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Meng Yao can not believe this is his life now. His thoughts are disrupted as Fairy starts tugging at her leash. She's enthusiastic at the possibility of visiting the dog park, and Meng Yao is exhausted. 


He shakes himself off, drinks the coffee he got, and lets her tug him along for the rest of the way. He's baby, oh wait, DOGsitting for his adorable nephew, whose family is travelling for some big event on his sister-in-law's side. He was invited but he had a full time job he grovelled to get, so now he's assigned dogsitting duty. The Jiangs have a childhood friend who has a phobia, and even if the kid's been in therapy for a while, he's still a bit scared of enthusiastic puppies like Fairy.


His thoughts come to a screeching halt when Fairy suddenly tugs on her leash and starts bolting in the other direction of the dogpark. Meng Yao can barely keep up as he's doing his best to not fall down or lose the hold of his leash as fairy decides to run after something. After ten minutes of tugging and a sudden u-turn, the fairy collided with someone on their bike, and they both fell to the ground.


Meng Yao looks up to see the most gorgeous person he's ever seen with so much green in their clothes and shoulder-length hair. He is rendered speechless for a moment. As he slowly takes note of his surroundings, he realises the very hot stranger is saying something to him. Oh, he's.. yelling.. at him? Oh, oh no.


"Baxia You dumb dog, look at us. You pushed me off the bike, and look at this nice man. He's on the ground with us. I'm not taking you on walks anymore if you behave like that!! BAXIA! "


Oh, the hot man is talking to the dog. Meng Yao gets up and helps the man untangle the leashes. He puts on a pleasant smile and apologises, saying that fairy is usually nice and how it is unlike her to cause trouble. The hot man, Nie Huaisang, looks taken aback, and then he starts apologising, saying it's partly his fault for not noticing the fairy chasing them.

Nie Huaisang has no idea what happened. He was walking home with a phone number on his hand from a very attractive man with dimples. He'd never seen dimples that deep. Now he just has to go grovel at Da-Ge's feet for letting him take Baxia to the dog park this evening. Da-Ge is going to be so smug and probably going to lecture him into taking Baxia out more. Ugh. When he thinks back to the man's smile, he decides its worth it.