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A Pig's Big Break!

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The small, brown-haired woman was lead into the man's bedroom, her pigtails bouncing gently with each step. Once they were inside, he closed the door behind him while she carefully examined the room with her beautifully brown eyes. "Hmph. I suppose it's not bad. The bed could be bigger, though!" judged the tiny college student wearing  the same black jacket, pink T-shirt, and black-and-red plaid skirt along with yellow-and-white striped thigh-high stockings and red sneakers that she was able to squeeze into since she was younger.  "Anon, right? I have to say that you have some pretty nice taste for you to want me and not those large, fat-titty bimbos you usually see walking around. She crossed her arms, rather proud of herself while she lifted her chin. She was so caught up in herself that it took her a minute to notice Anon already undressing. When she turned around, the man was already naked and even erect. With a blush forming on her face, she locked her sights on his thick shaft as he approached her. "So that's how it looks in person..."

With no hesitation, the man crouched down and leaned his face into Mitsuba's, pressing his lips onto her little ones. He kissed her deeply, his hands moving over to her pudgy belly and squeezing it through her shirt. The woman hummed confusingly as he gripped the area that she was the most self-conscious about, and shuddered when his hands reached into the bottom of her shirt to further grasp that plump tummy. "Mmh... you think you're doing...?" She tried to ask in between kisses, the resistance in her voice gradually fading as his palms pressed up against against her tummy, squeezing it constantly. She felt his heated hardness twitch against her leg, and noted how it was like a dog desperate to show its owner love. Her lips got penetrated by his tongue, which wrestled with her smaller one. His hands eventually reached her chest, his fingers pinching the nipples on her ever so slightly budding breasts that were so small that most people wouldn't be far off in calling them flat. Nonetheless, his fingers rolled along those nipples while he licked her tongue, pressing his face closer to her as he kissed and fondled her. The feeling was electrifying for the both of them. Her little chest and wide belly were smooth to the touch, and the way he maneuvered his hands on her small body felt like she was getting a five-star massage inside and out.

She found it in herself to finally pull away from the kiss, her eyes gazing at his hands rubbing and pinching at her chest, the pleasure swelling within her as she let out a perverted grin. "Ha... You're just a dirty pervert, aren't you?" She moved her hands to his cheeks, leaning back in to kiss his lips eagerly. His palms pressed against her nearly-flat chest, massaging those super-small breasts of hers while they moaned into each other's mouths. His hands moved down her body ever so slowly, savoring the feeling of her soft, smooth belly before slipping them from under her shirt, grabbing onto the edges of it and lifting it up over her plump body and tiny tits, exposing those caramel-brown nipples that were as hard as diamonds. "Like what you see, mongrel?" His fingers  clamped onto her nipples like a crab, causing the girl to grit her teeth and push her chest out, an aroused squeal slipping past her lips. "F-Fuck... I-I guess you aren't too bad," she said, trying to mask the overabundance of delight her body was experiencing. He pulled on her tiny nips as if they were rubber bands, triggering a spike of euphoria that she never felt before. Her entire body shuddered, and her squeals got louder while his face glided to her neck, kissing down it until he reached her collarbone. He ever so gently sunk his teeth into it, causing the girl to moan crazily as she shuddered even more, feeling a swirling, expanding phenomena stirring inside of her. He nibbled her collarbone again, pressing his thumbs against her nipples again before  flickering his fingers against them. She closed her eyes slightly, leaving them open enough to see her pupils roll upwards into them as she shook uncontrollably, her tongue slipping past her lips like the dog she claimed him to be. That tense feeling suddenly started to unwind, as if something within her had popped like a water balloon. Her nethers, which were already wet from all the foreplay, had made a complete mess in her undergarments, which stuck to her folds like glue.

He pulled his face from her neck, looking into Mitsuba's eyes. "Y-You... Idiot... I-I just... washed those..." Even after her climax, she still had the energy to insult him. Not that he minded, it seemed. "W-What are you going to do about this, huh...?" His hands reached over to her hips, squeezing them firmly before lifting her off the ground and  laying her down on her back on his bed. "W-What are you...?" He crawled onto the bed, then grabbed onto her skirt, lifting it up and exposing her white, panda-printed panties that clung onto her puffy pussy, the sides of which were poking from the sides of the undergarment's crotch. "W-W-Wait, hang on! I can explain! I was actually p-planning to buy some new  underwear next week! D-Dummy! Don't laugh! ...Huh? You aren't laughing...?"  If anything, she noted, he seemed to be quite happy with what he saw. "...W-Well, of course! Even an idiot like you should know what true fashion looks like!" He seemed to be more concerned with what was underneath those panties, though. He gripped onto the edges of her underwear and pulled it down her chubby thighs and striped stockings before tossing them aside, even going as far as to take off her shoes and tossing them as well before laying his eyes on the treasure in front of him. There it was. A bare, naked cunt that was oozing with more juices than he had imagined. "You like what you see, pervert? You may have good tastes, but that doesn't make you less of a pervert, pervert. You're lucky I'm even considering letting you do this to me. Don't you agree?"

He nodded in agreement, then moved his face to the girl's fat pussy, parting his lips and unleashing his tongue on those puffy folds. Her wails bounced off the walls of his room as he tasted her up, feeling his pink muscle flicker and and travel along her snatch, like a dragon soaring through the clouds. Still sensitive from her previous orgasm, Mitsuba  arched her back off the bed as his tongue sent wave after wave of unending, tormenting jolts of excitement  through her body.  She clawed the sheets on the bed beneath her as his tongue circled along her pussy like a whirlpool, drowning the girl's mind in an ocean of lust. "F-Fuck! Not like that, you damn dog!"  Despite her cries, though, he continued licking, sucking, and slurping her pussy while he moved his hands up to her chest, his fingers pinching her little nipples again. She felt so good that she curled her toes within her socks, feeling as if her soul could get sucked out from her nethers at any second. She eventually wrapped her legs around the man's head, pushing her hips up towards him as he licked her pussy faster. His fingers pulled on her nipples again , and her cries got louder. "Agh! Fuck, you better not not stop now, you degenerate!  Lick me like that shameless trash you are!" He dragged his tongue up her pussy before wrapping his lips around her clit, sucking it rather hungrily into his mouth while his fingers pinched her nipples again, even rubbing them in his fingertips as he swirled his tongue along her little bean. Without warning, Mitsuba suddenly screamed loudly, shaking as if something inside of her just exploded. "Fuck!!" Her high-pitched squealed rang from her mouth yet again, and a flood of her juices burst from her pussy he was so eagerly eating out. He opened his mouth wider as he dragged his tongue down her squirting pussy, his tongue whipping against it as the love honey splashed into his mouth and onto his tongue. It tasted somewhat sweet, almost as if it were actual honey, yet there was some kind of meaty taste that he couldn't pinpoint. Nonetheless, it was delicious. He pressed his lips against her pussy again, kissing and licking it as if he were making out with it. He pinched her nipples again, the sensation striking every nerve in her body so well that she felt herself on the verge of breaking.

"T-That's enough... D-Damn it...!" She moved her legs from his head, allowing him to move up from her crotch. His face was doused in juices, and he found himself looking at Mitsuba, who was sweating and struggling to catch her breath. "L-Look at you... Disgusting... Do you really find me squirting all over you so captivating...?" Deep down,  Mitsuba was actually quite happy that someone paid attention to her like this after so many years. She even found herself genuinely smiling for a little bit. Well, it was more so of a smug, sadistic smirk. She turned him on, and she loved it. And apparently, the opposite was true, too. It was a bittersweet realization. "Gr... Now you're making me feel weird about this..." She couldn't let him see her face like this. So, she turned around, rolling herself on her belly, allowing him to see her round, chubby buttocks that jiggled a bit with her motions. She sat herself up onto her hands and knees, pushing her hips back and lifting them, presenting herself to her new lover. "...Well, what are you waiting for?"

Anon's eyes grew three sizes at the sight of the girl's butt, then moved his hands to those plump glutes. He clutched onto them, his fingers sinking into her plump rear like putty. "Nngh! H-Hey!" Mitsuba glared back at the man that started playing with her asscheeks. His palms massaged them, and his fingers dug into them constantly. "Hmph... Well, I suppose it is the greatest ass on the planet. But you'd do well not to keep me waiting," she spat, her cheeks red from how much attention he was showing her. He even went so far as to lean his face into her butt and, quite literally, kiss it. His lips pecked her left buttock constantly and even licked it like he did her pussy, sending a pleasurable shiver up her spine. His right hand smacked her other buttock rather quickly, the spank forcing a squeak out of the girl. "W-Watch it!" She growled, the pain ringing throughout the body in the best possible way. It was somewhat nostalgic; it reminded her very briefly of how her father punished her whenever she got cheeky. For some reason, she didn't seem to completely hate it now, but telling him that would be awkward. Or it would have been if he hadn't done it again. And again. And again. Maybe he actually took those insults to heart, or maybe he simply liked watching her butt jiggle. Either way, there was a slight redness on her rump that vaguely took the form of his hand.  "S-Satisfied now...?"

The answer should have been obvious. He grabbed onto his thick, hard mass, leading it over to her. He smacked his length against the girl's plump backside, letting it rub up against her smooth ass before she pressed back. "H-Hurry up already!" whined Mitsuba. "It's rude to keep me waiting, you oaf!" Sensing the eagerness in her words, Anon pushed his thick tip into the girl's gates. She gasped as she felt inch after inch of his cock slowly slide into her. She clawed the bed beneath her as she moaned, her warm innards spread out by the girth of his member that slowly started to move back and forth within her. His hands moved to her hips, squeezing them softly as he thrust into the girl. "Ngh... Maybe you aren't totally clueless after all," she  grinned while he continued thrusting, gradually increasing the speed and power of his lunges as he watched her butt move a bit from his motions. "I'm actually having a pretty good time myself," she admitted while arching her back a bit more, feeling his rod slide deeper into her. "Good boy... Good boy..."  She faced the bed beneath her while praising him, her lips curled into a smile high off of pleasure. His rod was striking one sensitive area after another as it continued digging into her. Her wet pussy gripped on his cock each time it advanced in it, a sign that she was enjoying the thorough fucking she was receiving. "Such a good dick... all to myself...In your face, you big-titty broads...!"

After some time passed, Anon threw his hips with more intensity, thrusting his rod quickly and powerfully into Mitsuba's hot cunt. The girl moaned out loudly again, pushing her hips back against him with each thrust he made into her. "G-Getting a bit carried...Ah... Away, a-aren't we?" She felt so good that she could barely speak. He was enjoying her pussy a bit too much. But he couldn't help it. It practically sucked him in each time he speared it inside of her, as if it didn't want him to leave. It was so hot and wet that it felt like he was being pulled in some kind of molten quicksand, and the way it constantly tensed up around him felt so heavenly that he couldn't help but to fuck it more roughly. He squeezed her fat butt firmly and continued to increase his speed, drilling his dick swiftly into her tunnel, which tightened around it the further it went. The thrilling sensation of churning her insides was so addicting that his hips practically had a mind of its own. "Y-Your fucking me so desperately... You're so despicable, you..." Regardless of what came from her mouth, it was clear that she loved the way she was getting treated. The squelching sound of her pussy getting pounded, as well as the feeling of fullness overwhelming her over and over again helped hook her on the sensation of being dicked down like there was no tomorrow. "Fuck me, then... Keep fucking me like this...!"

And so he did. He made especially powerful movements towards the very back of her pussy, his tip kissing the most sensitive areas of it over and over again. He moved his hands over to the girl's wrists, pulling them from off the bed and towards him while he fucked her deeply, his hips crashing into her buttocks like waves of an ocean splashing against a cliff side. As she got pounded to the core, she lifted her face, trying to come up with some witty insult for the man. Alas, all she could manage was an erotic, lust-filled yell as he felt her hips crash into her plush ass again and again. Her cunt tensed up around his shaft like a vice, and she squirted for a third time. Juices rushed out of her pussy and around his length, going as far as to even cover his crotch. That demeanor that she worked so hard to maintain suddenly collapsed, almost as if it were forced out of her along with her lovely nectar. "D-Damn it all!!" She screamed while he pulled his hips back a bit more slowly, his hard, wet dick almost leaving her pussy completely before he made a sudden lunge forward, his entire rod filling her cunt completely in one go. It was like she was being twisted inside-out. He pulled his length out, leaving the tip to remain inside of her before he swiftly pushed it forward again. He continued fucking her just like that, squeezing her wrists tightly as he did so. She was practically crying from being fucked like this, her poor pussy forced to endure this tormenting pleasure to what seemed to be no end. "Fuck me... K-Keep going..." She barely managed to utter, her top half slowly slouching on the bed as she laid her cheek against the pillow.  His dick was slowly but powerfully pounding her pussy into jelly, and she couldn't deny the unstoppable pleasure being surged into her very core.  "Cum.... Cum for me... Do it...!"

Anon's movements  intensified again as he started to jackhammer her pussy, his rod throbbing and swelling up inside of her as he let go of her wrists and grabbed onto her hips again. His hips constantly kissed her hypnotically jiggling buttocks while his dick rammed all the way into her dreamy snatch, which tensed up around the man over and over again as his tip leaked precum. He pounded the pussy he loved to oblivion, the loud smacking sounds of the fucking getting more feral much like his movements. Her entire body moved, from her chubby belly to her tiny titties, and she couldn't help but to moan his name as he screwed her liked he owned her. She quickly buried her face into the pillows, screaming like a mad woman while he fucked her like a beast, his rod's tip kissing the girl's  furthest reaches constantly until it finally blew. With one more thrust, he pushed his cock all the way into her pussy as it began to fire off a barrage of thick, hot cum deep inside of her. The fiery whiteness was pumped out by the bunches inside of her, wad after wad of his seed filling her hungry, sensitive cunt. The warmth of his seed pushed her over the edge, and her toes crunched in her stockings as she lifted her head with a loud gasp, unleashing a squeaky, dry scream as he felt him unloading his cum into her. He thrust his hips one more time, pushing his cum-spewing cock further against the back of her pussy.

Finally, he pulled his member from out of her, letting globs of his cum pour from her used hole. Her wrists lied on either side of her. She was struggling to catch her breath, her breathing frantic and all over the place. Her right buttock had quite a bit of redness about it, and it shook alongside the other as if she had been left out in the cold. His pillow was covered with her drool. Her little nipples were even still hard. And she was smiling, almost as if all of her dreams had come true. She still had her ass up, as if she were telling him that she was open to letting him use her some more. She looked like a pig that had just gotten stuffed.

And, in some ways, that couldn't have been further from the truth.