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“ Congratulations Yoongi also to you Min-ho! As you see, it’s just the first day and the feedback! — omg! your fans are going’ crazy and wild because of your song! I’m sure this song will top the charts! '' Ms. Yang told them with full of happiness written on her face.

(Of course, she’s Happy.. she’s the owner-producer of the Bighit Productions. )

Ever since they paired Yoongi and Minho for the collaboration on “ Wine “, which tops the charts on the 1st week.. the public welcomes their duo/tandem with open arms.

( with Yoongi being an amazing Rapper and Min-ho having a pretty voice? Who won’t love them, right? )

So Ms. Yang didn’t think twice to let them release another song cause she knows the public will love it.

Well, she’s never wrong though- it’s the first day they release their song “ so far away ” and it’s doing way better! Maybe it will top the charts again in 1st week.

“ Thank you, Ms. Yang. I hope you’re right and be an angel about that.” Yoongi says with a full smile on his face, he really can’t hide his happiness right now. Reading feedback, comments, and watching some reaction videos about their song.


“ Hmmm.. what a humble man you are, Yoongi Darling, ” Minho says with a sass and a proud smile on her face while one of her arms is clinging onto Yoongi’s.

“ Also.. Ms. Yang? After our song shoots up the charts, don’t forget our bonus.” Playfully, she says.

“ Well of course my dear! I promise I will give it to you and Yoongi. Your talents are not a joke! Especially you, Yoongi.. you are the reason why we’re having this kind of hit in our company! ” Ms. Yang says.

“ No, no- “ Yoongi says with a blush on his face.

“I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s doing good in your company. ”


“ That's what I like about you being humble and stuff.. you didn’t let your fame eat you and go through your head.. still humble and down to earth. No wonder, your fans love you so much! “ Ms. Yang says to Yoongi with amazed writing all over her face.

“ Thank you! “ Yoongi replies.

“ And that’s what I’m telling you, Minho. Learn from Yoongi and take care of your career. ” Ms. Yang says.

Rolling her eyes “ yeah- yeah, I’ll keep that in mind. ”



“AgustD!!!! You sound so good, you rap so well!!! OMG!!! I love you!!!” One of his fans shouting.

“ she’s right !!! I even sold my mom’s pot set so I can get your album!!!! She’s gonna kill me but I love you so much AgustD!!!! ”

“ both of you are perfect!!! ”

The fans are gathered in one of the parking lots of the building and those praises he heard were enough for Yoongi.. for him not to feel tired even though he wants to go home and sleep.


“ Thank you guys, For the support. It's huge and I hope you don’t get tired of us. ” Yoongi softly says on his fans love written all over his face.

“ We won’t get tired of you and Minho, AgustD! We love your music!!! ” the fans' chorus.

Happiness? that’s not what MinHo feels right now. Don’t get me wrong! He’s smiling tho- but on her/his smile hides irritation.

He hates those handshakes, kisses, hugs from the fans knowing that those are only for Yoongi.. she/he knows those fans came just to see The AgustD and she/he feels she’s/he’s part of the bargain.


“ Yoongi, that’s enough. We still need to go to Ms. Yang’s house for the party. ” Minho whispered and pull Yoongi away from their fans.

“ What's up in a hurry? They wanted to see us, they came here for us.. it feels so wrong leaving them like that, MinHo! Don’t forget if it weren’t for them, we’re nothing ” Yoongi sighs while walking towards their van.


“I know that.. but that won’t stop me from feeling irritated with those people who keep on shaking my hands, kissing my cheeks, and hugging me. I don’t know, what if they have something or like a disease? You’ll never know, Yoongi. ” She’s/he’s saying that while spraying some alcohol all over her body once they enter the van.

“ I don’t know why you don’t get used to it.” Yoongi sighed.

“ That's their happiness! Those handshakes, Little Hugs, a kiss on the cheeks.. also don’t think like that to our fans, they don’t have diseases or what, the reason why you don’t need to shower the alcohol all over your body! ”


After saying that they find their van moving and drive out of the building so they can attend Ms. Yang’s Party.


“ WTH!!! With that attitude?!!! Who does he think he is?!!! God, he thinks he’s pretty? Well, he’s not! “ Taehyung says while throwing his bag on the couch.

“ The hell, Tae? What happened? ” rushing out of the kitchen. Jimin asked his roommate/best friend with a concerned tone in his voice.

“ what the— what are you doing here? Don’t you have class? ” Tae countered.


“ TaeTae, I told you! We don’t have classes for 1 week. There’s an event going on at our school. ”

“ Ah yes, I remember but they don’t require you to attend the event? ( foundation day ) ”

“ Nope! Prof says ‘s okay and will not affect our grades. You also know me, I don’t like that kind of event and watching my classmate competing with one another who’s better with this and that! ”

“ You know what, minie? You are such a killjoy! ” Tae says while shaking his head.

“ Excuse me? I'm not! But— I don’t know, I just think it's a waste of time and money to join that kind of event. ” Jimin looks at Tae.

“ Besides, my priority right now is to find us a new apartment, TaeTae. ”


“ Omg! I forgot. Sorry, Minie. If I can’t come with you. It's inventory day in the shop. ” Taehyung works on a Jewelry Shop.. sadly it’s one of the important days so he can’t come with Jimin on the apartment hunts.

“ yah! it's okay.. besides the timing is better, I got one week to find a new apartment. ” Jimin shakes Taehyung’s worry away.

“ so.. tell me, what happens? What’s with you and your boiling hot head? ”


“ Ah! That- You know MinHo right? ”

“ …… ”

“ Right! That witch, imagine we’re talking to AgustD. Greeting him and telling him our congratulations because of the hit of their song. Then MinHo grabs AgustD away out of nowhere so they can go!!! ” Tae says with poison in his voice.


“ Ugh! AgustD again Tae? Yeah. So.. Uh. What’s the name of the witch again? .. and what did he do? giving you a reason to be mad? ” Jimin smiles nervously while asking his best friend again for the second time around.

“ Rude! you don’t pay attention just because you don’t like that kind of music. ” Tae rolled his eyes while talking to his soon-to-be ex-best friend cause he’s not giving Tae his full attention.


“ Sor- “ Tae continues with a sass. “ Remember I went to their building cause ‘s the first day of their single “ so far away ”. We’re talking to AgustD then that witch grabs him away! ”

Tae says threatening for the smoke on his nose to come out. He’s pissed like a mad dragon.

“Tae..” with a sigh. Jimin looked at his best friend.


“I told you to stop wasting your time and money on that AgustD! God, the album cost a lot Tae! Including that merch. If you save that money, you’ll be rich by now. ”

“ YAH!!! ” Tae shouts then lowers his voice again.

“ Your such a stingy person! That’s my happiness. Leave me alone. ” Tae sass and continue.

“ told you to come with me and see how Hot AgustD is. Fyi, Hot / Talented and take note he’s really sweet to us. sadly there’s an ugly witch on his side! ”


Jimin shakes his head while smiling and says “I told you, I don’t like that kind of stuff. Remember I told you, one of my cousins loves Jackson the rapper too? I guess, so yeah.. there’s a shooting of one of his MVs near his shop.. so what happens is he closes his shop and watches the shooting alongside everybody. But I didn’t go there. ”

“ Y-you mean you didn’t see anything on the shoot? OMG, Minie!!! That’s Jackson. Just imagine you have the chance to see THE JACKSON then you let that chance slips away!!!! God, Minie you're stupid. ” Tae says with wide eyes.


“ shut-up! I don’t care, okay?! ‘s not my thing Tae.. So stop asking me to go with you, you're just wasting your time asking me.. and I'm sorry if I don’t like your AgustD. ”

Taehyung didn’t answer anything. He knows his best friend. Jimin is one of the hardworking people he knows in his life and he came to accept that no matter how he begs Jimin won’t say yes to him.

“ But come to think of it, I think MinHo is a “ Thank you, Lord, for the make-up ” kind of guy. He will look like a butler on Jimin’s side. ” Tae talking to himself.

“ Are you saying something? ” Jimin asks.


“ H-huh? Nothing, I was saying let’s eat. ‘I'm hungry. ” Tae says walking towards the kitchen leaving Jimin with a question on his head.


Jimin is so confused about what’s happening around the department store where the jewelry shop he works at is located.

“ Jin hyung, what’s going on? ” He asked his co-worker.

“ Everybody is so excited! AgustD and Minho are here at the department store! And from what I heard AgustD was looking for jewelry for his rumored Boyfriend. I hope they come here to our shop! “


“ That's it? I thought it was an Emergency! ”


“ What? Jimin?.. Don’t tell me you don’t like AgustD and Minho? Gosh! All of the people here love them! ”

“ It's not that I don't like them. ‘s just that I’m not interested. ”


Jimin says while approaching the counter. He’s not interested in what’s happening around him so he fixes some of the jewelry and goes back to work.

Then he heard Jin screaming inside the store. And when he looks up he saw this man standing

( he really can’t lie tho~ the man standing in front of him is hot. )

Then he turns his look at the other guy clinging on the other one’s arm as his life depends on it.

Because of Jin’s reaction, he knows who could be these two men standing right in front of him.

The other man tho- he thinks they have the same height. maybe a little centimeter tall. ( maybe 1cm ) Jimin thinks. And yeah he’s really hot with those cat eyes, pale skin, cute nose, and thin lips. He will tell Tae what happened today.

And when their eyes locked, MinHo noticed it and became salty about it.


“ Yoongi Darling, let’s find another shop. I don’t like the ambiance here! ”

Jimin’s eyebrows met at this moment, he wants to open his mouth and snapped at MinHo but before he did… the other guy talk.

“ Let's just stay here, MinHo. Ahmm.. Sir, can I see some bracelets like this? ” he says pointing down on the glass of the counter asking for some samples of the bracelets.

MinHo looks at him like he’s some kind of a threat so.. Jimin cannot stop himself from raising an eyebrow but that didn’t stop him to accommodate them.

“ Yes, Sir. Which one? ” Jimin patiently says to the guy.

( even though he wants to smack the eye out of MinHo’s Face! )


He looks back and breathes out feeling relieved when he saw Jin looking at them and asking him to help him.

“ Yes, Jimin? Why? ”

He whispers something to Jin and simply he walks out and went to the other customers that they have in the shop but before he can go far he heard MinHo saying something that irritates him.

“ Tsk! Thank God, you're here ” he was referring to Jin. “ Maybe you can help us. ”

Because of that Jimin looks at them again and he saw how the way AgustD frowns at his eyebrows while looking at him.

( Tsk! Who do they think they are? Being famous doesn’t give them any right to be like that or to treat someone like that! ) - Jimin is on his head.

“ Yeah, sure! Jimin’s regular customers are here now so yeah! I can help and assist you. ” Jin says.


“ It doesn’t matter! Don’t bother to explain, it’s much better if he assists his regular customer! ” MinHo says with a sass.

“ Let’s just choose one, okay? We’re running late now MinHo.” Yoongi says and turns to Jin.

“ Sir, can you give us some items that we can choose from? ” Yoongi tries to hide his irritation under his tone.


Yoongi thinks that it's unprofessional for Jimin to walk out like that. He felt like it was insulting in some ways. Also for the first time, he met someone who's not blindly about their fame. He’s not used to it.

“ H-Hello Mr. AgustD. My name is Jin, one of your fans! I heard the song “ so far away ” it was really good!!! ”

“ Really? Thanks! Wow! “ Yoongi replies “ can i see some of the other bracelets? ”

“ Yes, sure! Do you have a specific style that you want to see? ”

“ Yoongi Darling, I want that one.. with the big stone on the side. ” MinHo says .


“ Alright, Sir. We’ll buy that.” Then Yoongi signs up the check and gives it to Jin.

“ Sir, no need to wrap it, I'm going to wear it now. ” MinHo says with excitement and stretch his arm to Yoong like he was saying ( put it on me )

Yoongi gets what MinHo’s trying to do and puts the bracelet on his wrist.

Jin saw it and he couldn’t help himself to think that this man was lacking AgustD’s attention. And he couldn’t help himself also to think that maybe Yoongi was forced to get that bracelet.


Walking his way out of the store, Yoongi takes his final look at Jimin who is assisting some of the customers and can’t help but feel pissed seeing Jimin was smiling helping the others.

Jin saw it too. The way Yoongi frowned his eyebrows while looking at Jimin.

“ Yah! With- what are you thinking walking out like that? Don’t you know that they can report you to one of our supervisors if they want to complain? ”

“ Didn’t you hear how foul-mouthed the other guy was? Yeah- so that’s the reason i walked out on them, cause if i don’t? God knows what will happen. ”

“ Yeah, you're right. Seems to me he’s lacking some manners but how about AgustD he didn’t show anything bad to you? Right?. ”

“ That's what I'm talking about!!! He didn’t do anything, instead he tolerates the other guy with that attitude!!! ” Jimin says, trying to keep himself from shouting.

“ Well, love is blind! But what can you say about AgustD? He’s Hot right? ”

“ Yeah, he's rude! ”

“ Yah! But kidding aside. They won’t complain, right? ” Jin worries.

“ I don’t know. But if he complains? He shows that he’s a piece of crap! ”


“ Thank God, we’re done! I thought that we still need to go back to get the other boxes” Tae says smiling after dropping the last box inside their new apartment.

“ I thought so too. By the way, do you like our new apartment?” Jimin asked his best friend.

“ Are you kidding me? It’s perfect! And Thankfully you saw the sign just in time! I heard that there are a lot of people aiming for this apartment because of its perfect location. ”

“ You got that right! And you know if I was a minute late maybe there’s someone who got it already before me. That's why I gave the advance payment and deposit that they were asking after agreeing with the contact. ”

“ This is perfect, Minie! Perfect Location! ”

“ Yeah. I agree with you. ” Jimin says before he starts to pick up his boxes and bring them inside his room so he can start unpacking.

Passing through the hallway Jimin saw Tae’s room, the door was open and he took a stop and had a look at the life-size portrait on Tae’s wall above its headboard.

Then he remembers the way that man on the poster was looking at him in the shop before.

“ Okay since you're here Minie, Help me check if I hang this poster right. ” Tae on his back and tag him to enter his room. Jimin, being helpless, entered the room.

“ I think it's fine, Tae. Wait, How much did you pay for this poster? And again, don’t you feel guilty about how much money you spend on this stuff? And why did you put it on top of your headboard? ”

“ There you go again! Being a killjoy and stingy! ” Tae rolled his eyes. “ Of course I want to wake up and the first thing that I see is him! It will make my day better. I don't think you will allow me to put this poster in our living room. ”

“ Hell no! Don’t you dare Tae! If you don’t want me to ruin that! ” Jimin says while laughing.

“ On a serious note, what if Minie falls in love with him? I remember you told me that he's hot, right? Right now you don’t like him because of what happened in the shop before. But what if you know him better? Like, I'm sure you’ll like him. He’s not like that witch MinHo! He’s nice. ” - Tae says to defend his idol.

“ Excuse me? Yeah, sure I told you he’s hot but I can’t fall in love with him. You know what my type is, Tae. I don’t like a person who thinks highly of himself. “ - Jimin answers with a serious face.

“ you’ll never know Minie, you’ll never know… We don’t know what the future holds so don’t talk like it's final. ”

Jimin just looks at Tae and shrugs his shoulders walking out of Tae’s room and slightly taking a look at the Poster and feeling something inside of him that he doesn’t understand.

He feels like there’s a bump on his chest while he’s looking at that poster.

When he enters his room, Jimin lays down on his bed and feels tired from all the work he’s done for the day and slowly drifts to sleep.


Jimin is running down the shore, breathing heavily he needs to get away there.

When he looked back, he was shocked that there was running towards him.

“ almost there, babe! Better hurry up or else… ” Jimin heard the man saying it to him and realized that the man that was running towards him is AgustD.

“ That's if you can catch—” Jimin didn’t finish his sentence when he was caught by AgustD hugging him tight and kissing him.

He didn’t want this man to stop kissing him instead he slowly raised his arms on AgustD’s Neck but before he could do it, he was shocked that there were a lot of people surrounding them. Jimin is sure these people are part of the media base showing that they have cameras.

There are also some of AgustD’s Fans and he feels scared of how those fans look at him like they’re gonna kill him.

“ Is he your new Boyfriend, AgustD? ”

“ Does MinHo know about him? ”

“ Who is he? What is his name, AgustD? ”

“ We don’t like him , AgustD! You and Minho are the perfect pair! ”

Jimin heard it again and again. He closed his eyes and let go of the arms that were holding him. He wants to escape. He doesn’t want to hear those words.. running away he heard AgustD saying.

“ W-wait, Jimin! Don’t listen to them! ” AgustD shouts and his voice sounds like he was begging him.



Jimin woke up with heavy breaths, slowly looking around him. There’s no AgustD, no Media, no AgustD fans.

“ Thank God! It was a dream! ” shaking his head. Talking to himself.

“ This is the reason why you need to eat before you sleep, Jimin! God, what a nightmare! ” Still talking to himself while shaking his head.

Leaving his room Jimin tries to ignore his dream, he wants to beat himself because even right now that he is awake, he can still feel the lips of that man on his lips.

“ Yah! Stop thinking of it! I thought you didn't like him?! Then why do you feel like you like the kiss?!! After that dream!!! Stop it, Jimin! ” words on Jimin's head.

When he stopped right in front of Taehyung’s door, he sighed. Thinking there’s no sound inside the room, maybe Tae’s sleeping.

Walking towards the kitchen, he stop on their front door.. looking outside, He saw a brown puppy trying to jump over at their gate

The puppy is small and cute. He really can’t help himself to go towards the puppy and pet it.

“ Hello, there cutie, you're so cute! What are you doing here? Where are your parents? ”

Jimin feels that the puppy understands what he’s trying to say. Wagging his/her tail on Jimin means the puppy-like him.

The puppy barks and jumps on him. With awe, Jimin lifts the puppy in his arms.

“ Maybe your parents are really worried for you and looking for you. Wait, are you hungry? Let’s go inside and I’ll feed you first before we look for your parents! ”

He prepares some food for himself and milk for the puppy.

With happiness on his face, he’s watching the puppy finishing the milk.

“ Aww, look how thirsty you are. ”

After a few minutes when the puppy finishes the milk, the puppy runs out of Jimin's apartment and Jimin runs after the little cutie.

“ Yah! What’s this? Drink and Run? ” Jimin says while laughing.

Still inside of their gate. He picks up the puppy, he hears a voice and sees how the puppy reacts to the man’s voice. Maybe if he’s right, that is the puppy’s owner.

So he went out of their gate and checked if he was right.


“ Holly! You escape again! ” - with a loud voice he saw the man running towards them.

“ Hello, are you the owner of this puppy? He tries to enter our gate, I feel like he was hungry or something so I gave him/her milk. ” - the man in front of him nodded.

“ Thank you, I’m Hoseok! I live in that house across the street. What’s your name? “

“ Hi, Hoseok. My name’s Jimin. Yeah so- here’s your puppy. ”

“ Thanks!” With Hoseok being happy he invites Jimin to go to their house. Jimin accepts the invitation.


“ Hobi, where have you been? I just fix our snacks then you're gone. ” - Jimin heard the man from the gate.

The man was tall with deep dimples on the side of his cheeks.

“ Joon, Holly escaped again. I thought I lost him but anyway Jimin here saw him. ” Joon switches his gaze on Jimin.

“ Hello, I'm Jimin. I live in that house across the street, and caught Holly trying to get inside our gate. So yeah - hehe! ”

“ Oh! Thank God, Jimin! Call me Joon. I’m Hobi’s friend. He loved that rascal there, it was a gift from his best friend. ”

“ Come in, I will prepare some snacks. Join us! Say it's a token of appreciation cause you saw Holly. ” - Joon invites Jimin.

“ No. No. It's fine, I mean, I don't want to interrupt. I'm just happy that this cutie here finds his owner. ” Jimin shyly declines the offer.

“ Come on, Mochi! Let's get those snacks, Joon’s prepared. ”

“ M-mochi? ”

“ You kinda look like mochi, you know! Hehe. I hope you don't mind if I call you that. “ - Hobi smiley says.

“ Sure? “ - Jimin says.

Jimin accepts Joon and Hobi’s offer to join the snacks Joon prepares.

And it's good that he’s making friends inside the subdivision. In case of an emergency, someone can help him right?

And these two look like good people.

When he steps into the living room, he holds his breath. Shakingly looking at the man sitting on the couch, reading a magazine. He just can't believe what he's seeing right now.

“ Yoon, you're awake! I was waiting for you to wake up. ” Hobi mumbles out walking in the living room.

The guy turns his gaze at them.

And there he saw the sharp gaze this man gives him. He didn't know if Hobi or Joon saw it too cause it was for a short while. Because when Holly runs to him, this guy turns into a soft man and pets Holly.

His heart melted at what he saw. He can't believe that he will see AgustD being a softy around the puppy.

“ I'm sure you rested well. By the way Yoon, I want you to meet Jimin, my new neighbor. He caught Holly trying to enter their gate. ” say’s Hobi.

“ And Jimin, this is Yoongi, My Best Friend. Maybe you know him, he's a rapper. He firmly told me that I don't need to tell anybody here in the sub. He wants to keep it a secret. ” - Hobi continues.

“ You know every time he comes here, he disguises himself so that no one notices him. So I hope you’ll keep it a secret that you know - hehe ” Joon mumbles.

Yoongi is not staying on Hobi & Joons, he has his condo in Makati and a townhouse somewhere but he rarely visits it.

But according to his best friend, this is where Yoongi finds the peace and solitude that he needs. So whenever he's pressured about his work, this is his go-to place.

Jimin wants to smile at the way Hobi introduces his Best friend but stops himself when he sees Yoongi was looking at him with a frown on his head.

Maybe he doesn't like him to know that kind of details about him.

( Tsk! So what if you're mad? I don't care about those things. Blame your best friend he keeps on talking about those things. ) - These words are running on Jimin’s head.

“ So. Jimin, can we keep it a secret? ” - Hobi breaking his thoughts.

“ Y-yeah, sure! A Secret. ”

“ Right! I’ll just go get our snacks and wanna come and help me? ” - Hobi asked Jimin.

“ Yeah, lead the way.” That's the only thing that Jimin says then he follows Hobi inside the Kitchen.

He likes Hobi. He’s a warm person.

“ you know what, it's the first time that I saw a person, you know hehe! not excited about seeing Yoongi, let alone sharing a snack with him. ” - Hobi tells Jimin while preparing a snack.

“ I - ah - it’s not the first time we saw each other, We met once. “ Jimin shyly says. “ in our shop when he bought a bracelet for his boyfriend. ”

“ Y-you mean... you're the one he's talking about?! Hahaha! That explains the way he looks at you earlier. I bet he will complain again about how you ignore him. ” - Hobi shaking his head while laughing.

“ W-what do you mean? ”

“ Nothing, Just forget I said that. But you know what, I can't help but keep on laughing at him when he tells me about the incident in your shop. He said you're cute but cold. I believed him when he said that you're cute, cause you are! But about being cold, I don't think so. ”

“ Yeah- about that! The other guy with him irritates me the way he looks at me but you know what, I was nervous that they will report me to my supervisor. Good thing I still haven't received any memo from them. ” Jimin nervously laughing at Hobi.

“ Yoongi’s not like that you know, And about the other guy, Minho, you know what I don't like him too. ” Hobi seriously says to him and continues

“ And I'm going to tell you something, I think that witch was with Yoongi because you know, Yoongi, he’s famous. ” Hobi shares.

“ You heard him singing? Gosh! ” Hobi rolls his eye and Jimin gets what he’s trying to say.

“ And the way he looks in those music videos? ( another roll on Hobi's eyes ) He thinks he’s pretty and cute but NOPE! “ with a pop on the letter P.

“ I think you're much prettier than him, Jimin. Do you sing? I think you can sing, you have a pretty voice too!” Hobi beams.

“ Maybe you replace Minho and be Yoongi’s partner? ” with a smile on his face Hobi asked and looked at Jimin.

Jimin, can't help but chuckle nervously and answer Hobi.

“ I don't have that kind of idea in my Head, Also, I don't like the spotlight, the fame, or the attention. Thank you! ” - Jimin jokingly says but he meant it.

“Plus I don't sing. “

“ Yeah, you're right! The attention. You know, even though we're used to those negative write-ups about Yoongi, we can't help but feel affected by it. That’s the reason why we told him that we don't like reading any articles about him.” you can feel in Hobi’s voice that he was sad about it. Jimin kept silent while listening to Hobi.

“ But - moving on! Tell me the truth. What do you think about my Best friend? He’s hot right? “

Jimin was fixing the plates and stopped when he heard what Hobi asked him.

Even Yoongi walking inside the kitchen stops when he hears his best friend asking Jimin those questions.

“ Ahm. He won't have those fans right if he’s not. - you know it looks good. ” ( safe answer, Jimin. ) he wants to give himself a pat on the back.

“ No, I want your own opinion. “ Hobi says.

“ H-Huh?... W-what. “

“ Seok, is the food ready? “ Jimin heard Yoongi with a cold tone in his voice.

But he's thankful that saves him to answer Hobi’s question. But he feels something on his chest when Yoongi didn't acknowledge that he's there with them just focusing his attention on his best friend.

He feels kinda hurt that Yoongi was giving him a cold shoulder.

“ U-hm. Hoseok, Is it okay if I go now? Tae’s maybe looking for me. I'm not hungry though - I just ate when I saw Holly outside our gate. ”

“ What’s with the hurry, Mochi? Oh and yeah- you can call me Hobi too. ”

“ I was worried that maybe TaeTae, my best friend, was looking for me. So yeah - I need to go. ”

“ okay- I'll walk you out. Come. ”

“ Thank you, Hobi. ”

Yoongi and Joon didn't hear them walking out of the kitchen and going to the front door.

Hobi waves goodbye to Jimin and shouts “ let's talk again soon! ”




One week has passed and Jimin can still remember the way Yoongi treats him at Hobi’s House.

And that adds to his list of why he hates Yoongi.

He recalls the conversation that he had with Tae when he went back to their apartment.

( throwback )

“where have you been? I've been looking for you, I don't know where to find you. I was worried, you also left your phone! ” - Tae says to him.

“ Uhm, about that. I saw this cute puppy trying to get himself inside our gate so yeah- I pet him, gave him milk, and saw his owner and gave it back to them. They invited me over to their house for a snack. you know to thank me, So yeah I went there across the street. ”

Jimin explains to Tae and continues with “ you wouldn't believe who I saw there Tae. ”

But stops when he remembers what Hobi told him.

“ who? Tell me!... But If you're going to tell me you met AgustD there, then you're right! I won't believe you! ”

Jimin smiles and whispered to himself
“ What if it's AgustD? Maybe you’ll faint if you know your idol was there across the street.”

“ What did you say” Tae says with a confused on his face looking at Jimin.

“ Nope, nothing! I said those people that I met were nice. We talked. And I saw that it was getting late and told them that I left my scaredy-cat best friend alone in our apartment so I need to go home. “

“ Excuse you! I’m not a scaredy-cat! And you always left me alone in our apartment! “

The thought of him cuts off when he sees an old woman entering their store.

The old woman has a funny taste in her way of clothing. Her white hair was recklessly tied up. Her eyeglasses are thick and almost on the tip of her nose. Waking with her cane.

Jimin can't help himself asking at the back of his head.

( what is she doing here? Maybe she's lost, Is there someone with her? )

“ Hello, Ma’am, can I help you with something? “

The woman didn't answer him, instead she got something out of her bag and gave it to him.

With full curiosity, Jimin takes what the woman gives him. ( a piece of paper.)

He then takes a look and can't help but frown when he reads the note.

“ Sorry about the last two incidents! “ - the note says.

“ Ma'am, are you sure this is for me? Why are you saying sorry to me? “ Jimin asks the older one while looking at her eyes.

With wide eyes, Jimin was looking at her eyes. There's this feeling that it looks familiar. Before he continue asking the older one, he received another paper and he looked at it again.

“ Please, I want us to talk... “ - the note says.

Then he knows! When the older woman took off her glasses he knew!

“ What are you doing? Why are you here? What do you mean by these notes?! “ with sass in his voice he asked Yoongi. He talks with a lower voice so Jin wouldn't hear them.

“ Please, Let's talk. Hobi and Joon won't talk to me if I don't fix things between us. “ Yoongi begs, trying to speak like an older woman. Like Jimin, he kept his voice low.

“ I don't think there's something to talk about between us. Look I'm working so if you please, stop disturbing me! And with what Hobi and Joon say I guess it is not my problem. It's between the three of you so don't drag me into this. “ - Jimin says with irritation in his voice.

“ Please Jimin, I won't go anywhere but here if you don't talk to me. I’ll stay here. “ after saying that Yoongi walks and takes a sit on the chairs in their store looking at Jimin with puppy eyes ( like begging hahaha! )

“ suit yourself. “ Jimin says and suddenly smiles when he sees another customer entering their store. ( a guy and a girl ) a couple. Jimin thinks.

After the couple chooses their wedding bands. they're leaving the store but stop in front of the old woman sitting on the chair.

He didn't hear what they were talking about, he just shrugged it all out. He doesn't care!

“ Who's that woman? Don't tell me she's buying something here? “

He heard Jin at his back asking him.

“ Let her be, Hyung.... “

Jimin didn't finish what he was trying to say to Jin when Yoongi talked with the old woman's voice.

“ Sir, can I talk to one of your supervisors? I’ll make a complaint about your co-worker here. He doesn't assist me. I was sitting here the whole time. “

With a threat in his eyes, Jimin was looking at Yoongi warning him to stop but Yoongi paid no attention to him.

“ Is that true, Jimin? “ - Jin says, looking back and forth to Jimin and Yoongi.

He wants to say to Jin that this Old woman wanna be, was AgustD but he’s not ready with the outcome of it. So he decided to turn his gaze to Yoongi with the threat of his eyes still present. Still, Yoongi was not affected by the way he looked at him.

“ I changed my mind, young man. I just want him to help me and drop me off at the parking lot. “ Yoongi says while pointing at Jimin.

“ Uhm, are you okay ma’am? Is there something wrong? YAH! Jimin, help her get a taxi so we can be sure she's safe. “ - Jin says with concern.

At this moment, Jimin wants to kill Yoongi. He acts so well, he could be an actor!

“ Hyung, don't belie--- “

“ Thank you, Young man! Thank you! Let's go then- “ Yoongi says, grabbing Jimin’s wrist and leading them out of the shop.

Jimin wants to walk out when they reach the parking lot and go back to the store but before he can do it he saw a black car stop in front of them. The door on the passenger side opens and Yoongi leads Jimin to go inside the car.

“ What do you want?! “ Jimin says irritation in his voice. He didn't even see the sweet smile from the driver of the car.

“ Same Place. Ahjussi “ - Yoongi told the driver. He didn't answer Jimin's question, instead he removed his wig, glasses, and everything that disguised him as an old woman.

“ Finally. I'm sorry, I need to use this kind of thing to disguise myself if not you know what will happen. I want to talk to you so no one will figure out that it’s me. Effective right? “ with a gummy smile he looks at Jimin.

“ Just tell me now, what do you want to say! I need to go home and change classes after this! “

“ Really? Do you have school at night? And you're working every day? Wow! Isn't that hard? You're doing that every day? Wow! “ - with amusement in Yoongi's voice.

“ Don't change the subject. I thought you wanted to talk to me? Where are you taking me? “

Yoongi just smiles at him. They are far from the Department store now and while Yoongi keeps his mouth shut, Jimin just looks outside the window.

Then he saw that their car was slowly entering a native restaurant. It's far though- he thinks that they’re in Tagaytay or something.

“ Okay, we're here. “ Yoongi confirms. “ Ahjussi, make sure you eat as well, just like before, charge it to me. After we talk, we’re taking Jimin home. “

Yoongi checks the place first if there are many customers. After that he guides Jimin out of the car.

Jimin loves the place. It's nice with a native style and all. Jimin thinks that Yoongi was a regular customer here because of the way the staff accommodates them.

Sitting at one of the tables.

“ Now we can talk, just like the notes say. “ Yoongi says, starting the conversation. “ I’m sorry for the last two incidents. First with Minho at the shop and second at Hobi’s house. “

“ I know Minho treated you badly that day but didn't do anything about it because there were a lot of people there and I'm sure you saw the paparazzi too. “

“ Everything I do, Everything I say, I'm sure they will give it a meaning. If I talked to Minho that time because of what he did to you? I'm sure they will take it the wrong way. The worst is they will drag you into a mess, saying you have something to do with me. I hope you know what I mean. “

“ I don't want that to happen. You didn't do anything wrong, I don't want to drag you into my messy world. Even though you irritate me by ignoring me. -us. “ Yoongi explains.

“ Did I ignore you? Didn't I assist you? “ Jimin counters.

“ I know you don't want it, it feels like you're just doing it cause you have no choice. You didn't even smile at me, I mean us. But on the other customers, you give them your pretty smile. ” Yoongi says with a pout on his lips.

“ Then, I saw you for the second time, at Hobi's house. I want to talk to you at that time and apologize. “

“ But just the same, you acted like you didn't see me. You don't have any reaction when Hobi introduces us to each other. I don't know what I did wrong that you're mad at me.”

Jimin feels like there's a rock thrown in his chest. He cannot imagine that Yoongi felt like this the whole time.

Then he remembered that Yoongi ignored him too!

“ You ignore me too! I was in the kitchen with Hobi. “ - Jimin told Yoongi. More like accusing him.

“ I did that for a reason. I heard you told Hobi that you don't like me. “ - Yoongi pouts.

“ Look, I didn't mean when I say I don't like you, like you're a bad person. I told Hobi that if you're a bad person you won't have any fans. You have a lot you know, including Jin Hyung and Tae, my best friend. “ Jimin explains.

“It's just that, I'm not interested like they are. Even if I try, I don't have time for it. ” Jimin finishes his side.

“ Y-you mean you haven’t heard any of my tracks? “ Yoongi with wide eyes asking Jimin.

“ I heard some of your songs. Told you my best friend is one of your fans. Yeah- they're good. I mean the songs. “

With glitter in his eyes, Yoongi asks Jimin again.

“ Really? How about now? You know me, are you going to watch our music video? It's almost done the MV of our recent song. “ excitement on Yoongi’s voice.

“ H-huh? UH-hmm... “

Jimin was thankful that the waiter came with their food so he stopped what he was saying. Save him from the awkwardness. He really can't say yes because what if he cannot do that.

He also doesn't want to say NO to Yoongi and disappoints him.

Surely it's the first time Yoongi met someone who was not fond of him because he was famous.

They eat in silence, Jimin felt uneasy the way Yoongi kept on looking at him.

After finishing their meal, Jimin asks if they can go back now, he doesn't want to be late for his classes.

Yoongi insisted that he will drive Jimin to his apartment and his school.

Yoongi was patiently waiting for him inside their apartment while waiting for Jimin to fix himself to go to school. He told Jimin that he might be late if he commutes. And told Jimin that it's his fault.

Jimin accepts the offer.

“ Thank you, Jimin. Hobi and Joon will be happy if I tell them that we’re okay now. “ Yoongi says with a serious tone.

So, Jimin tries to play a joke on him.

“ Who says that we’re okay? “

Jimin saw the shock and sadness in Yoongi's eyes, but it was for a moment when Yoongi looked at Jimin and saw he was trying to hide his smile. He knows.

“ You got me big time there. I thought you were serious about it. So we're friends? “ Yoongi confirms.

“ Friends. ”


Jimin and Tae were shocked when Hobi and Joon visited them at their apartment with Hobi’s 7y/o nephew Kookie.

Tea meets them too before. When Holly escapes again and is caught trying to get inside their gate again.

Ever since, the two always visit Jimin and Tae’s apartment. They easily become close friends but up until now, Tae doesn't know that AgustD was connected to their newfound friend.

Just like before, when Hobi and Joon visit them, they bring snacks for them, especially Hobi’s Cake.

“ Hello, Tae-Hyung and Jimin-Hyung! What are you doing? “ - Kokie asked his new Hyungs after kissing their cheeks.

“ Nothing, Kokie. It's Saturday, that's why Jimin doesn't have classes today, Hello Hobi-Hyung! By the way, thanks for the cake again. “ Tae says.

“ don't mention it Tae, “

“ So, Hyung what's up? “ - Tae continues.

“ Oh, Yeah. Ahm. I’m going to ask for Jimin’s help here. A favor, actually.” - Hobi says with shyness.

“ Shoot.. Hyung, what is it? “ -Jimin asked Hobi smiling at him.

Tea saw that Hobi was having a second thought to ask Jimin a favor since he’s here.

“ KOOKIE!!! Do you want to come with Me in the kitchen to prepare the cake? “. Tae asks the 7y/o kid. And walks towards the kitchen with kookie.


“ So- “ Hobi starts. “ Uhm- Actually it’s my Birthday today. “

“ OMG! Hyung, Happy birthday! “

“ Thanks! Hehe! “ Hobi chuckles nervously. “ Uhm- Jimin, Actually Joon set me up on a date today and you know I like the guy so- yeah, Kookie is with me.. Uhm - I need someone to look after him. I called Yoongi a couple of times but unfortunately, He still needs to finish his shoots. You're the only one I can trust Kookie with. “

“ Hyung! “ Jimin beams “ It's that it? Sure! I can watch Kookie! Maybe you can consider that as my gift for you on your birthday. Hahaha! “

“ Go and prepare for your date - make sure you get that di--”

“YAH! It's just a date you know and a first one. “ with a blush, Hobi continues “ Thanks Jimin! I owe you one! Here's the spare key to our house. If you want you can bring Tae with you. “

“ NAH, Tae has a date too! “

“ Oh, I see! So I'll see you soon - if the date went well or I get that “D” maybe tomorrow? “ Hobi Confirms.

“ Sure, Hyung! Enjoy!!! “

Jimin sighed, he was looking at Hobi and can’t help but think.

“ I hope I can date too. “

After Jimin says that to himself there's one name that pops out in his head. “ Yoongi “.

“ Tsk! Impossible, we’re friends and he has a Boyfriend so - Yeah! Impossible to stop Jimin! ” He told himself, snapping out of the thought and going inside where Tae and Kookie are eating their cake.

Like Hobi informed, the date suddenly turns into an overnight one.


At Hobi’s House.

“ Jimin-Hyung, can you read me a bedtime story? “ Kookie asks Jimin after they finish the movie Toys Story.

“ I will, Kookie but you need to finish your milk first, okay? “

“ Yups! “ Kookie says with a yawn.

“ Come on, sweetie! Let’s get you to bed. “

Jimin didn't finish when Kookie fell asleep. With a kiss on Kookie’s cheeks, he slowly walks out of the room and leaves the door slightly open.

He went into one of the guest rooms that Hobi told him he can use for the night.

Laying down on the bed, Jimin closed his eyes and saw an image of Yoongi on his head. He shakes the thought out of his head but can't help himself to think about Yoongi.

( Does he think about me too? - Jimin thinks on his head. )

( Yah! Why would he think about you?! He has a Boyfriend you know. )

( you know what, just sleep! )

He really can’t sleep, the thought of Yoongi keeps running into his head. He sits on the bed, Back at the headboard, and suddenly his stomach growls reminding him that he hasn't taken his dinner yet.

So slowly he walked towards the kitchen, Fixing his food he heard the front door open.

His heart was beating so fast.

He knows that he and Kookie were the only ones in this house.

Trying to get anything that he can hold on to and getting ready if that someone was a bad guy at least he's prepared. Now he was holding a pan.

He’ll just hit the head, right? It works on Tangled.

He slowly got outside the kitchen, he saw the man and slowly his heartbeat became normal.

“ Yoongi? Is that you? Omg! You give me a heart attack! “ Jimin breathes out.

“ Hey, I'm sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I didn’t know you were still awake. “ Yoongi explains.

“ W-what do you mea— “

“ Hobi told me you're here, taking care of Kookie. “

“ he didn’t tell me that you were coming and--”

“ Hobi didn't mean no harm, I told him that my shoots will finish maybe at midnight also I don't want him to cancel his date, that's why I told him to ask you if you can come over and watch Kookie for the night. “ Yoongi clarifies and continues.

“ .. And I told him that I want to see you. “ - Yoongi whispered ( maybe Jimin didn't hear that right? )

“ W-what was the last thing you said? “

“ H-huh? I didn't say anything, ” Yoongi nervously chuckled, hand at the back of his neck.

Jimin thinks he's cute being a little silly.

“ So, Jimin How are you? “ it's been weeks since the last time we saw each other, --

-- did you miss me? You didn't even call me “ - Yoongi looking at Jimin with a wide smile.

“ H-huh? Why will I call you? First, I don't even have your number. Second, I'm busy with my classes and work. Third, I'm sure you're busy too. ” Jimin fires back, he still thinks about the way Yoongi asks him if he misses the Rapper.

But yeah, he misses Yoongi. But he will never confirm that to him. NO!

Yoongi didn't like what he heard and with a heavy heart he asks Jimin again.

“ So why are you still awake? “

“ oh! I forgot to eat dinner earlier so yeah- hungry. I hope you don't mind that I get myself a slice of this. “

“ But I do mind.. “ Yoongi with a serious tone.

“ Oh my, I'm sorry I didn't mean to-- ” Jimin shyly explained but cut off my Yoongi again.

“ Because I won't allow you to eat just pie as your dinner. “ Yoongi said while laughing at him when he saw the way Jimin got nervous.

“ Oh, it's fine really. It’s enough for me -- “

“ No, I won't let you eat that. It's not healthy. It's not even a proper meal. Here let me just cook for us, just give me 10minutes and our dinner will be ready. “ Yoongi cutting Jimin off again.

“ You sure? “ Jimin asked Yoongi.

“ Yeah sure-- “ but got cut off by Jimin

“ No, I mean, are you sure you can cook? “ with one brow-raising Jimin asks Yoongi again.

“ Brat. Just watch and see. “

After saying that, Yoongi prepares their dinner. Once done with cooking, Jimin mouths water when he sees what Yoongi prepares for them.

Fried rice
Egg omelet
Vegetable salad with a thousand island dressing.

Yoongi smirked when he saw Jimin looking at the food he prepared.

“ Let's eat? “

“ Wow! Can't believe you really can cook! You can even set the table. “ with a wide eye, Jimin said.

Yoongi's eyes brighten when he heard what Jimin said.

“ Thanks, my parents taught us early with the chores so yea- “

Jimin can help but feel a little happy with what he heard and learns about this from Yoongi. He felt a bit of shame for himself because of how he thought Yoongi was like before.

It's not too late to fix that right? Make things right with him? After all, we're friends, right? - Jimin told himself.

Yoongi caught Jimin and was looking at him for a while now.

“ Is there something on my face?” Yoongi asks waving his hand in front of Jimin's face.

“ N-no, I just thought your parents raised you well. “

“ Thanks, How about you? Family? Parents?”

“ They were both dead. That’s why I have to support myself. “

“ I’m sorry to hear that. “

“ Yeah, me too. “

“ let's change the subject. Do you have a Girlfriend or Boyfriend, oh sorry! It's okay if you don't answer it. “

“ I’m not into girls but Boyfriend? No, I don't have one. Just want to finish my studies first. I have a lot of suitors but I don't entertain them.”

“ S-suitors? M-meaning, I have a lot of, I mean yeah- you have a lot of suitors. ” Yoongi says disappointment laced on his tone.

“ Yeah, some of them are my classmates on different subjects but I told them - wait, why are you interested to know anyway? ” - Jimin was confused.

“ I - ah, I just need to know if I make a move -- I mean you know what if someone punches if they see me that I'm with you. “ Stuttering Yoongi says.

“ I was the one who needed to be worried, what if Minho gets jealous when he finds out that you're talking to me again. “ Jimin whispered enough to Yoongi hear it.

“ Wait- why would he get jealous? ” Now Yoongi was the one confused.

“ Because, He’s your boyfriend, right? ” Okay, this makes Jimin confused too.

“ Huh? No! He’s not my Boyfriend. Those are just Rumors because we’re working to get her but we're not romantically involved with each other. “ Yoongi Clarifies.

Turning his gaze to Yoongi, he can't believe what he heard from him and sees Yoongi’s eyes with sincerity.

“ Sorry, That's what I heard from Tae, told you he’s one of your fans. “

“ Hmmm, I want to meet him one of these days, it's good to hear that he likes my music but his best friend-- “ Yoongi pouts.

“ YAH!, you pout like a kid! Told you, I was not interested before but since we’re friends, you can consider me one of your fans now, I'll even watch one of your concerts. “ - Jimin says with a smile on his face.

“ Promise?!!! Yeah, sure! We have an upcoming concert, also there’s a red carpet going on next week. Come with me, I need a partner. “ - with stars in his eyes Yoongi asks Jimin.

“ Wha-what? Should it be Minho? He’s your partner, right? - ( Happy Hearts ) Jimin says in his head.

“ No, I want to go with you and be my date. You don't get to say NO on this, and that’s final. “

Jimin with a Happy Heart just nods his head as YES to Yoongi to be his date.