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Corruption AU Summary

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so it starts with roark and fitzgerald just doing stuff in the underground and fitz finds a weird black and red darkrai statue. (Though the statue looks like darkrai, darkrai themselves arent actually involved in the story. it’s just for looks.) it’s a scary looking statue so roark’s like “i’ll grab it and look at it i dont want you touching that. plus im the boss here”. so he takes it but nothing happens so they’re like “ok it’s just a creepy statue then”

then it suddenly releases a burst of dark smoke that obscures fitz’s vision for a good few seconds. when it clears, roark’s kinda standing there and then he kinda falls to his knees so fitzgerald runs over like “YOU GOOD? BESTIE?” and roark glances at him with the SCARIEST LOOK Fitz has ever seen on him. it’s gone super fast though and he just smiles and says “yeah, i’m fine. i don’t know what happened! anyway we should just go home now bc it’s late. i’ll take the statue home and look at it.” and they part ways and fitz looks at his cranidos, rosie, and goes “something ain’t right but i dont know what so let’s just leave.”

few days pass just fine so the worry fitz had kinda dissipates.

one night fitzgerald is just out walkin and he wanders outside the city without realizing it and is just like “oh oops” but before he could leave he hears a noise that sounds like someone in pain so he goes looking and comes across roark absolutely bloodied. no injuries to be found, just blood. fitz is like “... HUH” and roark’s on the verge of a breakdown and he’s like “I DONT KNOW I DONT REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED. I DONT KNOW WHOSE BLOOD THIS IS. DID I HURT SOMEONE??? H-” and fitz is like “OK CALM DOWN we’ll figure this out”

so he looks around and there’s no injured/dying/dead thing anywhere so that just confuses him more, but he confirms that roark did NOT in fact hurt anyone and he just walks him home but out of the way so people dont start asking questions (he knows his way around the city pretty well and uses a lot of shortcuts. roark’s concerned a tiny bit but brushes it off.) when they get there, roark’s just like “thanks. im gonna get cleaned up and then i just need time alone im sorry.” and ofc fitz asks if he’s sure and when roark confirms he is, he leaves.

fitzgerald heads to work the next day and roark isn’t there, so he assumed he took the day off to cool down.

but he also doesnt show up the next day. or the next. fitz tries to check up on him at home and no one answers.

then one day the mine closes. the workers are reassured that they’re still gonna be paid as the mine is closed bc theyre not monsters.

everyone’s looking for roark by now, including other gym leaders. trainers are turned down at the gym bc there’s no gym leader for them to fight. the search goes on a while until it kinda dies down bc everyone has duties they need to do but they still look when they can.

eventually, fitz is walkin with rosie through town and some guys approach him in an alley he was cutting through and are like “hey you need to come with us.” and fitz is like. “um. this isn’t weird at all. why?” and theyre like “we’re not gonna hurt you or anything, someone just needs to speak to you. you won’t be there long.” so fitz is like “ok fine” bc he doesnt wanna raise a fuss, especially since they seemed nice about it for now .

so they take him to the mines and fitzgerald’s like “ummm this is closed?” but they ignore him and they lead him deep inside and there’s a door? a cool futuristic sliding door? and fitz is like “ok this wasnt here before” and they open it and there’s this? room with other doors and filled with monitors that have different views of oreburgh and the underground, with what seems to be full of ppl like the ones that brought him to the room in the first place.

there’s a figure overseeing it all but it’s kinda dark in that room so it’s hard to tell but fitz is like “um... hi?” and the figure turns and it’s??? roark?? and fitz is like “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? IS THIS WHERE YOU’VE BEEN ALL THIS TIME??? IS THIS WHY THE MINES WERE CLOSED???”

and roark’s like “chill i’ll explain everything” and starts talking about how “his eyes were opened” and other nonsense like that and fitz is like “... ok im freaked out now what happened to you” and roark’s like “wdym im still ur bestie im still the one you love i prommy :)” and fitz is like. “yeaaah i dont like this can i leave”

and after trying to convince fitzgerald to help him and failing, fitzgerald gets sent to an isolated room with rosie and he kinda vents to her about how fucked this is and how he doesnt know what to do.

days go on with lots of fitz being brought out and roark trying to convince him to be fucked up and fitz refusing.

then fitzgerald hatches an idea and fills rosie in on it. fitz had a grocery list in his pocket and a pencil, so he writes down a letter and gives it to her. next time fitz is brought out, he gives a signal and both him and rosie start fighting back. in the chaos, rosie escapes the mines. fitz gets overwhelmed easily and ppl go after rosie, but eventually lose sight of her. roark expresses his disappointment in fitz and he’s returned to his cell.

after a long journey, rosie makes it to eterna and finds gardenia and delivers the note. gardenia’s like “hmmm thats concerning” and goes to a pc in the pokecenter in an attempt to contact cynthia.

But when she gets the comms open, roark answers instead and gardenia’s like. “Oh i see now. He’s going through his goth phase.” and turns out roark somehow got his hands on the entire comm system so literally everyone near a PC or a television is seeing this. He just rants like a madman about his plan to idk destroy or take over sinnoh and talks about the corruption and how despite the darkness, it brought in new light or whatever.

He then shows it to them by bringing fitzgerald into the room. He apologizes to him, saying he didn’t want it to come to this and brings out the statue. Turns out they’ve been using shit on the statue to boost its effects, making it stronger. 

They broadcast the statue corrupting Fitz to show that he means business. Everyone watches as fitz collapses, then roark asks how he’s feeling and fitz gets up with a sinister look on his face and is like “never better” so he’s fucked up now. There’s lots of evil flirting it’s super annoying.

Then roark says smth idk what and the broadcast ends. So everyone starts to panic. Gardenia goes outside and is eventually greeted by cynthia and fantina. The two saw the broadcast and went to fetch gardenia as they planned to head to veilstone to get maylene. Ofc they take rosie with them bc she has nowhere to go.

They head to veilstone and find maylene who’s like “yeah this is fucked up” and they go further and end up in the resort area. Cynthia says her and fantina will head off to pastoria city to get crasher wake and says gardenia and maylene should go to sunyshore to get volkner.

When they part ways, a guy at the entrance to the route leading to sunyshore says that the city has experienced another power outage and gardenia’s like “seriously??? That means he didn’t see the broadcast. Im gonna kick his ass when we get there”

They arrive and the gym doors are stuck closed bc theyre powered by electricity, which the city is lacking, so maylene just pulls them open no problem.

Volkner is in there watching ppl try to fix things while he’s thinking about how the fuck he managed that this time. Maylene approaches him and punches him in the arm SO hard bc “YOU CHOSE THE WORST TIME TO HAVE A POWER OUTAGE.” and when volkner’s like “huh wuh” they explain and he’s like “oh. Fuck.”

Then they meet up with cynthia, fantina and crasher wake and prepare to head to canalave city to get byron, especially bc they know he’ll be worried since roark’s his son. They actually run into him in jublife and he said he was just on his way to oreburgh to try and talk some sense into roark. Cynthia says they should wait to get candice first, to which byron reluctantly agrees to.

Eventually the gang’s all here. Cynthia says that the elite 4 are helping somewhere else, like trying to keep people from freaking out more than they already are.

The gang moves out to oreburgh. Byron heads to the underground to stop the people from advancing while also hoping to cause enough commotion to draw roark towards him.

Everyone in oreburgh is corrupted at this rate. Each gym leader gets into several battles, fighting off both trainers and their corrupt pokemon. Any person that lacked a pokemon, had a weird, dark cloud in the shape of a pokemon with glowing red eyes. Fitzgerald has one of a cranidos considering that rosie was his only pokemon.

Rosie, meanwhile, is running around the city bc she has no one to guide her and she’s scared. Eventually she runs into fitzgerald and he sends his shadow cranidos after her. She’s terrified but she wants to help her trainer so she tries to fight back, but the shadow cranidos is much stronger than she is.

Rosie keeps getting knocked down but she keeps getting up despite her injuries and keeps trying. The fact that she’s pushing so hard keeps messing with fitzgerald’s head and he would occasionally grip his head as he fights for control. In a moment of distraction, rosie gets to fitzgerald and reluctantly headbutts him so hard that he collapses. His shadow cranidos vanishes and he’s knocked out.

Gardenia finds the two and is like “HUH ARE YOU OKAY???” and fitz starts to move slightly as he starts waking up. Rosie slowly approaches him and nudges him. Fitz sits up, rubbing his head and goes “what. Where am i. What happened.” and rosie bursts into little poke-tears and nearly tackles him and he’s like “WOAH OK. WHY ARE YOU HURT SO BAD?? GARDENIA???”

And gardenia’s like “you got corrupted.” and fitz remembers and goes “FUCK WE GOTTA STOP ROARK” so he joins their team.

They catch word that Byron has indeed encountered roark in the underground, so several gym leaders and fitz head down to help out.

Byron and roark are locked in battle, but not with pokemon. Roark is armed with a pickaxe and byron has his shovel. Obviously, byron doesnt want to injure his son, but he’s got a shovel and with the right amount of strength, he knows he could just knock him out. Roark on the other hand, wants to kill and maim and kill and maim and kill. Byron refuses help because “this is between me and him”.

Roark proves to be stronger than normal, and nearly gets byron many times, but byron is tough and powers through it. The gym leaders that followed and fitz are shouting things at roark now, trying to snap him out of it before things get worse.

Their shouts are starting to fuck with his thinking and he tries to get his control back but fails several times. Eventually he gets distracted enough when certain things get shouted that byron knocks him out successfully.

They contain roark while the corrupt trainers and pokemon return to normal and the shadow pokemon fade away.

Later, roark wakes up and everyone is talking and when he goes “huh” they all turn and are like “HM. ARE YOU ROARK OR ARE YOU STILL EVIL” and he’s like “wh? Evil? What are you talking about im just-” and then he remembers and he just breaks down and everyone’s like “OH SHIT OKAY THAT MIGHT ACTUALLY BE HIM”

Since theyre all in one room and roark is unarmed, they agree to untie him and he just feels awful so theyre all trying to comfort him. Tender moments with his friends and fitzgerald too ofc.

Eventually after making sure he was okay, they send him back to home with fitz and rosie, who say they’ll keep an eye on him. Some of the gym leaders like byron stay in oreburgh for a few days to be completely sure that roark isn’t evil anymore.

The statue is taken away and locked up to prevent that from happening again.

Cynthia has roark step down as gym leader temporarily until he’s able to function better. Riley takes over the position since he was the one who was originally fit for the position and they managed to convince him to be the gym leader for the time being.

Roark goes through a crisis for a bit because he hurt people and feels horrible about it. Sometimes has nightmares about his evil self trying to kill him or him hurting the people he loves.

That doesnt last, obviously, as he manages to collect himself and move on from it though he makes sure he’s extra careful about certain things he finds in the underground.

The end i guess lol.