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Just keep swimming

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For longer than history can imagine the world was ruled by the oceans. The ebb and flow of cresting tides kept harmony to the land around it and the secrets of its depths kept order among the earths inhabitants. Years pass and history changes; some of history even becomes folklore to the mortals that walk amongst the land.

Every now and then however, tales will spread through the harbors of folks disappearing into the oceans to never be seen again. Prince Bellamy Swan was considered one of those folklores. For centuries his family followed and enforced their purpose as if nothing else mattered while on land the humans altered their origin stories.

Sirens, or as humans called Bellamy’s people, mermaids loved to see what stories the humans would come up with to describe them and would find joy in the fact that each version only had partial truths. Sirens didn’t have tails; they did however possess webbing between their fingers and toes to assist in their swimming.

You could tell the ranking of a siren based off of how powerful their ocean magic was and the coloring of their scales. When Bellamy was young, King Charles had made it perfectly clear what a siren’s position in the world was for. The mortals visited beaches often and mortals who had weakened lifelines were to be lured to their deaths so that their souls could be set to a peaceful rest and keep the ocean’s tide as it had always been.

Bellamy didn’t exactly follow his species mission. He loved to swim and watch the mortals from a reasonable distance away. Humans were such fascinating things without any cosmic responsibility hanging over their fragile heads. They were beautiful and carefree and Bellamy couldn’t imagine being the one to finally sever the sting of their life force. That mind frame of life caused a lot of tension between him and his father.

Now it wasn’t as if Charles was a bad man, he just prioritized his responsibilities and Bellamy just didn’t share the same mindless passion that his people did for their so called “higher purpose.” However, to avoid any further discourse between them; Bellamy decided to at least try to do what his father wanted. Which is why is the summer of his 1900th year Bellamy went out to scour the human shores.

The ocean was calm and buzzing with energy that came before a big storm and the sun was setting, casting a growing darkness over Bellamy and making him almost glad that he hasn’t seen anyone since he made his way from his kingdom.

The water jostled out of the blue with an unplanned impact and scattered the nearby aquatic wildlife, including Bellamy himself. The woman wasn’t moving, if anything her brown eyes glazed as her caramel hair floated around her head like a halo. She was going to die. She was meant to. Bellamy’s neon blue orbs could see it, but he could also see the sorrow glowing through her heart.

It was against what was written and would certainly upset his father, but within a moment Bellamy had made his decision and with a speed faster than any sea creature Bellamy propelled forward, the fading light glinted off of his onyx scales and with webbed hands he grasped the woman in his arms. He made sure to slow down just enough not to cause her any further harm before bringing her to the sandy shore.

Bellamy stayed hidden in the water after laying her on the surface land and watched over her still body as water pellets started to leave wet stains on the surface world’s sand. The bright lights and wailing of the incoming ambulance spooked him into dipping under the water. When he resurfaced again, the woman was gone and unbeknownst to her had one of his scales with her.

Charlie notices right away when Bellamy returned home that his son was missing one of his scales. After all its common for their own life lines to change when they give up a scale and from the look of Charlie’s face? He knew Bellamy hadn’t decided to give a scale to one of the female sirens fighting for his attention.

”Bellamy. Son. What did you do?” Shark like teeth gnawed on his bottom lip and with a sigh Bellamy ran a webbed hand through his short coral red hair.

”….you didn’t see it. Her heart was…” devastating…the sorrow that glowed in it pulled at Bellamy’s sympathy and made him incapable of taking her soul.

Bellamy.” He didn’t shy away from his father’s disappointed frustrations. Instead he tool a deep breath through the gills on his neck and puffed his chest with pride.

”I’d do it again.” He decided, “I’d give her my scales a thousand times over if it meant helping her survive.” He wasn’t afraid of being sent to the depths and becoming as mindless as the abyss dwellers not when he knew he did the right thing.