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5 steps closer

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September 3rd. 7am.
Tommy was sleeping peacefully in his bed, the warm and cozy blankets hugged him tight. He was awoken by his alarm clock, he slapped his hand on his phone desperately trying to shut the bloody thing up. Tommy manages to turn it off. He sits up in his bed, he was left with the sound of silence. Not really surprising as tommy was the only one who still went to school. Tommy had two older brothers: Techno and Wilbur.

He missed when his brothers would wake him up and walk to school with him. But that was back in year 8. Tommy was in year 11 now. he didn't need his brothers to walk him to school anymore but he definitely enjoyed the moments he spent with them. Tommy didnt get to hang out with Wilbur or Techno anymore. Wills always in his studio playing guitar so loud he can't hear himself think, technoblade constantly practicing his combat skills. As much as Tommy tried to fit in with them, they both always turned him down. So he eventually stopped trying.

"Ugh whys this house so fucking cold?" tommy thought to himself stepping out of bed, and relaxing his feet on the cold wooden floor. He wraps his arms around himself slowly getting up and making his way to the bathroom. The floor was extremely creaky, he was sure one day the floor would just cave in. There was a slight breeze flowing through the house, and as he got closer to the bathroom the breeze got colder. Someone left the window open, the curtain was waving out the window. Tom rushed over to the window and shut it immediately.
"What bozo forgets to shut a window?! It was probably wilbur." Tommy rolls his eyes letting out a quiet sigh. He flips the light on and brushes his teeth.

Three minutes go by and Tommy walks out of the bathroom, Tommy had no interest in preparing for his first day. If he had the option he wouldn't even bother going. But he knew his dad Phil would not be happy with him at all. The house was really creepy when it was silent. The house remained dark, the sun was only just rising, Tom through on his hand-me-down school uniform and quietly made his way to the stairs. Tommy's bedroom was at the end of the hallway so he had to tip-toe as he passed his dad and his brother's bedrooms. Tommy noticed Wilbur's bedroom door was open. He peaked in to see if his big brother was awake. Maybe he'd drive him to school? Maybe they could have one of those moments like back in year 8.

Tommy looked in. Wilbur's face was lit up by his phone screen. He was sitting in his bed scrolling through his phone.
"Will?" Tommy whispers walking closer to him, he tried to get the smile off his face but the happiness to even see his brother was too strong.
"Fuck off Tommy." Wilbur snaps at him giving him the middle finger. He shuts his phone off and faces away from his little brother and lies back down.
Tommy's smile turned upside down. He wanted to cry. His heart dropped. "Oh sorry i didn't mean to, its my first day of year 11! Got any tips?" Tommy was desperate to at least talk to him.
No answer.
Tommy felt the pressure of wilbur's pillow smack his face.
Tommy huffs and picks up the pillow and throws it at will, tommy walks out the room leaving the door open. He is greeted by his dad standing outside wilbur's door.
"Oh hey dad." Tommy said trying not to show any emotion of sadness.
"Hey kiddo! Wilbur still giving you a hard time?" Phil asked pulling him in for a hug. Phil squeezes Tommy and messing up his hair with his hand.
"I mean yeah but its okay." Tommy says looking at the floor.
"I'll sort him out. go downstairs and get some breakfast! Remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day!" Phil exclaims.
Tommy notices his father almost evil-eyeing Wilbur.

'what did he even mean by "i'll sort him out"?'

Tommy makes his way to the stairs, he sees Phil walk into Wilbur's room.
Its fine. Maybe he'll just talk to him! Right?


Tommy walks down the stairs and opens the door to the kitchen. The room stank of coffee and toast, wilbur mustve made something early this morning. Tommy grabbed a glass off water and an apple he took a bite and walked into the living room. He found Techno sitting on the sofa watching Tv.
"why is everyone up so early?" Tommy spoke hoping Techno will actually give him a nice answer. His hopes came true.
"I actually have no idea Tommy. First day at school today? dang imagine having to go to school" Techno and Tommy laugh. That was the first proper interaction the both of them had in along time.
"shut up man! its my last year" Tommy says sitting down next to his brother.
The two sat in silence watching the Tv, Tommy checks the time on his phone.
"SHIT! Im gonna be late!" Tommy yells quickly getting up from his seat and grabbing his bag, he hadn't remembered what books were even in there. he hoped they were the ones he needed.
"Haha bye tommy!" Techno calls out.
"Bye!!" Tommy yells running out the door and slamming it shut.

The house goes back to silence. A crash is heard from upstairs. Techno shoots up from his seat.
Phil is shouting.
"he's 15?! Why are you being such a dickhead to him!" Phil and wilbur and arguing, throwing punches and breaking things.
"Get the fuck off me! I don't have to be nice to that shit! he means nothing to me!" Wilbur shouts.
Techno is already standing outside the door.
"you're lucky Tommy isnt here to see you two idiots fighting." Techno says with a subtle tone.

"techno. Sort your little brother Wilbur out. he's a shit older brother." phil says staring down at his bruised son wilbur's face. Phil walks out of the room and pats techno's shoulder.
Phil walks to his room and closes the door.
Wilbur stands back up with tears in his eyes, he looks at techno.
"I hate him."
"who phil?" Techno asks
"Tommy and Phil"
"what did tommy do?" Techno questions taking a look at wilbur's bruises and marks
"He went and cried to daddy because I didn't wanna talk to him! now i'm fucking bruised because of that shit." Wilbur yelps as Techno touches a sensitive bruise on Will's face.
"Don't be mad at Tommy. He's just bored will. neither of us has been that nice to him lately and we probably should be. he just wants attention from you will." Techno says taking Will's hand leading him to the kitchen downstairs. techno goes to the freezer and pulls out on ice pack. "here take this and put it on your face, it'll take care of the swelling" Techno hands wilbur the ice pack.
"whatever" wilbur scoffs placing the cold pack on his face.
"thanks Techno." wilbur nods. walking away.
"No problem kid" Techno watches as Wilbur walks back up the stairs.

tommy had just made it on time to school. He walked into his homeroom and was shocked at how many people he didn't know were in his class. Tubbo was moved out of his homeroom and into another. Tommy was alone.
Tommy's homeroom teacher put him in the back corner. he liked it that way. He liked this new teacher.
BREAK- 10:55AM
Tommy walks out of his 2nd lesson and pulls out his phone to call Tubbo. They meet in the library.
"Hey tubs!" Tommy calls out, smiling.
"Hey tommy!" Tubbo says running up to him.
"what lessons do we have together?" Tubbo asks getting up his timetable on his phone.
"I have no clue lets check" Tommy gets up his timetable.
"Science,Maths and English! not bad! Tubbo exclaims!
"Not bad at all! we actually have Maths and science today so not bad at all!" Tommy says smiling.

This week was going to be a good week!
so he thought.