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Not all problems can be solved by Lycanthropy

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As the fangs punctured his skin, he immediately felt pain soaring through his body. The pressure of the bite increased until the alpha’s fangs were fully seated into the crook of his neck. They both stayed still, one out of fear, the other to prolong his victim’s suffering before ripping out his throat. Just when Stiles thought that Deucalion was going to rip out his jugular, his body suddenly fell lax. He released him from his grasp and fell to the ground. Leaving Stiles standing, still in fear of what he thought would be coming. But when Stiles turned around to see what had happened he saw an arrow sticking out of Deucalion’s head. It had pierced him right from the back of his skull to right between his eyes, killing him instantly.

After processing that Deucalion was in fact gone, he looked for the one who was responsible for saving his life. Unfortunately the stranger seemed to have disappeared in the darkness of the preserve.

Stiles just stood there for a while, too much in shock to even move away from the scene. When the adrenaline in his body slowly disappeared, the pain in his neck kicked in. Stiles’ eyes widened with the realisation of what just had happened.

He got bit by a fucking werewolf.

And not just any werewolf, an alpha.

Only an alpha’s bite can turn people, but it has to be done with intent. Right?

His goal was to kill Stiles, so he won’t turn now, right?

Or would his body reject the bite and kill him now?

As his mind played over one worst case scenario over the other he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Out of habit he immediately reached for his pocket to fish out his phone. When he looked at who was calling him he noticed that his hands were trembling. Pushing that fact aside, he would deal with it later or not at all, he read the name displayed on his phone and picked up.

“Allison” he said as he moved the phone up to his ear.

“Stiles, finally we got a hold of you. You need to get here quickly before we’ll all be buried underneath the Nemeton” She told him in an urgent tone.

With these words Stiles remembered what he was doing in the preserve in the first place. To stop the Darach, and free Chris, Melissa, and his dad.
Stiles hung up, pocketed his phone, located his bat that he had dropped when he got attacked and ran towards the direction of the Nemeton.

He got there just in time to place his bat under one of the supporting wooden beams to stop the whole structure from collapsing. They all sighed in relief after the danger had passed.

A few minutes later Scott and Derek found them and helped them out. Stiles was the last to be pulled out of the underground hide-out. When Derek grabbed his arms to hoist him out he grunted in pain. Again he had forgotten about his injury, plus no one had seen the bite mark and blood in the dark. So he simply hadn’t paid attention to it. He was far too relieved that his dad was okay.

When Stiles finally was above ground Derek got a good look at him with sock displayed on his face. He quickly grabbed Stiles’ chin, and turned it away from where the bite-mark was placed on his neck, making the wound more visible.

With the stretch of the skin Stiles flinched away from the pain and quickly covered his neck with his hand, hoping no one else would notice.

“Who?” Derek asks in a soft tone, giving him the worried Hale eyebrow glare.

Stiles was looking at his feet to avoid the glare, and mumbled “Deucalion”.

Derek’s body seemed to be frozen after those words, and Stiles didn’t know what to do so..
“Don’t worry. It’s not that bad. He’s dead anyway. An arrow suddenly woosh went right through his head, and yeah I’m here so it’s obvious he didn’t kill me. I mean, like, it doesn’t really hurt that much. It’ll heal in time I guess. I think when I broke my leg in eighth grade it hurt far worse. At least that’s how I remember it. It won’t kill me, right?’

After those last words he finally looked up from his ramblings to see everyone looking at him with worried looks. He let his hand fall from his neck, and gave a defeated look at his pack.

He didn’t have time to tell everyone he was fine before he was pulled in for a hug by Derek. One by one the others joined the hug. Stiles just kept mumbling that he was okay, that it was fine.