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And Viggo Makes Three

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"You could go a little harder," Bill said.  He was getting hoarse already, and they were just getting started; oh, this was going to be good. "He'll take it."

"He'll take it," Viggo repeated, and he drove in a little harder, experimentally. Sean threw his head back, groaning. Viggo laughed. "You mean he'll beg for it."

"He begs for a lot, but yeah, that'll get him there fast. Give him some more, come on, he's been a good boy-- haven't you?" Bill slid down to the floor at the side of the bed, reaching up to pet Sean's hair. "You've been good for me."

"Trying," Sean panted. "Let me... let me, I want to..." He licked his lips and turned his face into Bill's palm. "Please."

"You want to?" Viggo asked. He put his hands on Sean's hips, held still. "You should. He's your boy."

For now, Bill thought, but that talk was going to have to wait. He could be our boy. If you wanted to stick around... "Okay," he breathed, "yeah, okay," and he knelt up, got his belt and zipper undone. "C'mon," he murmured, stroking his fingertips down Sean's face. "You wanted it so much, come get it."

Sean grinned, leaned forward, and went for it.