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I love you for infinity(and 2000 year's more)

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A brush of our fingers sets my skin on fire, so warm and consuming yet never painful. Even if it was I would never reject it. 

A look communicates a lifetime and more of love, patience, trust. No words needed. 

A word, although not needed, still sends shivers up my spine. 

Your presence is everywhere.

Our bed, quiet whispers of love and comfort as I drift off. 

The kitchen, telling stories of how our day went, reminiscing, laughing, the smell of fresh food in the air as we cook. 

The park just a few minutes from our house, my laughter filling the air as you chase me around as if we're kids, the sun's rays softly stroking our skin. 

At night, as the moon glows on our skin, a whispered promise, “I’ll find you in every life. No matter how long it takes. I love you for infinity and 2000 years more.”