it would come as a surprise to you, but from what Jacob tells me, maybe not." He laughs awkwardly.


"What Sangyeon is saying is; he and I were called in to meet someone today, while the rest went to practice." Jacob says gently.



"Who did you meet?" Juyeon questions.


"Changmin-ah's mom came in today." Sangyeon deadpans, a smirk on his face that is quickly dropped when Jacob nudges him with his elbow.


"His mom?"



"Yeah, so- she knows our fourth year anniversary is coming up, and brought homemade food for us all, but she also sat us two down, and told us something about Changmin." Jacob says, hands coming to fold on the table.



"As you know, Changmin is a hybrid. His mom thought it'd be best we should know. It's been a long time since we've known each other, and she said keeping the secret was taking a toll on Changmin." Sangyeon says.


"She also assured that it was not because he didn't trust us, but it was her request. People have reacted badly to him being a hybrid, especially when they found out his species. He used to get death threats, he's been abused and beaten. He was even kidnapped before. So his family are very protective over Changmin." Jacob continues.


"Rightfully so." Juyeon says, angered. He has an itch under his skin to return to Changmin's bed and pull the younger into his arms.




"Anyways- She said she trusts us fully as his second family, and that we can protect him well. That he trusts us just as much if not more. So she figured it was time to come clean, and set it all free." Jacob finishes.


"Do the others know yet?" Juyeon asks.


"Not yet, Jacob and I agreed we would tell Changmin we knew, and let him tell every one else." He then chuckles again. "That included you too, but when Jacob went to check on Changmin, he found you both. He won't speak of it, but considering how red he gets when I mention it, I can figure it out." Sangyeon says and then stands up to lean over and tug the collar of Juyeon's shirt. "Plus, these marks tell me plenty as well." He guffaws.



Juyeon knocks his arm away and quickly pulls his collar up to hide his neck. "Whatever." He huffs out.

Jacob and Sangyeon both laugh at how Juyeon goes pouty and embarrassed.



Their laughter is cut once they hear a meow, it's slightly loud. Teetering on a pitiful cry.


Juyeon perks up, head quick to snap in the direction of the cry.


Just as he is scooting his chair back to stand up, another meow is heard and it's closer. Finally, Changmin steps around the corner, with tiny silent steps. He paws at his right eye, letting out tiny forlorn meows.


Juyeon's heart breaks at the sound and watches Changmin as he steps into the kitchen, finally opening his eyes completely.


Changmin lets out a tiny chirp once he sees Juyeon and waddles his way over to Juyeon. Changmin pays no attention to his other two hyungs as he plops himself in Juyeon's lap and situates himself. He sleepily rests his head on Juyeon's shoulder.



"I thought you left, Juyo.." He says softly.


"I'd never leave you Min-ah.." Juyeon reassures him, soothing circles into his spine.


"Why'd you leave then..?" He lifts his head up and pouts.



Jacob suddenly coughs, "Sorry Minnie, that'd be my fault.."


Changmin's head snaps to the sound, eyes going slightly wide at the two in front of him.
"Hy-hyungs."  Changmin whimpers.


"Hey Chang, how are you feeling?" Sangyeon asks.


"Better hyung..." He says quietly, shy.


"That's good." They both muttered.



"Hey kitten?" Juyeon calls his attention.

"They already know about you being hybrid, baby, you don't have to worry so much okay?" He gently strokes the full length of Changmin's tail, trying to stop the worried flicks the tip gives low to the floor.


Changmin's ears perk up, interested in how they know, and also how Juyeon knew he was getting upset.



"Minnie, your mom came by today, and told us. Everything is okay, we won't hurt you and we are not upset either. Do you understand Minnie?" Jacob assures and asks slowly.



Tears are quick to swell in Changmin's eyes, pooling until they cascade over. His instincts are quick to make him purr, hoping it can calm him down, but the little sniffles turn into sobs, and he hides his face in Juyeon's neck, shaking in his arms.


Jacob and Sangyeon startle while Juyeon is quick to embrace him trying to soothe his shaking.

"Baby, why are you crying? It's okay."


"I-I know, I-I'm not c-crying b-because I'm s-sad, but be-because I'm h-happy!" He sobs out loudly.

Sangyeon and Juyeon laugh at this. Jacob gets up from his chair and makes his way around to Changmin and starts treading his fingers through his hair.




"It must be a big relief to finally let people know. I am so proud of the strength you have, but please know, you can rely on us even more now." Jacob says softly.


Changmin sniffles lightly and lifts his head, turning around in Juyeon's lap to wrap his arms around Jacob. "I know hyung, thank you." He says, rubbing his cheek happily into his stomach.


There's a few minutes of silence where Changmin continues to rub his cheek into Jacob's stomach and Juyeon rubs Changmin's sides. Changmin finally sits up, ears standing straight up.



"Where is everyone else? Do they know yet?"


"We sent them out to eat, and told them to pick us all up something as well before coming back, so we could have a little time with you." Jacob said.


"Jacob kind of figured this all would be emotionally taxing on you." Sangyeon supplied.


"And the hyungs, they didn't want to tell the others, they wanted you to, if you felt up to it." Juyeon finishes.



"Ah..." Changmin hums, tail lightly swishing. "Why do we have to say anything? They'll know when they see my ears and tail, and if not, then, they're slow." Changmin jokes, tongue sticking out.

Everyone chuckles and Juyeon pinches his side in retaliation, causing him to yelp.


"Yeah, he's feeling better." Juyeon chuckles with a wide smile.



"Hey Chang, on another note-" Sangyeon starts, chuckling, a twinkle in his eye. "As much as you and I love comparing thighs, you sure you wanna go around like that right now?"



Jacob starts walking away, red painting his face, shaking his head side to side as he mutters something along the lines of "I don't know him".




Juyeon slightly jerks in place, eyes flicking down to Changmin's thighs and quick to cover them with his own hands.

Changmin chirps in surprise looking down as well and then giggling when Juyeon's hands cover him plentily.


"Yeah, I'll be fine, hyung. Plus, I'm still really hot. And I honestly hate having a lot of laundry to do....." He says, mumbling the last bit, hopeful that Sangyeon did not hear that part. Juyeon does hear it though and hides his face in Changmin's shoulder, trying to stifle a chuckle.




All of a sudden, the front door chimes, and many voices follow. Changmin's ears twitch wildly at each voice, his tail swishing in nervous excitement. Juyeon can feel Changmin tensing in his lap and rubs his thighs.





"Yeah- Well they haven't sent a text back, so I guess it's o-" Hyunjae is saying to no one in general as he walks into the kitchen, but stops as he takes in everyone in there.


"Hey Hyunjae, what did yaw get us to eat?" Sangyeon asks, keeping it normal and trying to pull his attention away from Changmin.



"Uh-, We- uh-" He forces his attention away from Changmin to Sangyeon and walks to his side of the table to set the bags down. "W-We got japchae, chicken, and uh- New thought Changmin would like some tteokbokki when he felt better." He says, filtering through the bags, eyes glancing over to where Changmin is but not turning over to look at him.



"Alright, thanks, wanna get Jacob so he can come eat as well?" Sangyeon arches an eyebrow at Hyunjae.

He nods, quickly turning around, eyes trained to the ground.



"Jaehyun hyung." Changmin's call to him freezes him to the spot.


"Yeah Min?" Hyunjae gulps, still looking away.


"Thank you for the food hyung-ah" Changmin finishes off with a meow.


Hyunjae nods once and hurries out of the kitchen. Changmin chuckles followed by Juyeon and Sangyeon.

"I think he is stupefied." Sangyeon says in between chuckles.


"I think so." Changmin agrees.



As Sangyeon is taking the food out of the bags, Jacob slowly makes his way into the kitchen, rubbing at his eyes gently. "Staring at a screen in a dark room does so much damage to your eyes but you don't notice it until you come out into a lit room." Jacob complains.


"Were you working again?" Juyeon asks, slipping one arm up to wrap around Changmin's waist as the other reaches for the box of tteokbokki.


"Yeah, well- until I was interrupted by Hyunjae. Speaking of, what's up with him?" Jacob says as he opens a box of japchae.


"He saw Changmin, froze, stuttered, froze, and left." Sangyeon shrugs, taking a bite of chicken.



"Did he look bad hyung?" Changmin asks, insecure and scared. Juyeon forgoes the idea of feeding Changmin.


"He looked weird, but it should have nothing to do with you Minnie. Don't worry too much." Jacob tries but it's fruitless.



Changmin nuzzles into Juyeon's neck and swiftly gets up from his lap. "I'm going to check on him."


"Okay, but come back quick, we have to put food in you." Juyeon says, squeezing his hip gently.


Changmin nods, walking away, tail swishing low to the ground behind him, his steps worried and insecure.



Changmin makes his way to Hyunjae's room without running into any of the other members surprisingly. He knocks a few times before allowing himself in. Hyunjae is laying on his bed, face towards the wall.


"Hyung?" Changmin says softly, perching himself on the edge of the mattress.


Changmin can see Hyunjae's body jerk slightly, but he doesn't respond or turn around, so Changmin huffs. Changmin meows and paws at Hyunjae's side.


"Hyunjae, talk to me. I will still bite you." He threatens lightheartedly.


"Min, I'm tired-"

"Don't lie." Changmin pulls on Hyunjae until he turns over. "Talk to me." He hisses.


Hyunjae sits up abruptly and envelopes Changmin in a tight hug. Changmin is frozen until he feels Hyunjae's body shaking and gathers he is crying, so he slowly wraps his arms around Hyunjae.


"What's wrong Hyung?"


"D-did I ever hurt you?" Hyunjae mumbles.

"What?" Changmin slightly pulls away, completely bewildered.


"Whenever we played around and I picked you up or ruffled your hair, did I ever hurt you?"



Changmin pulls Hyunjae away at arm-distance and lifts his hands to his cheeks to make Hyunjae look at him. "Hyung, you're worried about that??" He asks shocked.


"Of course! I'd never want to hurt you Changmin-ah." He sniffles.


Changmin laughs loudly, eyes watering at how pure Hyunjae's heart can be at times.
"You have never once hurt me hyung. Even when my tail was bound and you picked me up, or my ears were pinned and you ruffled my hair, your hands had never hurt me once." He smiles and then adds on. "However your voice, it's given me plenty of headaches, so that may count for something."


Hyunjae gasps, as Changmin laughs loudly, tiny tears clouding the corners of his eyes. He completely misses it when Hyunjae scrambles off the bed until he's being picked up.



Changmin lets out a loud squeal, his equilibrium not prepared for such an attack, still under the influences of his heat. His loud squeal mixes off into a mewl as Hyunjae tightens his grip around him. Hyunjae unknowingly, or just doesn't care, has his palms and fingertips on bare skin.


"Put me down Jaehyun." Changmin tries to sound serious, but the kittenish mewl slurs his words.

"Nah." Hyunjae says, head-butting Changmin lightly before walking them out of his room.


Changmin lightly kicks his legs, nails digging into Hyunjae's shoulders as he's carried around.


He lets out tiny meows, curious as to where they are headed, and why no one has came to him yet. When they enter the living room, Hyunjae sits on the couch, keeping him in his arms, and on his lap as he does so. He's so focused on what Hyunjae does that he doesn't realize that there were voices that went mute the moment they stepped in the room.



"Changmin?" Changmin's head perks up when he hears Chanhee's voice.
"You're a hybrid too!?" Sunwoo's voice filters in this time, excited.
"He's so cute!" Younghoon squeals.
"How are you feeling?" Kevin asks.
"Are those real?" Eric asks.
"Of course they are Eric." Haknyeon replies to Eric with an eye-roll, but he gives Changmin a big smile that calms all of his nerves.



"Come on guys, don't overwhelm him." Jacob says as he walks in. His ears flatten to his head, and he buries his nose into Hyunjae's neck.




"Oh come on! Changmin, you know you can't be cuter than me!!" Chanhee whines.
"He doesn't have to be a cat for that to be true though Hee." Sunwoo snidely remarks earning himself a flick to his shoulder.

"Asshole.." Chanhee quietly mutters.



"What's all the ruckus?" Sangyeon comes in, Juyeon following behind.
"Ah, never mind, you're all meeting the kitten."



At the pet name from Sangyeon, Changmin lifts his head from hiding and meets Sangyeon's eyes, hissing at the name. "I'm not your kitten." He growls.


Sangyeon lifts his hands, placatingly.

"Sorrryyy, I guess only certain people can call you that." Sangyeon teases.



"Who, who?" About five voices sound like damn owls in Changmin's ears, and he throws a dirty look to Sangyeon.




Changmin brings his face close to Hyunjae's ear, keeping his eyes locked on Sangyeon, eyes slowly starting to slit. "Hyunjae, I have never been more serious, you are going to have to let me go." He whispers in his ear just so that only he can hear. He can feel Hyunjae shiver and tighten his hold around his body before releasing.



Changmin is careful to not give anything away, makes subtle movements so that Sangyeon does not catch on. It's too late for him anyways when Changmin jumps over the back of the couch and clings to Sangyeon sinking his teeth into his neck and then his shoulder.


Chaos ensues.




Sangyeon yelps for Juyeon's help.

Chanhee is bent double, laughing and pointing at Sangyeon. "You started it this time!"

Eric was quick to run into a room and lock himself in, along with Younghoon and Kevin.

Jacob runs to hide behind a wall and watch everything go down.


Changmin has placed five new bites on Sangyeon before Chanhee's chortling catches his attention. His bent position and blurred vision leaves him defenseless, so the scream he lets out when Changmin clings to him and sinks his teeth in is so loud, it might ruin vocal practice for two days.


Hyunjae is laughing and Sunwoo has joined Jacob behind the wall to watch.


Juyeon is laughing as well, trying to push Sangyeon off his shoulder who is clinging to him and whining about yet another "viscous squirrel attack". Juyeon doesn't have it in him to correct him.



Chanhee gains three bites to his arms each before Changmin switches prey. Which happens to be Haknyeon, the closest member to him. He stalks towards him slowly, like he's about to pounce on the man who sits on the couch.


"Min-ah, remember every time you bite me, I'll bite back ten times harder. That does not change because you are hybrid now, if anything, I'll do it even harder now." He warns.



Changmin hisses and tsks, jerking away, switching to Hyunjae, who was alert given the moment between Changmin and Haknyeon. Once Changmin pounces towards Hyunjae, he catches him and lifts him up in his arms, securing him in his hold.


This is half stupid and half smart for he has Changmin secured in one place away damaging others, while he gives himself up.


However the way he catches him, when Changmin jumps is fully frontal, so Hyunjae catches him by the thighs. Changmin wraps his thighs around Hyunjae's waist and digs his teeth into Hyunjae's neck. He lets out high trills, tail waving excitedly behind him. Changmin slips slightly in Hyunjae's hold and Hyunjae's hand shift up slightly landing on his bare ass.


Hyunjae's eyes go wide, now realizing he's bare under the shirt. His hands tighten in reflex, drawing another high trill from Changmin and another bite to a different area.



Juyeon is still dealing with Sangyeon, while trying to not die from laughter watching Chanhee be dramatic. So he doesn't see what happened between Hyunjae and Changmin, however the moment Haknyeon's voice calls out, his attention is snapped forward.




"Hyung! Oh my god, seriously!?" Haknyeon covers his face.



Every one goes quiet aside from Changmin's trills so Juyeon makes his way closer to the two.
"Min?" Juyeon tries to sound calm, tries to keep himself from jerking the younger away from Hyunjae.


Changmin lifts his head up slightly and chirps looking at Juyeon. His eyes are wide and dilated again. His tail is even static, off to the side.




"Again?" Juyeon asks.

Changmin's ears fold slightly, and he nods once, clinging to Hyunjae. Juyeon notices this and realizes he might not be able to remove Changmin from Hyunjae right now.



"Jae, take him to his room, I'll be right there." Juyeon says, giving a gentle pat to Changmin's back. "I'm right behind you baby."


Hyunjae nods, slightly confused but still makes his way to the room, wanting to make sure Changmin is okay.



Juyeon looks to his members and sighs. "That's what you get for teasing Minnie." He scolds Sangyeon, chuckling at how they all look a mess, including the embarrassed Haknyeon.


"Hyung, can you take care of this? I have to go to Changmin." Juyeon asks Jacob."Yeah-" He says blushing already, "Sunwoo can help me patch them up." Sunwoo nods, a blush on his cheeks as well.

Juyeon nods and walks off to Changmin's room.



The moment he gets in the room he shuts the door and locks it.

Hyunjae is seated on Changmin's bed, his shirt is missing and Juyeon's shirt on Changmin is unbuttoned down to his navel, their chests pressed together, skin on skin.



"He started pulling my shirt off as soon as we sat down and rubbing his cheek along my skin." Hyunjae explains.


"It's okay." Juyeon says, walking up to the two and crawling on the bed to kneel and be eye level with Changmin. "Min, I need you to let go of Jae so I can take care of you."


Changmin whines high, shaking his head no. "Smells good, Juyo..."


"Better than me, kitten?" Juyeon tilts his head, lifting his hand to trail fingers through Changmin's hair.

"No.. Never- It compliments.." Changmin says, sniffing along Hyunjae's neck before lifting his head and catching Juyeon's eyes.


Juyeon leans in and presses his lips to Changmin's.

"You smell so good together, Juyo..." Changmin says after they pull apart.



Juyeon inhales deeply, trying to gather his thoughts before they settle on a decision. "Fine, you can hold him while I take care of you, sound good?" Changmin trills happily.

"Is that okay with you hyung?"


"Y-yeah, so what do I do, just hold him?" Hyunjae asks.


"Yeah, we can try having you lay down with Min, keep him in your lap like he is now. If he's comfortable with it, he knows what to do." Juyeon suggests.



Hyunjae nods and shifts on the bed after Juyeon gets up from behind them. He settles in the middle of the bed and lays back, bringing down Changmin with him to lay down.



Changmin shuffles a few times. Finally, he is positioned comfortably, his cheek is pressed into the mattress next to Hyunjae's head, his breath hitting Hyunjae's ear with each puff. His chest is pressed against Hyunjae's, while his hips lift and bow at his lower back, presenting himself. Changmin's arms are rested on the bed, one by his own head, while the other is bent slightly at the elbow so his fingers can tangle into Hyunjae's hair.


"Too hot..." Changmin whispers into Hyunjae's ear.



"He said it's too hot Ju." Hyunjae relays.

"Finish taking off his top then." Juyeon suggest as he makes work of his own clothes.


Hyunjae's fingers stumble over the last few buttons but manages to release it, using Changmin's help to guide it off his body one arm at a time. Hyunjae suddenly feels a tap on his calf, jerking slightly in surprise.


"Can I take your jeans off? They're going to get dirty if not." Juyeon warns.

"Uh- Yeah?" Hyunjae says, unsure. He doesn't know why they'd get dirty enough for Juyeon to worry, but he goes with it anyways.



"Touch..." Changmin mewls into his ear, tightening his fingers into Hyunjae's hair.

He carefully lifts his hands and rubs them along Changmin's sides. Changmin's chest rumbles, satisfied.



Juyeon pulls off Hyunae's jeans and then slips his own boxers off. He pushes at Hyunjae's ankles, making the man spread his legs with a confused noise. Changmin's knees spread as Hyunjae's legs are spread and his abdomen drops lower to stabilize himself for the wide spread.


Juyeon walks on his knees, forward in between Hyunjae's and Changmin's legs.



"You're still spread so open for me, kitten. Do you need my fingers again?" Juyeon husks, hands heavily raking over Changmin's ass.


Hyunjae's eyes roll in the back of his head, closing shut tightly when that visual is given to him including the wanton mewl Changmin lets out.



"Ju-Just do it, Ju." Changmin stutters, loud enough for Juyeon to hear but to not hurt Hyunjae's ear.


Juyeon snickers, dragging his hand along Changmin's crack, gathering his slick to coat his cock. Juyeon presses low on Changmin's back and tilts his own hips, guiding his cock to Changmin's hole, slowly pushing through the ring of muscle there.


Changmin mewls out, fingers tightening in Hyunjae's hair. He's still so tight around Juyeon, and so fucking wet.


Juyeon continues forward until their skin meets, punching out a moan from the younger and himself.




"G-go.." Changmin whines.


Juyeon grunts, hands clenching onto Changmin's hips as he pulls back and slowly drives in.


Changmin whines out a mewl at the drag of Juyeon's cock along his walls, slick pushing out.

Hyunjae is digging his teeth into his bottom lip, biting back any noises. He didn't realize he'd be so affected by this, but the more noises Changmin makes, and slow build-up of skin slapping makes his mind replace Juyeon with himself. His cock jumps in his briefs below.



Juyeon is quicker to build a fast and steady pace, encouraged by the sounds Changmin makes and the pulsing around his cock.



Changmin feels his slick dripping down his thighs again and this time when it slips to his knees it lands on top of Hyunjae's thighs. The strange sensation shocks a moan from him, and he flushes from head to toe.


Changmin quickly grabs a fistful of Hyunae's hair and turns his head to the side, making Hyunjae face him. Hyunjae's eyes open at the action, biting harder on his lip to contain the moan at the debauchery before him.



Juyeon drives harder into Changmin, digging bruises into his hips with his fingertips. Changmin slams Hyunjae's lips to his own, prying his lip away from the abuse of his teeth. Their lips meet over and over again, harsh brushes of Changmin's breathing mixing with each press.

Juyeon drapes himself over Changmin, driving harder into Changmin, wildly, as he mouths along Changmin's shoulders and nape.



Changmin's knees slip from under him, and he falls on top of Hyunjae, both releasing a huff into the kiss. Juyeon follows him though, continuing to pound into the wet heat Changmin provides. He abuses the skin of Changmin's back with deep reds and teetering purples. His hands drop to Changmin's thighs, digging his nails into the skin before guiding one to slip up Hyunjae's side, his knee feeling like it is pressed to his chest. Laying in this new position allows Juyeon to drive in deeper.


The motion of Juyeon driving into Changmin pushes Changmin up and down Hyunjae's body. And surprisingly enough, or not, Changmin and Juyeon can both feel how hard Hyunjae is under Changmin.

The way Juyeon fucks into Changmin provides plenty of stimulation to Hyunjae. He's letting out gasps in the kiss he and Changmin continue to go back to. Changmin is mewling into the kiss, nails digging sharply into Hyunjae's side and the other curling into his hair until his nails scrape his scalp.


Juyeon licks along Changmin's nape, slipping his mouth up to the crook of his neck.


"Min-ah, I'm close." Juyeon husks out.

"Same..." Hyunjae says breathless, after pulling away from Changmin's lips.


"Ye-Yeah.. Ju-yo, breed.. Close.. Claim.." Changmin mumbles.

Juyeon latches his mouth to the crook of Changmin's neck, sucking on the flesh as he drives his hips into Changmin brutally. The moment he sinks his blunt teeth in, Changmin is crying out and coming in spurts on Hyunjae between their pressed bodies. Slick gushes from his hole, dripping off of him and onto Hyunjae, making a mess of him even more.



The twitch of Changmin's cock against his own sends Hyunjae into his own orgasm, his fingers clenching into Changmin's sides.


Juyeon is coming as well, the suction of Changmin's walls and spluttering of slick around him has him painting Changmin's walls with his seed. He thrusts a few times, deeply, pushing his seed further and trying to embed it into his velvet walls.


The three of them are breathing harshly.

Juyeon has his forehead pressed against Changmin's nape and Hyunjae has his head flopped back, staring up at the ceiling blankly.



Changmin seems to have gone boneless again, face tucked in Hyunjae's shoulder, body vibrating with purrs.



Juyeon slowly sits up and looks at Hyunjae over Changmin's shoulder. "You okay?"

Hyunjae blinks a few times before registering the question. "I - uh- think so."


"I'm going to move he and I to our sides, you can either stay or go clean up, he'll be out for a while." Juyeon lets him know, Hyunjae only responds with a nod.



Juyeon somehow, smoothly, maneuvers them until he's laying on his side with Changmin, still buried inside of the hybrid. He wraps his arms securely around Changmin and trails his nose along his shoulder softly. "I love you Changmin..." He whispers only for Changmin to hear, if he were awake.






Hyunjae stares a while at the ceiling, questioning a lot. He's pulled out of his thoughts when something soft wraps around his wrist. He looks down and sees Changmin's tail curled around his wrist. He lifts his eyes to look up at the two, Juyeon is asleep but Changmin's eyes are slightly open.



"Cold.... Cuds..?" Changmin slurs in a whisper, his tail tugging on his wrist.

Hyunjae smiles softly and shuffles closer to him He turns on his side facing Changmin and draping an arm on Changmin's waist. Changmin wraps one arm around him as his other hand rests on top of Juyeon's that's wrapped around his chest.



"Hyun... why.. why smell good too..?" Changmin asks sleepily..

"Sleep Min-ah..." Hyunjae encourages. He nods and tucks his face into Hyunjae's neck.




Once Changmin's breathing evens and Hyunjae knows he's asleep he pulls away from Changmin carefully. He lifts his hand from Changmin's waist to rest gently on his cheek.





"I wonder if it's my love for you that you smell..." Hyunjae muses softly.

He sighs softly and brings his face close to Changmin's pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead and brushing their noses together. "Rest well."



Hyunjae reluctantly draws away from Changmin and stumbles out of the room, quickly to the bathroom for a scalding shower and then to his room to sleep restlessly.