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A New Life

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There’s not much good to say about the Underground. Everything in it is pretty shit. Once you go under, it’s almost impossible to get back up. Unless you’re lucky that is… or you somehow get ridiculously rich.

Neither one of those things happened to you.

Admitting your downfalls has always been very hard, but some things you can’t escape. For one, you’re broke. Like, really broke. Living off of trash and rations that you worked your ass off to afford was not the way you had planned living your life. You were thin, ribs and spine clearly visible through your tank top.

Though, this was all you’ve ever known. There was nothing else for you in this hell of your so-called life. This wasn’t life, this was survival.

The things you have done in order to survive, let's just say, you weren’t very proud of. But hey, anyone would do it if they were in your situation right? That’s what you tell yourself when the memories of the bloodshed and torture overcome you before you sleep. This wasn’t your fault. You just were abandoned in the worst possible place known to man.

Hope died in you a long time ago. There was no escape for you. This was it.

“Yo Y/N, catch!”

You turn your head as a stale piece of bread slaps you across your face.

“Fuck you, Milo! You know I could snap your head off at any moment if I wanted to, right?”

“You have such a temper my god! Y/N, when was the last time you’ve been in bed with a man?”

“I know you are not asking me this right now. I’m going to fucking kill you!”

The answer to his question was, well…last night. You did not do it out of lust or love, but for a bit of cash. It’s the only way you’ve ever known. Sell your body to survive. The only other thing you knew how to do was kill, and you didn’t like that very much.

Milo has been your best friend basically since you entered the underground. He has always been by your side. You used to date a while back, but decided it was best to keep it platonic, as you two were never really the type for a serious relationship. There isn’t much time for feelings and love in the Underground after all.

You never told him about your side hustle in prostitution. Not that he would think any less of you, but you didn’t want him seeing you in that way. Besides, it's not important enough to have a conversation about.

“Thank you,” you say softly as he comes and sits next to you in the alley you’ve been occupying.

He looks at you with sorrowful eyes, “I’m sorry it’s not a lot, but it’s getting harder everyday to find food around here.”

“It’s more than enough. I appreciate your efforts to help me.”

“Yeah, don’t worry ‘bout it.”

The two of you sit in silence for a good ten minutes. He is drawing doodles in the dirt with his pocket knife, as you’re quietly munching on the stale bread.

You wish this moment would last forever. Just a few minutes of complete peace and comfort is all you ever want. This was your happiness.

Five Years Later…

“Where is he, you piece of shit? Where’s Milo?! I’m going to slice through every muscle in your body until you are a limp ragdoll on the floor! You won’t be able to move and you will suffer through endless pain as you slowly bleed to death! Is that what you want, fuckface?!”

You had managed to break into the building where your friend’s kidnappers were. He had gotten into some trouble after he got caught stealing ration bars from their stock. You didn’t know why they cared about a couple bars being missing, as they had enough to feed an army. But, you knew they wouldn’t let him get away with it.

“Oh boys, we’ve got a feisty one!” the old man snickered while calling over his men.

They were all filth. The only rich folks who stay down here are the ones who can only live off of dirty money. They won’t last a day above ground and they know it. Instead, they choose to cower down here and prey on the vulnerable. It’s fucking sick. Just thinking of the things they put young girls through to cum out of their miniscule dick makes you want to vomit. No amount of apologies would forgive them for their sins.

In terms of power and skill, these men had the upper hand. After all, you were one frail woman wielding only a small dagger. There was no way you could escape this without some casualties. As scary as that sounds, you were already neck deep in this shit, and there was no way out now.

The only upper hand you had was that you were faster than all of them, and you were sure of it.

Without a second thought, you sprint towards a hallway. You had no idea where you were going, but it didn’t matter. You turned a corner and waited there on the edge. Luckily, it was dark down this hall, and you knew they couldn’t see you.

You waited until you could hear footsteps steadily approaching. It was only one set of footsteps.


As the footsteps enter your proximity, you jump on the man's back and hold yourself there with all of your strength. After you finally make your way up to his neck, you slit his throat before he can protest. One man gone, many more to go. This was gonna be hell.

You hear multiple footsteps now. You knew you couldn’t beat more than one man at a time. You quickly bolt down the hall you were hiding in. It only got darker the more you ran. You couldn't see more than two steps in front of you.

All you could do was run. There was no other way you could survive this. Run. Run until your heart gives out.

Your body comes to a complete stop as you slam into what feels like a brick wall.

No… it couldn’t be… this isn’t the end…right?

The sudden feeling of defeat washes over you. You were trapped. Hearing as the footsteps got closer and closer, you were just waiting for your brutal torture to begin.

You can now make out one large figure standing in front of you, followed by two more.


“Ah, there you are, sweet lady. Care to join us in the room in the back?”

Pathetic. They were the lowest of low. It was sickening. How dare they feel so high and mighty. They had no right. The scum of the earth.

The large man reaches down and grabs you by the neck. You try to wiggle free in protest, but it is no use. His strength greatly outmatches yours. You close your eyes and try to remember happy thoughts as you slowly accept your fate.

“Y/N, follow me! I found something totally awesome!” Milo screams with delight.

“I’m coming, wait up!”

You are chasing after him as he twists and turns through the alleyways. Pure joy spreads across his face as he skips through the streets. Then he comes to a stop. You were finally here.

In front of you was a beautiful pink flower. You didn't know what kind it was, as you had never seen one before in real life, but it was the most amazing thing you have ever seen. Flowers did not just grow in the Underground. This one was truly special. The two of you quickly dig up the flower, careful not to mess up its roots.

You diligently take it home, hiding it in your shirt, so no one would try to steal it. Milo fills a cup up with dirt and you carefully place the flower in. Pure joy washing over your faces, as you marvel in its beauty.

You wake up from your dream as a gush of blood splatters across your face. You wipe the gooey substance off with your arm as you slowly open your eyes. Standing in front of you was a handsome man with dark hair and two swords. You couldn’t help but notice how short he was. It was almost…cute.

Looking down you see three bloody bodies sprawled out on the floor. This man did this. This very short man.

He stares at you for a few seconds before firmly asking, “Are you just going to stand there all day, or are you going to follow me?”

“U-huh, s-sorry,” you couldn’t help but stutter, “um.. Thank you.”

“Yeah whatever. You’re wasting my time. Hurry up.”

Damn, how cold could he be?

As you inch closer, you start to notice how attractive his features are. You couldn’t see him very well in this lighting, but you could tell he was handsome. You slap yourself as you start dreaming of seeing… all of his features.

You’re starting to feel pervy. How could you be turned on by such a gruesome act? No, it wasn’t the act that turned you on, it was the man who performed it.

You had a crush.