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Our Goddess Returns

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She's unsure how long she's been here. Days? Weeks? Months? Heavens above forbid years? She doesn't know anymore.

Had she done what they accused her of? Maybe, it was possible, but she can't recall.

Her mind felt fractured, like an ice sculpture taken and smashed onto the ground. Some pieces broke off but otherwise it was just cracked.

The room she was confined in was dark and cold, but the cold never bothered her. What bothered her was the clamps and chains on her hands and wrists. Blue runic scribbles kept her powers subdued.

She had one window, it was slender and had metal reinforcement on them so she couldn't get out. It looked out over the courtyard of the castle. It was a long drop from her tower and she couldn't help but wonder why they put her up high when normal prison cells were kept down below in the belly of the castle.

Maybe it was to limit her from others. No one would even know she was there.

She can't remember much even before being trapped here.

Has it been that long?

The only thing she can remember from before this dark oppressive cell was a white snowy mountain. Home, her heart said. She missed home.

Why would she have attacked a village? Why would she have caused the destruction they claimed she did? It doesn't make sense, but then again she can't remember much.

Why couldn't she remember?

Her head throbbed with pain making her lay down and curl up into herself. Closing her eyes she let herself drift.

She dreamt of being free, being able to escape and go back home. Go back to being alone. Yes she was alone now, but it was different. She wanted to be alone on her terms.

Sleep didn't last long, it never did, but when she sat back up, her headache thankfully gone, it was dark outside. Night had fallen and so had snow.

She moved as best she could to look out the window. Everything was covered in snow and faint flakes were still falling. She could just barely make out the lights of the town beyond the walls of the closest village.

Down below in the courtyard she saw one person. She couldn't make out who they were, but they were busy pacing. A bit of a ditch where they had been walking, she assumes since the snow started to fall.

She wonders who it is, but just sighs and sits down on the cold stone floor. It didn't matter. For all she knew they had forgotten about her mostly. She hasn't seen a person in what felt like months.

Doesn't matter, she doesn't need to eat. She never had the need to eat. She feels like she would be stuck in here even after everyone was long gone. Like some twisted everlasting frozen hell of her own.

She didn't care anymore. She stopped being able to care long ago.

She guesses she's been here for years. It made sense, she's seen winter come and go numerous times. Time had started to lose all meaning to her.

Her head slumped forward and she could feel sleep take her once more as a storm brewed outside. It always seemed to calm her.

An odd sensation jolts her awake. Faces stared at her from the open door behind them and one of her hands was free. As her heart pounded in her chest she flicked her hand as she jumped up. Screams filled the room as three men were impaled by ice spikes and more were starting to protrude from the walls and floor.

"We mean you no harm!"

She blinks and pants as she looks to the female to her side, holding the thing that trapped her hand mere moments ago.

She was still half awake when something sharp pierced her shoulder, pinning her to the stone wall. She screamed and gripped the spear, ice rapidly freezing over it till it froze over the man's hands and up his arm. He cursed and yelled, but couldn't move as the ice kept him frozen.

"No! Stop! The more you scare her the worse it gets!" The woman yelled again. She panted and whimpered as the spear broke where she was gripping it.

Blood dripped down from the wound as the tip was still firmly placed in her shoulder, but it too quickly froze, stopping it from worsening. The woman held up a hand in front of another man who held a sword.

"In the name of your Queen I said stop!" The woman yelled, more angry this time. The men left all took a step back, not looking too happy.

"My deepest apologies, we weren't sure what we would find," the woman said and she frowned at them. She wanted to speak but her voice no longer worked.

The woman gripped the broken spear in her shoulder and tugged it out, making her scream in pain once more before slumping forward onto her knees.

"I am so sorry," the woman said and knelt beside her. She glared at her, trying to understand what was happening.

"How long have you been here?" The woman asked as she looked around then at the metal shackle she held, "runes aren't supposed to fade like this," she said more to herself before taking the other shackle and removing it.

"Someone please get the doctor!" The woman yelled, "and for goodness sake get this woman a blanket!"

She felt overwhelmed with all these new faces and the flood of her powers racing back to her. It had been so long since she used them that she felt faint. Her eyes swam and went dark as the woman said something else. She never got to hear what it was.

She jolted upright once more as her senses came back to her. It took a moment but she found herself on a comfortable bed with warm furs and fabrics. It felt foreign but oh so good on her aching body.

"Ah you're awake, good I nearly thought we killed you," the woman from before said to her side.

She tried speaking again but found her throat dry and scratchy. The woman offered her a drink and she swallowed it. Not for the need to hydrate but to add some lubrication to her throat.

"Who…you?" Was all she managed to get out of the sentence she was trying to say.

"I'm Queen Anna of Arendelle," the redhead said softly. She frowned and looked down.

No, she swears there was a different queen in charge. How long has it truly been?

"How did you…find me?" She said after taking some time to let the words form.

"I was going over the plans for the castle and there was nothing said about the tower you were in so…I investigated it," Anna said softly. The redhead frowned and looked away for a moment.

"I found no records of you, who are you? How long have you been there?" Anna asked and the woman rubbed her head. She saw that the shackles had left marks on her wrists and she fears they will never heal.

"Elsa, I…don't know how long," She said, feeling relieved that the speech was returning to her.

"What is the last you can remember?" Anna asked as she leaned closer.

"I…was taken for…something I did not do, destroying a village," Elsa said, trying to make sense of the jumbled mess that was her mind.

"Interesting, the only case of something like that I found was old," Anna said, more to herself.

"I don't remember doing it…I don't know why I would…do it," Elsa tried to explain. She felt constricted.

"You'd think someone would have made a note somewhere of a woman with the power of ice," Anna sighed and sat back in her chair.

"King…Runeard, he…he imprisoned me," Elsa said as she rubbed her head. Anna perked up and frowned.

"My grandfather?" Anna said and Elsa frowned. How long had she been trapped? How many years had she missed of her life?

Elsa covered her face with her hands as a wave of pain shot through her head once more. Anna gasped beside her and she forced herself to look up. Ice was starting to grow over the walls and spikes were starting to protrude.

Elsa tried calming herself down and most of the ice melted away, but a light snow was falling inside the room. She tried harder but it only made it worse. Anna moved from her seat and grabbed a blanket before throwing it over the woman.

The sudden feel of warmth and weight on her back and shoulders made Elsa relax her shoulders and the snowfall stopped. The fur blanket was comforting and she felt herself pulling it tighter over herself.

"Where are you from?" Anna asked once the ice and snow had melted away.

"Northaldra," Elsa found herself saying without thinking. Was that right? She remembered it was north somewhere. Anna seemed to perk like she knew the place.

"Past Northaldra, m…my home it's called Ahtohallan," Elsa said once she cleared her head some more.

"I've never heard of that place," Anna said, a bit of awe in her voice.

"I want to go home," Elsa said as she curled up more and Anna's face fell.

"Of course you do, I am so sorry, I would like to make things up to you, how my grandfather treated you was inhumane," Anna said softly before standing.

"The doctor said you should rest and recover before venturing out, I will get things ready to take you home while you recover," Anna said, sounding more like a queen than just a girl who was curious.

"Thank you," Elsa said softly and found herself laying down on the bed. She was tired.

Elsa tried to sleep, but she felt plagued. Faint whispers she could not make out whirled around her ears, like she was being called. Her black vision from closed eyes showed people running and screaming. It was all blurry and faint, like a forgotten memory.

Then she heard it.

A call.

A sound like someone was calling to a bird or creature.

A soothing yet high pitched call.

It did call to her, made her get up and walk to the balcony that was in the room she was in.

Once she threw open the door, she felt a cold wind caress her face and tug at her hair. The sound calling louder, stronger.

But all she could see was the fjord. The waters deathly calm and black like an abyss in the night sky.

Elsa felt uneasy.

Something was wrong.

Elsa looked to her hands and saw the swirls and sparks of snowflakes swirl them. Something was really wrong, she can feel it. With a grunt and a wave she used some of that pent up and unused magic to fashion herself a dress to feel more comfortable. It was an icy blue fashioned out of ice and snow. The cold felt nice and comforting, but that did not take her unease away.

She just needs to hold out till she can return to her home.