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“𝑺𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒑𝒆𝒐𝒑𝒍𝒆 𝒄𝒂𝒏𝒏𝒐𝒕 𝒇𝒖𝒏𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 𝒘𝒊𝒕𝒉𝒐𝒖𝒕 𝒏𝒆𝒈𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒗𝒊𝒕𝒚 𝒊𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒊𝒓 𝒍𝒊𝒇𝒆, 𝒃𝒆𝒄𝒂𝒖𝒔𝒆 𝒃𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒐𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒓𝒔 𝒅𝒐𝒘𝒏 𝒎𝒂𝒌𝒆𝒔 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒎 𝒇𝒆𝒆𝒍 𝒃𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒆𝒓”


Everyone sulked in the dimly lit office of the Headmaster after he'd read the first sentences of the letter that was sent by someone who is high up in the ministry.


"This letter is sadly sent to inform you about M/N and F/N's death"


Everyone in the room cannot believe that M/N, F/N, and death would be in the same sentence. Minerva's lips started to quiver as more likely her hands. She struggles to stop the tears that start to form in her eyes. Snape, the reserved and undemonstrative one of all, was also in shock. He had great bondings with the two and simply cannot believe that he has lost his companion.


They simply cannot believe it. Especially when they have a 14 month-old born child that is sleeping peacefully across the room. Almost everybody in the wizarding world knows and adores you. Simply the one who will continue the name Dumbledore in your special way.


You were so full of love from your parents, grandfather, and everyone who had known you. Even so, Dumbledore shakes his head, sniffling up from his nose, and tries to read the next sentence. "Along with-" He stopped mid-sentence, looking up at the curious listening Snape.


"Along with who?" Flitwick asks, who is also trembling with curiosity. Dumbledore took all of the courage he had and continued to read. "Along with Lily and James Potter…" The second that Lily's name was said he fled out of the room, Dumbledore presuming that he had gone to see if the contents of that letter were true.


Everyone was done to hear what the next letter had written on its delicate paper. Dumbledore stood up sniffling away his tears but fully knowing he won't be forgiving himself for not being able to protect his son and his wife nor having to know that this day would have come.


However, he has to stay strong for his only left blood in this world. His granddaughter, he swore from this day on, he will protect her from whoever dares to harm her.


Even the Dark Lord himself.


Everyone swore to protect the special one. They all know that she has the potential of being the next greatest wizard of them all. No one should reckon that they could harm her with them around protecting her. They would not let the same thing happen ever again.


Not this time.



"Please tell me if either of you knows where Y/N is?" The two Gryffindor students shook their heads and Bill sighed in frustration, worry, and fear. Every representative of a house in the fourth and fifth year has their assigned schedule to watch over the little girl.


And it is Bill's and another Gryffindor student who is assigned for today. He groans, trying to look in another hall where you are not there.


'If anything and I mean anything, even a single scratch that I will see at every end of the day, the one who is assigned to take care of her shall be punished by having to lose fifty points from their house. Each'


Snape's words rang through his head, fearing over losing points or even more tragic having to lose you and finding your dead body at the black lake. Then it struck him, he was quick to find the fifth-year student who was along with him and dragged him along at the black lake.


"Weasley, are you sure that she's in the black lake?" 


"If I am, I wouldn't be saying 'Godric please have Y/N safely sound there' a hundred times in a minute, now wouldn't I?"


"Professor McGonagall is going to kill us if she finds out! Even worse if professor Snape did! But what if the Headmaster-"


"Shut it okay!? If you continue on I will have a nightmare!"


They have turned in every corner of the halls and now they find themselves at the end of the castle. Now walking slowly and cautiously near the black lake. As they go further, a body sitting at the near end of the water can be seen.


"Y/N! We have been looking for you everywhere!" Daniel, the fifth-year student shouts and sighs in relief. They heard a large squeak as they went closer to Y/N's sitting body. "Stop right there! You're going to frighten her!"


The two look in confusion as they go to her side to see what 'her' is, and as they do they find an oval-shaped head peeking slightly through the water. The giant squid. Daniel's instincts were to grab her and die as it is. 'At least I died a hero' he thought before taking a step forward only to be held back by Bill.


"Stop… look." Bill pointed towards you. Daniel was quite surprised. Although Bill knows this will be happening. You were caressing its head and surely the squid is enjoying himself by letting out a… purr?


No one yet knows what it feels like to touch that giant squid yet here you are. A five-year-old is already getting comfortable with it. "Bill and Daniel, Marie here want to talk to you." The two gulped in nervousness and deliberately strode near her.


"H-Hey Uhm… Marie?" Bill waved his hand, kneeling on one knee. Daniel raised an eyebrow at Bill while he hit him with his arm. The squid vents a loud squeak, its tentacle thumping on the ground causing it to tremble a little. 


"Do not worry Marie! They're my friends, they won't hurt me nor you!" You giggled, holding its tentacle. The day goes on by having you talk to your squid friend Marie and also having your two Gryffindor friends by your side, watching you laugh with the ginormous companion of yours.


The day ends by having the two accompany you to your room in Hogwarts. Made only for you. Bill and Daniel aren't allowed to enter your room. No one is. Like each house, you have your room password. 


Only yours, it can't be heard by anyone except for the painting that is guarding your room. So even if Bill and Daniel were beside you, they couldn't understand anything you and the moving painting say.


Once they know you're safe inside your room, they take a deep breath and stroll through the halls to their common room. They felt relieved. Relieved from what happened today. That they managed to find you before the night takes over the day.


That is until they felt large hands on their shoulders. They glanced at the floor and saw a vast dark silhouette.


"I learned from a fellow Slytherin student of mine that you have lost Y/N in the middle of the day?"



"Charlie~ Where am I?" You were hiding atop of the castle roof trying to hide from your third-year friend who you have known as the brother of your best friend Bill. "Y/N I swear if I see you somewhere dangerous again!" He shouted as he looked in each corner of the room.


He thinks back to when you and he were playing the same game hide and seek,  he saw you dangling on the bottom of your balcony. Flitwick saw you holding for dear life and went berserk, trying to get you down there. He even fainted after he knew you were safe on the ground.


"That is if you find me~" You tease as you peek at the worried boy that is struggling to lift a box to see if you were there.


"Merlin Y/N! You're going to be the death of me! Now I know that Bill wasn't exaggerating when he said you were complicated."



"Welcome to Hogwarts little brother!" 


Charlie greeted their younger brother as he was now 11 years old and attending Hogwarts. One of the best wizarding schools yet in the wizarding world. "Thank you but will you tone down your voice? Everyone is looking." He whispers angrily at Charlie who gave him an odd look. 


"Is it wrong to congratulate our little brother?" Bill came in, hanging his arm around the bushy red-haired boy.


"No, it is not although-"


"Then it is done then! Everyone greet my little brother! Percy!" Charlie shouted as everyone turned their looks on the embarrassed student.


"Oh look, another Weasley. How's the hand-me-down robe?" Alistair, who is a Slytherin, snickered as his troops laughed.


The two elder brothers are about to stand up to bicker and argue for their brother. Not on his first day no.


"And how's your failing grade, Alistair? Uncle Snape told me that he was kind enough to give you a week for a new essay?"


Everyone who was in that circle turned around to see where the voice came from and saw the girl who had her hands behind her back being more authoritative. Alistair's cheeks burned as he moved his gaze on the ground not wanting to look at the girl.


"Instead of having to insult the Weasleys, why don't you go back and try to be as smart as them."


'She has grown mature for a 7-year old in a year… last time I remembered she was running around with a blanket over her head when it was Halloween.' Charlie's thoughts came off as Alistair walked away, heads down low. Him, feeling ashamed as to how a 7-year-old girl just embarrassed him in front of the crowd.


"Look at our princess! Already defending our little brother!" Bill shouted as he ruffled your hair while you were sitting down.


"I simply just stated facts. Plus, Alistair has always bothered you guys." You then look at Percy who is already staring at you.


Percy felt like she had seen a deity. Those glistening eyes of yours might have just captured every single star in the sky. That sleek H/C hair that compliments everything about you. Your skin is as smooth as silk. Lips that are so delicate, that if they collide with one another it will feel as if it is the clouds. And of course that smile. The smile that can almost brighten up the whole world if it wanted to.


The smile made his heart skip a heartbeat that he yet to deny as it feels wrong. It made him feel some kind of sin. "Oh look here Bill, our little brother might just have a crush~" Percy was taken out of his thoughts as heat invaded his cheeks.


He looks at his brother as if they had made a deception. "Oh shut up Charlie. They're four years away. Also, they are just children." "It is only four years! Yes, you are right that they are kids but that is just for now. What about when they both graduate, hmm?"


Bill rolls his eyes as he once again takes a gaze from Percy and you who are blushing abundantly. Bill had never had the thought of you having to have a relationship with a Weasley. Particularly Percy. He was more on having the thought of Ron being the one who will have a fascination for you since you and he are the same age.  


Well, he guessed wrong.



You decided to have a little night excursion since you cannot sleep at this time of the night. You got up from bed, having your blanket over your head reckoning that you might get cold.


As you open your door, the painting who is guarding you faked a cough so she could have your attention. "Where are you going little one?" You groaned as you know it wouldn't let you go and how foolish of you are to forget.


"Please do not tell anyone, especially grandfather. I could not sleep all night and thought that a little stroll would be nice." All along you know that she will not be giving in with your excuses but maybe, just maybe that she might let you.


"Oh alright." You beamed in happiness, jumping up and down gently. "But just to let you know that you should be back in an hour." You bounced your head and went to continue your walk. 


You were sliding your fingertips along the railings of the stairs through the astronomy tower. You had wished to see the stars again. The first time you went there was when your grandfather had told you what happened to your parents.


It was a year ago. Fresh as it is. You might be too young to have known all of this but for your grandfather, it is not. He reckoned to himself that, while you are still young, you should know. That you would not think that all of your life is a lie.


Thinking that your mother and father just somehow left the wizarding world and will come back in the mere future. You let out a sigh. You were thankful for your grandfather for being honest and for the family that you have now who has always been supportive, caring, and affable.


Just as you were about to close your eyes and let the wind hit your face. You heard steps coming near you. You assumed that it's your uncle Snape or someone who would scold you if they saw you were here in the middle of the night.


You have speculated to use the invisibility spell that you have read from a book called 'The Standard Book For Spells' until you remember that you are only seven and don't have a wand. You then run to the edge of the tower as fast as possible but when you look down there's nothing to hold on to nor to stand on.


'Getting scolded is better than having to die, am I right?' You thought to yourself as you got ready for a blast 'Y/N Dumbledore! Why are you out here!?' But instead, you were welcomed by a boy who seems to be in his first year. "Oh, I did not know that someone would be here. Sorry for the intrusion"


As he was about to leave, you let out a whisper yelled wait so that no one could hear you. "You can stay. Well if that is you do not tell anyone about me being here." He got confused but shrugged it off as he stepped nearer to you.


"And why is that?" You hesitated for a bit if you were to tell him the truth. "Go on, your secret is safe with me." You sighed, facing him now. "My family would kill me if they knew." He stifled a laugh while you glared at him


"Pft- I'm sorry, it's just that- Family? HAHAHA, you know that they're away from here right?"


"Nope" Then it struck him. He looks at you as if you are one of the merpeople in the black lake. Only more beautiful of course.


"In the name of Salazar… You're the Hogwarts princess aren't you!?" You covered his mouth to shush him.


"Lower your voice! And no I am not near a princess!" You whisper-shout, rolling your eyes growing tired of being called the Hogwarts princess when you are simply not.


"Okay sheesh! You're a feisty little one, aren't you?" He moved your hands away from his mouth.


"So what's a 7-year-old girl doing here in the middle of the night?" 


"I could ask you the same thing, but how do you know that I'm seven?" 


"The prefect told us. Said that a seven-year-old girl is a lot to handle when she was younger. Now I can see why."


You slapped him in the side playfully as he chuckled. "I have grown a bit now." He raised an eyebrow. "Did you?" He asked in a sarcastic tone which made you glare at him that he found charming.


Then it grew quiet. Both of you just looked straight up in the sky, admiring the glowing sparkles that are called the stars. Now and then he would steal a glance for a nice 10 seconds or so. He cannot believe what or who was standing beside him.


He cleared his throat, catching your attention. Both of you are now looking at each other. "I haven't got to introduce myself. Flint, Marcus Flint" He took out his hand for you to shake and you gave him a heartwarming smile. "A pleasure to meet you, Flint. Y/N Dumbledore"


You took his hand and shook it for a bit and the both of you ended up laughing. "You look like a donkey trying to be formal!" You laughed as he also laughed along with you. "Well, I can say the same for you!"


Once the both of you got a hold of yourselves, you decided to go back into your rooms before someone comes and gets yourselves in trouble. As you both got under the stairs, you saw a shadow in the corner of your eye.


You pulled Marcus by the arm, snatching him behind one of the pillars of the hallway. "What is-" You cut him off by putting your finger between your lips, giving him a frown while you're at it.


"Y/N, I saw you. Come out." The voice, you expected it to be Mr Filch's voice but it's not. It is somehow familiar. "Percy? Is that you?" You got out of the pillar and saw the red-haired boy in his pyjamas.


"Yes, well if I might ask you, who is that boy over-" As he was about to finish his sentence, he cut himself off as he saw who it was.


"What are you doing with Flint?" He pulled you closer to him as his grip on your arm tightened. "I just saw him in the Astronomy tower. Why are you up to yourself?" 


As he was about to open his mouth, words got stuck at the end of his tongue, not looking away from Flint. "And how do you know that it is Y/N all this time when not even a third-year can see behind these pillars?"


"I have better vision than you Flint, now if you excuse us, I will bring her back to her room." Before he even can retort, Percy is now dragging you by your arm again, not looking back at the student.



It was another end year for Hogwarts. New students will come in September. Everyone was cheering and applauding for the newly graduated students.


Sadly, your best friends Bill and Daniel are going to have to take off soon. You were happy for them of course and you will visit each other often, but it is not quite as lovingly when they were staying at Hogwarts. Daniel has repeated his sixth year since he did not make it through the astronomy exam well.


And now, two of your best of best friends since you were probably 1, are going to have their journey through the wizarding world. After your grandfather had finished his long-awaited speech, you came strolling off to the Gryffindor table and sat between the two familiar friends of yours.


You sat there with a gloomy ambience around you but you strived to put a smile on your face while talking to both of them. This does not go hidden from the two. They could see that you can cry if you can right there and then.


"Hey sweetie, you alright?" Bill asks calmly, stroking your hair delicately as if it can be destroyed with one touch.


"Yeah, you seem to be under the weather since this morning" Daniel rests his head on his palm trying to comprehend what is happening.


"Nothing" Was all you could let out. The two know that it's not. They could tell since you grew up with them.


Daniel stood up, caught up with all of your lies. He grabbed you gently by the arm and went out of the great hall. Everyone had seen what happened so everyone turned to Bill who was now following the two behind.


"Everyone please continue your feast"

Dumbledore announces with a smile on his face. Just as Snape stands and tries to follow the three, Dumbledore stops him by setting his hand up.


"Let them be Professor Snape." Snape looks at him as if he was some magical creature that he hasn't known about.


"What if those almost-graduates do something to her?" He monotonously says in a whisper-shout voice, containing some worries for you.


"They have been around Y/N's childhood for so long as I can remember, and in those years they haven't given her a single scratch."


Snape hesitates for a second, looking at the barely cracked open door then sits back down. 


He does hope that those two will not do anything cynical.


As Daniel drags you, you grow confused as to what is occurring. 'I have not done anything wrong do I?' You thought as Daniel stopped halfway through the corridor.


"Y/N if you cannot tell us with all those people in there then tell us now in private. Again, what is disturbing you?" He calmly yet sternly asks, and Bill is now arriving in front of you. You took a glance at each of them back and forth before sighing.


"You do know that both of you are my best friends right?" The two nodded, "You see… It's not like summer. Not like how I can visit you all the time whenever I miss you. You two will be away for a long time."


You tried to stop the tears that are cautiously trying to escape your eyes so you perked up at the ceiling. "Look Y/N, we will still visit you from time to time. Nothing will change, we will always be your best friend. Plus, we still have a year here in Hogwarts!"


"You don't get it. Daniel will be working at the Ministry and you will be at Gringotts Wizarding Bank." You stopped and looked at the both of them who seemed to be having a sad look instead of worry in their stares.


"I can visit you guys there but it's not like I can just stroll away in the morning and say to grandfather that I'll visit you, and you can't just get off from work just to visit me."


"I am so sorry. I know I'm being a little selfish. This is your great opportunity in life. And instead of me being cheerful about it, I whine. How ridiculous of me." You finish with a sigh, turning back from the two. You are only an eight-year-old girl who has feelings. 


It is not easy to be apart from the people that you grew up with, since you were a toddler. The people who you grew to love and to be fond of. They were the people who would wipe your tears away when you went to their dorms because you had horrible nightmares of your parents dying when your family was away from home.


They would be the ones who would do anything just for you to plaster a smile and let out a laugh in your ol' boring days. And you simply cannot forget how they would always protect you from the simplest things even if you grew to be annoyed by it.


As tears went down to your cheeks, you felt a hand on each side of your shoulder. "It is hard since all of us are growing each day of the year." You hear Bill say as he looks up at the big glass window that emits the light from the moon and the lovely stars.


"Although that does not mean that we will forget nor be not friends with you anymore." He continues, smiling down at you, making you feel better a little bit. "And you too are growing. I and Bill cannot be the only ones who your friends are. There are a lot of people who do want to be close to you."


"For example, Charlie and Percy. They have wanted to spend more and more time with you but they can't because you always look for us."


"Especially Percy"


"How do you know that?" You gently leaned your head on Daniel's arm as he stroked your back for some comfort.


"They're my brothers, silly. They always rant at me for always spending time with you."


"Especially Percy"


You looked at Daniel with an odd look while he just gave off a smile. "Why are you always saying, 'Especially Percy' ?" The two started to laugh their hearts out, leaving you in the blue until they started to hold their stomachs around their arms.


"Oh, our little Y/N IS innocent!" Bill started to laugh more and more, his face redder than his hair.


"Tell me about it!" You are starting to get frustrated as they were just laughing their arses off while they leave you out.


"What is happening, seriously the both of you are starting to look like blood." 


"That is something you have to know yourself little one. Still! You're so naive!" You slapped Daniel's shoulder causing him to stumble a bit.


"Oh, Daniel! Can't forget about Flint and Wood! HAHAHA!" 


"You are so right Bill! Oh, good luck Y/N! HAHAHA!"


"You guys need to stop before I toss you off the window."



You were playing beside the Black Lake again with your best friend Marie, talking about the useless things of the world. Until a vital downpour came, causing you to be damp in rainwater whilst having to run back in the castle.


This caused you to be lying sick in bed. You were supposed to stay at the hospital wing but Madam Pomfrey decided that you should be in your bed. As you awoke from your slumber, you saw your uncle Snape putting a medicine trolley beside you.


"Uncle? What are you doing?" He turns his head in your direction. "I requested a medicine trolley for you so that your cold will go away faster." You smiled at him. Snape has always been the one that doesn't show much affection and care.


Although when it comes to you, he has always been protective and caring. Never in your life that he wasn't there when you were sick or in discomfort. Everyone was like that to you but it is particularly more of Snape. The uncle that's sweet and caring about his niece.


You weren't blood-related to him but he shows that blood-related or not, he would always be there to be your uncle. You smiled at this thought. You are so lucky in this world to have this family. Nothing that you could ask for more.


Then you remembered a story. A story that he used to tell you when you were only five. 


A story that would get stuck in your head, dreaming about it at night to the point where you would bother your uncle to tell you more about the characters.


A story that he simply called; The Light, the Sunshine, and the Dark.


You would always be sad whenever Snape would say the part where; "She ended their friendship, leaving the boy in the dark. The boy had regretted everything. Everything that he has done and said to her, but he knows that it is right to respect her decision to let their friendship go. He loves her, but he knows that she will never have the same love as he has for her. He let them be together. He also let them be as a thank you for saving the boy's life from a gruesome beast."


You still cannot put the pieces together. As to how the boy in the dark can just let the sunshine and the light together even though he knew to himself that the light had done such a mischievous deed to him when they were young.


Yes, you know that the boy in the light saved the boy in the dark's life. It is just all a blurred picture. You don't know if your uncle had left some part out of the story or the story is just built like that.


"Thinking about the story again?" You get out of your thoughts as you nod your head while he sighs.


"It is not good for your condition right now. Do not think much and try to get more rest. I would be leaving now, my class starts at exactly 5 minutes. Drink your medicine, you got that?"


You just gave him a nod again as you were too tired to speak and you might have a raspy voice because of this. He left the room but without looking at you once more, making sure you are comfortable. He closed the door shut and went ahead to his class. 'How pathetic of me to tell her that story.'



You are with your uncle Hagrid, out in London streets having the time of your life. "I still can't believe that grandpa lets me go here in the muggle world! Mostly, I cannot believe that I am here!"


You jumped around with your arms up in the air. Everyone is now looking at you as if you are a mental person. "You migh' wanna slow yer' voice down. Muggles are- Wha' are yer lookin' at?" He says at the boy who stares up at him in amazement.


"Uncle, you're scaring the poor kid!" You whisper shouted as you look at the boy who is now trembling in fear while walking away slowly.


"Ah, he's gon' be fine." 


For a few weeks, you will be staying in the muggle world to learn more about them and their inventions. Of course, Hagrid has to be there to help and guard you. You cannot be out in the muggle world without him or anyone who is supervised to take care of you whilst you are in a different world.


Hagrid did have a nonstop conversation with your uncles and aunties about your safety and health. Primarily your uncle Snape. "Shoul' we go ter the zoo?" You vigorously nodded, as you remembered that there are different kinds of reptiles there.


As both you and Hagrid got there, you instantly ran towards the reptile house, but before that Hagrid held your shoulder. "Y/N, I am going ter buy lots over there. Don' go far 'way got that?" You once again nodded and went ahead.


You walked in a swift, seeing children in flocks, laughing and talking to each other that what you might have guessed are students. As you stepped in, you saw a family of four on the left side that watches the boa constrictor that is peacefully snoozing.  


You sauntered to the other side of it, where you saw an Emerald Tree Boa. It was a long large bright green snake with striking white marks along with its back. Its yellow-green eyeballs, strike black as its pupil, looking directly at you as if it wishes to converse with you.


You gave it a small smile, looking at your right and left to see if people were near or looking. With your luck, none is. "It's okay. You can talk to me, no one is around." The dashing creature moved its head upwards, still looking at you.


"Can you understand me?" You giggled with its cuteness as it looked at you with confusion.


"Yes I do, but that has to be hidden alright?" It nodded its head and gave you a hiss.


Your smile faded as you saw a sign at the door on your right. It says; 'Bred In Captivity You've read about it in a muggle book and the way that they make another animal is just completely cruel.


As you were about to say sorry to the snake, you heard a loud bang from the other side of the room and glimpsed at it. "Move!" You rolled your eyes at the boy and thought 'It's sleeping you idiot excuse of a boy.' 


But thankfully, as if the other kid in baggy clothing can read your mind, told the kid that it is rather asleep. It lets out a "boring" and a sigh as he walks away and turns in your direction where he saw you and made eye contact.


You internally slapped yourself as you turned around and hoped that he would not talk or come near you because if he did, you would have nightmares. "Hello there." You heard someone say behind you and you constantly wanted to faint there.


But no, you turned your head and looked at the chubby boy who was standing in front of you. You don't have anything against chubby people, for a fact, you love them since you can hug them and be comfortable.


However, he is in another conversation. He smells like an old strong perfume that you hate so much. And the fact that he was raging out earlier just because the Boa Constrictor doesn't move just proves how much of a spoiled brat he is.




"Dudley Dursley, you can call me Dudley." He brought out his hand for you to shake and you just looked at it. Oh how much you hoped that your uncle Snape was here to swap this boy's hand away as he does to others when he saw them doing the same thing.


"Uhh… Hello?" As he was about to talk again, he turned his head back to the Boa Constrictor and saw it moving its head. You also saw it. Although there's something off. You looked at the flimsy boy standing there and back at the snake.


'Can he talk to a snake too?' You wondered as the snake nodded its head. You widen your eyes in amazement. "I am so sorry but let me talk to you later." The boy said and ran off to the Boa Constrictor and knocked the kid off on the ground.


"It would be more than fine if you don't." You whisper to yourself as you give him a disgusted look. You then looked at the boy who's on the ground, about to walk near and help him up. But to your dismay, something distracted you from it. The glass of the compartment had been gone.


Dursley loses his balance and goes straight into the brown water, where the possibility that that's where the snake urinates is high. "Y/N! We need ter go!" You heard your uncle Hagrid's voice among the people shouting that there is a snake that got out of its room.


You looked back at the Emerald snake who's been watching everything that has been happening. "Look, I need you to make a quick decision. Do you want to come with me back home or would you like to stay here?"


It instantly nodded its head, ready to be out of this hellish place that he used to call home. Well not anymore. While everyone was busy panicking, you quickly brought out the wand that you borrowed from your uncle Flitwick just in case you needed it.


"Evanesco" and just like that, the glass vanished just like what happened to the other glass. "Stay still" The snake stood still there. "Illusiont" you cast as the snake became like its surroundings.


"Follow me! Quickly!" The snake obeyed, slithering its way beside you whilst you trot over to your uncle Hagrid.


"Wha' took you so long?" He asked you while looking at what's causing the commotion.


"Nothing uncle, just a little… uhh… problem." He then looks at you suspiciously yet he shrugs it off.


"Well come on then." You nodded your head as you heard your newfound friend hiss beside you.


You smiled at him now that you know its gender because of its voice and that he told you earlier while running with you.


However, that smile disappeared in the air as you saw the same flimsy boy you saw earlier. 


They were heading to what seemed like an office that had a sign at the top of its door that said 'Director of the zoo'. He then turns his head in your direction and locks eyes with you. You swore that you saw him become red after that.


You put all of that behind your head and went to imagine what kind of house you will be living in for a few days. Hagrid and you went in different directions, the red single-decker, the underground, then walking a few more seconds before you were welcomed by a rather nice flat.


You went inside, got your keys, and went up to your room. You opened the door and saw a fairly nice and warm room. You stepped inside and got greeted by the living room that is on your right, the kitchen that is beside the living room, blocked by a countertop, and a way to go in the kitchen that has no door. On your left, there are three doors that you presume a room for yourself, for Hagrid, and a bathroom.


You settled your luggage down on the floor then looked at Hagrid. "Well then, I will go ter my room." He turned around and was about to grab the door but you stopped him mid-way as you grabbed his arm.


"Wait, uncle, I thought that you would be in that room?" You asked, pointing at the extra room. "Well no, tha' room is for someone else." You raised an eyebrow, not knowing who this 'someone' is.


"Why don' you open tha' room to find out yourself?" You hesitantly but excitedly went in front of the room to open and see who it was. The moment you opened it, you were welcomed by an attack of a hug, causing you to fall on the ground.


The time that you comprehended who it was, you engulfed them back, the soft fur that you missed so much. With their heavy breathing, you missed everything about her. Yes, your friend wolf, Dawn.


She was taken away from you by the ministry 10 months ago. You saw him in the bask cold winter, holding on for dear life with its limb all broken and bloodied up. You took him home with you. Madam Pomfrey, the mediwizard, had cast the Healing charm for mending bones.


Also, casting "Ferula" to wrap her wounds with bandages. You thought back to the time she did not let go of your arm at the frigid dewy night, trembling in fear. You held her so close, not also wanting to leave her side. But the ministry has different plans for you.


The second that they knew that you have a wolf living under the roof of the prestigious school, they came and took her away. You and Hagrid, but of course mostly you, were outraged by this. You caused a scene in front of the ministry, telling them that they live in the Forbidden Forest which is a part of the school grounds.


The ministry folks are amazed by this. A ten-year-old girl is already protesting against the ministry. Nevertheless, you are right. They live in the Forbidden Forest which is still on school grounds.


They let her stay in the forest once she is healed completely, but you are not allowed to come in any contact with her afterwards.  This still saddens you yet you felt a somewhat relief to know that she is still there, just waiting for you to be in her big furry legs again.


And here the both of you are, straddling each other on the ground, hugging with tears falling off your cheeks. "Bloody Hell! I missed you so much, Dawn!" You proceeded to pat her back, whilst she was whimpering in happiness.


"As soon the letter was sen' to your grandfather, he went to the fores' and bring her here to be with you again." Hagrid wiped the little droplet that fell from his eye. He was more than delighted to know that you are back with your friend. Since he knows you had a hard time coping with not seeing Bill and Daniel anymore since they had graduated.


"You grew so much Dawn! I missed you so much!" Dawn shook her head and snuggled back in your neck. "Atta girl. Can you please let me stand up?" She backed up for a bit to let you do as you will.


"I don't think that she will be sleeping away with me, uncle Hagrid." You chuckled, while Dawn rubbed her head on your leg. "Nonetheless, I would be at the front of your door, jus' outside." You nodded, watching your uncle close the door behind him.


The day went by quickly and it's already evening. All-day you have been unpacking your stuff and have been spending time with Dawn and your new friend serpent, which you named Catalina. "Catalina and Dawn, for Merlin's sake, do not try to wear down each other will you?" Catalina hissed at the wolf and Dawn growled back at the slithering snake.


"With all due respect, I suppose I am more competent than you, so why don't you just back off?" 


"I can hear you, Catalina. Both of you are so, please stop it. Now I knew what Hagrid meant about having to have an extra room for Dawn." When you are done unpacking, you go to your latrine and take a nice warm shower to wash all of the weariness away.


After having to change into some comfortable attire, you slammed your body down onto the soft and smooth mattress. You took a sigh and closed your eyes, taking in that in two months, you will be attending Hogwarts. 


Not just being able to roam and take a few looks at the students that are taking a lecture. 


No, you will be the student. You will be the one in those classrooms taking notes down and having to learn about Spells that can help you in the mere future, Potions that can be as good as the bad, Transfiguration having to change one's form to another, Magical Creatures that are lurking in the Dark Forest.


All of it. The beginning of your life will start just a few months away. The beginning of a new journey awaits ahead of you. 


A new journey indeed.


However, how would you understand that this new journey will not be as easy as hiding from the prefects that are having a patrol at night?


In some parts of you, you know that it would not be easy. But it is not impossible. It will be just hard. And will people come along the way to help you get through life easier? Or have to make it more difficult? No one knows what's in it for you. But you surely will take on these new adventures that will come in the way of life.


Yes, Hogwarts will be the only way for you to have it.