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Kaito wakes up to the sound of rain, a quiet pitter patter followed by an occasional slush against the window. The room is awash with hazy morning light, and Hakuba is still asleep: body pressed against the bed, face half buried in his pillow, fingers splayed against the bedsheets, touching a few strands of Kaito’s hair. Kaito, seizing the rare opportunity to catch his dork of a detective unaware, spends a few minutes watching Hakuba, feeling the corners of his lips lift. Hakubaka looks kind of adorable like this, comfortable, unguarded, at peace.

Hakuba shifts a little in his sleep, instinctively angling closer to Kaito’s body warmth. Kaito grins and leans in, whispering in his boyfriend’s ear: “You’ve brought the English weather with you.”

Hakuba’s breathing hitches and he inhales, opening a bleary eye. “Hmm?”

“It’s raining outside,” Kaito says, glancing towards the window with exaggerated deliberateness. “Forecast didn’t say rain yesterday. Probably your fault.”

Hakuba blinks at him, uncomprehending, before rolling his eyes and closing them again. He shuffles closer and slings an arm over Kaito’s waist, pulling them close with a gesture that clearly means: too early, five more minutes.

Kaito is really enjoying this. “Late night again, tantei-san?” Hakuba had been held up at Division Two with paperwork, thanks to KID’s latest performance with resounding success. He got in at roughly two am, showered and changed, pausing only to stamp a frustrated, forceful kiss upon Kaito’s lips, before falling into bed unconscious. Kaito ought to feel a bit guilty, but a chance to mess with this sleepy, snark-free version of his detective is too good to pass.

“You know, it’s no shame to lose to the great KID-sama.” Kaito bends down again, stage whispering in Hakuba’s ear. “Next time you should just give up, so the paperwork can just say you’ve admitted defeat…”

Hakuba clamps a hand against the back of his neck and shoves them bodily close. Kaito cackles with mirth and tries to wiggle out of Hakuba’s tight embrace as a demonstration of his slippery prowess. “I think you know — hmmm.” Kaito glances down and grins wider, delighted. “Ah. Frustrated, are we?”

Hakuba very pointedly ignores him. Kaito, of course, finds this endlessly encouraging. It’s raining outside anyway, too cold and windy for his planned outing. There’s a perfectly good distraction just here, and the sight of Hakuba relaxed and unsuspecting…hmmm.

Kaito licks his lips and presses close again, nosing at Hakuba’s ear.

“Sa-chan,” he singsongs.

It’s a silly endearment, which somehow has turned into the codeword that they use, when Kaito wants to be on top. Hakuba half turns towards him, blinking blearily and with some surprise, before smiling easily and rolling back onto his back, nodding at Kaito with wordless encouragement. Kaito’s heart goes impossibly full just by that fraction of movement alone: Hakuba still has his eyes half-closed, relaxed and trusting, giving over control to Kaito’s hands. This feels different to the push and pull that they always have, this is deliberate, knowing, unquestioning in its faith. This is Hakuba allowing him access, welcoming Kaito to every part of him — this has nothing to do with distractions.

Kaito sighs and noses at Hakuba again, feeling thwarted despite his initial impulse of mischief. Hakuba always makes him feel like this: embarrassed and hopelessly bare, caught, in most unexpected ways. “Hakubaka.”

Hakuba smiles at him indulgently. Kaito’s still heavy limbed from sleep, so he doesn’t feel like he’s up for anything strenuous, and the quiet patter of rain outside just makes him want to get close. There’s something deeply endearing about how Hakuba doesn’t even bother to wake up completely, instead just running an absent hand down Kaito’s back, smiling closed-eyed in a mellow, pleased way.

The first time they tried this, Kaito lost embarrassingly fast, which Hakubastard found endlessly amusing (“and flattering, Kuroba-kun”), but made Kaito want to dig a hole all the way through to Madagascar. They’ve since gotten better at it, and better at each other. Still, he can’t ever resist when a chance to catch Hakuba off guard comes up, so when Hakuba makes a move to fold Kaito in his arms, he uses the momentum to roll Hakuba over instead.

“Ooof,” Hakuba mumbles into the pillow. “Not very gent — ah…”

Kaito smirks as he lifts his head to lightly nip at Hakuba’s tailbone. “You were saying?”

Hakuba doesn’t reply, but instead folds a knee to give him better access. From where Kaito has his chin rested, he can see Hakuba’s ears are burning. This feels like beautiful payback for everything Hakuba makes him feel, wild and uncontrolled. Kaito grins and dips down again, licking a hot swipe down to the ring of muscle and and flicking his tongue lightly around it, humming.

“Fuck,” Hakuba whispers, slurry and drunk. He doesn’t ever hear Hakuba sound like this outside of the bedroom, and it makes him feel proud and warm inside, a heady flash of possessiveness shooting up his spine.

Kaito spends some time applying himself and almost laughs when Hakuba gives an involuntary lurch in the sheets, seeking friction despite himself. Hakuba braces himself up on his forearms and glances back at him, hair sleep-tousled and length hanging hot and heavy inches from his face. “Come on,” he urges, breathless.

Kaito considers teasing him to the edge of tears, a tit for tat for what Hakubastard likes to do to him, but decides he’s feeling magnanimous. He reaches for the bedside drawer and fishes out lube with a packet of condoms, surprised when Hakuba takes the lube but tosses the condoms aside.

“Come on,” Hakuba repeats again, a shadow of a smile on his lips.

A flare of heat goes straight to his lower abdomen and Kaito has to exhale forcefully to relax, unless he wants a repeat of that embarrassing performance. Hakubastard, of course, notices and smirks at him. In retaliation, Kaito dives down and nips at Hakuba’s shoulder, crushing his body weight onto Hakuba’s back.

“Ooof,” Hakuba groans again. He doesn’t seem to mind, though. “Mmm. This is nice.”

He takes Kaito’s fingers and winds them through with his own, pressing a small kiss at the back of Kaito’s hand. It’s an easy and affectionate gesture, and a familiar one, but Kaito blushes because of it nonetheless. It’s ridiculous how easy Hakuba can make him feel like this.

“So embarrassing,” Kaito mumbles, pulling his hand free so he can wander lower, pinching Hakuba’s side in retaliation. Hakuba shakes in silent laughter and shuffles up to offer him access, but Kaito changes his mind at the last minute. “I want to — um.”

Hakuba blinks at him, still warm and hazy from sleep, then smiles again. “Sure,” he says easily, rolling onto his side, grabbing Kaito’s hand again and lacing their fingers.

Kaito snuggles closer and presses his face to the back of Hakuba’s shoulder, trying to be surreptitious in his inhale. Everything smells warm and cozy, a familiar haven in the constant patter of rain. Hakuba’s fingers tighten around his own, and he’s probably smiling. Kaito’s fingertip wanders upwards and traces around the corner of Hakubaka’s lip: yep, definitely smiling.

“You are so dumb,” Kaito mumbles.

Hakuba lets him feel the shape of his smirk too. “I don’t know,” he murmurs, nipping at the tip of Kaito’s finger before giving the pad a lazy lick, “I have my admirers.”

Kaito replies with an elaborate eye roll before remembering that Hakuba can’t actually see him in this position. He pinches at Hakuba’s bottom lip and drops a biting kiss into the back of Hakuba’s neck, flicking his finger lightly against Hakuba’s cheek when Hakuba laughs. He’s rubbing against Hakuba’s thigh, and this part at least, always makes him feel a little embarrassed.

“Do you want,” Kaito starts, feeling his cheek flame. He’s not exact shy, or even embarrassed because of the act; it’s just this tangled mess of feelings he gets whenever they come together like this is beyond words. The way Hakuba smiles at him, even when he’s driving Kaito up the wall. The way Hakuba knows every inch of his body and how he would respond, playing him like a violin. The way Hakuba smirks at him, knowing Kaito won’t admit what he wants, and then gives it to him nonetheless. The way, sometimes and just like right now, Hakuba simply hums sleepily and shifts to accommodate him, wordless and trusting, putting himself in Kaito’s hands. This delicate balance of push and pull, a dance of sorts. The way Hakuba allows him in with easy grace, showing him that maybe it’s okay to have let Hakuba in, too.

Kaito curls himself around Hakuba’s back and presses his nose between Hakuba’s shoulder blades. He’s feeling hot all over, which isn’t entirely due to the physical desire curling low in his belly. He traces a finger downwards, his own insides twisting and dancing into a thousand sweet aching spots as he tested how much his hopeless romantic of boyfriend would take, unresisting, opening up only for him.

Hakuba makes a breathy noise. “Sometime this century, maybe?”

This relaxes him, at least. Kaito can’t help but grin smugly as he dips in a little more, teasing around to find the bundle of nerves that would send even the most controlled detective squirming. “Turnabout’s only fair play, Sa-chan.”

Hakuba chokes out a laugh and gasps when he presses upwards with the pad of his finger, and leans close at the same time. “Wait,” he whispers, though he doesn’t gesture for Kaito to stop. “I’m not sure if I can —”

“Relax,” Kaito smiles. It’s ridiculous how sweet this dork of detective can be sometimes. “I know.”

Perks of being a magician: he’s quick with his hands, and can achieve quite a few impossible things with very limited space. In no time at all, he lubes himself up and presses forward, replacing coaxing fingers with his straining length. Hakuba inhales sharply then relaxes against him, exhaling his name in a sigh.

“Oh,” Hakuba murmurs as Kaito hooks a leg over him, pulling them close in an octopus of a hug, tight and breathless. “This is nice.”

Kaito noses at the back of Hakuba’s neck, mostly to hide the stupidly wide grin he has on his face. “Told you I know what you like, Hakubaka.”

Hakuba hums and takes his free hand, pressing another absentminded kiss on his knuckle. They shift around a little, finding a comfortable spot buried in each other, and Kaito spends sometime enjoying the feel of Hakubaka’s flexing abs under his hand, until Hakuba can’t hold it in any longer and pries his hands away, laughing. “That tickles.”

“Mmm.” Between the lazy rocking of their hips, Kaito is too blissed out to care. “Nice.”

Hakuba kisses his hand again, drawing his fingertips into warm lips and nipping on them. Kaito gives an almost violent twitch when a shard of pleasure shoots up his wrist. “Fuck, that’s not fair.”

“One of us has to work at it,” Hakuba says, smug and contrary and probably just so he can get on Kaito’s nerves. Kaito humphs and gives a little thrust, but Hakubastard only rumbles and presses against him, urging him on. “More.”

Kaito considers this, and decides yes and no. “You first,” he says, with a hint of challenge in his voice.

Hakuba turns around a little, and he catches a glimpse of Hakubastard’s raised eyebrow. “Are you sure?”

Definitely just so he can get on Kaito’s nerves. “Hey now,” Kaito protests. “I can be patient when I want.”

Hakuba makes a dubious sort of noise, which melts into a breathy gasp of a laugh when Kaito arches up, pushing all the way in. “I shall… defer to your expertise then,” Hakuba says finally, shoulders shaking with restrained laughter.

Kaito makes a point of trailing his hands downwards and runs a featherlight finger around the shape of Hakuba’s length. Hakuba does this to him too, when he wants to be evil and send Kaito into a quivering mess, but the way they can both achieve this is different. Hakubastard can do this by watching Kaito closely and applying a scary amount of precision control, but Kaito has his magician’s instincts and doesn’t even need to look to keep Hakuba on edge. Hakuba seems to realise this, too, as he looks down and bucks a few times, letting out a surprised laugh when Kaito dances away and comes back, when he’s least expecting it. After a few tries Hakuba gives up and settles back into him, letting out a lazy sigh. “I’m going to fall asleep,” he declares.

Sometimes Kaito forgets how Hakubastard can drive him wild by virtue of being annoying alone. “Oi.”

“Harder, Kuroba-kun,” Hakuba tells him, face half-turned, expression smug and eyes glinting bright, “I’ve never known you to fail in taking what you want.”

“Bastard,” Kaito bites out.

Hakuba pulls on the hand Kaito has wrapped against his shoulder and kisses it again, humming when Kaito drives into him in earnest. This is probably not enough to get Hakuba off, and Kaito knows a ploy to make him lose when he sees one. Still, the way Hakubaka is moving with the rhythm of his body and nosing at the back of his palm absentmindedly is making him feel all weird inside. There’s an openness in the way Hakuba gives in to the enjoyment of this, of being with Kaito, of two heartbeats melting into one. Kaito wonders if Hakuba, too, feels how he feels: like this runs deeper than anything he’s ever known.

Hakuba hisses briefly and hums again, when Kaito wraps a hand around him. He feels hot and heavy in Kaito’s palm, and Kaito can’t help but lean over for a peek: entranced by the way their bodies fit together, the way Hakuba’s length moves in his hand, in tune with the roll of his hips. Hakuba smiles and nudges against Kaito’s cheek, angling for a sloppy kiss, nipping at the corner of Kaito’s mouth. “More.”

“Now who’s being demanding?” Kaito mumbles, even as his breath begins to come out in harsh stutters. It feels so overwhelming like this, tittering on the edge of control, letting the pleasure wash over him, keeping his eyes on the prize. He thumbs just below the crown of Hakuba’s length and smirks when he gets a breathy moan in return. “Comfy?”

Hakuba doesn’t reply but arches back into him, hooking Kaito’s ankle over his. Their limbs are tangled together with the sheets, the room filled with the scent of sex, and Kaito doesn’t have much capacity to think about anything else. He can feel Hakuba flexing in an attempt to regain control, and Kaito makes a small disgruntled noise, thrusting a little harder when Hakuba half turns.

“Don’t hold out on me,” Kaito says, leaning forward to nip at Hakuba’s ear, breathless. “I want to feel you, dumbass.”

Hakuba blinks and gasps, long lashes brushing against his cheek, a butterfly’s kiss. “Oh,” he breathes, the single sound coming out a little drunk, like this dork of a detective has finally found his epiphany.

Kaito laughs and feels something bubbles up in his chest, wordless and overwhelming and aching for release. “Yeah,” he nips at Hakuba’s neck again. “Let me?”

Hakuba nods and reaches back to threads shaky fingers through his hair, angling for a desperate kiss. Kaito leans into it, breathing harshly when he feels Hakuba wrapping a hand around his, pulling them together, frantic and perfect, barrelling towards the edge of the unknown.

Hakuba does come first, lips parted with a sharp inhale, face flushed and eyes glazed, spilling down his hand. Kaito gasps too and widens his eyes, shaking uncontrollably as he’s being clenched and squeezed, waves and waves of pleasure crashing into him, perfect and devastating, all-consuming and endless, shoving him over the edge of climax without letting him catch his breath.

At last Hakuba makes a pleased noise and settles back against him, sighing his name. “Kaito.”

Kaito, who has been clinging on for dear life, lifts his head and takes big gulps of air. “Haku…baka.”

Hakuba smiles and noses at his cheek, angling for another kiss. Kaito acquiesces, letting his hand fall onto Hakuba’s chest, heartbeat against his palm, every thump reverberating through the core of his being. It’s terrifying how much he wants to get close in moments like this: how much he wants to flay himself open, how much he wants Hakuba to understand, every poorly hidden secret, every word he has not said.

Hakuba smiles at him and kisses him again. “I know,” he says.

Kaito is certain he hasn’t said anything aloud, but Hakuba has always had an uncanny ability to see through him, flowery riddles and elaborate costumes be damned. He falls silent for a few beats, sniffing finally to knock the side of Hakuba’s head with a warm cheek.

“You are really annoying sometimes, you know that.”

“I have my moments,” Hakuba casts a wry glance towards him sideways.

Kaito doesn’t want to move. It’s really pouring down outside now, raindrops smattering against the window, before being whipped away by the howling wind. The room smells warm and musky, and there’s something deeply satisfying and primal about the way they are still slotted together, pressed chest to back, drowning in each other and in sync. For once Hakuba doesn’t mention anything about the mess that’s currently running down both their thighs, instead he just pulls Kaito close, and closer still, when Kaito tries to wiggle down and bury his face on Hakuba’s shoulder. This is so ridiculous, Kaito thinks. This goes beyond any confession, any carefully threaded words. This feeling is shapeless; this is not knowing where he ends and where Hakuba begins. This is being terrified and being free, anchored only by the absolute certainty that this is his.

“I really am going to fall sleep,” Hakuba murmurs softly.

Kaito raises his head and snuggles close, hooking his chin over Hakuba’s shoulder, letting the corners of his lips turn upwards. “Sure. Pancake’s on you, though.”

Hakuba sighs, not nearly put on enough, with way too much fondness. “Why do I even like you,” he mutters, lacing their fingers together again and tilting his head, giving Kaito an exasperated kiss.

Kaito grins and lets his mind settle back into his body, warm and sated, at ease. “Gotta figure that out for yourself, hebo-tantei,” he says cheerily. “I want mine with chocolate chips.”

Hakuba snorts and pulls him closer, answering him with only a light press of lips against his knuckle, upturned in a smile. Kaito sighs happily and closes his eyes: this shapeless and soaring feeling is theirs.