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I'll Always Find You

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Magnus hums a tune quietly under his breath as he pushes the break room door open, readjusting the heavy duffle bag hanging from his shoulder as he enters the room, the start of his shift steadily creeping closer. His breath hitches, concern twisting in his gut as he spots a figure slumped against a wall of lockers, the man's long legs sprawled outwards as he slouches against the cold, unforgiving metal, large dark purple circles making his pale complexion look sickly. 


Magnus crouches carefully beside the man, tentatively reaching out to jostle his shoulder gently, a pair of hazel eyes fluttering open reluctantly, the stranger blinking up at him blearily. "You okay, darling?" Magnus inquires softly, his deep voice a pleasant rumble as he draws the young man back to full consciousness, a pang of guilt swirling in his stomach as he takes in the strangers exhausted features. 


Alec blinks in rapid succession, his eyes widening as he jolts upright, wincing as his back throbs angrily, pins and needles tingling in his long legs, "s-sorry" he stutters out, his gaze flickering nervously around the break room, sighing in relief when he finds the room otherwise empty. He rakes a large hand through his dark, further ruffling the messy strands, his cheeks flushing as he meets the Asian man's warm brown eyes, a soft smile curling at the man's glossy lips. 


"Nonsense darling", Magnus waves dismissively, his smile brightening as the younger man looks up at him with furrowed brows, his unique hazel eyes still heavy with fatigue. "I'm Magnus", he introduces, his dainty hand outstretched in greeting, biting back a chuckle as the younger man eyes the appendage dubiously, a small curl of anxiety lingering in his stomach as he catches the way the strangers eyes linger on Magnus' vibrantly painted nails. 


Alec clears his throat nervously, tearing his gaze from the Asain man's glitter speckled nails, his large hand curling tentatively around Magnus' "Alec", he grumbles, his deep voice thick with sleep, tinging it with hoarseness, "I-I - uh I should-" he stutters, his cheeks heating as he meets Magnus' gaze, his eyes raking over the older mans striking features. 


"Go?" Magnus supplies, his musical voice lilting with amusement, a bright gleam in his brown iris' as he holds the younger man's gaze, smirking softly as Alec ducks his head shyly with an affirmative hum. "Well, I don't want to keep you," Magnus drawls, idly brushing off his pants as he stands, holding his hand out in offering to the younger man, smiling warmly as Alec gingerly slips his large hand in Magnus', his palm warm as the Asian man helps him to his feet with ease. 


Alec shifts nervously, overly aware of the other man's heavy gaze on him, a curious glint in Magnus' eyes as he observes the younger man, "uh- t-thank you," Alec offers, scratching anxiously at his nape, an action that doesn't go unnoticed by Magnus. 


Magnus waves him off dismissively, his smile warm as he watches Alec, "get some rest, darling", Magnus drawls, a teasing edge to his voice as he flashes the younger man a playful wink, Alec's gaze straying unbidden to the thin line of kohl enhancing the brightness of his honey brown eyes. 


Alec reaches into a locker with practised movements, slinging a backpack over his shoulder "uh y-yeah, bye," he rushes out brusquely, averting his gaze from the Asian man's as he turns to leave. Magnus smiles brightly as he watches the younger man shuffle towards the door, amusement dancing in his eyes as Alec narrowly avoids tripping over a bench, his body still heavy with exhaustion.


"Goodby Alexander", Magnus drawls, his words accompanied by the sharp screech of his locker opening, the older man quirking a brow questioningly as Alec hesitates by the door, his knuckles white as he grips the handle. 


Alec casts Magnus a glance over his shoulder, his gaze raking over the man assessingly, a sharpness to his tired eyes, "no one calls me that", he grumbles, a bitter edge colouring his tone. 


"Sorry I -" Magnus starts, an apologetic smile twisting at his lips, their glossy shin sparkling beneath the bright hospital lighting. 


" You  can", Alec interrupts, halting Magnus' apology abruptly, the older man's eyes widening in surprise as he holds Alec's gaze, "I don't mind the way you say it", he confesses quietly, shrugging his shoulders helplessly, a small, private smile twitching at the corners of his lips as he breezes out of the room. 


Magnus stands rooted to the spot, staring after the younger man slack-jawed, the dull thud of the door swinging shut bringing him back to his senses, the Asian man chuckling breathlessly as he shakes his head, thoughts of the dark-haired stranger plaguing him as he goes about preparing for his shift. 




Magnus idly fiddles with his keys, his shoes clicking against the pristine white tiles as he ambles down the sterile hall, his movements halting abruptly as a quiet sniffle reaches his ears, the Asian man glancing around himself, seeking out where the noise is originating from. His sharp gaze lingers on a non-descript door left ajar, quietly padding closer, the heart-wrenching sniffles getting louder as he approaches. 


"Hello?" Magnus calls softly as he pokes his head around the door, his eyes widening in surprise as he catches sight of a familiar figure slumped against a tall shelf, a strange sense of deja vu overcoming him. "Alexander?" he breathes out thickly, concern knotting in his stomach as he pushes into the room, the door clicking shut behind him as he crouches down in front of the younger man, his heart lurching as red-rimmed hazel eyes snap up to meet his. 


Alec groans, embarrassment curling in his gut as he buries his tear-streaked face in his hands, "God can this day get any worse" he croaks, a venomous edge to his voice that leaves Magnus momentarily speechless. 


Magnus clears his throat, shifting uncomfortably. "I can go-" he starts tentatively, reluctant to leave the visibly distressed younger man, emotions warring in his mind as he mentally debates the best course of action. 


Alec sighs wearily, dropping his head back with an audible thump that has Magnus wincing sympathetically, "I'm sorry - " Alec starts stiltedly, gazing up at the drab ceiling unseeingly, "I didn't mean it like that", he huffs, a wry smile twisting at his chapped lips as he rolls his head to the side meeting Magnus' gaze, trepidation clear in the older man's conflicted gaze. 


Magnus' lips purse in a thoughtful frown, the older man dropping to sit in front of Alec, the younger man's long legs bracketing him as they lay outstretched, "would you like to talk about it?" he inquires cautiously, raking his gaze over Alec assessingly, instinctively snapping into his role as the hospitals head mental health specialist. 


Alec scoffs, casting Magnus a dry glare, his lips pursed in a scowl, "don't do that", he grumbles, crossing his arms over his chest defensively, not missing the way Magnus' intelligent gaze catalogues his every subtle movement. 


Magnus cocks his head to the side, a confused furrow between his brows "don't do what?" he questions slowly, his deep voice dragging the syllables out as he eyes Alec inquisitively. 


Alec rolls his eyes, glaring at the older man incredulously, "I can see you psychoanalysing me-" he rumbles, a low growl to his voice, his displeasure palpable in the small room, "don't", he bites out, pinning the older man with a stern glare. 


Magnus grimaces, raising his hands placatingly as he crosses his legs beneath himself, offering the younger man a sheepish smile, "I apologise, Alexander, it's a rather instinctive habit, I'm afraid", he confesses regretfully, his dejected tone causing guilt to pool in Alec's stomach. "Look, I understand you may not want  me  here; I'm aware we're practically strangers", Magnus sighs, studiously avoiding meeting Alec's gaze "but I don't feel comfortable leaving you alone like this," he continues with a wince, "is there someone I could get for you? Someone you'd feel more comfortable with?" finally letting his gaze stray back to Alec, finding the man's hazel eyes already trained on him.


"Magnus, I'm sorry-" Alec starts, his features pinched with guilt as he gazes at the older man. 


Magnus huffs, shaking his head dismissively, "Alexander, please don't apologise; you have absolutely nothing to be sorry for" he cuts the younger man off, his earnest tone soft as he addresses Alec. "Now, who would you like me to call for you?" Magnus voices, swiftly changing the conversation as he braces his hands against the cold floor, moving to stand.  


Alec reaches out instinctively, Magnus' startled eyes snapping up to meet Alec's as his pale finger curl around the older man's tanned wrist, halting his movements. "My uh- my mums Maryse Lightwood," Alec breathes out stiltedly, his gaze downcast, a wry smile tugging at his lips as he hears Magnus' audible gasp, his grip loosening on the older man's wrist as he feels Magnus settle back in his previous position, overly aware of the Asian man's heavy gaze on him.  


"Alexander, you don't have to-" 


Alec waves a hand, cutting the older man off as he raises his gaze to Magnus', his eyes still ringed with red from his earlier tears, "I won't bore you with the details," Alec chuckles sardonically, Magnus pursing his lips as he remains carefully silent, listening attentively to the younger man. "I'm no stranger to unwanted psychoanalysis, is what I'm trying to get at", he sighs wearily, a resentful edge to his voice as he explains. "I'm sorry for snapping at you; I know better than most you can't switch it off, so I'm sorry", Alec apologises earnestly, resolutely holding Magnus' gaze, watching as emotions flicker through the man's iris' in rapid succession. 


Magnus lets the silence settle over them for a moment as he collects his thoughts, his heart aching for the younger man, "that must've been difficult," he finally rumbles, the statement visibly startling Alec as the dark-haired man's brows pinch in confusion. 


Alec breathes out shakily, tearing his gaze from Magnus', shifting under the older man's scrutiny, "aren't you going to tell me how incredible she is? How lucky I am to have the country's leading psychologist as a mother?" Alec muses bitterly, a steely edge to his guarded hazel iris' as he quirks a challenging brow. 


Magnus reaches out cautiously, grazing his fingertips tenderly across the back of Alec's hand, the younger man's breath hitching in response, "while your mother's resume is no doubt impressive, it's you I'm concerned about, darling," Magnus breathes out softly, reluctantly drawing his hand away from the younger man.


"I'm not one of your patients", Alec bites out gruffly, crossing his arms over his chest defensively as he eyes Magnus sceptically, the older man barely batting an eyelid at his cold demeanour as he holds Alec's gaze unflinchingly. 


Magnus sighs softly, "I'm not here in an official capacity Alec; I'm here because I heard you crying and I was worried", he voices patiently. " If you'd like to talk about it, I'm here; if not, we can sit in silence until you feel better, whatever you need, darling", Magnus assures the younger man, fighting down the almost overwhelming urge to reach out to Alec, his fingertips itching to graze tenderly across the sharp ridge of his cheekbone. 


Alec exhales shakily, ducking his head, "I don't know what I need", he croaks, Magnus' heart aching as he inches closer to the younger man, "I-I know in this job some days are hard b-but I just - how do I cope?" he chokes out, a sob rising in his throat, "I'm supposed to help people but - I-I can't save everyone, how do I deal with that?" Alec sobs brokenly, his eyes shining wetly as he gazes up at Magnus imploringly, silent tears spilling down his cheeks


"Oh, Alexander", Magnus breathes out, unable to help himself as his ringed hands curl around the younger man's soft cheeks gingerly, the metal bands cold against his flushed skin as Magnus' gaze searches Alec's, the older man brushing the moisture from his lower lashes, Alec's eyes fluttering shut as he exhales shakily. "I wish I had an answer for you," he mumbles sadly, his chest constricting as his gaze trails over the younger man's heartbreaking expression, "I wish I could tell you something to make it better, darling, I really do", he rasps. 


Alec hiccups quietly, instinctively nuzzling into the older man's palm, seeking comfort in Magnus' tender hold, as fresh tears spill down his cheeks, beads of moisture clinging to his lashes as his eyes blink open, gazing up at the older man. Magnus sucks his bottom lip between his teeth, nipping at the silky flesh nervously as he tentatively curls his arms around Alec's neck, swallowing harshly as he draws the younger man to his chest, his long fingers tangling in the short hairs dusting Alec's nape. 


Alec's breath stutters, his heart jumping in his chest as he grips the back of Magnus' scrubs in white-knuckled fists, sucking in a deep lungful of the older mans soothing sandalwood scent as he buries his face in the crook of the Asian man's neck, hot tears pooling in the delicate curve. "Shh, I've got you, darling", Magnus coos comfortingly, his long fingers gently carding through Alec's soft hair, his knuckles grazing the younger man's nape with each movement, Alec's frame shaking with muffled sobs as he sinks into Magnus' embrace. 


After an indeterminable amount of time, Alec reluctantly pulls himself from Magnus' hold, his broken sobs quietening to sniffles as he drops his hands into his lap, ducking his head shyly as he avoids the older man's gaze. "I-I uh I should go", Alec rushes out, hurriedly collecting himself as he furiously wipes at his wet cheeks, erasing the wet trails staining his porcelain skin, clearing his throat thickly as he sucks in a steadying breath. 




"I'll see you around, uh - t-thanks", he stutters out, pushing up to his feet without preamble, Magnus sighing heavily as he follows in the younger man's steed. 


Magnus curls his fingers around Alec's shoulder, the gentle touch stilling the younger man, Alec finally raising his gaze to Magnus' "Alexander, there's nothing to be embarrassed about", the older man assures. He keeps his expression carefully neutral as Alec shrugs off his grasp, "take care of yourself, Alec", Magnus sighs, his tone cordial as he brushes past the younger man, desperately fighting the urge to glance at Alec over his shoulder. 


Alec breathes out shakily, dropping his forehead against the doorframe with a wince, mentally berating himself for being so distant towards the older man, groaning as the shrill beep of his pager breaks him from his self-deprecating thoughts. 



Alec catches sight of a familiar figure breezing into the cafeteria with purposeful strides, his gaze instinctively raking over Magnus' frame appreciatively, the man no less breathtaking than the previous times they've met. "Ooh, is that him, is that Magnus?" His sister's excitable voice sounds from beside him, her eyes alight with mischief as they stray to Magnus, a devilish smile curving at her lips. 


"Whatever you're thinking, don't", Alec growls warningly, casting his sister an icy glare, scowling as Isabelle's smile brightens in response, a gleam in her eye that promises nothing but trouble. 


"Magnus", Izzy shouts across the cafeteria, Alec's wide, horrified eyes meeting Magnus' as the older man turns to face their table, the younger man's cheeks flushing as he turns to his sister with a menacing glare.  


"What the hell, Iz", Alec exclaims, throwing his hands up in frustration, his gaze furious as he settles the young woman with a withering glare, Izzy muffling a chuckle in her palm.


"Sorry, Hermano", she shrugs, Alec rolling his eyes in exasperation at the blatant insincerity in her joyful tone, his heart racing as she glances over his shoulder with a bright grin, Alec swallowing harshly as he tries not to shrink in on himself as he catches a hint of sandalwood. 


"Alexander", Magnus' deep, musical voice drawls in greeting, the older man smiling brightly as Alec turns to face him stiltedly, his pale cheeks flushed a delicate pink. "I'm Magnus, although you clearly already know that", he chuckles, his gaze flickering to the young, dark-haired woman at Alec's side as he introduces himself, a brief flare of jealousy curling in his stomach as he glances between the duo. 


"Isabelle", she offers in response, her voice light and bright as she waves enthusiastically in greeting, "my brother mentioned you were gorgeous, but I must say he didn't do you justice", Izzy exclaims. Magnus smirks as he catches a glimpse of mischief dancing in her eyes, their warm brown shades darker the Alec's, her sharp features now visibly appearing familiar as he eyes the duo, their similarities unquestionable. 


"Isabelle", Alec squawks reprimandingly, scowling as she rolls her eyes, flashing Alec a grin as she spears a piece of chicken with her fork, flashing Magnus a wink that has the older man chuckling at the duo's interaction. 


"I must say pretty boy, I'm rather delighted to know you think I'm gorgeous," Magnus purrs, his body all elegant, sinuous movements as he drops into the seat beside the younger man, his gaze heavy as it rakes over Alec's frame in shameless appreciation. 


Alec gapes at Magnus as the older man blatantly checks him out, his cheeks flushing vibrantly beneath the man's scrutiny, "Izzy, you didn't," Alec bites out as his gaze lands on a familiar head of blonde hair bounding towards him. Magnus quirks a curious brow, following Alec's line of sight, spotting a broad-shouldered blonde tearing through the cafeteria purposefully, a bright grin splitting his lips. 


"Whose the hottie" Jace exclaims as he approaches the table, a teasing lilt to his voice as he faces Magnus, dropping into a chair opposite Alec, settling his sibling with a smarmy grin. 


Alec rolls his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest as he glares at Jace "god pleases, just leave", he groans, his flush darkening as he studiously avoids glancing at Magnus, despite feeling the man's heavy gaze on him. 


Jace scoffs, turning his attention fully to Magnus, "I'm Jace, the better-looking sibling", the blonde rumbles confidently, flashing Magnus a wink, the older man quirking an incredulous brow as he eyes the blonde dubiously. 


"Hm, I'd say that's a matter of perspective, dear", Magnus hums dismissively, waving a ringed hand, his lips pursing as he bites back a laugh at the blonde's affronted expression. 


Alec inhales sharply, choking on his water, his cheeks turning a vibrant red as he splutters, Magnus abruptly turning to face him, the older man patting him on the back vigorously as he chokes. "I-I'm fine", Alec croaks, wiping the moisture from his lips with the back of his hand as he flashes Magnus a small grateful smile, the older man returning it promptly, his warm eyes crinkling in amusement. 


"You're going to fit in, great Magnus", Izzy chuckles approvingly, smiling brightly as she digs into her lunch, Jace scoffing as he crosses his arms over his chest, scowling at his sister, Alec rolling his eyes as the duo wide each other up non verbally, pulling irritating faces at each other over the table. 


"Pack it in", Alec grumbles warningly, glaring at his siblings, a swell of warmth rising in Magnus' chest as he observes the trio fondly. "Don't", Alec warns, scowling as Jace opens his mouth to speak, a worrying gleam in the blonde's eyes as he grins at Alec. 


Jace braces his elbows on the table as he leans forwards, Magnus' brows pinching in confusion as he glances at the blonde, "so you're the Magnus our brother cried all over?" Jace presses, ignoring Alec's glare as the younger man huffs in irritation. 


"Not cool, Jace", Izzy grumbles, flinging a piece of chicken at the blonde across the table, Jace rolling his eyes as he slumps back in the chair, "Alec-" she starts, her mouth abruptly snapping shut as Alec holds a hand up, avoiding everyone's gazes. 


"On that note", Alec bites out, his tone unusually clipped as he pushes away from the table, ignoring the three heavy gazes he can feel on him, his head bowed as embarrassment curls in his stomach. 


Magnus shoots a cold glare at the blonde as Alec strides away from the table with hunched shoulders, his back stiff with tension, "Alec- Alexander," Magnus calls after him, watching as the younger man briefly hesitates, his pace slowing before he shakes his head dismissively, practically running out of the room. "You're an arse", Magnus hisses bluntly as he stands from the table glaring at Jace, "it was a pleasure to meet you, Isabelle", he bids with a pleasant smile, a distant gleam in his eyes as they stray to where Alec had been, the older man swiftly retreating from the cafeteria, thoughts of Alec heavy in his mind. 




Alec braces his forehead against the wall, the rough brick exterior grazing the clammy flesh, the icy winter winds whipping around him, the cold air biting at his pink cheeks as he breathes heavily, his chest uncomfortably tight as he gasps for breath, the task seemingly impossible, his thoughts spiralling out of his control. 


Alec jerks around abruptly as a hand rests tentatively between his shoulder blades, his wild hazel eyes meeting Magnus', the older man's brow furrowed in concern, Alec's eyes falling to his lips as he speaks, unable to make out the words as his ears ring loudly, his breaths spilling from his lips in harsh, uncontrolled huffs. 


"Alexander", Magnus calls softly, eyeing the younger man worriedly, his lips pursed in a frown as Alec staggers backwards, his back colliding with the wall harshly as he slumps against it breathing raggedly, Magnus swallows thickly, gingerly closing the distance between them, as he whispers reassurances soothingly. 


"I-I can't - I can't breathe", Alec chokes out, his arms flailing as he staggers towards Magnus, his eyes unfocused, his vision obscured by black spots as he draws closer to the older man. "M-my heart it's racing", he rasps, his chest heaving frantically as he takes clumsy steps forward, sagging in relief as Magnus surges towards him, his strong arms capturing his waist as his knees buckle, the older man gently guiding them to the ground, ignoring the cold seeping through his jeans as he pulls Alec into his lap. 


Magnus' chest constricts as he watches the younger man struggle for breath, Alec squeezing his eyes shut as he curls up in Magnus' arms, sweat beading at his temples, causing the dark hairs there to curl slightly. "I know darling, I know, I've got you you're safe", Magnus rumbles softly, carding his hands through the dark strands of Alec's hair, holding the younger man protectively against his chest. "It's going to pass okay, I promise it's going to pass", he urges reassuringly, rubbing soothing circles into Alec's back as the younger man slumps in his hold, burying his face in the crook of Magnus' neck, wrapping himself in the older mans subtle, woody scent as he clings to the Asian man's chest. 


Alec feels clarity slowly seeping back into his mind, his body trembling as he finally begins to register the cold air seeping through his thin scrubs, the only reprieve the warmth of Magnus' body beneath him. "God, I'm sorry", Alec croaks, resting his forehead against the older man's collarbone as his breaths begin to even out, the soft press of Magnus fingertips drawing lazy circles against his back keeping him grounded, calming his turbulent thoughts. "I wish you'd stop finding me in these fucking states", Alec growls, the overwhelming anxiety being steadily replaced with anger as the hopelessness, the lack of control swells inside him.


Magnus tuts sharply, gripping Alec's chin between his fingers firmly, tilting the younger man's head back, urging Alec to meet his gaze, "don't say that", Magnus chides sternly, his intense gaze unwavering as it keeps Alec pinned in place, "I hope I find you every time, Alexander", he breathes out, unable to stop himself from tenderly grazing the pad of his thumb across Alec's cheekbone. 


"W-why?" Alec rasps, his tongue darting out to wet his lips nervously, unable to tear his gaze from Magnus', wholly captivated by the older man, his heart slowing to a steady, rhythmic beat as he lays comfortably in Magnus' arms, pressed against the mans surprisingly muscular chest. 


"I'm not sure now's the best time to be diving into that darling", Magnus voices apologetically, a soft smile curling at his lips as he stares down at the younger man, Alec's breath hitching as Magnus' lips brush his forehead in a sweet, chaste kiss. "I need to get ready for my shift", Magnus breathes out reluctantly, his arms tightening around Alec's slender frame instinctively, "are you going to be alright?" he questions softly, tenderly brushing aside fallen strands of dark hair from Alec's forehead, his rings glinting beneath the rays of the setting sun. 


Alec's lips twitch up into a warm smile unbidden as he hums contently, the older man's presence settling his racing mind and constant hypervigilance. "I'll be fine", he assures Magnus, ducking his head as the older man raises a brow, eyeing him dubiously; Alec reaches out instinctually, his fingers curling around Magnus' nape, surprise flickering briefly in the older man's eyes, unused to Alec initiating physicality between them. "You have nothing to worry about", Alec promises, swallowing thickly as his eyes momentarily drop to the older man's parted lips, overly aware of their proximity as he feels Magnus' hot breaths puffing against his lips. 


Magnus squeezes his eyes shut, exhaling shakily as his fingers curl into fists around the back of Alec's scrubs, the air between them crackling with tension, "I should go", he rasps, a hoarse edge to his deep voice that has goosebumps breaking out across Alec's skin, the younger man shivering in his lap. 


"Y-yeah", Alec croaks, Magnus' eyes falling to the soft glide of his pink tongue as he wets his lips, his heart stuttering as the older man's hands fall to his waist in a loose hold, "I uh - I should get up" Alec announces, his voice barely more than a whisper.


"Yeah", Magnus breathes out, his forehead falling to Alec's, the younger man swallowing thickly as Magnus' fingertips gently graze beneath the thin material of his scrubs, tracing lazy patterns into the soft flesh of his hips "yeah, you should" he continues hoarsely, Alec pulse jumping as Magnus' darkened eyes flicker to meet his. 


"Alec?" A familiar voice calls questioningly, Alec jerking away from Magnus abruptly at the sound of his name, his cheeks flushing a vibrant red as he falls out of the older man's lap, groaning as he hits the floor, Magnus hovering above him in an instant with wide eyes. 


"Simon", Alec huffs, annoyance tinging his voice as he blinks up at the spectacled man standing above him with a sheepish smile, "what the hell are you doing here, Si?" Alec grumbles, offering Magnus a warm smile as the older man helps him to his feet. Simon ignores Alec's question; his awestruck gaze fixed on Magnus, the older man staring back at him curiously, a furrow between his brows, "no Si - don't Si, please don't" Alec groans, burying his face in his hands as he waits for the inevitable to happen. 


"Oh my god - Alec - Alec, it's Magnus Bane", Simon rushes out, his wide eyes snapping to his friend, a large, excited grin splitting his lips, "am I dreaming again? I am, aren't I?" Simon babbles, his wide eyes flickering between Alec and Magnus rapidly. 


"Do you dream of me often?" Magnus chuckles, a teasing edge to his voice, as he eyes the newcomer assessingly, warmth swelling in his chest as Alec groans long sufferingly. 


"All the time", Simon breathes out dreamily, earning a choked breath from Alec as he elbows Simon in the ribs, "oh god that was creepy, totally creepy, not like that" Simon rushes out, his hands raised placatingly, "that's how Alec dreams about you" he tacks on mindlessly, his eyes widening in horror as the words slip past his lips, his gaze snapping to his vibrantly flushing friend. 


"Simon, please shut up", Alec grits out, ducking his head shyly as he avoids Magnus' gaze, feeling the man's questioning eyes on him, "don't you have to get ready for work?" Alec breathes out, steeling his nerves as he forces himself to meet Magnus' wide eyes, the older man seeming unusually off-kilter. 


"I do, yeah", Magnus offers dazedly, his mind clouded with thoughts of Alec, Simons words playing on repeat in his head."It was uh certainly  interesting  meeting you, Simon," Magnus bids before turning his attention to Alec, the younger man blushing vibrantly as their gazes meet, "I'll see you around Alexander", Magnus purrs, flashing him a wink as he spins on his heels, Alec's breath catching in his throat as his eyes dip to the purposeful sway of Magnus' hips as he walks away. 




Alec sighs tiredly as he pushes into the break room, rolling his neck as the tension in his muscles slowly aches, his body heavy with fatigue after an exhausting shift. A squeak escapes his lips as he rounds the corner, his mouth hanging open as his wide eyes land on Magnus, the older man smiling warmly as he spots Alec. 


"Alexander", he chirps happily in greeting, Alec's cheeks flushing pink as he averts his gaze from Magnus' body, a towel slung precariously low on the older man's hips, stray beads of moisture dripping down his damp torso, his wet hair resting messily against his forehead. 


Alec swallows thickly, his heart hammering beneath his ribs, "M-Magnus", he croaks hoarsely, the tension steadily brewing in the air becoming palpable as Magnus closes the distance between them, leaning casually against the wall beside Alec. 


"Long shift, darling? You look tense," Magnus purrs, heat burning in his dark eyes as Alec finally meets his gaze, Magnus' eyes following the bob of his adams apple as he swallows harshly. The younger man sways closer to Magnus instinctually, his eyes falling to the older man's impressively defined torso, his mouth feeling suddenly dry as he openly admires Magnus' physique. 


"Uh yeah", Alec responds ineloquently, a knowing smirk tugging at Magnus' lips as Alec's eyes snap back to his guiltily; Magnus tips his head back to rest against the wall, the movement exposing his long neck to Alec's hungry eyes the younger man stepping into Magnus' space without thought "Magnus" he croaks, his breath hitching as the older man's molten gaze meets his. 


"I had intended to take you on a date first, but Alexander, you are truly irresistible", Magnus drawls, tangling his fingers in the hairs dusting Alec's nape, drawing the younger man impossibly closer, Alec bracketing him against the wall, his plush lips hovering above Magnus'. 


Alec licks his lips nervously, his gaze falling to the soft swell of Magnus' mouth, "I've uh - I've never-" he stammers anxiously, his cheeks flushing as he presses his forehead to Magnus' squeezing his eyes shut as he exhales shakily. 


Affection swells in Magnus' chest as he presses his finger to the younger man's lips, effectively silencing him, Alec's hazel eyes meeting his, "I understand, darling", Magnus assures him, offering Alec a soft smile, "if you're not ready, that's okay, I'd be honoured to be your first kiss when you feel ready" he voices softly, toying with the soft hairs at Alec's nape absentmindedly. 


Alec melts under Magnus' soft touch, overly aware of the older man's state of undress, "I am I just uh - I don't know how to -" he stammers, his cheeks heating as his gaze flickers to Magnus' parted lips, anticipation curling in his stomach, the air between them rife with building tension.  


Magnus cups Alec's cheeks, searching the younger man's gaze intently, "you're sure?" he presses, smiling warmly when Alec nods, his mouth parted on quiet pants as his heart races. Magnus closes the distance tentatively, his hot breaths grazing Alec's lips as he draws closer, the younger man's breath hitching as Magnus' lips capture his in a chaste kiss, Alec's hands curling around his neck as he attempts to pull away, dragging the older man back in. 


Magnus hums against Alec's lips, pleasantly surprised as the younger licks at his bottom lip, Magnus' lips parting readily beneath the motion, his breath catching in his throat as Alec's tongue tentatively explores the heat of his mouth with a surprising amount of ease, his long fingers curling around Magnus' hips as he pulls the older man flush against his body. 


Magnus groans deeply, Alec gasping into the kiss as he flips their position effortlessly, pressing Alec into the wall, his body a firm line of warmth against Alec's as he pins the younger man, his teeth gently nipping at the soft swell of Alec's bottom lip, the younger mans quiet, breathy whimper muffled by Magnus' mouth. Alec rolls his hips instinctively, a sizeable bulge tenting the crotch of his jeans, a soft moan spilling from his lips as he grinds against Magnus' firm thigh, the older man cursing hoarsely as he drops his forehead to Alec's shoulder, his length throbbing with desire beneath the flimsy material of his towel. 


"If we carry on, I'm going to ruin you right here", Magnus rumbles hoarsely, his breaths escaping in harsh pants; he pulls back to gaze down at the younger man, his breath catching at the sight beneath him. "Alexander, you are absolutely devastating", he breathes out, a breathy quality to his deep voice as he lets his eyes wander over the younger man; Alec rests against the wall, a thin ring of hazel rimming his darkened iris', his cheeks flushed a delectable shade of pink as he breathes heavily, his chest heaving, his soft swollen lips, turned a bright kiss bitten red. 


Alec whimpers softly, his fingertips trembling as he traces them over the warm skin of Magnus' chest, the older man's eyes fluttering shut at the tentative, explorative touch, "let me take you out", Magnus urges softly, resting his forehead against Alec's unable to resist pressing a chaste kiss to the younger man's lips. 


Alec smiles brightly, his heart fluttering as he gazes up at Magnus, "definitely", he breathes out, cupping the older man's cheeks as he pulls him in for a lingering kiss. Magnus smiles against Alec's mouth as his lips work in tandem with the younger man's, a giddiness filling his chest as he peppers Alec with tender, fleeting kisses, the shared moments filled with promises of a future neither could've predicted.