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Small Horse Girls

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“Okay, so. These are horses, who look like humans?”

Evelyn frowned. “Kind of? They’re humans, but they’re based on the ponies. This is sort of like a canon high-school AU isekai”

Heather frowned. “Evee, I have no idea what most of those words mean.”

“…right. Well, the important thing is that the characters are cute, and the music in the second one is really good. You don’t really need to know the.” Evelyn gestured dismissively. “the ‘lore’ such as it is.”

“I like cute.”

Evelyn muttered something under her breath, but heather couldn’t quite make it out. Evelyn had always been a mutterer, but lately she seemed to do it a bit more.

But Evelyn could keep her secrets for now. Right now Heather had exactly two jobs. One was to watch cartoons, and the other was to keep Evelyn company. The bio-reactor was dis-enngaged, most of the tentacles were stowed, the adrenaline had long since run its course from her blood stream.

Praem was under strict orders not to distrub them unless, quote “the Eye itself knocks on the front door and tries to sell us a fucking vacuum.”

That didn’t even make sense, but Praem had nodded as if it was “we’re out of eggs” and shooed us into Evelyn’s room.

Right off the bat, though, job #1 was in trouble.

“Okay wait, those are definitely horses.”

Evelyn frowned. “Yes, the movie starts off in Equestria.”

“The horse world.”

“Yes. Don’t worry, they’ll go through the portal soon enough.”

“Ah, does this one go to Carcosa too?”

That was supposed to make a joke, but from the weariness in Evelyn’s voice, it didn’t quite land.

“I didn’t like secondary school much, but I don’t think it was quite that bad.”

Heather glanced over at Evelyn, and saw a weak smile on her face. She adjusted her assessment: maybe Evelyn was just weary in general.

Heather gave her companion’s hand a squeeze, and received a sympathetic squeeze in return. She turned her attention back to the movie.

The purple horse was very stressed out, something about recently coming into a lot of responsibility and not being sure if she was up to the task. Heather decided she liked her.

A large horse — or a regular sized pony? Most of the ponies were supposed to be small — showed up after Twilight’s tiara was stolen.

“The evil unicorn is named ‘Sunset Shimmer?’ That sounds kind of similar to ‘Twilight Sparkle.’”

“She’s not evil!” Evelyn snapped, then flushed. “She’s just… misguided. But yes, the names are very similar. The show also has a Starlight Glimmer later on.”

“There’s definitely a naming scheme, huh.”

“Well Rarity doesn’t really fit it, nor does Lyra or Moondancer…” Evelyn began.

Heather learned over and squeezed her hand. “It’s okay, it was just a joke.”

“Right. Yes.”

This time our hands didn’t separate. If Evelyn had noticed their entwined fingers, she didn’t say anything.

The rest of the not-pony pony cast was introduced. The blue fast one reminded Heather a bit of Raine, which she conveyed in between scenes.

“You thought so too, huh? I made her a pegasus in—”

Evelyn cut herself off quickly, turning bright red.

“Sorry? You ‘made’ her?”

“Don’t worry about it. Not important. Never mention it again, in fact.”

Evelyn betrayed herself with a glance at a notebook on her desk, but Heather decided not to push it. She couldn’t handle any more ‘lore’ right now.

As the movie continued on, the two of them settled into more comfortable positions. They’d started off quite pointedly on opposite sides of Evelyn’s bed, but the sink of the bed and their own hands gradually drew them closer to each other. Evelyn’s prosthetic was on the floor, and at some point she started leaning up against Heather for support.

At some point, when Heather looked over to comment on the cafeteria musical number, she noticed Evelyn had dozed off. It was weird to see her asleep looking peaceful, instead of concerned or stressed. Usually she managed to give off a strong “don’t even think about it vibe” even while napping. Here she even had a slight smile on her face, nestled against Heather’s shoulder.

The position wasn’t particularly comfortable for Heather, but that was nothing a tentacle or two couldn’t fix. She buttressed herself against the bed, nestling her closer to Evelyn and turned her attention back to the movie.

Perhaps she’d become a little too comfortable, because the next thing she heard was the squeak of the door opening. Evelyn must’ve heard it too, because she also stirred slightly. Both of them looked in on Raine, who was carrying two steaming mugs of cocoa and had an enormous grin plastered on her face.

Evelyn tried to squirm away, but Heather had wrapped a tentacle around her side in slumber and she was trapped.

Without saying a word, Raine set the mugs on the table in front of them. Then she made a gesture at Evelyn that looked like two hands squishing a beach ball or something. Heather had no idea what it meant, but apparently it was enough to make Evelyn splutter. Raine winked then shut the door behind them.

“What was that all about?” Heather asked, still brushing the cobwebs from her mind.

“It’s… not important. I’m sorry the movie wasn’t that interesting for you. I knew I should’ve picked something else, it’s silly, really, I—”

Heather knew what an Evelyn spiral looked like, and knew it was best to nip them quickly in the bud.

“I wasn’t bored, I promise. I think we should watch this one again sometime. But we’re both exhausted… and I guess you’re comfy.”

Evelyn spluttered again, but instead of replying, she just nestled herself right up against Heather. As the credits rolled and another pop song played, the two of them reached in tandem for their cocoas.

Heather looked over at Evelyn, who was giving her a look she couldn’t quite place, eyes flicking down to look at her nose or something.

“Is… is there cocoa on my face?” She asked.

“No! No it’s… no.” Evelyn went bright red, and quickly changed the subject. “I think the second movie is better, anyway, if you..?”

Heather nodded. “I’ve got nowhere else to be.”

Evelyn pushed a few keys on her laptop, and another, more up-tempo pop song came through the tinny speakers.

As the two of them sipped their cocoa and snuggled against each other, Heather realised she would probably fall asleep again. Somehow, that didn’t seem like the worst thing in the world. Instinctively, she gave Eveleyn’s head a quick nuzzle, prompting a squeak from her right side. And as she feet herself drifting, she muttered,

“Love you Evee.”

“Love you too.”